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Working dogs results - August 26, 2016

Scotland: Neil Gillon and Shweep take the title at the Scottish National championship

Scotland: Sine Robertson

Neil Gillon and five-year-old Shweep of Barr, Ayrshire, won the 2016 Scottish National championship at Awhirk, Stranraer, on Saturday.

Shweep (registered Sweep) is a son of Neil’s Bhoy and Stuart McCrindle’s’s Peg.

After the prize giving ceremony, Neil said: “It is just sinking in that my name will be on the trophy, along with the greats from the past, and one day people will look, and see my name there.”

The trial was set on a steeply rising and rolling green face, with a deeply scarred track running across the course where a fence was removed for the trial. The track which ran across the route of the fetch, just above the gate, did not present a problem although occasional packets stopped there.

The big Mule ewes behaved well on the course and in the short mown shedding ring, although they were inclined to take off over the skyline from the release pen if left to their own devices. Their primary objection was to the wooden pen and they determinedly resisted efforts to put them in there.

Thursday was a glorious day of sunshine and the heat in the afternoon was a concern for ewes and dogs running on the big slope, but the advent of heavy rain until mid-afternoon on the following days failed to make the pen more attractive.

Saturday saw a slight change in the attitude of the sheep and more successful pens were achieved then, although many good runs still came adrift there.

Early on Friday, in driving rain, Shweep ran out to the left on a good line, and although he was just a little short, he lifted at an angle to put the sheep on line and fetched them on a good route to the gate.

The ewes tried to avoid the gate and put up a fight before Shweep put them safely through. He had mastered them there and brought them to Neil without further ado.

Once he had turned them round Neil, the ewes took off on the first leg of the drive and Shweep showed his speed and power in taking command and putting them straight through the gate.

The turn put them a little high at the start of the cross drive, but Neil soon had them on line and Shweep kept a good line and made a neat turn and return to the ring. The shed was quick, but neat, and a clean pen followed.

Shweep proved himself master to the strong, confident ewes; he held his ground and reversed them in. As Neil was working on the single shed, he had to turn Shweep to the task of stopping three ewes from leaving the ring.

As they returned, one red ewe came off the front. Neil took advantage of the opportunity and Shweep completed his winning run with 192 points.

After his run, Neil said: “Shweep is sometimes criticised because he can be headstrong, but I am pleased he showed he is strong and quick and he mastered the sheep at hand.”

Peter Martin and his home-bred litter sisters, Jill and Jen, retained the brace championship for the second year.

On the previous day, Neil McVicar and Mist made a big impact. Their 186 points earned established a 20-point lead over the field at that time of their run at ballot number 82.

They were overtaken for first place and subsequent runs ate into the massive gap behind them, but Neil and Mist came in second overall.

Mist (R. Hutchinson’s Sweep, IM Brownlie’s Mo) ran out very well and, as the sheep had strayed to the left, picked them up there and got them on course. Once on line, the fetch went well and the sheep went straight through the gate, turned neatly round the post and made a good first leg of the drive.

The turn went well, but the line dipped before the sheep were properly aligned for the cross drive and went through the gate and back to the ring. Good work continued at hand, Mist came in well at the shed, the pen was good and a near faultless single completed the run, establishing a new benchmark for the trial.


2016 Scottish National championship, Awhirk, Stranraer (Judges: R. Dalziel, Ettrick. H MacLean, Culloden) 140 ran.

1. N. Gillon (Barr) Shweep (Sweep), 192/220; 2, N. McVicar (Benmore) Mist, 186; 3, I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Mo, 185 Outbye; 4, M.C. Shearer (Westfield) Jim, 185; 5, S. Renwick (Inverbroom) Dice, 183; 6, F. Shennan (Barr) Mia, 180; 7, J.B. Foster (Earlston) Tay, 179; 8, S.L. Davidson (Sandbank) Gillieglen Queen, 178 Outbye; 9, E.C. MacKinnon (Lochcarron) Midge, 178; 10, N. Campbell (Kinross) Cass, 170; 11, M. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Myllin Davey, 166; 12, L. Magnusson (Mid Derry) Kate, 160 Outbye; 13, K. Brehmer (New Bythe) Cynfal Gwen, 160; 14, J. Hill (Heriot) Sid, 159; 15, J.G. Templeton (Fenwick) Adelph Jip, 157; Res, I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Boredale Gus, 155 Outbye; Brace, 1, P. Martin (Glenlyon) Jill and Jen, 200 /280; 2, J. Hill (Heriot) Mac & Ban, 186.


