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Working dogs, March 17, 2017

Holme Society wins team shield at Pennine Inter-Club Championship

England: Elaine Hill


THE Holme Society won the team shield at the Pennine Inter-Club Championship, while the coveted individual title went to Richard Hutchinson and Denwyn Moya.


Having been postponed for two weeks due to wet weather the trial was held last Saturday at Lower Twiston, with Pendle Hill forming a backdrop to the course. In overcast yet dry weather, Joseph Relph judged the entry of 32, four teams each of eight dogs. Yorkshire ran first, followed by Holme, then Fylde and finally Trawden. At the end the lowest score from each team was deducted to give the final team totals.


Rising to the lift the course had a fetch of approaching 300 yards.


Although dogs were gathering either way to the right they could run too wide. Left was the safer option but there was less room as the dogs approached their sheep. Driving was to the right and after the pen the four sheep had to be split within a marked ring.


Over the outfield the Mule hoggs behaved very well, although they tended to pull to the right over the first half of the fetch. Most dogs had to work to put them into the pen and they were never easy at the shed where they tended to stick together.


In the first heat, Jim Cropper and Trigger scored 74 points giving Holme an early lead, while Mark Shields and Bing’s score of 71 put Yorkshire in second place. Craig Kempson gained 79 points with Fleet which kept Holme ahead in heat two.


Richard and Moya (J. Rees-Denman’s Denwyn Jess, R. Hutchinson’s Jock) were last to run in the second round. For stopping slightly short and needing an extra whistle at the end of her left hand gather Moya lost three marks.


Her sheep moved away at an angle therefore she lost three points from her lift. The rough coated bitch had an excellent fetch where just two marks were deducted for minor wavers.


Her driving was equally as polished, keeping good lines and having tight turns only three marks were deducted throughout.


Moya had a clean pen before losing one point at the shed for slight hesitation before coming through. Her score of 88 took the lead where it remained for the rest of the day.


Richard was impressed when he say Moya competing early in the season, handled by her owner Brenda Helliwell, who had reared and trained her.


He bought her in mid-January.


After winning at Windermere in late February this was their second title and it was a title Richard had craved for some time.


Twice he has been the runner-up, last year with Zac by a single point and several times he has been placed. Finally with sharp little Moya, a daughter of his Jock, Richard has taken this prestigious title.


Holme held the lead in round three before falling back into second place in heat four.


John Palmer and Gill had the highest score of 80 in that heat putting their team Trawden ahead by two points.


However, in heat five, Jim Cropper’s score of 78 with Glen put Holme back into the lead. Leighton Bancroft and Alf were the highest pointed competitors in round six on 78 but their good score was not sufficient to bring Yorkshire into contention. Anni Ritakallio and Kipi had a very good run in heat seven.


After a clean left hand outrun, smooth coated Kipi lost two marks from her lift and four from her fetch putting her head over her out-bye work. She had a good drive but twice the sheep stopped and challenged her over the cross drive. Seven marks were deducted from her driving before she had a clean finish. Earning 87 points, Anni and Kipi took second individual placing and gave Holme a stronger lead.


Iain Ibbotson running Jim for Yorkshire were first to run in the final heat. They had a good round which scored 84 and took third placing. For their consistent work over the season they were the highest pointed competitors throughout the whole of the Pennine series of trials for which they took the Eric Halsall Memorial Trophy and for being the highest pointed Yorkshire competitors they also won the John Chapman Memorial Trophy. This is the second consecutive year Iain has won these two trophies having won last year with another dog also called Jim.


The next highest score in the final heat was earned by Tim Longton with Rooten Brook Roy. Their score of 81 for Fylde gave them fourth individual placing. When the final scores were calculated Holme won the team shield with a 32 point advantage over last year’s winners Fylde.




The Ryedale Society held its final trial and championship on Saturday at Nova Lane, Pickering. Here the ground falls away on the left into a gulley therefore the majority of dogs were sent to gather right handed. Having been used in previous trials the Mule hoggs knew the location of the exhaust pen and pulled strongly towards it particularly at the pen. Philip Exelby judged the trial entry of 14 which was restricted to one dog per handler.


Running at eight, Graham Blyth and Calderdale Roy (S. Bennett’s Tib, J. Richardson’s Staff) dropped one point from their right-hand gather and one from their lift. Keeping good control of his sheep Roy lost just two points from his fetch for minor deviations.


