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England: Elaine Hill


COMPETING in his first competition, Katy Cropper’s Moor Lodge Jim took the nursery title at North Westmorland on Sunday, while Arthur Temple and Jan won the novice.


Running at 13, Derek Scrimgeour and Dot set the standard in the nursery class gaining 68 points without a pen.


They stood top until Katy ran Jim (C. Mellin’s Becca and Moor Lodge Mirk) at 59.


After a clean right-hand outrun, the dog lost two points from his lift and five for line deviations down the fetch.


The ewes needed to be handled carefully, yet with authority and Jim managed them well catching both drive obstacles but dropping seven points for line through the left-hand drive. They were not easy to pen and after several breaks he secured his ewes at a loss of seven points.


Scoring 69, Jim took the title with a single point advantage.


With the following run Arthur and Jan (R.D. Lambe’s Jaz and Craig) had an excellent start. Keeping her sheep settled, Jan lost one point from her fetch and nine throughout the drive where she just missed the last obstacle. Losing three at the pen, Jan scored 77, the top score of the day, which gave her a clear lead in the novice class over runners up Eddie Wills and Misty.


In the new handler’s class of eight entries, Matthew Fearon had the winning run with Del, while Victoria Graham was placed second with Pip.


In Derbyshire the Hope and the Bamford trials were about four miles apart enabling competitors to run at both. The course at Bamford was set over a good sized flat pasture and the running was on mixed ewes. At 16, Mark Hallam and Uplands Cap (P. Hallam’s Gem, J.B. Wilde’s Roy) had the winning nursery run.


At 26, Pennant Williams and Scott (R. Kelleher’s Fly, J. Heffernan’s Llangwm Max) were the clear winners of the novice class.

Mark and Cap also won the nursery class at Hope.


On 71 they were two points clear of runners up Oliver Walters, who is a relative newcomer, competing in his second season with Megan.


Gordon Birchenall’s score of 70 with Dan (F. Cleary’s Groesfaen Jess and Dan) won the novice class, while Pennant and Scott were placed second on 68.


English results


NORTH WESTMORLAND, Howtown, Cumbria (Judge, M. Elliott, Lazonby) Nursery (61 ran) 1, K. Cropper (Shap) Moor Lodge Mirk, 69 of 90; 2, D. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Dot, 68; 3, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Nell, 65; 4, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Jim, 63 OLF; 5, J. Bentham (Dent) Fay, 63; 6, M. Jones (Howtown) Pip, 57. Novice, 1, A. Temple (Holmrook) Jan, 77 of 90; 2, E. Wills (Embleton) Misty, 68; 3, T. Rome Jack, 63; 4, R. Scrimgeour (Wigton) Tally, 61. New handlers class, 1, M. Fearon (Borrowdale) Del; 2, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Pip.


BAMFORD, Shatton, Bamford, Derbyshire (N. Denniff, Holmesfield) Nursery (43 ran) 1, M. Hallam (High Peak) Uplands Cap, 76 of 90; 2, D. Wood (Derwent Valley) Lyn, 68; 3, P. Wood (Derwent Valley) Joe, 63; 4, J. Gilman (Bosley) Bonnie, 58; 5, O. Walters (Oughtibridge) Megan, 56; 6, D. Fitton (Bolton) May, 55. Novice, 1, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Scott, 70 of 90; 2, G. Birchenall (Chinley) Marchup Leaf, 63; 3, J. Saxon (Crowden) Jill, 52; 4, D. Whitehead (Edgworth) Omega Tom, 45. Beginner, 1, A. Priestley (Bamford) Matt, 42. Young handler, 1, T. Gregory (Peak Forest) Meg, 42.


HOPE, Castleton Road, Hope, Derbyshire (J. Hussey, Alderley Edge) Nursery (44 ran) 1, M. Hallam (High Peak) Uplands Cap, 71 of 90; 2, O. Walters (Oughtibridge) Megan, 69; 3, R. Saxon (Crowden) Ben, 68; 4, J. Alton (Youlgrave) Mac, 62; 5, P. Wood (Derwent Valley) Joe, 61; 6, D. Wood (Derwent Valley) Lyn, 60. Novice, 1, G. Birchenall (Chinley) Dan, 70 of 90; 2, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Scott, 68; 3, D. Whitehead (Edgworth) Omega Tom, 66. Beginner, 1, A. Priestley (Bamford) Matt, 67. Young Handler, 1, T. Gregory (Peak Forest) Meg, 50.