N. Gillon (Barr) Shweep – John Angus MacLeod Memorial Trophy, J.M. Wilson Challenge Shield, J.W. McNaughton Farmers’ Cup, Alexander Andrew Trophy (Scottish bred animal); Tom Gilholm Trophy (Driving); I.M. Brownlie (Bridge of Cally) Mo – AA Armstrong Shepherds’ Cup; Warnock Trophy (first day lead); J. McKenzie (Turriff) Tweedie – Drumclog Cup (youngest competitor); D Smith (Lanark) Cap – Jack Fraser Trophy (Sportsmanship); P. Martin (Glenlyon) Jill and Jen – Helensburgh Trophy (Brace); J.B. Foster (Earlston) Tay – Miss McFarlane Trophy (New to Scottish team).



England: Mark Elliot sweeps the board at Glassonby

England: Elaine Hill

Mark Elliott swept the board at Glassonby last week winning the local nursery and novice classes held Tuesday evening and then taking the open title the following day.

As some were taking advantage of the good spell of weather entries were down this year, particularly in the local classes where Viv Smith judged the running.

Scoring 62 of 90 points Mark won the nursery class with home-bred Judy (M. Elliott’s Pat and Tommy) while with 65 points he won the novice with homebred Stan (M. Elliott’s Dot, D. Gillon’s Bhoy).

On Wednesday Athol Clark judged the open entry of 51. Running was over a long course which rose slightly to the lift and was gathered either way.

Worked in threes the Swaledale ewes needed careful handling. With a morning run, Frank Cleary gained 90 points with Paddy, a score which was matched by Tim Longton and Rooten Brook Ben, although slightly better out-bye work kept Paddy ahead.

In the afternoon Mark gained a single point advantage to take the title with Pat (A.E. Ross’ Nell, R. Tweddle’s Kemi Mirk).

“There was little to choose between the top three runs but a very good finish at the chute and single gave Mark and Pat the edge,” said the judge.

At the Threlkeld Open held the same day where David Harrison judged an entry of 49 dogs, at five Mark and Pat set the standard gaining 77 points, a score that ultimately took fourth placing.

This time it was Frank Cleary and Billy (F. Cleary’s Peg, R. Hutchinson’s Wenndale Roy) who were the winners, running at 36. Billy gathered the flat course without fault.

As he carefully lifted his packet of newly spained Swaledale ewes he dropped one point. There was a wet area of ground just after the lift which the sheep were loath to cross, therefore, many lost points over the first half of their fetch.

Billy lost four points from his fetch and just three points throughout his controlled driving. He gently coaxed his sheep into the pen at a loss of a single point to score 81.

This gave him the title one point clear of runners up Joseph Relph and Bill who won best local. At the local trial held the previous evening where Joseph judged the running, Larry Cowper and Flo (L. Cowper’s Dot, D. Goulding’s Rock) were the clear winners.


English results

GLASSONBY, Huddlesceugh Hall, Renwick, Cumbria, (Judge, A. Clark, Kirkby Stephen) Open (51 ran) 1, M. Elliott (Lazonby) Pat, 91 of 110; 2, F. Cleary (Barnacre) Paddy, 90 OLF; 3, T. Longton (Quernmore) Rooten Brook Ben, 90; 4, A. Temple (Holmrook) Floss, 89; 5, D. Purdham (Holmrook) Folly, 87; 6, R. Watson (Millom) Don, 86, (V. Smith, Brampton) Local (6 ran) Nursery 1, M. Elliot, Judy, 62 of 90, novice 1, M. Elliot, Stan, 65 of 90; 2, B. Page (Hunsonby) Ringo, 46; 3, G. Stobbart (Croglin) Craig, 39.

THRELKELD, The Recreation Field, Threlkeld, Cumbria, (D. Harrison, Selside) Open (49 ran) 1, F. Cleary, Billy, 81 of 90; 2, J. Relph (Greystoke) Bill, 80; 3, R. Dean (Chipping) Denwyn Jim, 79; 4, M. Elliott, Pat, 77; 5, G. Fearon (Borrowdale) Meg, 76 OLF; 6, R. Watson, Max, 76, best run before 11am M. Elliott, Pat, 77, Best local J. Relph, Bill, 80, (J. Relph, Greystoke) Local (10 ran) 1, L. Cowper (Threlkeld) Flo, 80 of 90; 2, E. Wills (Embleton) Misty, 72; 3, E. Wills, Meg, 58; 4, P. Hutton (Threlkeld) Spot, 52.

