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LAMMA 2021

Working dogs, May 19, 2017

After winning the Yorkshire Open trial on Saturday (May 13), Ross Watson and Ricky went on to take the championship title.

England: Elaine Hill


After winning the Yorkshire Open trial on Saturday (May 13), Ross Watson and Ricky went on to take the championship title. Although level to start beyond the fetch obstacle, the course rose gently to the lift.


Running was on fit hoggs, mostly Lonks and Gritstones, with a few Mules mixed in. The sheep were good to manage both over the outfield and at-hand. David Harrison had a lengthy day judging the trial of 83 entries and the concluding championship. With run 27, Ross and Ricky set a high standard.


A faultless outrun and lift was followed by an excellent fetch where just two points were deducted for minor deviations of line. The sheep could be awkward to turn into the left-hand drive, but Ricky turned them neatly around the post. He kept his hoggs moving at a nice pace throughout the driving where three marks were deducted for minor wavers.


Finishing with a clean pen gave him 85 points, a score which failed to be matched. Shirley Cropper and Beechwood Ben, running at 42, were the runners up with 82 points. At 60, Jim Scrivin and Gwen also scored 82 to take third place on an out-bye decision.


The top three along with the highest pointed Yorkshire committee member, who was Iain Ibbotson placed fourth with Jim on 81 points, went forward into the championship. Running was on packets of five sheep which overall were heavier and needed a little more pushing around the course. After the outfield work two sheep had to be shed off and held, all five penned and to finish there was a single.


Ross and Ricky were drawn to run first. Running out to the right with purpose, Ricky had a faultless outrun followed by a clean lift. For line, mainly over the first half of the fetch, he dropped three points. The tri-coloured dog had another good turn and kept a perfect line down the first leg of the drive. His turn into the cross-drive could

not have been tighter.


For a moment his sheep paused on the cross-drive before moving away nicely. He worked them through the last obstacle, which was a tricky one to catch. Just one point was deducted from Ricky’s driving. In no time he shed two sheep without fault, penned clean and then lost just one point at the single.


Yet again Ross and Ricky set a high standard which would be difficult to beat. Jim and Gwen were next to the post. They had a clean start before losing six marks down the fetch and five throughout their driving for line deviations. After losing one point from their shed a clean pen and single gave a score of 98. Shirley and Bob were drawn third.


Tess set an early high standard, but it was later bettered by Aled Owen and Preseli Roy. Run 35 saw Eirian Morgan take the lead with Spot. They had the best drive of the day, losing only eight points and one off their pen. The afternoon session of 32 runs was judged by Emyr Lloyd.


Again there was no shed but a back was put on the chute to form a pen. However, handlers found it quite a challenge to pen the sheep and very few succeeded throughout the afternoon. Scores for the morning and afternoon sessions were of a similar standard. Vic Morris’ completed run with his dog Bob achieved


They also had a clean start. One sheep was lively while there were two at the back which were more sluggish. Bob worked them back together but they split again over the cross-drive where he worked well to put them all through the obstacle.


Three marks were lost from his fetch and five throughout his driving. After a clean shed, one point lost at both the pen and single gave Bob a score of 100 and second placing for the second time that day. Iain and Jim ran last, but it was not their day.


They slipped their sheep at the fetch obstacle and with 92 points were placed fourth. On the Escrick Park Estate an open trial was held on both days of last weekend. In the picturesque parkland setting the course was long and relatively flat.


Worked in packets of four the fit Hebridean hoggs ran consistently well which was reflected in the high scoring. Matt Watson judged Saturday’s entry of 71. Running in the early 30s, Arthur Temple and Don took the lead gaining 91 points.


They held the lead until a late run from David Bristow and Nell took the title scoring 94. On Sunday, Charles Cutler judged the entry of 73. Setting a high standard with an early run at 12, Angie Blackmore and Jill’s score of 94 was not matched until John Atkinson ran Whiterose Queen at 51.


Losing the same points over the same sections the two runs could not be separated, therefore they stood equal top. That was until, at 61, Brian Bell had the winning score of 95 with Hutch.


