Opinion - Consumer trends are key to success

Martin Hamilton, founder and managing director at Mash Direct


No matter the industry your business is in, taking note of consumer behaviour and pre-empting demand is invaluable in ensuring you remain current and successful.

This is particularly resonant in farming, where staying ahead of the curve is imperative to retaining your customers and advancing your business.

As the priorities and palates of consumers evolve, farmers must ensure they develop alongside these trends, meeting ever-growing demand.

Consumer needs vary depending on region, age group, demographic and spending habits. However, you must also bear in mind the differences from country to country.

As an international farming brand, we know all too well the fluctuations of ever-changing consumer behaviour and how, as a business, you need to keep on top of these in order to achieve success at home and further afield.

The UK farming industry is transforming at a rapid rate as businesses develop to stay ahead.

With consumers taking a larger focus on where their food comes from, UK farmers are in a strong position to capitalise on consumer trends. More people are concerned about the provenance of their food and its heritage.

Capitalising on this trend and promoting the ‘field to fork’ element of your business is key to boosting sales and gaining new customers. Retailers will take a keen interest in the journey of products to ensure they are meeting their customers’ needs.

The food and drink industry is also developing at a phenomenal rate, continually driven by consumer trends and behaviour.

At Mash Direct, we have noticed a growing tendency of people wanting spicier flavours, something we believe has, in part, developed through increased international travel.

In response to this demand, we evolved the recipe for our Baby Bakes, baby potatoes sprinkled with a crunchy crumb, enhancing them with spices.

It has proved popular in both our home market as well as Dubai and this shows how jumping on the back of changing consumer taste has been extremely fruitful for us and can be for your business too.

Knowing your audience and evolving with them will ensure your farming business remains at the forefront.

Enhancing growth through stronger consumer and retail engagement will all help you move in the right direction to maintain success, while solidifying customer confidence and building targeted relationships with your distributors.


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