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Working dogs, March 3, 2017

Peter Ellis and George won North Westmorland’s concluding trial and nursery championship. Larry Cowper and Flo won the novice class, while Britta Sendlhofer and Fleece won best new handler.

Peter Ellis and George won North Westmorland’s concluding trial and nursery championship. Larry Cowper and Flo won the novice class, while Britta Sendlhofer and Fleece won best new handler.


Held at Hutton-in-the-Forest, driving was to the right and after the pen two of the five sheep had to be shed off and held. Throughout the Mule gimmer hoggs were good to manage both over the outfield and at-hand and Charles Cutler judged the entry of 52 dogs.


Tom Rome and Nell were drawn fourth to run in the championship. Between a clean start and finish they lost seven points for line deviations and set the standard of 93 points. This score took second placing in the championship and third placing in the trial.


Next to the post were Peter and home-bred George (P. Ellis’ Bell, A. Temple’s Jack). Gathering left-handed, rough coated George lost one point from his outrun and two from his lift. He had a faultless fetch and dropped only two points throughout his driving where, he kept good lines and had tight turns. His hoggs went straight into the pen before he finished with a decisive shed where he took the last two sheep.


Peter and George’s score of 95 won both the championship and the trial.


Competing later in the trial, Thomas Longton and Oz were on the same score on completion of their outfield work. One sheep just slipping up the side of the pen cost one point, giving a score of 94 and second placing.


An early run at eight by Stephen Thexton and Gyp, who scored 89 points, set the standard in the novice class. At 16, Larry Cowper and home-bred Flo (L. Cowper’s Dot, D. Goulding’s Rock) went ahead. Following a faultless start, Flo lost three points from her fetch and three from her driving for minor deviations. A clean finish gave the top novice score of 94 points.


Competition was close in the new handler class where, at 10, Britta Sendlhofer and Fleece had an excellent start. Losing one point at both the pen and shed gave the top score of 85.


A later run by Sam Roper and Skye took second place, just one point behind on 84. Sam also took the trophy for the best shed in the whole trial.


Although Saturday was not Matthew Fearon and Dell’s day, for their good work over the season they won the new handler aggregate.


Competition was very close for the nursery aggregate which went to Peter and George, with Derek Scrimgeour and Lyn runners up. Derek won the novice aggregate with Finn (last year’s nursery aggregate winner) over Larry Cowper and Flo in second place.


Katy Cropper won the ladies aggregate trophy with Moor Lodge Jim. Best pen went to Mark Jones and Pip and best outrun, lift and fetch to Ross Watson and Huthwaite Kep.




The Windermere Society held its concluding trial and championship the following day at Whitbeck. Sergio Perello judged the trial entry of 20 before the championship with seven contenders.


Richard Hutchinson and Denwyn Moya (J. Rees-Denman’s Denwyn Jess, R. Hutchinson’s Jock) were second to the post in the trial. After losing a point from her lift, Moya dropped three points for minor line deviation over her fetch. A clean finish at the pen gave Moya the winning trial score of 81, while Tom Rome and Nell were the runners up on 78.


The new handler class was won by Sam Roper and Skye, while the aggregate went to Victoria Graham running Pip. Joanne Bentham won the nursery aggregate with Faye and Ross Watson won the Committee Cup.


In the championship Ross was third to the post with Huthwaite Kep. They had good outfield work but had a difficult sheep at the pen, where they lost nine points. Losing two points at the shed gave a score of 81. Thomas Longton and Oz (registered Oscar, Thomas Longton’s Bonnie and Bruce) ran next. After a clean outrun Oz dropped one point from his lift. For deviations and several stops he lost five marks from his fetch and nine throughout the driving.


Slight hesitation at the pen cost one point, before finishing with an excellent shed gave the winning championship score of 84.


Ryedale hosted the inter-club contest with the Northern Association on Sunday at Nova Lane, near Pickering. Judged by Brian Hope, 15 dogs represented each club, with the top 12 scores counted. Although the course was flat, the ground dropped away on the left-hand side into a valley. Consequently, most dogs gathered right-handed.


