Working dogs, January, 13, 2017




FYLDE, Hollinhead Farm, Caton, Lancaster, (Judge, M. France, Littledale) Nursery (30 ran) 1, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 97 of 100; 2, Tim Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Roy, 93; 3, T. Huddleston (Caton) Nessy, 90; 4, J. Palmer (Twiston) Jill, 89 OLF; 5, I. Ibbotson, Spot, 89; 6, A. Ritakallio (Burton) Kipi, 87.


HOLME, Deerplay, Bacup, Lancs, (Judge, W. Allen, Butterton) Nursery (31 ran) 1, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Storm, 76 of 90; 2, Thomas Longton, Oz, 72; 3, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Sid, 70; 4, C. Kempson (Cowpe) Fleet, 66; 5, V. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Hilston Sally, 65 OLF; 6, S. Cropper, Rob, 65.


SLINDON, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffs, (Judge, R. Watson, Millom) Open (46 ran) 1, K. Evans (Brecon) Ace, 91 of 100; 2, D. Evans (Brecon) Bet, 90; 3, K. Evans, Ci, 87; 4, T. Foster (Creaton) Mist, 86; 5, K. Dodd (Malpas) Ben, 84; 6, Thomas Longton, Maya, 83.


RYEDALE, Kildale, North Yorks, (Judge, B. Hope, Sutton Bank) Nursery (20 ran) 1, M. Shields (Timble) Bing, 80 of 90; 2, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Wisk, 78; 3, J. Read (Louth) Jim, 76; 4, A. Jackson (Kildale) Rob, 75; 5, J. Cook (Egton) Amos, 74; 6, M. Mason (Driffield) Peg, 72.


NORTHUMBERLAND League, Chathill, (Judge, A. Dickman, Oxton) Nursery (18 ran) 1, D. Henderson (Allendale) Jill, 85 of 100; 2, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Kettle, 76; 3, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Bozo, 74; 4, J. Pattinson (Bardon Mill) Black, 74; 5, B. Jordan, Shasta, 72; 6, M. Davidson (Wooler) Twm, 63.

Novice 1, C. McNulty (Wooler) Kim.

New Handler 1, J. Tulloch (Wark) Dee.


NORTH WESTMORLAND, Croglin, Newbiggin, (Judge, A and H Greenop, 42 ran) Nursery 1, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Tanhill Jock, 85 of 90; 2, K. Cropper (Shap) Moor Lodge Jim, 84 TIME; 3, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Ben, 84; 4, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Jim, 84; 5, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Big, 84; 6, D. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Dot, 83.

Novice 1, R. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Tally, 87 of 90; 2, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Flo, 86; 3, J. Fraser (Penton) Penny, 84 TIME; 4, D. Scrimgeour, Lyn, 84.

New Handler 1, M. Fearon (Borrowdale) Del; 2, E. Holliday (Wigton) Midge.


NORTHERN, Pool Tree, Hamsterley, Durham (Judge, B. Bell, Hamsterley) Nursery 1, A. Baines, Tanhill Sue, 77 of 90; 2, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Nell, 75; 3, A. Baines, Tanhill Jock, 73; 4, R. Jewitt, Queen, 72; 5, A. Procter (Great Musgrave) Tess, 71; 6, R. Green (Redmire) Tanhill Bute, 69.

(Judge, R. Green) Committee Novice (5 ran) 1, B. Bell, Ben, 78 of 90; 2, H. Jackson (Eggleston) Bess, 64; 3, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Roy, 63.

New handler 1, E. Procter (Great Musgrave) Dale.


WINDERMERE, Town End Hall Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria, (Judge, R. Watson) Nursery (19 ran) 1, C. Taylor (Keasden) Jess, 77 of 90; 2, Thomas Longton, Storm, 76; 3, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Nell, 74; 4, A. Foster (Cartmel Fell) Bill, 71; 5, J. Lowery (Whitbeck) Ben, 67; 6, J. Bentham (Dent) Fay, 63.

New Hander 1, S. Roper (Cleator Moor) Sky.


CHARITY Trial, Hardraw, Hawes, North Yorks, (Judge, S. Perello, Caton) Open (60 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson, Jock, 80 of 100; 2, L. Cowper, Spot, 79; 3, S. Cropper, Beechwood Ben, 78; 4, R. Fawcett (Hardraw) Lola, 77 OLF; 5, Thomas Longton, Jim, 77; 6, T. Huddleston, Nessy, 76.

Money raised for the Bone Cancer Research Trust was £375.


WEST COUNTRY Nursery, V. Pitts, Exeter, (Judge, M. Scofield) Maltese cross (16 ran) 1, J. Watson (Postbridge) Spot.

Qualifier Driving (9 ran) 1, J. Watson Jill, 70 of 100 OLF; 2, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 70; 3, T. Rofe (Chilla) Maggie, 69; 4, M. Evans (Holsworthy) Ben, 65; 5, D. Cole (Bittaford) Jess, 50; 6, R. Hayes (Witheridge) Winston, 44.

