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Working dogs, December 23, 2016

Maintaining his winning form, Bevis Jordan took both first and second placings last Saturday (December 17) at Northumberland.

Maintaining his winning form, Bevis Jordan took both first and second placings last Saturday (December 17) at Northumberland.


Healy Mill, Netherwitton, was the venue for the league’s last trial before the Christmas break. Rising gently to the lift, the course had a fetch of about 250 yards with no obstacle.


Although most favoured the right-hand outrun, they ran the risk of their sheep making back towards the holding pen on the left.


Worked in packets of four, the mixed lambs were reasonable to manage if lifted nicely.


Archie Tait judged the entry of 25, including six new handlers who ran first. Third to the post, Susan Pearson had the winning run with Hettie, taking her fourth title of the season. Best novice went to Gwen Wallace and Mick.


Bevis and Bozo ran 11th in the nursery class and took the lead with a good score of 89 points. He ran Bozo’s litter sister Shasta (B. Jordan’s Pearl, J.W. Easton’s Fynn) at 16.


Gathering right-handed, Shasta’s sheep moved off to the left and she needed extra commands to cover them. She lost three points from her outrun and two from her lift.


Shasta quickly had her sheep back on line, then proceeded to have a good trial, dropping just one point from her fetch and three throughout her driving.


After losing one point at the pen, a clean shed gave her a score of 90, and with a single point advantage, she took her second title, pushing Bozo, who has had three nursery wins, down into second place.


Keith Preston’s Mack, who was placed third with 87 points, is also from the same litter.


Anni Ritakallio and Kipi had an excellent weekend after winning the nursery class on Saturday (December 17) at Slindon, then the following day they won the trial and championship at Slacksdale.


Alexander Wilkinson judged the trial entry of 43, along with the nursery championship at Slacksdale. Due to fading light, it was decided the novice championship would be held at a later date.


Over a rising course with a fetch of about 270 yards, running was on Welsh Mule gimmer lambs. Sheep were good to handle over the outfield, but proved hard to pen.


Just two competitors penned in the trial, Anni and Kipi (J. Kilponen’s Killiebrae One and Killiebrae Flint). Running at 29, they took the title on 73 points, their fourth nursery win.


At five, Gus Dermody and Mirk also penned and won the novice class with 70 points. In the championship, James Gilman and Bonny had good outfield work, but lost five marks at the shed and one at the pen to score 85.


Last to run, Anni and Kipi were three points behind up to the shed. However, losing one point at the shed and one at the pen put them in front on 90 points.


English results


NORTHUMBLERLAND League, Healy Mill, Netherwitton (Judge, A. Tait, Barrasford) Nursery (25 ran) 1, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Shasta, 90 of 100; 2, B. Jordan, Bozo, 89; 3, K. Preston (Elsdon) Mack, 87; 4, M. Northwood (East Woodburn) Llangwn Floyd 83; 5, D. Henderson (Allendale) Jill, 80; 6, M. Davidson (Wooler) Twm, 78. Novice, G. Wallace (Rothbury) Mick. New handler, S. Pearson (Morpeth) Hettie.


SLACKSDALE, Peak Forest, Derbyshire (A. Wilkinson, Thurgoland, 45 ran) Nursery, 1, A. Ritakallio (Burton) Kipi, 73 of 90; 2, M. Hallam (High Peak) Upland Cap, 68 OLF; 3, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bonny, 68; 4, I. Gregory (Peak Forest) Nell, 65; equal 5, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Meg and S. Wilkinson (Thurgoland) Huthwaite Pip, 61. Novice, 1, G. Dermody (Nantwich) Mirk, 70 of 90; 2, G. Birchenall (Chinley) Dan, 64; 3, B. Hopwood (Mold) Del, 60. Beginner, 1, R. Helm, (Beeston) Star, 53. Nursery championship (3 ran) 1, A. Ritakallio, Kipi, 86 of 100; 2, J. Gilman, Bonny, 85; 3, R. Saxon (Crowden) Ben, 72.


SLINDON, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffordshire (J. Ellis, Whitchurch, 31 ran) Nursery, 1, A. Ritakallio (Burton) Kipi, 86 of 90; 2, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Ren, 80; 3, B. Williams, Lad, 78; 4, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Meg, 75 OLF; 5, M. Hallam (High Peak) Upland Cap, 75; 6, A. Ritakallio Dan, 75. Novice, 1, A. Blackmore, Spotty, 87 of 90; 2, P. Thomas (Longnor) Myllin Meg, 86; 3, G. Dermody (Nantwich) Mirk, 84.