LITTLEDALE, Hollinhead Farm, Caton, Lancaster, (J. Cropper, Deerplay) Open (46 ran) 1, R. Hutchinson (Littledale) Sweep, 96 of 100; 2, R. Hutchinson, Jock, 94; 3, V. Yablonsky (Cambridge) Gus, 93; 4, R. Fawcett (Hardraw) Lola, 91; 5, S. Hey (Caton) Annie, 89; 6, F. Cleary, Billy, 88.


FALSTONE, (G. Thompson, Whittingham) Open (23 ran) 1, B. Jordan (Whitfield) Angel, 95 of 100; 2, P. Turnbull (Rothbury) Mik, 90; 3, R. Macrae (Netherwitton) Blue, 87; 4, B. Jordan, Sage, 85; 5, P. Turnbull, Glen, 83; 6, P. Telfer (Haydon Bridge) Bling, 82.

KIRKNEWTON, (J. Robinson, Coldingham) Open 1, P. Turnbull, Mik, 87 of 100; 2, J. Patterson (Bardon Mill) Jean, 86; 3, C. Dickson (Coldingham) Tweed, 83; 4, W. Tod (Langholm) Lad, 81; 5, J. Patterson, Boo, 78; 6, J. Foster (Earlston) Tay, 78, Best Novice J. Patterson.

MONKRIDGE HALL, (A. Cowan, Roadhead) Open (32 ran) 1, P. Turnbull, Mik, 80 of 100; 2, B. Jordan, Angel, 77; 3, M. Northwood (East Woodburn) Cilla, 70; 4, D. Baxter (Harbottle) Laddie, 68; 5, P. Bristow (Kirkwhelpington) Ricky, 56; 6, I. Jackson (Ancrum) Moss, 51.

BARBON, Barbon Manor Park, Barbon, Cumbria, (R. Hutchinson, Littledale) Open (48 ran) 1, K. Cropper (Shap) Zac, 84 of 100; 2, Tim Longton (Quernmore) Bob, 82; 3, K. Cropper, Tsavo, 80; 4, R. Dean, Denwyn Jill, 77; 5, R. Fawcett, Lola, 75; 6, A. Hunter (Redmire) Tess, 75, Best run before noon T. Longton, Bob, Best OLF R. Dean, Denwyn Jill, (F. Ingham, Kendal) Novice 1, M. Metcalfe (Wharton) Boris, 62 of 90; 2, L. Cowper, Flo, 60; 3, P. Ellis (New Hutton) Joe, 58; 4, A. Temple, Jan, 55; 5, P. Ellis, Bell, 54; 6, T. Wilson (Ribchester) Beverton Scout, 46, Best Local P. Ellis Joe.

MID-SHIRES, Briar Hill, Broad Campden, Chipping Campden, Gloustershire, (B. Powell, Cold Ashby) Open (32 ran) 1, B. Smith (Wytham) Skye, 88 of 100; 2, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Cap, 85; 3, A. Tomkinson (Melton Mowbray) Floss, 84; 4, P. Johnson (Barton under Needwood) Jack, 81; 5, A. Hall (Wolvey) Bill, 80; 6, V. Powell (Cold Ashby) Cully, 78.

BRITISH IRONWORK Centre, Whitehall, Aston, Oswestry, Shropshire, (B. Davies, Bryneglwys) AM Open (40 ran) 1, K. Dodd (Malpas) Malpas Bill, 94 of 100; 2, G. Jones (Llanarmon DC) Roy, 93½; 3, A. Owen (Corwen) Glesni, 93; 4, L. Jones (Minsterley) Sian, 89; 5, E. Jones (Llanarmon DC) Joe, 88; 6, H. Hughes (Llwydiarth) Lass, 87, Young Handler, L. Williams (Llandeilo), (G. Lightfoot, Llandegla) PM Open (38 ran) 1, C. Visser (Netherlands) Jess, 89 of 100; 2, B. Davies (Bryneglwys) Roy, 88 OLF; 3, G. Jones, Maddie, 88; 4, K. Dyszy (Corwen) Bess, 82 OLF; 5, A.L. Jones (Selattyn) Spot, 82; 6, A. Driscoll (Llanllawddog) Pippi, 82, Young Handler C. Von Dinther (Wiswall).