English results


YORKSHIRE, Park House Farm, Elslack, Skipton, North Yorkshire (Judge, D. Harrison, Selside) Open (83 ran) 1, R. Watson (Millom) Ricky, 85 of 90; 2, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Beechwood Ben, 82 OLF; 3, J. Scrivin (Elslack) Gwen, 82; 4, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 81 OLF; 5, T. Huddleston (Caton) Udale Ola, 81; 6, M. Shields (Timble) Bing, 80. Yorkshire Committee Rose bowl, I. Ibbotson, Jim. Best Outrun, lift and fetch, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Dan. Championship (4 ran) 1, R. Watson, Ricky, 105 of 110; 2, S. Cropper, Beechwood Ben, 100; 3, J. Scrivin, Gwen, 98; 4, I. Ibbotson, Jim, 92. Hard Luck Cup, S. Cropper, Beechwood Ben.


ESCRICK PARK, Escrick, York (M. Watson, Tadcaster) Saturday Open (71 ran) 1, D. Bristow (Murton) Nell, 94 of 100; 2, A. Temple (Holmrook) Don, 91; 3, D. Bristow, Parksfarm Bella, 90 OLF; 4, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Cap, 90; 5, L. Morland (Hamsterley) Nell, 89 OLF; 6, A. Blackmore, Del, 89. Sunday Open (C. Cutler, Easby) (73 ran) 1, B. Bell (Hamsterley) Hutch, 95 of 100; Equal 2, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Whiterose Queen and A. Blackmore, Jill, 94 OLF; 4, S. Cropper, Beechwood Bob, 94; 5, D. Wood (Derwent Valley) Gem, 92 OLF; 6, A. Blackmore, Spottie, 92.


CORNWALL, Trethern, Delabole (C. Worgan, Chulmleigh) Sat Top Field AM Open, 1, J. Nicholls (Buckland Brewer) Joe, 82 of 100; 2, J. Watson (Postbridge) Taff, 81; 3, J. Watson, Jim, 75½; 4, J. Tucker (Brentor) Sweep, 67 OLF; 5, M. Fox (Dorchester) Reg, 67; 6, E. Lawless (Isle of Wight) Don, 63½. Sat Bottom Field AM Open (T. Griffiths, Lydney) 1, L. Bowden (Caerphilly) Don, 88 of 100; 2, P. Fanning (Co Wicklow) Bruce, 82; 3, R. Smith (Chipping Norton) Bob, 79; 4, C. Neal (Wormegay) Dexter, 77; 5, M. Evans (Holsworthy) Ben, 75; 6, A. Tackley Joey, 74. Sat Top Field PM Open (J. Watson, Postbridge) (38 ran) 1, C. Neal, Blake, 58 of 100; 2, R. Briggs (Wennington) Fly, 57; 3, M. Banham (Chipstead) Molly, 55; 4, P. Fanning, Bruce, 54; 5, E. Anstey (Gospel Green) Craig, 52; 6, P. Johnson (Burton upon Trent) Jack, 51. Sat Bottom Field PM Open (J. Summers, Tintagel) (34 ran) 1, J. Tucker, Sweep, 72 of 100; 2, T. Rofe (Chilla) Tom, 71; 3, M. Hopper (Veryan) Zac, 70 OLF; 4, R. Montgomery (Bristol) Gayle, 70 OLF; 5, C. Cassie (Lutterworth) Lady, 70; 6, E. Lawless, Charkie, 70. Sun Top Field AM Open (T. Griffiths) 1, P. Johnson, Jack, 75 of 90; 2, Ray Edwards (Chulmleigh) Dewi Fan, 73; 3, J. Nicholls, Tan, 72; 4, L. Bowden, Lad, 69; 5, E. Anstey, Craig, 68; 6, R. Watson (North Tawton) Max, 67. Sun Bottom Field AM Open (L. Lock, Plymouth) (44 ran) 1, E. Anstey, Craig, 79 of 90; 2, J. Watson, Huthwaite Roy, 78; 3, C. Worgan, Holly, 76; 4, M. Banham, Molly, 73; 5, P. Fanning, Bruce, 72; 6, D.


Wales: Christine Hall


Winners Eirian Morgan with Spot and Vic Morris with Bob demonstrated quiet and steady handling on testing sheep at the Felindre Trial near Knighton on May 12. The North Country cross Mules were run in packets of three and worked consistently throughout the day.


The dogs which lifted them quietly had more chance of a good start and of subsequently keeping them under control around the course. An outrun was practical to either side on the wide flat course. The left was bordered by a hedge, while to the right there was a steep wooded bank.


