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Working dogs, February 24, 2017

At Trawden’s final nursery of the season Iain Ibbotson and Jim won both the trial and the championship. Held on Saturday at Lower Twiston, the weather was mostly dry but there was a cold wind. Rising on the left, the course had a fetch of about 230 metres and was gathered either way.

At Trawden’s final nursery of the season Iain Ibbotson and Jim won both the trial and the championship. Held on Saturday at Lower Twiston, the weather was mostly dry but there was a cold wind. Rising on the left, the course had a fetch of about 230 metres and was gathered either way.


Although good over the outfield, the Mule hoggs were variable at the pen where some walked straight in while others resisted. Philip Exelby judged the trial entry of 41 before the championship of seven contenders.


At 28, Tim Longton took the lead gaining 85 points with Rooten Brook Roy. Iain and Jim (T. West’s Jess, R. Newsome’s Rooten Brook Zac) ran at 34.


After a clean right-hand gather, Jim’s sheep lifted slightly to one side costing two points. The remainder of his work was almost faultless. He lost just one point from his fetch and one throughout his driving before finishing with a clean pen to gain the top score of 86.


Drawn second in the championship, Richard Hutchinson and Big, the Trawden aggregate winners, set a high standard gaining 94 points. Iain and Jim ran fourth. For the second time that day Jim had a clean right-hand outrun before losing two points at the lift. Following a clean fetch he dropped three points over his driving for minor line deviations. Finishing clean at the pen and at the shed, Jim scored 95 points. After winning the Yorkshire championship at the end of January this was his second championship title.


Also on Saturday North Westmorland hosted the inter-club contest with Dumfriesshire and Wigtownshire, at Hutton in the Forest. In a parkland setting the running was over a flattish course on packets of five Mule hoggs which were good to manage. Robin Dean judged the entry of 30.


In the first heat North Westmorland was ahead by a single point and then was on equal points with Dumfriesshire in the second. David Aitken and Buzz scored 82 points in the third heat to take Dumfriesshire ahead and take sixth individual placing. Dumfriesshire held the lead until the seventh round when Peter Ellis and George earned 83 points for North Westmorland, a score which put their team ahead and gave them fifth placing.


In heat eight despite Colin Armstrong and Scott earning 86 points, which gave them third individual placing, Wigtownshire was still behind. Alec Baines and Tanhill Jock strengthened North Westmorland’s lead in heat nine when they scored 85 to take fourth place.


The top two scores both came in the last heat. Derek Scrimgeour and Lyn earned 87 points which took second placing and gave North Westmorland the winning score of 751. Next to the post, Alistair Mundell and Rob gained 89, the top individual score of the day which put Dumfriesshire in second place with 689 points, while Wigtownshire was third on 657.


At the Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire inter-club held on Saturday at Biggin Moor, fog delayed the start for almost three hours. Consequently, it was decided each run would finish at the pen and there would be no shed due to lack of time. Over a flattish course the running was on mixed hoggs which proved difficult at the pen.


Alex Wilkinson judged the five nursery and four novice teams with the top three scores from each counting. With James Howard winning the individual with Lad (W. Mellor’s Lass, J. Howard’s Wisp) and two other team members in the top six placings, Hayfield won the nursery class with 212 points over Slacksdale on 192. Angie Blackmore and Malta Lad (C. Thom’s Meg, I. Stevenson’s Jim) won the novice class and with Pauline Thomas placed third with Myllin Meg, Slindon took the novice trophy with 196 points over runners up Hayfield on 180.


On Sunday the South and South East nursery and novice championship was held at Brockham, where the host Andy Jackman judged the running. Set over a flat pasture with a fetch of 250 yards, the course was mainly gathered left-handed as the sheep were released from the top left-hand corner.


After 300 yards of driving, where the last obstacle was tricky to catch, the sheep had to be put once through a Maltese cross, two of the three unmarked sheep had to be shed and the trial was finished when the hoggs were put into a trailer. Worked in fives the strong Mule gimmers gave everyone a fair chance, but they would test a dog at hand. All dogs competing had qualified by being placed in the top three of any of the regions earlier trials.


Of the nine novice dogs Ray Edwards ran home-bred Jet (R. Edwards’ Jess and Spud) first. They set a standard none of the others came close to matching and with 95 of 110 points they were the clear winners over John Marsh and Cleit Flair in second place on 72. Eleven dogs ran in the nursery championship, where the competition was much closer. Ray ran Clyde (B. Evans’ Snip, K. Evans’ Moss) second. After an excellent start the tri-coloured dog slipped his sheep at the cross-drive hurdle.


