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LAMMA 2021

LAMMA 2021

Working dogs, June 23, 2017

England: Elaine Hill


KEVIN Evans took both first and second placings in the testing Freebirch double gather championship last Sunday (June 18) in unusually hot weather. Flat to start, the course rose to the lift and was set over a 13-hectare (32-acre) undulating pasture.


Just after the fetch obstacle, sheep briefly disappeared into a hollow and the same occurred over the driving. Running was on strong, fit Mule shearlings which would test a dog, but ran consistently well if handled in a positive and kind manner. Nick Denniff judged the entry of 42 on Thursday (June 15), the first qualifying day.


Scoring 84 points, Kevin Evans and Preseli Ci took the title on an out-bye decision over Sophie Holt and Blake on the same score. The next day, Jess Fletcher took the judge’s seat. Of the 42 entries, Shirley Cropper and Beechwood Ben were clear winners on 85, six points ahead of runners-up Larry Cowper and Spot. On Saturday (June 17), John Ellis judged 41 dogs, with the top two competitors both scoring 90 points.


On an out-bye decision, Bryn Davies and Roy were the winners, while Anni Ritakallio and Come-bye Jazz took second place. From these three trials, the top four dogs qualified to go through to the championship. The final qualifying trial of 30 entries was judged by Stan Harden on Sunday (June 18). Ross Watson and Nidderdale Nidd took the title with 89 points, five clear of runners-up Cyril Roberts and Roy. Due to the smaller number of entries, the top three went forward into the championship held in the afternoon and judged by Jess Fletcher.


Kevin and Ace were drawn to run second. Ace had a clean first gather which was to the right for five sheep. He lost two points from his lift, where sheep could be obstinate, and four points down the first fetch for deviations. Ace had a good turn back and second gather, which was to the left for five more sheep, losing just one point. Two went from the lift and three from the fetch.


Due to the hot weather, it was decided that after the out-bye work, dogs would be given time to drink and immerse themselves in a tub of water. The clock was stopped while dogs cooled off and restarted when the trial resumed. Catching both obstacles, Ace had a good drive losing 10 points before having a clean shed. Again due to the intense heat, once sheep had been round the pen three times, the handler would retire, but would keep their points up to the pen and it was agreed there would be no single.


Sheep could be difficult to pen where Kevin retired with a score of 118. Cyril Roberts and Roy ran next. They had a good start and a good second gather, but missing the second fetch obstacle cost marks. A very good finish boosted their points, giving a score of 116. It was with run 13 that Kevin and Ci (L. Harries’ Groesfaen Jet, R. Games’ Roy) had the winning run.


Ci’s start was near perfect, with just a single point lost from her outrun and one from her lift, which was followed by a clean fetch. She had an excellent turn back and second gather, where just one further point was lost. Two points were lost from her lift and four for deviations over the second fetch. The first leg of the drive was the weakest part of Ci’s trial. Uncomfortable in the heat and wanting to make for the shade, sheep kept splitting up.


Ci had to work hard to keep them together, yet she caught the first obstacle well. Although the cross drive hurdle was not an easy one to judge, Kevin and Ci made no mistake and, for line deviations, they lost 13 points throughout their driving.


Within a marked ring, the 10 sheep had to be split into two packets of five, which Ci did with a loss of one point. Working well at the pen, she boxed one packet of five with a loss of just a point, giving her a clear lead on 126.


