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LAMMA 2021

Working dogs, June 2, 2017

Rachel Scrimgeour collected four trophies last Saturday at the annual Penton open trial.

England: Elaine Hill

Rachel Scrimgeour collected four trophies last Saturday at the annual Penton open trial. Most dogs took the gentle downhill gather of more than 300 metres right-handed as there was more room to that side at the top of the field. Often trying to break back to the holding pen the strong Grey Faced hoggs proved difficult to lift.


However, once on their way they were good over the outfield and at the pen, but were hard to single. Kenny Anderson judged the entry of 63. Running in the early 20s, Duncan Robertson and Mot set the standard gaining 90 points. They won best local but were pushed down into second place in the open when Rachel ran Tally (D. Scrimgeour’s Killiebrae Jet and Mirk) towards the end of the afternoon.


Tally’s out-bye work could not be faulted. As they went downhill over the first leg of the right-hand drive the hoggs could pick up speed resulting in numerous wide turns into the cross drive. However, keeping her sheep settled and quiet, Tally had a good turn with only minor line deviations throughout her driving she lost only two points.


Her sheep went straight into the pen. To finish she singled the last sheep without fault to be the clear winner with 98 points. This was both Rachel and Tally’s first open win and Rachel was particularly pleased as Tally is the first dog she has trained from scratch. In addition to receiving the cup for best open, they also won cups for the best out-bye work, the best pen and the best lady.



Working well over the rough terrain of Twiston Moor, Tom Huddleston’s Udale Ola won the Trawden summer open trial also held last Saturday. Cotton grass, patches of long coarse grass and rushes made the going difficult and along with the undulating ground the dogs lost sight of their sheep over their outrun.


Most gathered the course, which narrowed slightly towards the lift, left-handed. To that side they came to a wall which they could follow. To the right there was a danger they could run too wide. Running was on packets of three fit Mule hoggs which needed a firm dog.


They were quick to take advantage of any dogs that gave them too much room or failed to show sufficient authority. As they went down the first leg of the right-hand drive they pulled to the right. Consequently rather than go in a straight line they zigzagged.


The hoggs were slightly easier over the cross drive but again a good line was hard to achieve as they avoided the wet areas of ground and preferred to go around the rushes rather than through them. At the pen, for those who reached it as there were a number of retirements, the sheep were quite good, but they were not easy to settle for the single. Sergio Perello judged the entry of 48.


Early run

With an early run, Tim Longton set the standard gaining 77 points with Rooten Brook Ben. Tom and Ola (T. Huddleston’s Udale Jet and R. Hutchinson’s Sweep) ran early afternoon. After running out well smooth coated Ola stopped marginally short at the end of his lefthand outrun.


He had a good lift and brought his sheep in as straight a line as possible down the fetch. Pulling to get off the course the hoggs were not easy to turn into the drive yet Ola handled his packet well and had a good turn.


Although he worked his sheep with purpose they refused to flow and line deviations over his driving were unavoidable, yet he caught both drive obstacles. On completion of the driving he put his packet straight into the pen.


The sheep refused to settle for the single therefore taking the last one was difficult. Rather than fail to take the single Tom took an opportunity when it came but lost four points as it was not the last sheep. However, his score of 81 gave him a clear fourpoint lead.


English results

PENTON, Haithwaite Farm, Penton, Carlisle (Judge, K. Anderson, Canonbie) Open (63 ran) 1, R. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Tally, 98 of 100; 2, D. Robertson (Dunbarton) Mot, 90; 3, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Boris, 88; 4, A. Mundell (Moffat) Taff, 86; 5, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Glen, 86; 6, B. Jordan (Whitbeck) Bozo, 86. Best out-bye R. Scrimgeour, Tally. Best pen R. Scrimgeour, Tally. Best lady handler R. Scrimgeour, Tally. Local 1, D. Robertson, Mot, 90 of 100; 2, A. Jardine (Hawick) Elsie, 84; 3, D. Robertson, Joe, 82; 4, W. Tod (Langholm) Chip, 68. Best out-bye D. Robertson, Mot. Local novice J. Moscrop (Brampton) Beck.