In packets of four, the running was on Mule hoggs which were reasonable to manage over the outfield. However, they were difficult at the pen where they pulled strongly towards the exhaust and where several handlers lost them off the course.


At 15, Graham Blyth and Calderdale Roy running for Ryedale took the lead. They had one of the few good pens and scored 85 points. This score stood top until John Edgar ran Redgate Dot (J. Howes’ Trim, W. Skidmore’s Star) at 28 for Northern. They had an excellent start for after losing one point from their right-hand gather, they dropped just one point from their fetch. Seven points went from their driving for line and a slightly deep turn into the cross-drive. After losing five points at the pen, a clean shed gave the top individual score of 86. With four dogs in the top six, Northern won the team trophy with 784 points while Ryedale was on 740.


Mary Heaton, formerly of Brandsby, before retiring to Easingwold, died over the weekend after a short spell in hospital. Mary was one of the first lady handlers to compete in the sheepdog trials and judged the English National.




NORTH WESTMORLAND, Hutton-in-the-Forest, Penrith (Judge, C. Cutler, Easby) Nursery trial (51 ran) 1, P. Ellis (New Hutton) George, 95 of 100; 2, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Oz, 94; 3, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Nell, 93; 4, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Denwyn Moya, 90; 5, D. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Dot, 88; 6, R. Watson (Millom) Huthwaite Kep, 87.

Novice, 1, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Flo, 94 of 100; 2, S. Thexton (Sedbergh) Gyp, 89; 3, T. Blease (Watermillock) Queen, 87 OLF; 4, E. Wills (Embleton) Misty, 87.

New handler, 1, B. Sendlhofer (Ambleside) Fleece, 85 of 100; 2, S. Roper (Cleator Moor) Sky.

Nursery aggregate, 1, P. Ellis, George; 2, D. Scrimgeour, Lyn.

Novice aggregate, 1, D. Scrimgeour, Finn; 2, L. Cowper, Flo.

T.W. Relph and Sons Cup for new handler aggregate, 1, M. Fearon (Borrowdale) Dell; 2, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Pip.

Swainson Salver for lady handler aggregate, K. Cropper (Shap) Moor Lodge Jim.

Johnny Nelson Cup for best outrun, lift and fetch, R. Watson, Huthwaite Kep.

Leak Cup for best pen, M. Jones (Howtown) Pip.

R. Relph Cup for best shed, S. Roper, Sky.

Nursery Championship (10 ran) 1, P. Ellis, George, 95 of 100; 2, T. Rome, Nell, 93.

Athol Clark Cup for nursery champions, P. Ellis, George.


WINDERMERE, Town End Hall Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria (S. Perello, Caton) Nursery trial (20 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Denwyn Moya, 81 of 90; 2, T. Rome, Nell, 78; 3, Thomas Longton, Oz, 75 OLF; 4, H. Taylor (Skelsmergh) Roo, 75; 5, J. Palmer (Twiston) Gill, 70; 6, T. Huddleston (Caton) Nessy, 62.

New handler, 1, S. Roper, Sky. Nursery aggregate, 1, J. Bentham (Dent) Faye.

New handler aggregate, V. Graham, Pip.

Committee Cup, R. Watson.

Nursery championship (7 ran) 1, Thomas Longton, Oz, 84 of 100; 2, R. Watson, Huthwaite Kep, 81; 3, C. Mellin (Oakworth) Rainow Max, 72.


RYEDALE v NORTHERN Inter-Club, Nova lane, Pickering, North Yorkshire (B. Hope, Sutton Bank) Nursery (30 ran) 1, J. Edgar (Consett -N) Redgate Dot, 86 of 100; 2, G. Blyth (Roos - R) Calderdale Roy, 85; 3, J. Cook (Egton – R) Amos, 83; 4, R. Jewitt (Naburn – N) Queen, 80; 5, M. Metcalfe (Wharton – N) Jim, 79; 6, A. Baines (South Stainmore – N) Tanhill Sally, 74. Team 1, Northern, 784; 2, Ryedale, 740.