DANBY Show, North Yorkshire Moors, (P. Turnbull, Kildale) Open (17 ran) 1, B. Bell (Hamsterley) Hutch, 70 of 90; 2, J. Brunton (Marske) Moe, 66; 3, L. Morland (Hamsterley) Trixie, 66; 4, S. Beaton (Nun Appleton) Sam, 65; 5, M. Ward (Harwood Dale) Tess, 61; 6, R. Murdoch (Sutton on Forest) Spot, 57.

EAST ANGLIA , Methwold, (T. Huddleston, Caton) Field 1 Open 1, J. Dumbleton (Bollington) Sid, 84 of 100 OLF; 2, J. McBride (Grantham) Hillmoor Joe, 84; 3, J. McBride, Jake, 80; 4, S. Little (Kerdiston) Buddy, 77; 5, C. Neal (Wormegay) Blake, 72; 6, E. Hawkins (Ipswich) Gipping Valley troy, 70, (N. Vyas, Wigston) Field 2 Open 1, E. Hawkins, Gipping Valley Troy, 86 of 100; 2, C. Neal, Blake, 74; 3, S. Walker (Stelling Minnis) Quill, 68; 4, B. Powell (Cold Ashby) Drift, 53; 5, V. Yablonsky, Gus, 52; 6, S. Little, Buddy, 51, (D. Roper, Northleach) Field 3 Open 1, E. Hawkins, Tip, 69 of 100; 2, E. Hawkins, Max, 67; 3, B. Powell, Todd, 65; 4, A. Rouse (Hildersham) Peggi, 64; 5, T. Foster (Creaton) Cockburn Molly, 63; 6, S. Walker, Quill, 59, Double Gather Championship (16 ran) 1, E. Hawkins, Gipping Valley Troy; 2, E. Hawkins, Tip.

RAVEONSTONEDALE SHOW, High Lane, Newbiggin on Lune, Cumbria, (P. Noble, Quernmore) Open (55 ran) 1, L. Cowper, Spot, 86 of 90; 2, S. Atkinson (Waitby) Craig, 84; 3, M. Metcalfe, Boris, 83 TIME; 4, P. Ellis, Joe, 83; 5, F. Satterthwaite (Brough) Matt, 82 TIME; 6, A. Clark (Kirkby Stephen) Meg, 82, Local 1, S. Atkinson, Craig, 84 of 90; 2, M. Metcalfe, Boris, 83; 3, F. Satterthwaite, Matt, 82; 4, A. Clark, Meg, 82.

DEVON AND EXMOOR, Week Farm, Brentor, Saturday, (M. Banham, Chipstead) Open Driving (41 ran) 1, B. Palmer (Camelford) Meg, 72 of 100; 2, D. Kennard (Mortehoe) Sweep, 70; 3, R. Hayes (Witheridge) Ned, 67 OLF; 4, J. Watson (Postbridge) Moe, 67; 5, D. Kennard, Fly, 64 OLF; 6, J. Watson, Zac, 64, Best Novice J. Watson, Moe, 67, Young Handler W. Carter (Davidstow) Joe, Brace (3 ran) 1, N. Dalgarno (Tregony) Mirk and Roy, Sunday, West Country Driving Championship, (T. Griffiths, Lydney) Open Driving (31 ran) 1, J. Watson, Joe, 92 of 110; 2, R. Edwards (Chulmleigh) Bob, 87; 3, D. Kennard, Fly, 85; 4, J. Watson, Jim, 79; 5, Ray Edwards Brad, 78 OLF; 6, J. Watson, Zac, 78.

SOMERSET STTC, Autumn Trial, Howgrove Farm, Nempnett Thrubwell, Bladgon, (J. Whiteley, West Lydford) Driving (10 ran) 1, M. Capes (Lydney) Chloe, 89 of 100; 2, M. Capes, Meg, 84; 3, J. Garland (Cwmbran) Jake, 79; 4, T. Parsons (Yatton) Rock, 76, Maltese Cross (9 ran) 1, T. Parsons, Tod, 51 of 90 OLF; 2, A. Williams (Bampton) Teal, 51; 3, S. Fisher, Cae, 50; 4, I. Wheeler Don, 46.