Driving (6 ran) 1, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Moe, 51 of 100.

Young Handler (1 ran) 1, M. Ridge (Chulmleigh) Mac.

New Handers (5 ran) 1, R. Skelly (Wotter) Midge; 2, R. Skelly, Lex.


HIGHR WHITLEY, School Lane, Higher Whitley, Cheshire, (Judge, P. Hallam, Foxt, 40 ran) Nursery 1, J. Jones (Prion) Brenig Lad, 86 of 90; 2, A. Ritakallio, Champ, 80; 3, A. Ritakallio, Kipi, 78; 4, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bonnie, 71; 5, D. Pickford (Rainow) Rainow Maid, 70; 6, B. Williams (Mold) Lad.

Nursery Aggregate B. Hopwood Brenig Gwen.

Novice 1, J. Hussey (Alderley Edge) Highgate Hil, 83 of 90; 2, G. Birchenall (Chinley) Dan, 73; 3, B. Hopwood (Mold) Del, 70.

Novice Aggregate G. Birchenall, Dan, 226 of 270.

New Handler 1, R. Helm (Beeston) Star, 73 of 90; 2, H. Darlington (Sandbach) Moss, 62; 3, K. Cowburn (Bolton) Meg, 53.


ROMNEY MARSH, Whitehall, Lynsted, Kent, (Judge, D. Thompson, Lynsted) Cradle 1, S. Walker (Stelling Minnis) Cleit Murdo, 56 OLF; 2, L. Taylor (Betchworth) Cant, 56; 3, E. Killick (Turners Hill) Charlie, 51; 4, S. Else (Diss) Gunner, 48.

Nursery 1, N. Annaloro (France) Judy, 88 of 100; 2, M. Banham (Chipstead) Rob, 77; 3, M. Banham Ollie, 66; 4, A. Tackley (Henley-on-Thames) Joey, 59.

Novice 1, N. Annaloro, Pearl, 83 of 100; 2, A. Tackley, Chip, 64; 3, D. Thompson (High Halden) Jimmy, 61; 4, P. Gent (Blean) Enzo, 55.


EAST ANGLIA, Methwold, (Judge, C. Neal, Wormegay) Nursery 1, E. Hawkins (Ipswich) Jess, 61 of 90; 2, E. Thornalley (Worlington) Sweep, 57; 3, B. Wilden (Bramford) Dot, 56; 4, G. Baldry (Hillington) Sid, 52; 5, E. Thornalley, Moss, 46.

Novice 1, T. Bulgin (Methwold) Mist, 84 of 100; 2, D. Chapman (Docking) Maggie, 65.

Open 1, G. Baldry, Finn, 69 of 100.




YORKSHIRE, Nursery, Trawden Showfield, Trawden, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 8QA, 9.30am start, enter on field, those running two dogs must be booked in before 12 noon. TRAWDEN, Nursery, Wickworth Cottage, Keasden, Clapham, North Yorkshire, LA2 8ET, 9.30am start, enter on field, those running two dogs must be booked in before 12 noon. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Nursery, Novice and New Handler, Croglin, Newbiggin, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, for three dogs two to be booked in by 12 noon, novice confined to Cumbria. RYEDALE, Nursery, Windy Hill Farm, Hutton Rudby, TS15 0JS, 10.00am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon. SLINDON, Nursery, Novice and New Handler with Championship, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffs, ST21 6LX, 9.30am start, enter on field by 12 noon, catering.


January 15. MORETON, Nursery and Novice, Station Farm, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, LE9 6PD, use Cottage Lane entrance, 9.30amstart, enter on field. NORTHERN, Nursery, Committee Novice and New Handler, Blind Beck, Baldersdale, DL12 9UX, approx. two miles from Hunderthwaite off B6277 Barnard Castle/Middleton in Teesdale road, 10am start, enter on field by 2pm, for three or more dogs first by 12 noon, only one after 1pm, weather check Hazel tel 078030 03028. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Nursery and New Handler, Netherwitton, NE61 4LP, 11am start, enter on field. SURREY, Nursery and Novice, Shabden Park, High Road, Chipstead, Surrey, CR5 3SF, 10am start, enter on field. WEST COUNTRY, Nursery, Sanduck Cross Farm, Lustleigh, MX then Driving, 10am start, enter on field. WEST CUMBRIA, Nursery and Novice, Town End Hall Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria, off A595 approx. 1 mile north of Silecroft, 9.30am start, enter on field. KEASDEN Open, Wickworth Cottage, Keasden, Clapham, North Yorks, LA2 8ET, 9am start, entry closed, C. Taylor tel 078125 89621.


January 21. WHITBECK, Open, Town End Hall Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria, off A595 approx. 1 mile north of Silecroft, 9am start, pre-entry first 30 dogs to R. Watson tel 07825 875097.

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