Apart from slipping one sheep at the last obstacle his driving was very good and he lost six points throughout. Finishing with the only clean pen in the trial Roy’s score of 80 gave him a clear six point lead and his third nursery title. The runners up were Ian Murdoch and Hilston Elmo and Ian also won the aggregate with Parksfarm Amos.


Tony Bell and Steve Cornforth judged the championship of 10 contenders. Alec Mosey and Bill (S.T. Birkett’s Floss, T. Lawrenson’s Clyde) were drawn to run third. Tri-coloured Bill stopped slightly short at the end of his right hand outrun before having a good lift.


Although the sheep were not easy Bill handled them well over the outfield where he caught all obstacles but lost points for line deviations. After a clean pen the clock beat him at the shed. Nevertheless with 149 points he was the clear winner over John Atkinson’s Wisk who was runner up on 130.


Northern Association


The Northern Association held its final nursery trial and championship on Saturday at Walburn Hall, where it was Roger Jewitt and Queen’s day. Rising to the lift the sizeable course was mainly gathered left handed where the dogs covered the holding pen.


Richard Fawcett judged the running seeing 27 dogs go to the post in the trial. All had a fresh packet of four strong and challenging Swaledale hoggs. The sheep tended to come down the fetch at speed, were difficult to turn and were not easy to pen.


Roger ran Queen (R.P. Jewitt’s Tess, M.C. Andrews’ Glen) at fourteen. After a clean left hand gather, Queen lost one point from her lift.


For line deviations she lost six from her fetch and seven over the left hand drive where the last obstacle was a tricky one to catch. Although she had handled her hoggs well over the outfield she was unable to persuade them to go into the pen, nevertheless her score of 66 failed to be beaten. Her closest contender was Alec Baines’ Tanhill Sue who ran at 23 and who was the runner up on 65 points.


In the championship where the running was on five sheep and ideally the last two had to be shed off after the pen, drawn sixth, George Redpath and Zoe took the lead with 70 points. Roger and Queen ran next.


The smooth coated bitch had a clean start before losing five points from her fetch and six over her driving.


She worked well at the pen securing her hoggs with a loss of four marks. Losing two points at the shed resulted in a score of 83 which gave Queen the championship title, clear by thirteen points. In addition Queen was the clear aggregate winner on 67 points over John Edgar and Redgate Dot in second place with 50 points.


English results


PENNINE Inter-Club Championship, Lower Twiston, Clitheroe, Lancashire (Judge, J. Relph, Greystoke) Nursery (32 ran) Team 1, Holme, 521; 2, Fylde, 489; 3, Yorkshire, 485; 4, Trawden, 472. Holme Team Members: J. Cropper (Deerplay) Trigger, Glen and Dan; C. Kempson (Coupe) Fleet; A. Kyme (Lumb) Moss and Dan; S. Cropper (Deerplay) Sid and Anni Ritakallio (Burton) Kipi. Individual 1, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Denwyn Moya, 88 of 100; 2, A. Ritakallio, Kipi, 87; 3, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 84; 4, Tim Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Roy, 81; 5, J. Palmer (Twiston) Gill, 80; 6, C. Kempson, Fleet, 79. Lewis Greenwood Cup for individual winner R. Hutchinson, Denwyn Moya. Eric Halsall Memorial Cup for overall Pennine Aggregate and John Chapman Memorial Cup for Yorkshire Aggregate at all Pennine trials I. Ibbotson, Jim, 42.


RYEDALE, Nova Lane, Pickering, North Yorkshire (Judge, P. Exelby, Nun Appleton) Nursery Trial (14 ran) 1, G. Blyth (Roos) Calderdale Roy, 80 of 90; 2, I. Murdoch (Sutton on Forest) Hilston Elmo, 74; 3, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Wisk, 73; 4, A. Mosey (Coulton) Bill, 68; 5, M. Mason (Driffield) Peg, 67; 6, I. Murdoch, Parksfarm Moss, 66. Aggregate 1, I. Murdoch, Parksfarm Amos; 2, J. Atkinson, Wisk; 3, J. Simpson (Hutton Rudby) Jill.