NORTHUMBERLAND League, Alwinton (T. Iley, Longframlington) Open (38 ran) 1, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Bozo, 90 of 100; 2, M. Elliott (Lazonby) Stan, 90; 3, J. Robinson (Coldingham) Max, 89; 4, B. Jordan, Angel, 87; 5, K. Preston (Elsdon) Nip, 85; 6, M. Elliott Pat, 82. Novice, 1, J. Pattinson (Bardon Mill) Boo. Northumberland League opens aggregate, points and placings, 1, P. Turnbull (Rothbury) Glen, 43; 2, P. Turnbull Mik, 42; 3, B. Jordan, Angel, 30; 4, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Bling, 23; 5, M. Northwood (East Woodburn) Queen, 23; 6, M. Davidson (Wooler) Taff, 19.


RYEDALE, Pilly Hall Farm, Easby, Stokesley, North Yorkshire (W. Young, Crosscliffe) Nursery (27 ran) 1, I. Murdoch (Sutton-on-the-Forest) Parksfarm Moss, 77 of 90; 2, J. Simpson (Hutton Rudby) Jill, 76; 3, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Wisk, 75; 4, S. Beaton (Nun Appleton) Milly, 68; 5, G. Redpath (Dacre) Rosewood Flynn, 67; 6, C. Cutler (Easby) Beth, 65.


NORTHERN, Woodlands, Co Durham (R. Spry, Newbiggin in Teesdale) Nursery (34 ran) 1, R. Green (Redmire) Tanhill Bute, 76 of 90; 2, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Wisk, 75; 3, A. Baines (South Stainmore) Tanhill Ruby, 70; 4, T. Rome (Whitehaven) Nell, 67; 5, A. Hunter (Redmire) Tim, 65; 6, R. Jewitt (Naburn) Queen, 64. Committee novice, 1, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Boris, 65 of 90; 2, H. Jackson (Woodland) Bess, 57; 3, P. Schellhorne (Ferryhill) Roy, 53. New handler, 1, V. Graham (Whitehaven) Pip.


HOLME, Farside Farm, Red Lees Road, Cliviger, Burnley (S. Dungworth, Water) Nursery (27 ran) 1, D. Carlton (Newton) Bob, 65 of 90; 2, Thomas Longton (Quernmore) Oz, 64 OLF; 3, A. Kyme (Lumb) Floss, 64; 4, J. Cropper (Deerplay) Dan, 61 OLF; 5, S. Cropper (Deerplay) Sid, 61; 6, D. Carlton, Boo, 61.


YORKSHIRE, Park House Farm, Elslack, Skipton, North Yorkshire (M. Davey, Otley) Nursery (45 ran) 1, J. Atkinson (Escrick) Wisk, 78 of 90; 2, L. Bancroft (Barnoldswick) Alf, 72; 3, I. Ibbotson (Oakworth) Jim, 70 OLF; 4, R. Atkins (Oakworth) Jack, 70; 5, Michael Longton (Quernmore) Roy, 70; 6, J. Scrivin (Elslack) Nell, 69. Committee rose bowl, I. Ibbotson, Jim.


LYDGATE, The Hawthorns, Lydgate, Holmesfield, Sheffield (N. Denniff, Lydgate) Nursery, 1, S. Cottrell (Congleton) Mac; 2, J. Alton (Youlgrave) Mac; 3, T. Ollerenshaw (Chatsworth) Bet. Novice, 1, A. Hughes (Clipston) Tim; 2, A. Hughes, Astley Frost; 3, J. Witter (Higher Whitley) Todd. Beginner, 1, A. Priestley (Bamford) Matt.


KENTISBURY DOWN, Blackmoorgate (R. Slattery, Tivington) Open driving (43 ran) 1, N. Dalgarno (Tregony) Mirk, 73 of 100 OLF; 2, N. Dalgarno Pip, 73; 3, J. Nicholls (Buckland Brewer) Joe, 72 OLF; 4, R. Briggs (Wennington) Nell, 72; 5, Ray Edwards (Chulmleigh) Brad, 68 OLF; 6, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Scruff, 68.


WOOLHANGER, Parracombe, Devon (P. Davies-Russell, Farnham) Open driving (32 ran) 1, D. Kennard (Morthoe) Fly, 68 of 100; 2, D. Cole (Ivybridge) Moss, 66; 3, J. Watson (Postbridge) Jake, 63; 4, J. Harper (Jacobstowe) Scruff, 60; 5, V. Pitts (Exminster) Tia, 58; 6, B. McConnel Mel, 57.


BISHOPSTONE Charity trial, Salisbury (M. Paice, Honiton) Saturday open driving (50 ran) 1, T. Foster (Creaton) Mist, 90 of 100; 2, N. Vyas (Wigston) Todd, 89; 3, J. Nicholls (Buckland Brewer) Joe, 86; 4, N. Dalgarno (Tregony) Pip, 84 OLF; 5, J. Watson (Postbridge) Jim, 84; 6, J. Watson, Zac, 82. Sunday double gather (M. Banham, Chipstead) (42 ran) 1, J. Watson, Jake, 130 of 160; 2, D. Roper (Northleach) Will, 126; 3, A. Jackman (Brockham) Moss, 120; 4, D. Kennard (Morthoe) Fly, 117; 5, N. Vyas, Mac, 115; 6, J. Nicholls, Joe, 113.