RYEDALE, Bransdale, North Yorkshire (D. Purtill, Glaisdale) Nursery (22 ran) 1, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Nell, 84 of 90; 2, A. Mosey (Coulton) Bill, 70 OLF; 3, J. Cook (Egton) Amos, 70; 4, G. Redpath (Dacre) Rosewood Flynn, 68 OLF; 5, J. Goulder (Pickering) Valmis Jupiter, 68; 6, M. Shields (Timble) Bing, 67.


MID-SHIRES, Framlands Farm, Scalford, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (J. Aldridge, Daventry) Nursery (21 ran) 1, J. Saukkonen (Finland) Gannon, 83 of 90 OLF; 2, A. Tomkinson (Melton Mowbray) Flint, 83; 3, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Rosewood Ren, 81 OLF; 4, A. Rouse (Hildersham) Floss, 81; 5, A. Warmington (Gaydon) Moss, 79; 6, N. Vyas (Wigston) Cody, 75. Novice (5 ran) 1, A. Blackmore, Malta Cap, 85 of 100; 2, A. Tomkinson, Morph, 81; 3, A. Blackmore, Joe, 78. Open, 1, N. Vyas, Mist, 91 of 100.


SUSSEX, Wivelsden Farm, North Chailey, Haywards Heath (J. Robertson, Brighton) Nursery, 1, R. Edwards (Chulmleigh) Clyde, 93 of 100; 2, I. Wheeler (Isle of Wight) Don, 82; 3, P. Griffiths (Glynde) Roy, 77. Novice, 1, I. Wheeler, Bob, 88 of 100; 2, R. Edwards, Kade, 80; 3, A. Tackley (High Wycombe) Chip, 73.


NORTH WESTMORLAND, Laithes, Penrith (G. Smithson, Kirkbride, 39 ran) Nursery, 1, L. Bancroft (Barnoldswick) Alf, 85 of 90 OLF; 2, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Ben, 85; 3, T. Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Roy, 84; 4, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Tanhill Jock, 82; 5, K. Cropper (Shap) Moor Lodge Jim, 81 OLF; 6, D. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Lyn, 81. Novice, 1, A. Temple (Holmrook) Jan, 84 of 90 OLF; 2, D. Scrimgeour, Finn, 84; 3, N. McNally (Penton) Zac, 78; 4, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Flo, 74. New handler, 1, B. Sendlhofer (Ambleside) Fleece; 2, R.J. Harrison Jnr (Shap) Lad.


WEST COUNTRY, Nursery, Mill Hill, Tavistock (W. Passmore) Maltese cross (20 ran) 1, J. Watson (Postbridge) Fleet, 63 of 90; 2, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 62; 3, J. Tucker (Brentor) Lednock Jack, 54; 4, I. Mackay (Lustleigh) Sanduck Spark, 49. Driving (13 ran) 1, J. Watson, Jill, 72 of 90; 2, D. Cole (Bittaford) Jess, 68; 3, C. Worgan (Chulmleigh) Lee, 66; 4, M. Evans (Holsworthy) Ben, 59 OLF; 5, T. Rofe (Chilla) Maggie, 59; 6, F. Richards (Saltash) Jill, 57. Young handler (2 ran) 1, C. Fritsgerald (New Forest) Del, 53 of 90; 2, M. Ridge (Chulmleigh) Mac, 26. New handler, 1, R. Skelly (Wotter) Midge, 64 of 90; 2, C. Watson (Bittaford) Flow, 41. Molland, South Molton (T. Peat) Maltese cross (15 ran) 1, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 28 of 30; 2, J. Watson, Fleet, 18; 3, T. Rofe, Dot, 16; 4, S. Greenaway (Manaton) Sanduck Cass, 15. Young handler (4 ran) 1, C. Fritsgerald, Del; 2, J. Kendle (Cornwall) Pip; 3, M. Ridge (Somerset) Mac. Driving (J. Carter, Delabole, 10 ran) 1, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Parksfarm Moe, 85 of 100; 2, D. Cole, Jess, 84; 3, T. Rofe, Maggie, 76; 4, J. Nicholls (Buckland Brewer) Rob, 73; 5, C. Worgan, Lee, 72; 6, J. Nicholls, Jen, 65. New handler (D. Cole, 7 ran) 1, R. Skelly, Midge; 2, R. Skelly, Lex; 3, C. Snuggs (Dorset) Nan; 4, L. Ireland (Veryan) Ned; 5, C. Snuggs, Mo; 6, M. Snuggs (Dorset) Lass.