Initially turning onto the wrong sheep cost four points at the shed and two points went at the trailer for milling to give a score of 90. Seventh to the post, Paul Griffiths and Roy were going well until they missed the last gate and struggled at the shed to gain 86 points and third placing. Last to the post, Mark Banham and Rob were ahead until losing four points at the Maltese cross and six at the shed put them in second place on 88. Mark won the nursery aggregate with Ollie, while the novice aggregate went to Ian Wheeler and Bob.


Mid-Shires held its final trial and championship on Sunday at Melton Mowbray. Richard Smith judged the trial entry of 26 before the concluding championships. In the trial the mixed gimmer hoggs were quite touchy, but walking them round in a quiet manner Ben Smith’s two-year-old Roy, whos breeding goes back to Robert Ellis’ Mirk, earned the top nursery score of 84 points. Angie Blackmore’s Malta Cap won best novice on 80 points.


The sheep were more settled in the championship, where all dogs had to shed and the standard was high. Gaining 92 points, the highest score of the day, the nursery championship went to Andrew Tomkinson and Flint (A. Tomkinson’s Floss, K. Evans’ Caleb). In addition to winning the novice trial Angie and Malta Cap earned 85 points to win the novice championship.


English results


TRAWDEN, Lower Twiston, Clitheroe, Lancashire (Judge, P. Exelby, Nun Appleton) Nursery trial (41 ran) 1, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 86 of 90; 2, Tim Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Roy, 85; 3, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Storm, 84; 4, J. Palmer (Twiston) Gill, 83; 5, C. Mellin (Oakworth) Rainow Max, 82; 6, G. Josien (France) Queen, 81. Trawden Committee Aggregate, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Big. Championship (7 ran) 1, I. Ibbotson, Jim, 95 of 100; 2, R. Hutchinson, Big, 94; 3, Tim Longton, Rooten Brook Roy, 92.


INTER-CLUB, North Westmorland, Dumfriesshire and Wigtownshire (R. Dean, Chipping) Nursery (30 ran) 1, A. Mundell (Dumfriesshire) Rob, 89 of 100; 2, D. Scrimgeour (North Westmorland) Lyn, 87; 3, C. Armstrong (Wigtownshire) Scott, 86; 4, A. Baines (North Westmorland) Tanhill Jock, 85; 5, P. Ellis (North Westmorland) George, 83; 6, D. Aitken (Dumfriesshire) Buzz, 82. Team 1, North Westmorland, 751; 2, Dumfriesshire, 689; 3, Wigtownshire, 657.


INTER-CLUB, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, Biggin Moor Farm, Biggin Moor, Buxton, Derbyshire (A. Wilkinson, Thurgoland) Nursery (20 ran) 1, J. Howard (Hayfield) Lad, 76 of 90; 2, J. Gilman (Dovedale) Bonny, 74; 3, D. Wood (Hayfield) Lyn, 72; 4, R. Saxon (Slacksdale) Ben, 68; 5, S. Wilkinson (Hayfield) Huthwaite Pip, 64 OLF; 6, A. Blackmore (Slindon) Nip, 64. Nursery team, 1, Hayfield, 212 of 270; 2, Slacksdale, 192; 3, Slindon, 187; 4, Dovedale, 183; 5, Higher Whitley, 159. Novice (13 ran) 1, A. Blackmore (Slindon) Malta Cap, 71 of 90; 2, J. Hussey (Hayfield) Highgate Hil, 70 OLF; 3, P. Thomas (Slindon) Myllin Meg, 70. Novice team, 1, Slindon, 196 of 270; 2, Hayfield, 180; 3, Higher Whitley, 169; 4, Slacksdale, 155.


SOUTH AND SOUTH EAST England Championship, Felton Farm, Brockham, Surrey (A. Jackman, Brockham) Novice (9 ran) 1, Ray Edwards (Chulmleigh) Jet, 95 of 110; 2, John Marsh (Golden Cross) Cleit Flair, 72; 3, F. Davies-Russell (Farnham) Seth, 65. Novice aggregate, 1, I. Wheeler (Isle of Wight) Bob; 2, A. Tackley (Henley on Thames) Graylees Bill (Chip); 3, John Marsh, Cleit Flair. Nursery (11 ran) 1, Ray Edwards, Clyde, 90 of 110; 2, M. Banham (Chipstead) Rob, 88; 3, P. Griffiths (Glyndebourne) Roy, 86. Nursery aggregate, 1, M. Banham, Ollie; 2, M. Banham, Rob; 3, W. Cole (Tillingham) Mheg.