The sheep tended to run into the middle of the field on the first leg of the left-hand drive. Once turned at the first gate, they sprinted rapidly across the cross-drive. Most handlers missed the second gate due to being too low.


Unless stopped, the sheep then ran into the wood making a straight return line to the pen awkward to achieve. The first session of 40 runs was judged by Angie Driscoll. There was no shed and a chute to finish. A good run by John Bowen and them a score of 18 points to win the session. Finally, the excellent catering in aid of cancer charities raised a significant amount.


Welsh results


BALA, Session 1 (Judge, Huw Francis) Open national, 1, R. Owen (Marian Glas) Taff, 13; 2, F. Spengler (Germany) Kinloch Ace, 14; 3, A. Owen (Corwen) Cap, 15 OLF; 4, J. Evans (Ystrad Meurig) Scott, 15; 5, G. Lightfoot (Llandegla) Omega Mari, 16; 6, A. Williams (Penmachno) Max, 17. Class 2, 1, R. Owen, Taff, 13; 2, M. McNaught (Bala) Eira, 22; 3, G. Pyrs (Ysbyty Ifan) Kate, 24; 4, D. Williams (Abermule) Cap, 27. Session 2, Open national, 1, A. Owen, Cap, 6; 2, A. Jones (Defaidty) Spot, 8½; 3, W. Gallagher (Kilcar) Moss, 9; 4, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Nel, 9½; 5, A. Davies (Bryneglwys) Peg, 11, 6, Ll. Evans (Swyddffynnon) Zac, 11½. Class 2, 1, M. McNaught, Sam, 14; 2, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Bob, 15; 3, K. Dyszy (Penyfed) Mag, 16; 4, E. L. Morgan, Craig, 17.


FELINDRE, Session 1 (Angie Driscoll) Open national, 1, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Spot 16; 2, A. Owen (Corwen) Preseli Roy, 17; 3, J. Bowen (Tenby) Tess, 19; 4, B. Pugh (Nantmel) Glen, 20; 5, A. Price (Llandrindod Wells) Kate, 21; 6, J. Bowen, Ned, 22 OLF. Novice, 1. E.L. Morgan, Spot, 16; 2. J. Bowen, Tess, 19; 3, B. Pugh, Glen, 20 OLF. Session 2 (Emyr Lloyd) Open national, 1, V. Morris (Clun) Bob, 18; 2, A. Driscoll (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Pippi, 20; 3, K. Haker (Llandrindod Wells) Rob, 21 OLF; 4, A. Price (Llandrindod Wells) Jill, 21; 5, E.L. Morgan, Nel, 21; 6, E.L. Morgan, Craig, 22. Novice, 1, A. Price, Jill, 21; 3, E.L. Morgan, Craig, 22, 3, J. Price, Sam, 28.


Scotland: Sine Robertson


Clean work outbye and at-hand, and good work on the course, gave Neil Gillon’s Bhoy the edge at Neilston, the first trial of the new, open season. The Blackface hoggs were manageable, with sheep released above the lift post. Bhoy ran out and lifted cleanly and started out well on the fetch, but once through the gate, the hoggs went offline

Once Bhoy had them on-line, the drive went well, but made a wide turn through the first drive gate.


They went off-line a little on the cross-drive, but he put them through the gate and a clean pen and shed secured first place. Stuart Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen ran out and lifted cleanly but the hoggs were off-line on the first part of the fetch. Once through the gate, Queen kept them on-line, but made a wide turn round Stuart.


The drive was good and the pen clean, and although Queen was slow to make her shed, good work already achieved put her into second place. Stuart was on winning form and Hope followed Queen on the prize list.


Hope was tight at the top and disturbed her sheep, but she made a reasonable job of fetching them through the gate. The drive started well, but the cross-drive wavered. Clean work athand finished the run in third place.


Scottish results


NEILSTON (Judge, J. Henderson, Fairlie) Open (60 ran) 1, N. Gillon (Dailly) Bhoy, 91; 2, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Gillieglen Queen, 90; 3, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Hope, 89 Time; 4, J.R. Welsh (Dalrymple) Cree, 89; 5, K. Donald (Dalrymple) Don, 86 Time; 6, T. Blacklock (Kirkconnel) Cap, 86.