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What's included in an Arable Pro subscription?

Briefing Media Agriculture are proud to present Arable Pro: a unique new subscription package created specifically for arable farmers.

More than any other farming sector, those within the arable industry are constantly faced with technological advancements, scientific developments and new research, which all affect how you farm. Often, simply keeping up-to-date with industry changes can be a challenge.


Arable Pro is a subscription package designed exclusively for professionals in the arable sector. Working with BASIS and NRoSO, we’re offering arable farmers the opportunity to earn up to 28 BASIS points and 12 NRoSO points per year.

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Whether you’re a farm assistant or an agronomist, Arable Pro has everything you need to run a profitable business and stay up-to-date with the latest technical advancements.





What’s included in an Arable Pro subscription?

Your Arable Pro subscription package includes:


1. A subscription to Arable Farming, with issues delivered to your door

2. A Farmers Guardian VIP Plus subscription package worth £145, including:


  • Farmers Guardian delivered to your door every week.
  • Thirty minutes, per legal matter, of free legal advice from a rural business solicitor.
  • Access to exclusive discounts on farm products and services with FarmBuyer.
  • Free Farmers Guardian App access, plus free access to our suite of Apps, including our Tyre Pressure App.
  • Access to Grant Checker, ensuring you’ll always be aware of grants and funding you’re entitled to.
  • Access to our DataHub, with the latest domestic, European and international grain and oilseed, futures and feed ingredient prices and view trends by your specified time period.
  • Access to our collection of Intelligence Guides: straight-forward, easy-to-access sources of information on key topics, such as ‘Volatility in Farming’, ‘People Management and Leadership’, and ‘Energy Saving’.
  • Digital copies of Arable Farming and Dairy Farmer.


3. Access to 6-8 specialist questionnaires per year, offering you up to 12 BASIS points and 4 NRoSO points

4. Free registration for CropTec show, giving you no-hassle access to the essential technical event for arable and mixed farmers

5. Attend LAMMA and complete the Knowledge Trail to gain even more CPD points


How do I claim my BASIS and NRoSO points?

When you subscribe, complete a questionnaire, attend a show, or finish the knowledge trail at CropTec, we notify BASIS and NRoSO on your behalf, so your points will automatically be allocated to you. There’s no hassle or paperwork involved on your part, meaning you’re free to concentrate on the jobs that drive your profits.

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Your subscription will include copies of Arable Farming and Farmers Guardian delivered to your door. You’ll also have access to exclusive online questionnaires throughout the year, allowing you to earn 12 BASIS points and 4 NRoSO points annually with the Arable Pro package.


Finally, to really maximise your points, we’ll also register you, free of charge, for CropTec – saving you £15 at the gate – and you’ll get a special goodie bag at LAMMA with a free breakfast voucher. Combined, attending both of these shows will bump up your points allocation by 12 BASIS points. If you collect NRoSO points, you can collect your full annual allocation for trade events by attending CropTec alone, where a huge 6 NRoSO points are available. If you're unable to attend CropTec, 2 NRoSO points are available simply for attending LAMMA.


How often will I receive Arable Farming and Farmers Guardian?

Farmers Guardian is a weekly publication, available every Friday. Our video-based ‘Crop Walk and Talk’ series provides growers with timely agronomic advice from the experts themselves. Disease thresholds, problematic pests and nutrition deficiencies are just some of the factors the series helps farmers address. Connecting pest, weed and disease pressure with climatic factors and crop growth stage allows agronomists to give an indication of spray timeliness, so growers remain one step ahead.


Plus, we also bring you up-to-the-minute arable news in Arable Farming. Published eleven times per year, with a combined edition for November/December, you’ll be up-to-date on everything from how to operate and be legal with your drone, to the latest technical thinking and in-depth market analysis.

  • Read more about Farmers Guardian here, and membership benefits here.


  • Read more about Arable Farming here.

What we have to say

"If you are BASIS or NRoSO qualified, we wanted to make it as straightforward as possible to ensure you keep your hard-earned and valuable qualifications.
"We're offering a whole range of ways to collect your points - from our online questionnaires, to reading our publications, to coming to our events.
"If you are a professional arable grower or adviser, our increased weekly arable coverage in Farmers Guardian, in-depth views in Arable Farming, our technical events and our new knowledge check questionnaires will make our new Arable-Pro package a career essential.
"We've even included access to our exclusive Grant Checker service, where you can find details of every grant available for you and your farm or those of your clients."

Emma Penny, Group Head of Content, Briefing Media Agriculture

"Since its relaunch in 2013, Arable Farming has fast become the go-to publication for the news and views that matter in the arable sector.
"From soil to satellites and black-grass to big data, we've got it covered. Each issue is jam-packed with in-depth, farm-focused features on current technical and management issues, plus the cutting edge science and technology developments set to impact on arable agriculture in the coming years.
"With a BASIS news page in every issue, Arable Farming is a must-read for agronomists and BASIS/FACTS-qualified farmers. Being part of the new Arable Pro package, it is set to deliver even more value to your business."
Teresa Rush, Arable Farming Editor
"The new look Farmers Guardian features more arable content than ever before, with a dedicated section every week and new series such as Crop Walk and Talk showcasing the best technical content available for readers.
"With more features throughout the magazine focusing on arable operators, Farmers Guardian is the place to go for industry-leading arable content and the Arable Pro packages makes it even more of a must for your career."
Ben Briggs, Farmers Guardian Editor


Subscribe now

For as little as £199* per year, an Arable Pro subscription is a quick, convenient, and simple way for you to claim BASIS or NRoSO points. With so many CPD points available in one complete package, we give you the time to focus on what you do best.


*Introductory rate
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