MID-SHIRES, Framlands Farm, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray (R. Smith, Chipping Norton) Nursery (26 ran) 1, B. Smith (Wytham) Roy, 84 of 90; 2, Amy Rouse (Hildersham) Floss, 80; 3, M. Jenkins (Themelthorpe) Aura, 77; 4, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Nip, 71; 5, P. Johnson (Barton-under-Needwood) Barton Gail, 68; 6, E. Thornalley (Worlington) Moss, 67. Nursery championship (13 ran) 1, A. Tomkinson (Melton Mowbray) Flint, 92 of 100; 2, Amy Rouse, Floss, 88 OLF; 3, A. Blackmore, Nip, 88. Novice championship (6 ran) 1, A. Blackmore, Malta Cap, 85 of 100; 2, A. Blackmore, Joe, 84; 3, J. Porter (Broughton Astley) Lad, 82.


CHARITY TRIAL, Swine Cragg Allotment, Over Kellet, Lancashire (J and C. Palmer, Twiston) Open (54 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson, Sweep, 93 of 100; 2, S. Perello (Caton) Murguia Jim, 91 OLF; 3, B. Smith, Ben, 91; 4, S. Duckworth (Haslingden) Barney, 89; 5, Thomas Longton, Jim, 88; 6, J. Howard (Holme) Lad, 88. Money raised for the Heart of Gold fund was £687.70.


RYEDALE, Nova Lane, Pickering, North Yorkshire (E. Gautier, Withernsea) Nursery (28 ran) 1, G. Blyth (Roos) Calderdale Roy, 68 of 90; 2, L. Morland (Hamsterley) Roy, 67; 3, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Queen, 65; 4, I. Murdoch (Sutton-on-the-Forest) Hilston Elmo, 59; 5, J. Simpson (Hutton Rudby) Jill, 58; 6, J. Goulder (Pickering) Valmis Jupiter, 57.


RAINOW, Yearnslow Farm, Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire (C. Pickford, Rainow) Nursery (34 ran) 1, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bonny, 91 of 100; 2, D. Pickford (Rainow) Rainow Maid, 87; 3, M. Hallam (High Peak) Upland Cap, 86; 4, G. Dermody (Nantwich) Jazz, 84; 5, S. Cottrell (Congleton) Rainow Mac, 82 OLF; 6, M. Hallam, Roy, 82. Novice, 1, D. Whitehead (Edgworth) Omega Tom, 87 of 100; 2, G. Dermody, Mirk, 80; 3, C. Dumbleton (Bollington) Dot, 70; 4, L. Perry (Rainow) Jill, 66. Beginner, 1, K. Cowburn (Bolton) Meg. Young handler, C. Dumbleton, Dot.


WINDERMERE, Garnet Bridge, Kendal (M. Glasgow, Stodday) Nursery (22 ran) 1, Thomas Longton, Oz, 79 of 90; 2, P. Ellis (New Hutton) George, 76; 3, T. Huddleston (Caton) Nessy, 74; 4, C. Mellin, Rainow Max, 73; 5, R. Watson (Millom) Huthwaite Kep, 70; 6, R. Hutchinson, Denwyn Moya, 69. New handler, 1, S. Lopizzo (Milan) Nell, 56.


WEST CUMBRIA, Town End Hall Farm, Whitbeck (B. Helliwell, Lancaster) Nursery (27 ran) 1, C. Mellin, Rainow Max, 82 of 90 OLF; 2, Thomas Longton, Storm, 82; 3, R. Hutchinson, Denwyn Moya, 80; 4, D. Purdham (Holmrook) Gem, 76; 5, Thomas Longton, Oz, 71 OLF; 6, A. Foster (Cartmel Fell) Bill, 71. Novice, 1, A. Temple (Holmrook) Jan, 73 of 90 OLF; 2, A. Foster, Cap, 73; 3, P. Murphy (Millom) Gael, 71. New handler, 1, S. Roper (Cleator Moor) Sky, 64 of 90; 2, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Nip, 54; 3, S. Lopizzo, Nell, 38.


NORTHERN, Stainton, Downholme, Leyburn (B. Bell, Hamsterley) Nursery (35 ran) 1, A. Baines, Tanhill Sue, 90 of 100; 2, S. Atkinson (Waitby) Nip, 84; 3, A. Procter (Great Musgrave) Tess, 81; 4, M. Shields (Timble) Bing, 79; 5, J. Edgar (Consett) Redgate Trim, 78 OLF; 6, R. Jewitt, Queen, 78. Committee novice, 1, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Boris; 2, B. Bell, Ben; 3, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Roy.


English diary

NORTH WESTMORLAND, Nursery, novice and new handler with nursery championship, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Penrith, 9am start, enter on field, championship runners to be on field by 12.30pm for ballot, championship to start at 1pm, trial will resume after championship for any dogs still to run.