TRAWDEN, Twiston Moor, Twiston, Clitheroe, Lancashire (S. Perello, Caton) Summer open (48 ran) 1, T. Huddleston (Caton) Udale Ola, 81 of 100; 2, Tim Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Ben, 77; 3, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Sid, 74; 4, S. Cropper, Danny, 72; 5, C. Taylor (Keasden) Bob, 71; 6, J. Bentham (Dent) Fay, 67.


NORTHUMBERLAND League, Netherwitton (L. Amos, Ireland) Saturday open (49 ran) 1, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Bling, 82 of 100; 2, A. Temple (Holmrook) Whiterose Flint, 76; 3, P. Turnbull (Rothbury) Mik, 71; 4, Thomas Longton, Jim, 69; 5, E. Gray (Ewesley) Tweeddale Jamie, 68; 6, P. Turnbull, Glen, 65. (Thomas Longton) Sunday open (47 ran) 1, R. Macrae (Netherwitton) Blue, 82 of 100; 2, B. Jordan, Bozo, 81; 3, B. Jordan, Angel, 80; 4, P. Turnbull, Glen, 78 OLF; 5, R. Watson (Millom) Nidderdale Nidd, 78; 6, K. Cropper (Shap) Tsavo, 77.


MID-SHIRES, Gretton Road, Harringworth, Corby (P. Johnson, Burton on Trent) Open (59 ran) 1, I. Murdoch (Sutton on Forest) Ben, 95 of 100; 2, J. Howard (Holme) Bill, 93; 3, N. Vyas (John O’Gaunt) Todd, 92; 4, B. Powell (Cold Ashby) Mirk, 91; 5, Amy Rouse (Hildersham) Floss, 90; 6, B. Powell, Drift, 88. Novice 1, Amy Rouse, Floss, 90 of 100; 2, A. Warmingham (Gaydon) Rooten Brook Moss, 73.


TARNWATER, Ashton with Stodday, Lancaster (M. Beaty, Laithes) Open (33 ran) 1, A. Temple, Don, 94 of 100 OLF; 2, S. Cropper, Danny, 94; 3, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Dan, 93 OLF; 4, M. Metcalfe, Boris, 93; 5, S. Perello, Murguia Jim, 88 OLF; 6, F. Cleary (Barnacre) Billy, 88.


CHARITY Trial, Clough Head, Grane Road, Haslingden, Lancashire (C. Palmer, Twiston) Open (53 ran) 1, T. Huddleston, Udale Ola, 88 of 100; 2, R. Watson, Nidderdale Nidd, 85; 3, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 80; 4, S. Perello, Murguia Jim, 78 OLF; 5, J. Scrivin (Elslack) Gwen, 78; 6, W. Bell (Earby) Slick, 78. Proceeds to be donated to the Manchester Emergency Fund.


BAMFORD, The Recreation Ground, Bamford, Derbyshire (J. Harrison, Shap) Open 1, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bob, 91 of 100; 2, Tim Longton, Rooten Brook Ben, 89; 3, J. Dumbleton (Bollington) Sid, 85; 4, S. Wilkinson (Thurgoland) Huthwaite Pippa, 83; 5, R. Curtis (Grantham) Patch, 81; 6, P. Johnson, Sam, 81. Local 1, S. Wilkinson, Huthwaite Pippa, 83 of 100; 2, G. Birchenall (Chinley) Dan, 80; 3, P. Wood (Derwent)


Wales: Christine Hall

Trial host John Bowen was top of the morning session results at the New Inn sheepdog trial near St Florence, Pembrokeshire, on May 28. The sheep, which were improved Welsh mountain and Welsh Mules, provided an interesting challenge throughout the day.


They tended to pull to the right of the course if not covered well enough by the dogs. Released in packets of three, not all of the sheep held well together and handlers had to work hard to keep them from splitting. The outrun could be taken to the left or right.


The left-hand side looked deceivingly easier but had some dips when the dog could lose sight of the sheep. The righthand side had a hedge corner jutting into it and some dogs needed redirecting at this point. However, it had the advantage of blocking the sheep from running to the right.


There were open and novice classes and in addition the judges selected the best novice handler from each session, who were Logan Williams and Nataly Matthews. In the afternoon session, Kevin Evans and Kemi Ross took the prize.