English results


FREEBIRCH, Chesterfield (Judge, N. Denniff, Holmesfield) Thursday qualifying open (42 ran) 1, K. Evans (Brecon) Preseli Ci, 84 of 100 OLF; 2, S. Holt (Brecon) Blake, 84; 3, K. Evans, Ace, 76; 4, D. Wood (Derwent Valley) Gem, 75; 5, J. Howard (Holme) Bill, 74 OLF; 6, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Cap, 74. Friday qualifying open (J. Fletcher, Chesterfield, 42 ran) 1, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Beechwood Ben, 85 of 100; 2, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Spot, 79; 3, T. Longton (Quernmore) Maya, 78 OLF; 4, T. Longton, Jim, 78; 5, A. Owen (Corwen) Glesni, 73; 6, J. Relph (Greystoke) Bill, 72. Saturday qualifying open (J. Ellis, Whitchurch, 41 ran) 1, B. Davies (Bryneglwys) Roy, 90 of 100 OLF; 2, A. Ritakallio (Burton) Come-bye Jazz, 90; 3, P. Turnbull (Rothbury) Mik, 87; 4, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bob, 86; 5, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Whiterose Queen, 86; 6, A. Davies (Bryneglwys) Meg, 84. Sunday qualifying open (S. Harden, Pembroke, 30 ran) 1, R. Watson (Millom) Nidderdale Nidd, 89 of 100; 2, C. Roberts (Llanwddyn) Roy, 84; 3, S. Perello (Caton) Murguia Jim, 82; 4, R. Watson, Ricky, 75; 5, A. Temple (Holmrook) Floss, 71; 6, T. Huddleston, Nessy, 61. Double gather championship (J. Fletcher, 15 ran) 1, K. Evans, Preseli Ci, 126 of 150; 2, K. Evans, Ace, 118; 3, C. Roberts, Roy, 116.


ALSTON, Tyne Willows Playing Fields, Alston, Cumbria (G. Fearon, Borrowdale) Open (58 ran) 1, J. Relph (Greystoke) Bill, 81 of 100; 2, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Pip, 80; 3, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Bozo, 79; 4, K. Cropper (Shap) Zac, 78; 5, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Jack, 78; 6, D. Henderson (Allendale) Brad, 77. Best run before 1pm and best pen, J. Relph, Bill. Best shed, K. Cropper, Zac. Local, 1, B. Jordan, Bozo, 79; 2, D. Henderson Brad, 77. Brace, 1, K. Cropper, Zac and Tsavo.


CUMBERLAND SHOW, Carlisle, Cumbria (H. Cleary, Barnacre) Open (29 ran) 1, A. Temple, Floss, 98 of 110; 2, T. Blease (Watermillock) Queen, 94; 3, F. Cleary (Barnacre) Billy, 94; 4, A. Bradley (Crosthwaite) Glenalla Raven, 94; 5, T. Rome, Nell, 92; 6, T. Wilson (Ribchester) Tarn, 91.


SURREY, Shabden Park, Chipstead (T. Foster, Creaton) Saturday open (43 ran) 1, M. Banham (Chipstead) Molly, 93 of 100; 2, J. Watson (Postbridge) Huthwaite Roy, 91; 3, J. Watson, Jake, 90; 4, N. Vyas (John O’Gaunt) Mist, 86 OLF; 5, E. Hawkins (Ipswich) Troy, 86; 6, M. Banham, Belle, 85. Novice, 1, R. Edwards (Chulmleigh) Clyde, 77 of 100. Sunday open (M. Banham, 44 ran) 1, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 88 of 100; 2, E. Hawkins, Troy, 87 OLF; 3, N. Vyas, Todd, 87; 4, J. Watson, Zac, 84; 5, E. Hawkins, Max, 82; 6, R. Edwards, Brad, 79. Novice, E. Hawkins, Jess, 74 of 100.