February 26. INTER-CLUB, Ryedale v Northern, Nova Lane, Middleton, Pickering, 10am start, entry closed. WEST COUNTRY Nursery, maltese cross then driving, Trethern, Delabole, 10am start, enter on field. WINDERMERE, Nursery and new handler with nursery championship, near Poppy Farm, Selside, Kendal, LA8 9ED, 9.30am start, enter on field by 12.30pm.


March 11. PENNINE Inter-club championship, Lower Twiston, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 4BY, 10am start, entry closed.


NORTHERN, Nursery, Moor House, Marske – cancelled.


Scotland: Sine Robertson


Good work controlling lively, breaking hoggs put Bobby Henderson’s Bonnie well ahead of the field at Walkerburn.


The Blackface hoggs tested the young dogs on the big flat field, bolting from those which came too close, fighting them on the first leg of the drive and refusing to be penned. The sheep drew to one side on the fetch and the dogs struggled to keep them on course, so few managed to put them through the fetch gates.


Bonnie ran out well, over shooting the sheep slightly, but Bobby did a first class job of controlling the packet when they split before the fetch gate. Bonnie stopped the first pair, and although they had missed the gate, she held them until the second duo joined them, choosing the route through the gates to do so. Like others, Bonnie found that the first leg of the drive was a struggle, but the cross-drive went well. The hoggs broke repeatedly before she eventually secured the packet and finished the winning run with a very good shed, first place and a long lead.


Murray McTeir’s Spot ran out well, and although Murray stopped him slightly short to give the sheep some space, they were not deceived and took off as Spot approached. The hoggs were hard to control on the fetch and first leg of the drive, and although the cross-drive went well and the hoggs went through the gate, on the return they bolted and past the pen. Spot eventually penned the sheep and finished his run with a very good shed and second place.


Julie Hill’s Glencregg Gael ran out and lifted flawlessly, and worked well on the fetch, but the drive was more challenging. When time ran out at the pen, the good work already achieved ensured the unfinished run earned third place.


WALKERBURN (Judge, D. Kinloch, Kilsyth) Nursery (12 ran) 1, R.B. Henderson (Heriot) Bonnie, 78; 2, M. McTeir (Moniaive) Spot, 62; 3, J. Hill (Heriot) Glencregg Gael, 61; 4, H. Brown (Coulter) Cap, 60; 5, D. Wallace (Blyth Bridge) Tess, 57; 6, J. Hill (Heriot) Leigh, 49. Novice (6 ran) 1, S. Morgan (West Linton) Fred, 71; 2, J. L’Etang (Slamannan) Slip, 67; 3, J. L’Etang (Slamannan) Gyp, 63;


MACHRIE, ARRAN I (W. Stevenson, Whiting Bay) Nursery (7 ran) 1, G. Brookes (Southpark) Cap, 84; 2, N. McMaster (Bennan) Gael, xx.Older dogs, 1, S. Murchie (Torbeg) Buffy, 71.


MACHRIE, ARRAN II (W. Stevenson, Whiting Bay) Nursery (7 ran) 1, G. Brookes (Southpark) Cap, 74; 2, N. McMaster (Bennan) Gael, 50.


Gilbert Alexander Marshall who regularly hosted and competed in Scottish trials has died aged 81. He died at home at Cocklicks, Annan, after a battle with cancer.


Tributes have been paid to Sandy Montgomery, of Terregles, Dumfriesshire, who died after a short illness. He was known for his great spirit in competing in sheepdog trials, including hill courses, in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.


Adam Waugh, a respected shepherd with a passion for sheepdog trialling died peacefully aged 86. Mr Waugh had many successes at local shows and sale rings, including the 1975 sale for £9,000 of the tup lamb christened ’Mike Craig’.


Wales: Christine Hall


March 4. DOLGELLAU CHARITY, Fronalchen, Dolgellau, LL40 2AG, open national, two sessions, enter on field, catering, start 8.30am, contact Idris Thomas, tel: 07717 027 617.


April 29. LLANGADOG AND DISTRICT, Old Racecourse Fields (on A4069 towards Llangadog) two sessions, open national, catering, start 7am, pre-entry, entries close March 1, contact Catrin Price, tel: 07815 289 410/01550 740 506, eye testing at trial, contact Claire Ridge, tel: 07773 192 283.


Derek Lloyd has died. Mr Lloyd was a sheep farmer from Leominster, Herefordshire, and was a regular triallist in both England and Wales. He won the English National in 1983 with Jim and in 2003 with L’Minster Moss.