NORTH LANCS, Lee End Farm, Quernmore, Lancaster (T. Smith, Pilling, 50 ran) Nursery, 1, T. Longton (Quernmore) Oz, 88 of 90; 2, P. Ellis (New Hutton) George, 87; 3, T. Longton, Storm, 87; 4, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Sid, 86; 5, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Dan, 85; 6, J. Cropper, Trigger, 83. Novice, 1, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Jock, 85 of 90; 2, A. Temple (Holmrook) Jan, 82; 3, L. Bancroft (Barnoldswick) Pip, 82. Young handler, 1, R.J. Harrison Jnr (Shap) Lad, 83 of 90. New handler, 1, S. Lopizzo (Milan) Nell, 82 of 90; 2, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Pip, 77; 3, C. Settle (Bacup) Jess, 67.


SOMERSET, Bellevue Farm, Nempnett, Thrubwell (G. Martin, Lydney) Driving, 1, I. Wheeler (Isle of Wight) Bob 87 of 100; 2, A. Melrose (Stoke St Michael) Jan, 77; 3, C. Roe (Tiverton) Kite, 68; 4, T. Parsons, Rock, 63. Maltese cross, 1, I. Wheeler, Don, 49 OLF; 2, M. Groves (East Harptree) Fern, 49; 3, S. Fisher, Gie, 45.

HOLMROOK, Cumbria (A. Bradley, Crosthwaite) Open (48 ran) 1, K. Cropper (Shap) Zac, 86 of 90; 2, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Joe, 85; 3, T. Longton (Quernmore) Jim, 82; 4, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Boris, 79; 5, S. Perello (Caton) Rap, 77 OLF; 6, M. Glasgow (Stodday) Finn, 77.


English diary


December 24. CHARITY Open, Hollin Head Farm, Caton, Lancaster, LA2 9NA, 8.30am start, entry closed. HOLMROOK Open and novice, signed off A595 at Holmrook, Cumbria, 9.30am start, enter on field by 2pm.


December 26. BOXING DAY Charity open, Clough Head, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire, BB4 4AT, 8.30am start, enter on field, maximum two dogs per handler, catering.


December 27. FUNDRAISING Open for English National 2017, Worlington, Suffolk, IP28 8SG, entry closed.


December 29. HOLMROOK Open, including prizes for the three highest pointed nursery dogs, signed off A595 at Holmrook, Cumbria, 9am start, enter on field by 2pm.


December 31. TARNWATER Open, Meadow Court, Tarnwater Lane, Ashton with Stodday, Lancaster, LA2 0AH, 8.30am start, dogs to be booked in by 12 noon, entry closed. NEW YEAR’S EVE Charity open and novice, Barford Meadows, off A43 between Kettering and Corby, those with three dogs to be booked in by 8.30am, for two dogs by 10.30am and one dog 12 noon, entry closed.


January 1. BOB HAMBLETON Memorial open, Slacksdale, Peak Forest, Derbys, SK17 8EP, 9am start, enter on field. WEST COUNTRY Nursery, MX then driving, venue TBC, contact M. Smith, tel: 07789 290 331. NORTH LANCS Open, Lee End Farm, Quernmore, Lancaster, LA2 9EE, 9.30am start, enter on field.


January 7. SLINDON Open, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6LX, 8.30am start, catering, pre-entry to G. Bonsall, tel: 07749 298 682.

Scotland: Sine Robertson


Good work outbye and the first sheep successfully through the fetch gate gave Alistair Stewart’s Kemi Ruby the edge at Carse of Clary.


Ruby worked very well outbye, but found her sheep splitting at the drive gates. A good pen followed, but the shed took a little time to come off.


The mules at Kilwhannel were light to handle on the gently rising course and touchy at the pen.


Jock Welsh’s Ted ran out well but slowed down and came a little tight on his sheep at the top, pushing them slightly off line, but recovered on the fetch, with only minor deviations. A good drive ensued, with only a few points lost; a break at the pen cost him more points and hesitation to take control in the shed lost him a few more.