CORNWALL, Roughtor, Camelford (T. Hopper, Veryan) Open driving (30 ran) 1, C. Worgan (Chulmleigh) Holly, 82 of 100; 2, R. Hayes (Witheridge) Ned, 76; 3, C. Worgan, Lee, 71; 4, S. Greenaway (Manaton) Sanduck Flip, 70; 5, T. Rofe (Chilla) Laddie, 67; 6, J. Carter (Delabole) Bob, 66. Open Maltese cross (J. Summers, Tintagel, 2 ran) 1, T. Hopper, Bruce, 54 of 80; 2, T. Hopper, Zac, 32. Novice Maltese cross (7 ran) 1, J. Nicholls (Buckland Brewer) Jen, 56 of 80; 2, J. Nicholls, Maude, 52; 3, J. Holdsworth (Moretonhampstead) Loki; 4, T. Hopper, Dot. Young handlers (4 ran) 1, M. Ridge (Chulmleigh) Mac, 71 of 80; 2, W. Carter (Davidstow) Queen, 65; 3, L. Hopper (Veryan) Fern, 55; 4, W. Carter, Joe. New handers (2 ran) 1, L. Ireland (Gorran) Ned; 2, S. Shuffell (Penzance) Floss. Sunday open driving (J. Summers, 33 ran) 1, T. Rofe, Laddie, 86 of 100; 2, C. Worgan, Holly, 83; 3, J. Nicholls, Joe, 80; 4, R. Hayes, Ned, 77; 5, J. Whiteley (Lydney) Rocky, 76 OLF; 6, J. Whiteley, Breeze, 76. Novice Maltese cross (T. Hopper, 5 ran) 1, J. Nicholls, Jen, 59 of 80; 2, J. Carter, Joe, 49; 3, J. Holdsworth Loki, 47. Young handler (3 ran) 1, W. Carter, Joe, 56 of 80; 2, W. Carter, Queen, 43. New handler (1 ran) 1, S. Shuffell, Floss.


English diary


June 23, 24 and 25. HARDEN MOSS, Opens with championship, brace, local, nursery and young handler, Greenfield Road, Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, HD9 3XF, entry closed, catering.


June 24. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Whitfield, NE47 8HR, enter on field. BLEASDALE, Charity open, Cobble Hey Farm, Hobbs Lane, Claughton on Brock, Lancashire, PR3 0QN, 11am start, enter on field. DEVON AND EXMOOR, Open driving and open Maltese cross, both with best novice and best young handler, Ralegh’s Cross, Exmoor, 8.30am start, entry closed.


June 25. CORNWALL, Open driving, open and novice Maltese cross, Trethern, Delabole, PL33 9DA, 9.30am start, enter on field. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Debdon Farm, Rothbury, NE65 7QA, entry closed. MID-SHIRES, Open and novice, Framlands Farm, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1LB, entry closed. SUSSEX, Open and novice, Glynde, BN8 5UU, entry closed.


July 8. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Lilburn, Wooler, NE71 6QY, pre-entry contact C. Tait, tel: 07876 716 306.


Scotland: Sine Robertson

GOOD work on a good course, with only very minor points dropped at various elements and no glaring faults gave Ricky Hutchinson’s Sweep a comfortable lead at Dryden.


The mule and Texel cross gimmers behaved very well on a gently rising course, and stood well at the release post; staying together well, they were not easily shed and on their second circuit of the course, they tended to pull to the exhaust pen rather than adhere strictly to the route of the drive.


Sweep stopped very slightly short on his outrun, but lifted cleanly and worked near flawlessly on the course. He penned without any problem and finished the winning run with a clean shed.


David Henderson’s Star ran out cleanly to the top, had a good course with only minor wavers and made a clean pen. The shed was not as smooth as it might have been, but when Star took control of her target sheep, the work ranked second, with another comfortable margin behind her.


Peter Martin and Jill worked hard and prospered on a big course at Roro.


The Blackface Swale crosses were fresh from the hill and took full advantage of the big, flat 550 yd course, which tested the stamina and the outlook of some dogs.


Jill ran out and lifted very well, and although the sheep were testing at the fetch gate, Jill put them through the gate and worked well on the drive. Good work at hand completed the winning run well ahead of the also rans.

Stephen Martin’s Lexie had a good run on the course but missed her fetch gate and had further difficulties at the pen, before she successfully secured her packet in the enclosure. When the shed was made, Lexie earned second place.


