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Our portfolio of print, digital and face-to-face events will help you reach both existing and potential customers who are making key buying decisions every day and will drive and deliver the response you need.



Who are Briefing Media Agriculture?

Briefing Media is the largest multi-platform agricultural information business in the UK. Our brands reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors – arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment. We take a farmer-centric approach to media.


Our job is to help farmers run their farms more efficiently and make better purchasing decisions. There are many ways in which we can do this – newspapers, magazines, websites, conferences, exhibitions and marketplaces. 


We know farming. Briefing Media brands are embedded in the agricultural community and have a position of authority and trust.



What is FG Insight?

FG Insight is the new web portal that we have been building over the past few months. It replaces FarmersGuardian.com and ArableFarming.com as our main channel for agricultural related digital content.


FG Insight brings together content from across the portfolio, together with dedicated data, intelligence, tools and information guides.



The best environment for your brand message

Briefing Media recently commissioned some independent research to give a better understanding of our audiences and readership. 


In September 2014, we asked the National Farm Research Unit to survey a representative random sample of UK farmers to understand their reading habits and learn more about their purchasing decisions.



Farmers Guardian

The best-read weekly title at farms of all sizes in the UK

Over the next five years farmers who read Farmers Guardian and not one of its main competitors will be responsible for £2.05bn of spend.



Arable Farming

Reaches further into the arable sector than any other title

Arable Farming is read by over 1,500 BASIS qualified agronomists who work hand-in-hand with the highly engaged audience of progressive farmers.



Dairy Farmer

Reaches the largest number of farms with 100+ dairy cows 

Dairy Farmer's readership accounts for 92% of all litres of milk produced in England, Scotland and Wales.




Commerical team

Promotion enquiries

Commercial team

E: fgdisplay@fginsight.com

E: fgclassified@fginsight.com

Stephanie Ryder

Stephanie Ryder

Head of commercial sales and development

E: stephanie.ryder@fginsight.com

T: 01772 799521

Mike Hartley

Mike Hartley

Head of Commercial Solutions

E: mike.hartley@fginsight.com

T: 01772 799532

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Sales Team

Sales Team

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