SHROPSHIRE, Longnor, Nursery, 1, A. Bennett (Hyssington) Taddymoor Cap; 2, G. Morgan (Ludlow) Mirk; 3, S. Fullwood (Shrewsbury) Ffion. Novice, 1, G. Morgan (Ludlow) Ben, 5; 2, L. Owen (Obley) Tess, 8; 3, L. Jones (Hope) Taff (15); 4, L. Jones (Hope) Sian, 17.


English trials diary


October 15. CORNWALL V DEVON Match, Maltese cross and driving, signed off B3213 between Bittaford and Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0DW, 9.30am start, enter on the field before 12 noon. FYLDE Nursery, Rooten Brook Farm, Quernmore, Lancaster, LA2 9EJ, 9.30am start, enter on field, if running two dogs one to be booked in by 12 noon. TRAWDEN Nursery, Pott Yeats Farm, Littledale, Lancs, LA2 9ET, 9.30am start, enter on field, if running two dogs one to be booked in by 12 noon. NORTHUMBERLAND League Nursery and new handler, Shirlawhope, Longframlington, NE65 8EN, 11am start, enter on field. RYEDALE Nursery, Egton, North Yorks, on the Egton/Glaisdale road, 10.30am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon.


October 15 and 16. RAINOW Charity Hill Trial, 1,000-yard gather, Summerclose Farm, Saltersford, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 5XL, 8am start, enter on field by 2pm, caterer, enquiries to D. Pickford, tel: 07534 984 014.


October 16. LONGSHAW Beginners Bolton Cup and novice trial, Parson House pens, near Fox House, Sheffield, S11 7TW, 10am start, enter on field by 12 noon. SLACKSDALE Nursery, novice and beginner, Peak Forest, Derbys, SK17 8EP, 8.30am start, enter on field by 12 noon, caterer. NORTH WESTMORLAND Nursery, novice and new handler, Raise Lodge, Westward, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 8LY, 9am start, enter on field by 1pm, for three dogs two to be booked in by 12 noon, nursery dogs to be under four years on October 1 and can run for two seasons only, novice confined to Cumbria.NORTHERN Nursery, committee novice and new handler, East Mellwaters, Bowes, Co Durham, DL12 9RH, about 1.5 miles west of Bowes on the A66, 10am start, enter on field by 2pm, for three dogs first before 11.30am, only one dog after 1pm, novice confined to committee member’s dogs which have not won a first or second in an open. RYEDALE Nursery, Roxby, North Yorkshire, off the Whitby/Guisborough road, 10.30am start, enter on field by 1pm, more than one dog first by 12 noon. CLUN, Higher Hagley Farm, Obley, SY7 0BZ, tel: 01547 530 278.


Scotland: Sine Robertson


TWO fine and reasonably similar runs from John MacKillop’s Joe and Ian Wilkie’s Floss finished well ahead of the field at Moy.


John’s Joe ran out very well and lifted cleanly. The line of the fetch wavered just a little and the drive was near flawless. A clean chute and shed set the seal on the winning run.


Hot on his heels, Ian’s Floss ran out and lifted cleanly. Again the line of the fetch wavered a little, and that continued to a lesser extent on the drive. Once more, clean work at hand completed a prize winning run, a single point behind the leader.


Scottish results


MOY (Judge, J. MacDiarmid, Skye) Open (48 ran) 1, J. McKillop (Fort Augustus) Joe, 95; 2, I. Wilkie (Keithhall) Floss, 94; 3, E.C. MacKinnon (Lochcarron) Buddy, 89 Outbye; 4, A.D. Carnegie (Comrie) Linburn Rook, 89; 5, E.C. MacKinnon (Lochcarron) Glenalla Maddie, 84 Outbye; 6, W. Cormack (Dunnet) Tib, 84.


MANOR (P Kinstrey, Peebles) Open (40 ran) 1, J. Hill (Heriot) Molly, 93; 2, G.C. Gardner (Lesmahagow) Craig, 88.5; 3, D. Wallace (Blyth Bridge) Jen, 88; 4, G.C. Gardner (Lesmahagow) Meg, 87.5; 5, M. McTeir (Oxton) Mak, 85; 6, J. Hastie (Saline) Bear, 81.


MOFFAT (A. Stewart, Lockerbie) Open (37 ran) 1, A. Temple (Holmrook) Flint, 92; 2, J.W. Common (Lockerbie) Grit, 91 Outbye; 3, K. Cropper (Shap) Zac, 91; 4, A. Temple (Holmrook) Floss, 87 Outbye; 5, K. Cropper (Shap) Tsavo, 87; 6, H. Johnstone (Fyvie) Queen, 85.

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