Good work on a steep course at Blairgowrie put Stuart Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen ahead of a closely packed list. The rough cheviot mule hoggs were big, strong and lively to handle, particularly on the fetch, where a hollow in the terrain tended to put the sheep off line.


Queen ran out slightly short to the top and although she lifted cleanly, the hoggs were off line when they emerged from the dip. The drive was very good and the pen clean, but when the hoggs rejoined at the shed, that job had to be tackled again, but the second attempt proved successful and within time, so Queen ruled over the field.

A well controlled run gave Willie Welsh’s Cap a clear lead at Brodick.


The cross gimmers ran well in the morning but on their second time round the course, on the first leg of the drive, they tended to pull away to the exhaust pen. The sheep had to be brought uphill to the handler and after turning round, felt the pull away. The cross drive was hard to judge and some good runs suffered there.


Cap ran out lifted cleanly, had only minor wavers on the fetch, and although the sheep tried to make for the exhaust, Cap stopped them, recovered well and achieved a very good drive. A clean pen followed, but a minor break marred the shed; again, Cap was quick to hold the attempted runaway and completed the winning run with a successful shed.


Scottish results


DRYDEN (Judge, E. Gray, Fallowlees) Open (57 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Sweep, 96; 2, D. Henderson (Allendale) Star, 92; 3, C. Armstrong (Archbank) Malta Scott, 89; 4, J. Hill (Heriot) Sid, 89; 5, A. Stewart (Lockerbie) Tweed, 83 Outbye; 6, M. Davidson (Lilburn) Corrie, 83.


BRODICK (R. MacDiarmid, Cairndow) Open (30 ran) 1, W. Welsh (Dalcairney) Cap, 94; 2, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Hope, 90; 3, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Cree, 89; 4, W. Welsh (Dalcairney) Joe, 84; 5, J.R. Welsh, Tanhill Sam, 83; 6, I. McConnell (Tarbert) Fly, 80.


TOMATIN (M. McNally, Invergarry) Open (55 ran) 1, J. McKillop (Fort Augustus) Joe, 89; 2, I. Wilkie (Keithhall) Floss, 87 Time; 3, J.R. Welsh, Tanhill Sam, 87; 4, J.R. Welsh, Cree, 84; 5, D. McKenzie (Inverness) Moss, 82 Outbye; 6, M. Grant (Forss) Fred, 82. Local, 1, D. McKenzie, Moss, 82; 2, H. Munro (Inverness) Lil, 78; 3, I. MacKay (Leanach) Glen, 69; 4, H. MacLean (Culloden) Dan, 66; 5, H. Munro, Kim.


RORO (N. McVicar, Benmore) Open (54 ran) 1, P. Martin (Glenlyon) Jill, 84; 2, S. Martin (Cashlie) Lexie, 76; 3, A. McKenzie (Lochearnhead) Bhoy, 74; 4, G.C. Gardner (Lesmahagow) Moss, 68; 5, W. Welsh, Cap, 66; 6, A.D. Carnegie (Comrie) Linburn Rook, 64.


BLAIRGOWRIE (D. Wallace, Blyth Bridge) Open (62 ran) 1, S.L. Davidson, Gillieglen Queen, 82; 2, A.D. Carnegie, Linburn Rook, 81 Outbye; 3, I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Lia, 81; 4, P. Martin, Jill, 80; 5, M. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Murphy, 79; 6, I. Wilkie, Floss, 79 Outbye.


MOAR (A. Buchan, Loch Tay) Novice (12 ran) 1, S. Cook (Dall) Tess; 2, P. Martin, Ruby; 3, R. Wilson (Glenlochay) Corrie.


Wales: Christine Hall


THE hot weather conditions called for stamina from both the handlers and their dogs at the Llanddeusant Sheepdog Trial last Saturday.


The sheep, which were a mixture of Improved Welsh and Beulah Speckles, were testing but manageable. They were a little reluctant to lift for some and were tricky to keep on line. Some handlers had difficulty passing the sheep around the post and several runs were timed out at the pen.