English diary

August 26. DUFTON SHOW, Local nursery and novice, 15 miles radius of Dufton Church, Cumbria, 4.30pm start, enter on field. PATTERDALE, Local, King George’s Playing Field, Patterdale, Cumbria, 5pm start, entry closed.

August 27. DUFTON SHOW, Open, Cumbria, 8.30am start, enter on field before 2pm. PATTERDALE Dog Day Open, King George’s Playing Field, Patterdale, Cumbria, CA11 0PJ, 8.30am start, entry closed. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Waite Farm, Haydon Bridge, NE47 6NA, entry closed. BILSDALE SHOW, Open, on B1257 Stokesley/Helmsley road, North Yorkshire, TS9 7JR, 12 noon start, enter on field. MALHAM SHOW, Open and Young Handler, North Yorkshire, 1pm start, enter on field. WENSLEYDALE SHOW, Open, Bellerby Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, 9am start, enter on field. WHITCHURCH and Sampford Spiney Open Driving and Open/Novice MX, The Sports Field, Plasterdown, Tavistock, Devon, 9am start, entry closed, refreshments.

August 27 and 28. WESSEX, Saturday Open, Sunday Double Gather, Manor Farm, Didling, entry closed.

August 28. CORNWALL, Great Draynes Trial, Open Driving and Open/Novice MX, change of venue to Trethern, Delabole, PL33 9DA, 9.30am start, enter on field. MID-SHIRES, Open and Novice, Framlands Farm, Scalford, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 1LB, entry closed. NORTHERN, Open, Kinninvie, about two miles from Barnard Castle between B6279 Eggleston/Staindrop road and B6278 Eggleston/Barnard Castle road, DL12 8SH, 9.30am start, enter on field before 3pm, for three dogs one to be booked in before 11am, only one dog after 12.30pm. NORTHUMBERLAND League, Open, Warton, NE65 7LD, enter on field.

August 29. REETH SHOW, Open and Novice, Fremington Mill Farm, Reeth, Swaledale, DL11 6AR, 10am start, enter on field before 3pm. FARNDALE SHOW, Open and Nursery, Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire, 12 noon start, enter on field. HOPE SHOW, Open, Hope Showground, Hope, Derbyshire, S33 6RD, 8am start, entry closed. SUSSEX, Open and Novice, Glynde, BN8 5UU, entry closed.

August 30. KILNSEY SHOW, Open, Brace and Young Handler, Kilnsey, Upper Wharfedale, North Yorkshire, 9am start, those with three dogs must have one booked in before 11am, entry closed.

Sept 1, 2 and 3. LONGSHAW, Open, Brace and Local with Double Gather Championship on Saturday, Longshaw Pastures, Grindleford, Sheffield, S11 7TZ, 7.30am start, entry closed, catering.

Sept 18. DOREST County Show Trial, Open, Manor Farm, Cheselbourne, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 7NR, 8.30am start, refreshments, proceeds to Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, pre-entry by September 4 to T. Besent tel 01258 837 918.

Sept 19. NIDDERDALE SHOW, Open, Brace and YH, Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire, HG3 5BD, 9am start, if running two dogs one to be booked in before 12 noon, pre-entry by August 27 to S. Monk tel 01969 650 129.




Wales: Christine Hall



ARDUDWY A’R CYLCH Open National, 1, G. Lightfoot (Llandegla) Omega Mari, 7; 2, G. Owen (Llanerchymedd) Ben, 8; 3, D. Davies (Abergynolwyn) Sali, 10 OLF; 4, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Glyn, 10; 5, Ll. Evans, Zac, 11; 6, A. Pugh, Lad, 14, class two, 1, G. Pyrs (Capel Garmon) Eryri Nan, 12; 2, G. Pinto (Italy) Bill, 14; 3, H. Pugh, Max OLF; 4, E. Bijlsma, Awel, 15. Young Handler, 1, G. Pyrs, Eryri Nan, 12; 2, R. Owen (Clynnog Fawr) Ross, 15; 3, E. Smith (Dolgellau) Jaff, 22.