WEST COUNTRY, Nursery, Trethern, Delabole (D. Kennard, Mortehoe) Maltese cross (13 ran) 1, J. Watson (Postbridge) Spot, 80 of 90; 2, C. Worgan (Chulmleigh) Leyla, 74; 3, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 58; 4, J. Nicholls (Buckland Brewer) Sam, 54.

Driving (10 ran) 1, J. Watson, Jill, 84 of 100; 2, J. Nicholls, Jen, 72; 3, C. Worgan, Lee, 71; 4, I. Mackay (Lustleigh) Sanduck Star, 67; 5, J. Nicholls, Rob, 66; 6, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Parksfarm Moe, 59.

Young handlers (4 ran) 1, C. Fritsgerald (New Forest) Del, 59 of 90; 2, W. Carter (Delabole) Jo, 54; 3, M. Ridge (Chulmleigh) Mac, 48.

New handlers (3 ran) 1, L. Ireland (Veryan) Ned; 2, S. Shuffle (Cornwall) Floss; 3, B. Dewrrant (Twelve Heads) Winnie.






March 4. RAINOW, Nursery, novice and beginner with nursery and novice championship, Yearnslow Farm, Rainow, Macclesfield, SK10 5XH, 8.30am start, enter on field, catering. WEST CUMBRIA, Nursery, novice and new handler, Town End Hall Farm, Whitbeck, Cumbria, 9.30am start, enter on field by 1pm.


March 5. ENGLISH NURSERY FINALS, Slindon House Farm, Slindon, Eccleshall, Staffordshire, ST21 6LX, 7.30am start, entry closed, catering and toilets, enquiries to J. Dumbleton, tel: 07944 620 451.


March 11. PENNINE Inter-club nursery championship, Lower Twiston, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 4BY, 10am start, entry closed. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Shelley Farm, Netherwitton, NE61 4LP, 8.30am start, enter on field, enquiries to R. Macrae, tel: 01670 772 233.


March 12. NORTH WESTMORLAND, Stephen Relph memorial charity open, Laithes, Penrith, Cumbria, 9am start, enter on field by 3pm, max three dogs per handler, enquiries to J. Relph, tel: 07494 443 901.




March 4. DOLGELLAU CHARITY SDT, Open national, Fronalchen, Dolgellau, LL40 2AG, two sessions, enter on field, catering, start 8.30am, contact Idris Thomas, tel: 07717 027 617.


Scotland: Sine Robertson


The annual inter-Scottish district nursery final takes place at Budgate farm, Cawdor, Inverness, on Saturday (March 4).


Teams consist of five runners and a reserve, but two areas have already called on their reserves. Arran and Kintyre area has not been able to put forward an Arran component, but Kintyre has mustered a team of five with no reserve.


In Dumfries and Kirkcudbright, the league’s second placed Bob Malcolm’s Mac and third ranked Dean Aitken’s Tweeddale Nell are unavailable, and have been replaced. Dean now has two home-bred dogs in the team, Fly and reserve, Tami.


Dean’s home-bred duo is joined by a further 14 dogs out of the 54 runners. Three teams have three home-bred dogs in the team, all including their ‘captain’ dog. Kintyre has Mike McNally’s Tarff and Ash and Brian Strachan’s Jim, while Lanark, Lothian and Peeblesshire has Bobby Henderson’s Bonnie and Julie’s Glencregg Gael and Leigh and Central has Ian Brownlie’s Lia and Tib and Kevin Howlett’s Tess.


North Scotland and North Ayrshire (NA) each have two homebred entries. Will Cormack’s Jill and reserve, Scott Renwick’s Shiel represent the host area, while Lisa Gast’s Fae and reserve, Andrew Campbell’s come from NA.

Wigtownshire’s Ian McMillan’s unregistered Rob is the county’s only dog of its owner’s breeding.


Ricky Hutchinson’s Sweep has three progeny entered, Ian Brownlie’s Lia, Borders’ Andrew Dickman’s Jake and North’s Iain MacDonald’s Zoe.


Welsh bloodlines appear in four dogs sired by two of Aled Owen’s dogs. Aled’s Llangwm Cap has two sons qualified; North captain’s George Simpson’s Groesfaen Mac and Jock Welsh’s Ted. Aled’s Roy-sired Andy Carnegie’s Groesfaen Nap and Andrew Campbell’s Juno.