Welsh results

NSA TALYBONT ON USK Session 1 (Judge, Nigel Watkins) Open national 1, K. Evans (Libanus) Lass, 11; 2, L. Bowden (Caerffili) Lad, 12; 3, J. Bowen (Tenby) Roy, 16; 4, R. Montgomery (Bristol) Gail, 17; 5, S. Harden (Pembroke) Cass, 18; 6, D. Evans (Libanus) Bet, 18. Session 2 (Steve Lewis, Pembs) 1, K. Evans, Preseli Ci, 12 OLF; 2, P. Tompkins (Llandrindod Wells) Lyn, 12; 3, N. Watkins (Llanddeusant) Jody, 14; 4, D. Millichap (PortTalbot) Bill, 14; 5, D. Howells (Port Talbot) Nip, 18; 6, D. Evans, Kemi Tess.


OBLEY (Maureen Capes) Novice national, 1, L. Williams (Llandeilo) Ned, 13; 2, L. Jones (Minsterley) Sian, 15; 3, S. George (Llangennech) Gwen, 16; 4, B. Howson (Llandefalle) Grace, 17 OLF; 5, S. Curry (Tredegar) Sawmill Floss, 17; 6, J. Bastable (Tonbridge) Cass, 19. Class 2, 1, L. Riobertson, Sid, 10; 2, A. Westover (Swansea Valley) Rock, 11; 3, S. Fullwood (Church Stretton) Ffion, 27.


PENMACHNO Session 1 (Eilir Roberts) Open national 1, M. Evans (Llanfachreth) Meg, 6.5; 2, M. McNaught (Bala) Sam, 11; 3, J. Lightfoot (Llandegla) Nan, 14; 4, A. Owen (Corwen) Preseli Roy, 15.5; 5, Ll. Evans (Swyddffynnon) Zac, 16; 6, M. Evans (Tec) 21. Class 2, 1, M. McNaught, Sam, 11; 2, J. Lightfoot, Nan, 14; 3, D. Edwards (Penryndeudraeth) Jet, 20; 4, M. Evans (Tec) 21. Session 2 (E.P. Roberts) Open national 1, Ll. Evans, Scott, 9; 2, M. Evans, Mac, 13; 3, A. Jones (Defaidty) Spot, 15 OLF; 4, G. Owen (Pengraigwen) Moss, 15; 5, G. Owen, Ben 18; 6, G. Lightfoot, Omega Jess, 22.


NEW INN Session 1 (Eifion Hope) Open national, 1, J. Bowen (Tenby) Ned, 9 OLF; 2, A. Driscoll (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Mazi, 9; 3, K. Evans (Libanus) Ace, 10; 4, A. Blomkvist (Sweden) Pink, 12; 5, K. Broad (Llanlawddog) Kinloch Cade, 13; 6, N. Matthews (Tredegar) Jet, 16. Novice National, 1, M. Jones (Maesybont) Nan, 20; 2, L. Bowden (Caerffili) Lad, 21; 3, C. Ridge (Narberth) Scott, 25. Best novice handler, L. Williams (Llandeilo) Ned, 30. Session 2 (I.B. Jones) Open national, 1, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 11 OLF; 2, S. Holt (Libanus) Roy, 11; 3, J. Bowen, Tess, 12; 4, S. Holt, Hybeck Blake, 15; 5, P. Tomkins (Llandrindod Wells) Lyn, 20; 6, L. Bowden, Don, 21. Novice National, 1, J. Bowen, Tess, 12; 2, P. Tomkins, Lyn, 20; 3, C. Hall (Llandeilo) Pentwyncoch Cai, 28. Best Novice Handler, C. Hall, (Llandeilo) Pentwyncoch Cai, 28.


KINGSLAND (Aubrey Lloyd) Open national, 1, R. Games (Talgarth) Roy, 12; 2, K. Evans (Libanus) Preseli Ci, 13; 3, M. Ellis (Port Talbot) Don, 19; 4, J. Bowen (Tenby) Tess, 23 OLF; 5, D. Evans (Libanus) Bet, 23; 6, P. Thomas (Longnor) Scott, 23. Novice National, 1, M. Ellis, Don, 19; 2, J.Bowen, Tess, 23; 3, C. Russell (Carey) Cap, 33; 4, B. Morgan, Gwen, 38. Session 2 (Graham Powell) Open national 1, G. Howells (Abernant) Cap, 18 OLF; 2, K. Evans, Lass, 18 OLF; 3, C. Ridge (Narberth) Blue, 18; 4, K. Haker (Llandrindod Wells) Elsa, 23; 5, W. Jones (Erwood) Lass,25 OLF; 6, A. Price (Llandrindod Wells) Jill, 25. Novice National, 1, C. Ridge, Blue, 18; 2, K. Haker, Elsa, 23; 3, W. Jones, Lass, 25.