BETWS GARMON (Judge J.R. Jones) Open National, 1, M. Evans (Llanfachreth) Meg 10; 2, D. Davies, Sally, 11; 3, N. Vyas (Market Harborough) Mac, 16 OLF; 4, M. Evans, Mac, 16; 5, J. Jarman (Llangwyfron) Roy, 18; 6, M. Owen (Waunfawr) 19. class two, 1, I. Williams (Abersoch) Mac, 10; 2, I. Williams, Cadi, 13; 3, D. Edwards, Ben, 14, 4, M. McNaught (Bala) Eira, 15; 5, E. Smith, Jaff, 18. Class Three, 1, R. Owen, Jaff; 2, A. Owen (Penygroes) Roy; 3, D. Roberts (Rhoshgadfan) Fly; 4, J.R. Griffith (Talysarn) Bony; 5, E. McNaught (Bala) Sam.

BRITISH IRON WORKS Open National, Session 1 (Bryn Davies) 1, K. Dodd (Malpas) Bill, 6; 2, G. Jones (Llanarmon DC) Roy, 6.5; 3, A. Owen (Corwen) Glesni, 7; 4, L. Jones (Minsterley) Sian, 11; 5, E. Jones (Llanarmon DC) Joe, 12; 6, H. Hughes (Welshpool) Lass. Young Handler, L. Williams. Session 2 (G. Lightfoot) 1, C. Visser, Jess, 11; 2, B. Davies (Bryneglwys) Roy, 12 OLF; 3, G. Jones, Maddie, 12; 4, K. Dyszy (Corwen) Bess, 18 OLF: 5, A.L. Jones (Selattyn) Spot, 18 OLF; 6, A. Driscoll (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Pippi, 18. Young Handler, C. Von Dinther.

BRYNEGLWYS Class Two, 1, I. Jones, Jess, 7 OLF; 2, M. McNaught, Eira, 7; 3, K. Schwartze (Denbigh) Brenig Dot, 7.5; 4, E. Jones, Joe, 8; 5, L. Jones (Minsterley) 9; 6, M. McNaught, Sam, 12 OLF.

CROSSWELL Open National, 1, E. Franco, Tim, 13; 2, I. B. Jones, Tim, 17; 3, C. Gordon (Gower) Maid, 24; 4, C. Gordon, Glen, 25; L. Hanson (Sweden) Debbie, 26; 6, E. L. Morgan, Glyn, 25 OLF. Novice National, 1, E. Franco, Tim, 13; 2, C. Gordon, Maid, 24; 3, C. Gordon, Glen, 25. Open South Wales, 1, I. B. Jones, Tim, 12; 2, E. Hope (St Davids) Kit, 27; 3, M. Jones (Maesybont) Jess, 29; 4, T. Morgan, Bess, 33 OLF; 5, A. Morgan, Lad, 33; 6, M. Jones, Jimmy, 41. Novice South Wales, 1, E. Hope, Kit, 27; 2, T. Morgan, Bess, 33 OLF; 3, A. Morgan, Lad, 33.

DOLGELLAU (Gwyn Lloyd Davies) Open National, 1, M. Evans, Mac, 2; J. R. Griffith, Sam, 3; H. Hughes, Lass, 3.5; 4, G. Owen, Roy, 4 OLF; 5, M. Evans, Glan y Gors Teg, 4; 6, G. Pinto, Cap, 4.5. Class Two, 1, M. Evans, Glan y Gors Teg, 4; 2, M. Davidson (Llansadwrn) Sweep, 9; 3, I. Williams, Cadi, 10; 4, H. Hughes, Glen, 13.5; 5, K. Schwatze, Brenig Wisp, 14.

DOLMELYNLLYN Open National, 1, D. Jarman (Llangwyfron) Pero, 10.5; Ll. Evans (Bronant) Zac, 11; 3, G. Jones (Cwm y Geifr) Cap, 13.5; 4, E. Jones (Sarnfaen) Jazz, 14; 5, H. Evans (Talybont) Lad, 14.5; 6, H. Hughes (Gerlan) Jill, 16. Class Two, 1, D. Davies, Becca, 18; 2, D. Jarman, Tess, 21; 3, Hafgan Pugh, Max, 33; 4, I. Williams (Abersoch) Cadi, 37 OLF; 5, G. Edwards (Neufache) Moss, 37; 6, K. Dyszy, Bess, 38.

GWNNWS Open South Wales (J. George) 1, I. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Scott, 5; 2, I.B. Jones (Capel Bangor) Tim, 7; 3, D. Jenkins (Talybont) Moss, 7; 4, G. Davies (Llangeitho) Goyallt Lad, 8; 5, E. Hope (Lampeter) Mist, 9; 6, Y. Abrey (Brecon) Jess, 10. Open National, 1, J. Wheaton (Port Talbot) Ben, 4; 2, I.B. Jones, Kinloch Rio, 5; 3, M. Williams (Welshpool) Pepsi, 6; 4, D. Jenkins, Moss, 7; 5, A. Price (Llandrindod Wells) Jill, 9; 6, Y. Abrey, Mona, 10.

