Phil Latham: 'If I wanted a Venice effect I'd have specified it'

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Our maize was harvested in record time, with a nine-metre header and with perfect soil conditions under foot there was no need for any road brushing. The maize will be a welcome addition to our dairy diets and underperforming grass silage.


We finally finished doing up our third cottage for holiday lets and discovered why the house has been damp for so long. As I said to my builder, if I wanted a Venice effect I’d have probably specified it but never the less there it was, water pouring from the foundations with an unknown number of leaks below patios and under floors.


It did not take too long to add a new water supply and I am sure the tide will soon go out.


We have also held our first arena eventing weekend of this winter season at Kelsall Hill. What a great turn out, fantastic weather, organisation and lots of happy customers. It was a real credit to our tiny team as I was hardly involved at all.


In among all this I have also been to a fabulous evening at Farmers Guardian’s British Farming Awards and to the NFU’s Cheshire county dinner dance.


I enjoyed both immensely despite having to fly solo on the first as Emma was ill. I find the awards genuinely inspirational and I am evidently not above having a few wines and posing for selfies with Sally Gunnell while smiling like an idiot. What a fantastic lady she is.


The county dinner dance was great too. As vice-chairman and master of ceremonies I managed to pay a public tribute to the incredible effort put in by our current county chairman, Ray Brown, who has clearly made a huge contribution to farming in the county. He will be a hard act to follow.


It was also a chance to introduce myself to the people on our table. It was going quite well until I mentioned Brexit and concern about the direction of travel. I think it was possible to hear the knives, forks and jaws drop as I spoke.


No doubt there may be some opportunities post Brexit and I am off to China to see what buyers in Shanghai require. I am excited and look forward to it.

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