WERGLODD GAER GERRIG Open national, 1, J. Ellis (Whitchurch) Cap, 5; 2, A. Williams (Penmachno) Max, 5 OLF; 3. Gethin Jones (Llanarmon DC) Maddie, 5.5; 4, A. Driscoll (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Mazi, 6; 5, K. Dodd (Malpas) Ben, 6 OLF; 6. A. Owen (Corwen) Cap, 6.5.


Scotland: Sine Robertson

A RUN-off gave Tony Welsh’s Don the edge over Sandy McCulloch’s Fern at Kinross. The Texel cross hoggs were heavy to handle, but ran well on a flat field at a new venue at Bankhead Farm.


The cross drive was difficult to judge and many packets missed the gate. Tony Welsh’s Don ran out and lifted cleanly and had a good fetch with just minor wavers. The drive started well until, approaching the cross drive gate, the hoggs looked to be too wide for the gate.


Don turned them in, but they came in at an angle which made for a wide turn through and Don had to sprint to get into position to flank them toward the pen. Clean work at hand restored the standard of the run and Don secured first place after a further assessment. Sandy McCulloch’s Fern ran out cleanly and, although she was a little slow to lift, her fetch was good.


Again, the drive started well, but approaching the cross drive gate, the hoggs were not on the right line and had to be squared up before they went through successfully. They were under good control, and walked calmly into the pen. A good shed completed the run in contention for first place, until the re-run judged it runner-up.


The Blackie hoggs were manageable at the Great Glen, on a downhill sloping course. The turn round the handler proved to be a major bogey and the pen was difficult. John MacKillop’s Joe ran out cleanly to the top, lifted and fetched well and achieved a good drive.


A good pen and a clean shed completed the run in first place with a comfortable lead. Stuart Davidson’s Hope followed a similar pattern until difficulties at the pen, but Hope secured the sheep and finished the run with a clean shed and second place.


Scottish results

GREAT GLEN (Judge, P. Martin, Glenlyon ) Open (56 ran) 1, J. McKillop (Fort Augustus) Joe, 94; 2, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Hope, 89; 3, E.C. MacKinnon (Lochcarron) Midge, 87 Outbye; 4, H. MacLean (Culloden) Jill, 87; 5, A. McCuish (Skipness) Tweed, 85 Outbye; 6, H. Mitchell (Lochearnhead) Gyp, 85. Local 1, J. McKillop (Fort Augustus) Joe, 94; 2, M. MacNally (Invergarry) Tarff,79; 3, J.H. Weir (Appin) Floss, 70; 4, M. MacNally (Invergarry) Finn, 67; 5, J. MacLachlan (Spean Bridge) Ben, 65 Outbye; 6, B. Strachan (Roybridge) Jim, 65.


LESMAHAGOW (B. MacFarlane, West Linton) Open (29 ran) 1, J. Hill (Heriot) Mac, 92; 2, R.B. Henderson (Heriot) Skid, 90; 3, H. Young (Crosshill) Kate, 88; 4, A. Stewart (Lockerbie) Tweed, 87; 5, R. Henderson (Crawford) Glen, 86; 6, R.B. Henderson (Heriot) Tweed, 82.


KINROSS (W. Welsh, Dalcairney) Open (72 ran) 1, T. Welsh (Patna) Don, 89 run-off; 2, A. McCulloch (Dalmellington) Fern, 89; 3, J. McKenzie (Turriff) Tweedie, 85; 4, N. Campbell (Kinross) Gus, 84; 5, A. Olofsson (Blairlogie) Net, 83; 6, A. Stewart (Lockerbie) Tweed, 81 Outbye. Local 1, N. Campbell (Kinross) Gus, 84; 2, A. Olofsson (Blairlogie) Net, 83; 3, J. Hastie (Saline) Lethans Bear, 74; 4, D. Mullen (Kinross) Wisp, 71; 5, A. Sim (Powmill) Bree, 60.