LLANBRYNMAIR (E. Lloyd, Llanrhystud) Open National, 1, M. Williams, Pepsi, 10 OLF; 2, I. Evans (Ystrad Meurig) Jem, 10; 3, I. Evans, Bob, 11; 4, Y. Abrey, Glan y Gors Mona, 12 OLF; 5, E. L. Morgan, Jaff, 12; 6, D. Davies, Prince, 14. Novice National, 1, D. Edwards, Ben, 15 OLF; 2, I. Howells, Aberystwyth, Don, 15; 3, D. Jenkins, Bill, 17; 4, E. Erikkson (Sweden) Sara, 19.

LLANFAIRFECHAN NURSERY Heat one 1, K. Schwarze, Brenig Wisp, 16 OLF; 2, P. Williams, Scott, 16; 3, G. Ll. Jones, Bob, 17; 4, K. Schwarze, Brenig Dot, 18; 5, A. Ritakallio, Kipi, 19; 6, G. Owen, Rocky, 24.

LLANSANNAN Open National, 1, H. Roberts (Llansannan) Clwyd Meg, 5; 2, M. Williams-Brooks (Welshpool) Sue, 7; 3, G. Lightfoot, Omega Mari, 9; E. Jones (Gwytherin) Kirk, 10; 5, A. Owen (Corwen) Llangwm Cap, 11; 6, I. Jones (Llanfihangel GM) Jess, 12. Class Two, 1, G. Pyrs, Eryri Nan, 8; 2, P. Williams (Treuddyn) Scott, 9; 3, A. Von Dinther (Whitchurch) Tom, 12; 4, I. Jones, Nell, 13; 5, J. Whiteley (Rhosesmor) Nan 15; 6, K. Dyszy, Meg, 19.

LLANWONNO (Graham Powell) Open National, 1, G. Pinto, Bill, 18; 2, R. Ellis, Spot, 23; 3, A. Price, Kate, 24; 4, B. McConnell, Sky, 25 OLF; 5, E. L. Morgan, Jaff, 25; 6, E. L. Morgan, Glyn, 26. Novice National 1, R. Ellis, Spot, 23; 2, B. McConnell, Sky, 25; 3, A. Price, Jill, 33. Open South Wales, 1. E. L. Morgan, Jaff, 22; 2. E.L. Morgan, Nell, 26; 3, R. Lewis, Crystal, 42; 4. C. Soar (Marteltwy) Tehya, 47; Novice South Wales 1, C. Soar, Tehya, 47.

LOWER CHAPEL Novice National (K.Harley) 1, E Lagerveld, Kanly, 15; 2, B. Pugh, (Nantmel) Glen, 26; 3, Y. Abrey, Jess, 35. Novice South Wales, 1, I. Jones (Erwood) Ben, 24; 2, D. Evans (Libanus) Meg, 26; 3, S. Currie (Tredegar) Vie, 27. Open National (B. Davies), 1, B. McConnell, Mel ,8 OLF; 2, I. Jones (Erwood) Ted, 8; 3, D. Evans, Me,12; 4, G. Lewis (Gwynfe) Gary, 14; 5, R. Millichap (Port Talbot) Del, 17 OLF; 6, A. Suffi, Black, 17. Open South Wales, 1, S. Lewis (Elan Valley) Moss, 11; 2, K. Harley (Glasbury) Fly, 18 OLF; 3, A. Suffi, Black, 18; 4, C. Soar, Tehya, 31; 5, C. Soar, Mali, 32.

NEWCASTLE EMLYN (Stan Harden) Open National, 1, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Mazi, 7; 2, B. McConnell, Mel, 9 OLF; 3, M. Jones, Jimmy, 9; 4, A. Lyttle, Jim, OLF; 5, B. McConnell, Roy, 12; 6, E. Lagerfeld (Holland) Kanly, 13. Open South Wales, 1, M. Jones, Jimmy, 4; 2, M. Jones, Nip, 9; 3, G. Howells, Fly, 11 OLF; 4, J. Wheaton, Ben, 11; 5, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, 17 Novice South Wales, 1, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Pippi, 17; 2, E. Lloyd, Fly, 19; 3, J. Davies (Lampeter) Sid, 20.