The outrun could be taken to either side but almost all handlers favoured the left where the dogs could follow the fence boundary. There was a right-hand cross drive, followed by a pen and a single to complete the course in a time of nine minutes.


There were two sessions, judged by Angie Blackmore and Emyr Lloyd.


In the morning session Kevin Evans and seventeen-month-old Lass, who is out of Kinloch Mia by Karin Hacker’s Rob, narrowly won over Robert Ellis and Sweep. Kevin lost most of his 12 points on the drives, but his slightly better pen put the pair on top by one point.


In the second session Heddwyn Thomas and Rhosan Bel were in the lead with 13 points for much of the afternoon. However I. B. Jones’ seven-year-old Tim, who is out of D. Purdham’s Jess, by D. Goulding’s Rock, walked the sheep steadily around the course in an excellent late run dropping only 8 points to win them the session.


Welsh results


LLANDDEUSANT, Open national, Session one (Judge, A. Blackmore) 1, K. Evans (Libanus) Lass, 12; 2, R. Ellis (Nantymoel) Sweep, 13; 3, M. Jones (Maesybont) Nan, 15; 4, K. Broad (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Levi, 16; 5, D. Howells (Port Talbot) Nip, 18; 6, I.B. Jones (Capel Bangor) Tim, 20. Session two (E. Lloyd) 1, I.B. Jones, Tim, 8; 2, H. Thomas (Llandeilo) Rhosan Bel, 13; 3, R. Ellis, Spot, 14; 5, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 16; 6, I.B. Jones, Tanhill Bella, 24.


HIRAETHOG, Open national, Session one (B. Davies) 1, A. Davies (Bryneglwys) Meg, 16; 2, G. Lightfoot (Llandegla) Taff, 17; 3, A. Davies, Peg, 18; 4, C. Humphreys (Pennal) Bec, 19 OLF; 5, E. Lewis, Glen, 19; 6. R. Owen (Ynys Mon) Jaff, 21. Class two, 1. A. Davies, Beca, 21; 2, K. Dyszy (Corwen) Crad, 29; 3, E. Jones (Sarnfaen) Fflei, 36; 4, J. Roberts, Nell, 49. Session two (G. Jones) Open national, 1, A. Owen (Corwen) Cap, 9; 2, E.W. Edwards (Ruthin) Fflei, 11; 3, A. Owen, Glesni, 13; 4, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Jaff, 16; 5, A. Roberts (Pentrefoelas) Sam, 18; 6, A. Ritakallio (Wirrall) Jazz, 19.


Welsh diary


June 24 and 25. ABERAVENNY, Trial postponed, contact R. Mumford, tel: 07814 541 860.


June 24. SARN A’R CYLCH. Faedre, Botwnnog, Pwllheli, LL53 8RG, Open national, classes two and three, enter on field, catering, 9am start, contact G. Williams, tel: 01758 730 750 or 07816 357 238.


June 24. ABERSOCH AND LLANHENGAN, LL53 7UE, Open national and class two, young handler class, enter on field, catering, 8.30am start, contact R. Hughes, tel: 01758 712 653.


June 25. BODFARI, Bwlch Isaf Farm, Bodfari, LL16 4HS, Open and novice national, two sessions, pre-entry, contact C. Rundle, tel: 07557 380 047 or 01745 710 470.


July 1. LLANLLYFNI, Glynllifon Field, Glynllifon College, Open national and class two, enter on field, catering, contact G.P. Roberts, tel: 01286 882 179 or 07879 844 038.


July 1. POWICK, Beauchamp Lane, Callow End, Worcester, WR2 4UG, Open and novice national, two sessions, enter on field, 7.30am start, contact A. Potter, tel: 07904 360 323.


July 2. FFOS Y FRAN, Llanllawddog, Carmarthen, SA32 7JG, Open national and young handler class, pre-entry, catering, 8.30am, contact A. Driscoll, tel: 07786 794 406.