Jamie Shennan’s Tess started very well, with a good outrun and lift; good lines on the fetch were marred by a wrong command approaching the gates, causing a miss and ultimately costing him the trial. Good lines on the drive and an excellent finish raised the standard to within a point of Ted.


Outbye work separated three equally pointed runs at a closely contented nursery trial at Ardormie. The easy care hoggs did not like pressure and were determined not to go through the chute.


Ian Brownlie’s Lia andMosse Magnusson’s Sprout matched each other so well, it took the performance on the drive to put Lia into first place. Mosse’s Nell had already been dropped into a worthy third in the high scoring contest, for minor flaws outbye.


Scottish results


ARDORMIE (Judge, J. McKenzie, Ardormie) Nursery (18 ran) 1, I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Lia, 91 Outbye; 2, M. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Sprout, 91 Outbye; 3, M. Magnusson, Nell, 91; 4, M. Magnusson, Murphy, 89; 5, A.D. Carnegie (Comrie) Groesfaen Nap, 84; 6, S. MacFarlane (Bridge of Cally) Gem, 82. Novice, W. Wright (Laurencekirk) Kate, 66.


CARSE OF CLARY (G. Carnochan, Coylton) Nursery (10 ran) 1, A. Stewart (Lockerbie) Kemi Ruby, 81; 2, S. McCrindle (Palnackie) Zak, 77; 3, C. Armstrong (Archbank) Malta Scott, 76; 4, I. McMillan (Newton Stewart) Rob, 75; 5, C. Caygill (Whinnyliggate) Mitch, 55; 6, D. Porter (Stranraer) Rock, 49.


CAIRNHILL (I. Lockhart, Carsphairn) Nursery (13 ran) 1, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Ted, 89; 2, J. Shennan (Barr) Tess, 80; 3, R. Welsh (Patna) Mist, 79; 4, W.J. Welsh (Beoch) Tommy, 78; 5, J. Shennan, Bill, 77 Outbye; 6, K. Donald (Dalrymple) Scott, 77.

KILWHANNEL (I. MacMillan, Newton Stewart) Nursery (12 ran) 1, J.R. Welsh, Ted, 85; 2, J. Shennan, Tess, 84; 3, W.J. Welsh (Beoch) Tommy, 83; 4, A. McCulloch (Dalmellington) Risp, 78 Outbye; 5, J. Shennan, Bill, 78; 6, H. Young (Crosshill) Bernie, 77.


TRONEYHILL (P. Turnbull, Debdon) Nursery (16 ran) 1, C. Dickson (Coldingham) Lethens Craig, 83; 2, M. Arres (Ashkirk) Moss, 75; 3, D. Gilchrist (Oxton) Jade, 72; 4, W.S. Elliot (Yetholm) Ben, 71; 5, J. Robinson (Coldingham) Rob, 70; 6, J. Robinson, Jill, 67. Novice, 1, P. Howe (Hawick) Pip, 80; 2, P. Howe, Mirk, 69.


Wales: Christine Hall


CARMARTHENSHIRE Nursery Association ended its season with a fun Christmas hat trial, hosted by Alison and Dave Sharpe, Llwynbedw.

Despite a fine mist, sheep could clearly be seen at the top of the undulating uphill course.


Dogs could be sent to either side, but both had some tricky dips where the dog was briefly out of sight of the handler.


The Welsh lambs worked well, but were reluctant to pen. The winner of the nursery class for dogs under three years old was Meirion Jones, who had a steady run with Nan. Meirion also won the open class with Jimmy.


Welsh results


CARMARTHENSHIRE NURSERY ASSOCIATION CHRISTMAS HAT TRIAL, Nursery, 1, M. Jones, Nan, 17; 2, H. Thomas, Bel, 22; 3, L. Williams, Ned, 32; 4, C. Soar, Mali, 35; 5, T. Mallon, Jazz, 36; 6, S. George, Gwen, 37. Open, 1, M. Jones, Jimmy, 21; 2, R. Davies, Nell, 28; 3, C. Hall, Pentwyncoch Seren, 30.


Welsh diary


December 27 and 28. BROMSBERROW HEATH CHRISTMAS TRIAL, Open and novice national, young handler, catering, 8am start, pre-entry by December 21, contact A. Blackmore, tel: 07855 843 226.

December 29. TYNWERN, Llanrhystud, SY23 5BD, Open national, catering, 8am start, contact E. Lloyd, tel: 01974 272 282.