Four teams have handlers running more than one dog. George Simpson leads the North team with Groesfaen Mac and Lad, while Mike McNally leads Kintyre with Tarff, and has Ash in fourth place. Likewise, Ian Brownlie’s Lia leads Central and kennel mate Tib is fourth. Julie Hill’s Glencregg Gael is second in LL&P, and Leigh is fifth.





North, 1, G. Simpson (Forgue) Groesfaen Mac, 59/70; 2, G. Simpson (Forgue) Lad, 50; 3, W. Cormack (Dunnet) Jill, 34; 4, I. Sutherland (Strathnaver) Jimmy, 34; 5, I. MacDonald (Staffin) Zoe, 32; Res., S. Renwick (Inverbroom) Shiel, 31.


Arran and Kintyre, 1, M. MacNally (Invergarry) Tarff, 49/50; 2, B. Strachan (Roybridge) Jim, 46; 3, J. Moore, (Gruline) Bob, 31; 4, M. MacNally (Invergarry) Ash, 24; 5, R. Rennie (Furness) Mac, 2.

North Ayr, 1, S.L. Davidson’s Kep, Sandbank, 38/50; 2, J.J. Templeton (Fenwick) Harris, 32; 3, N. Docherty (Bute) Kinloch Quinn, 31; 4, J. Henderson (Fairlie) Vic, 28; 5, L. Gast (Scalpsie) Fae, 28; Res., A. Campbell (Lochgoilhead) Juno, 20.


South Ayr, 1, R. Welsh (Patna) Mist, 43/72; 2, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Ted, 35; 3, A. McCulloch (Dalmellington) Risp, 31; 4, I. Fergie (Straiton) Rock, 30; 5, J. Shennan (Barr) Tess, 28 Run Off; Res., W.J. Welsh (Beoch) Tommy, 28.


Wigtown, 1, S. McCrindle (Palnackie) Zak, 57/70; 2, A. Stewart (Lockerbie) Kemi Ruby, 53; 3, C. Armstrong (Archbank) Malta Scott, 52; 4, I. McMillan (Newton Stewart) Bob, 40; 5, D. Porter (Stranraer) Rock, 29; Res., D. Mitchell (New Luce) Kate, 29.


Dumfries and Kirkcudbright, league results, 1, A.R. Mundell (Moffat) Rob, 51/80; 2, R. Malcolm (Gatehouse) Mac, 48; 3, D. Aitken (Lockerbie) Tweeddale Nell, 38; 4, D. Aitken (Lockerbie) Tweeddale Fly, 35; 5, W. Todd (Langholm) Don, 35.


Team, 1, A.R. Mundell (Moffat) Rob; 2, D. Aitken (Lockerbie) Tweeddale Fly; 3, W. Todd (Langholm) Don; 4, D. McMillan (Carsphairn) Bob; 5, D. McGarva (Granton) Gwen; Res., D. Aitken (Lockerbie) Tami.

Borders, 1, D. Gilchrist (Oxton) Jade, 52/64; 2, C. Dickson (Coldingham) Lethens Craig, 37; 3, J. Robinson (Coldingham) Jill, 34; 4, W.S. Elliot (Yetholm) Ben, 34; 5, A. Dickman (Oxton) Jake, 31; Res., M. Arres (Ashkirk) Moss, 30.


Lanark, Lothians and Peeblesshire, 1, R.B. Henderson (Heriot) Bonnie, 62/70; 2, J. Hill (Heriot) Glencregg Gael, 48; 3, D. Wallace (Blyth Bridge) Tess, 46; 4, J. McRobert (Tweedsmuir) Nell, 44; 5, J. Hill (Heriot) Leigh, 42; Res., M. McTeir (Moniaive) Spot, 38.


Central, 1, I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Lia, 57/80; 2, A.D. Carnegie (Comrie) Groesfaen Nap, 54; 3, K. Howlett (Comrie) Tess, 50; 4, I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Tib, 48.5; 5, M. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Murphy, 42; Res, J. Hastie (Saline) Lethans Bear, 27.5.