(Judges, T. Bell, Selby and S. Cornforth, Egton) Championship (10 ran) 1, A. Mosey, Bill, 149 of 200; 2, J. Atkinson, Wisk, 130; 3, J. Simpson, Jill, 128.


NORTHERN, Walburn Hall, Downholme, North Yorkshire, Saturday (Judge, R. Fawcett, Hardraw) Nursery (27 ran) 1, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Queen, 66 of 90; 2, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Tanhill Sue, 65; 3, J. Edgar (Consett) Redgate Dot, 49; 4, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Pip, 48; 5, P. Schellhorne, Barcroft Moll, 47; 6, A. Baines, Tanhill Jock, 47. Committee nursery (20 ran) results as above. Nursery aggregate 1, R. Jewitt, Queen, 67; 2, J. Edgar, Redgate Dot, 50; 3, R. Green (Redmire) Tanhill Bute, 48; 4, A. Baines, Tanhill Sue, 40. New handler aggregate 1, E. Procter (Great Musgrave) Dale. Nursery championship (8 ran) 1, R. Jewitt, Queen, 83 of 100; 2, G. Redpath (Dacre) Zoe, 70; 3, A. Baines, Tanhill Sue, 69; 4, A. Hunter (Redmire) Tim, 65; 5, L. Morland (Hamsterley) Tim, 62; 6, R. Green, Tanhill Bute, 50.


Sunday (Judge, B. Hope, Sutton Bank) Open (44 ran) 1, B. Bell (Hamsterley) Hutch, 93 of 100; 2, J. Atkinson, Whiterose Queen, 91; 3, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Oz, 90; 4, R. Fawcett (Hardraw) Lola, 87; 5, A. Hunter, Tess, 86; 6, J. Edgar, Redgate Pip, 82. Committee open (20 ran) 1, B. Bell, Hutch, 93 of 100; 2, R. Fawcett, Lola, 87; 3, A. Hunter, Tess, 86; 4, J. Edgar, Redgate Pip, 82; 5, L. Morland, Nell, 80; 6, P. Schellhorne, Roy, 74.

Committee novice and novice championship 1, P. Schellhorne, Roy, 74 of 100; 2, R. Fawcett, Glen, 72; 3, L. Morland, Trixie, 71. Committee novice aggregate 1, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Boris, 17; equal 2, B. Bell, ben and L. Morland, Trixie, 16.


NORTH WESTMORLAND, Stephen Relph Memorial (Judge, G. Fearon, Borrowdale) Charity open (63 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson, Sweep, 97 of 100; 2, Thomas Longton, Storm, 92; 3, K. Cropper (Shap) Tsavo, 91; 4, R. Hutchinson, Jock, 90 OLF; 5, S. Cropper, Danny, 90; 6, R. Watson (Millom) Ricky, 88. Trial was sponsored by Killiebrae Sheepdogs, money raised for Prostate Cancer was £375.


English diary


March 18. COCKERHAM, Open, Lancashire, LA2 0ER, 9.30am start, only one dog on run over sheep, pre-entry first 45 dogs to R. Hutchinson, tel: 07973 687 446. RYEDALE, Open, Nova Lane, Pickering, North Yorkshire, 9am start, enter on field, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12 noon.


March 19. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Stephen Relph Memorial Charity Open, Laithes, Penrith, Cumbria, 9am start, enter on field by 3pm, maximum three dogs per handler, contact J. Relph, tel: 07494 443 901. RYEDALE, Ken Hotham Memorial Open, Nova Lane, Pickering, 9am start, enter on field, more than one dog first to be booked in by 12 noon.


March 22. DEERPLAY Charity Open, between Burnley and Bacup, Lancashire, OL13 8RD, 8.30am start, enter on field, proceeds to Christie Children’s Hospital.


Changes to eye testing


BREEDER, trainer and trials competitor Tom Huddleston has been elected the new president of the International Sheep Dog Society.


Mr Huddleston, of Lancaster, was voted in by society directors in December and has already initiated changes to the way dogs are tested for Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA).


“From immediate effect, the society will accept a CEA test result from either a DNA test or a Haplo test, carried out at any established and reputable laboratory that offers this service," he said.


"The samples submitted for either test can be blood or a cheek swab, that have been collected by a vet. This is a great move forward.”


Mr Huddleston said previous testing was done via a firm in the USA, so being able to use a UK laboratory would make the process cheaper and more efficient.


For more information visit