NELSON (Anne Westover) Open National, 1, N. Watkins, Jody, 8; 2, J. Bowen (Tenby) Roy, 10; 3, N. Watkins, Tanhill Alex, 11; 4, E.L. Morgan, Nell, 15 OLF; 5, A. Price, Jill, 15; 6, Y. Abrey, Glan y Gors Mona, 16.

NORTH WALES CHAMPIONSHIP Open National Qualifier Field One, 1, A. Williams (Penmachno) Max, 7; 2, A. Jones (Selattyn) Jane, 9; 3, G.Ll. Jones (Defaidty) Bob, 11; 4, R. Owen (Marian Glas) Jaff, 12; 5, J. Ellis (Whitchurch) Cap, 14; 6.A. Ll. Owen (Penygroes) Glenys, 14. Open National Qualifier Field Two, 1, A. Owen (Corwen) Glesni, 8; 2, D. Edwards (Penrhyndeudreth) Ben, 10; 3. K. Schwarze (Prion) Brenig Bobby, 12; 4, J. Evans (Ystrad Meurig) Glen, 13; 5. M. Ll. Evans (Llanfachreth) Meg, 14; 6. M. Ll. Evans, Mac, 15. Double Fetch Final (Arwel Staples, Eric Williams) 1, A. Williams, Mac, 27; 2, A. Owen, Glesni; 3, A. Owen, Llangwn Cap, 35; 4, M. Ll. Evans, Mac, 41; 5, A. L. Jones (Llangwm) Jim, 42; 6, D. Davies, Prince, 50. Brace (Cyril Humphreys) 1, G. B. Jones, 2, A. Jones; 3, J. R. Griffith. Class Two, 1, I. Jones, Jess, 7 OLF, 2, M. McNaught, Eira, 7; 3, K. Schwarze, Brenig Dot, 7.5; 4, E. Jones, Joe, 8; 5, M. McNaught, Sam, 12 OLF; 6, L. Corrigan, Roy, 12. Young handler under 18, 1, R. Owen (Penysarn) Ross, 24; 2, E. Fflur (Bala) Sam, 26; E. Fflur, Eira, 30; 3, D. Pritchard (Criccieth) Gem, 30. Young Handler Under 25, A. Davies (Bryneglwys) Meg.

ST DOGMAELS (Emyr Lloyd) 93 ran, Open National, 1, I. Morgan, Scott, 5, 2 E.L. Morgan, Glyn, 6; 3, B McConnell, Roy, 7; 4 G. Pinto, Cap,10; 5, B. Weinrauch (Austria) Georg, 11; 6 K. Broad (Llanllawddog) Kinloch Cade,12. Novice National, 1, B. McConnell, Roy, 7; 2, G. Pinto, Cap,10; 3, B. Weinrauch, Georg, 11; 4, B. Weinrauch, Nan, 13. Open South Wales, 1, I.B. Jones, Tim 4; 2, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Penny 5; 3, I. Morgan, Scott, 6; 4, E.L. Morgan, Jaff 7; 5, E. Hope (St Davids) Kit, 10; 6, Llion Harries, Preseli Jet 13. Novice South Wales, 1, E. Hope, Kit, 10; 2, A. Driscoll, Kinloch Mazi, 19; 3, L. Pinto, Mr Billy, 21; 4, E.L. Morgan, Nell, 23.

SOUTH WALES ASSOCIATION OPEN (S. Lewis, Welsh Hook, R. Lewis, Lisvane) Open National, Qualifier Session 1 (25 ran) 1, K. Evans (Libanus) Bet, 16 OLF; 2, E.L. Morgan (Aberystwyth) Jaff, 16; 3, D. Howells (Port Talbot) May, 18; 4, R. Ellis (Nantymoel) Sweep, 24; 5, P. Tomkins (Llandrindod Wells) Bethan, 27; 6, A. Blackmore (Ledbury) Preseli Dell, 31. Open National, Qualifier Session 2 (24 ran) 1, D. Howells, Nip, 10; 2, V. Morris (Clun) Bob, 16; 3, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 19 OLF; 4, K. Broad, Kinloch Cade, 19; 5, S. Holt (Libanus) Roy, 23 OLF; 6, G. Lewis, Flash, 23.Open National, Qualifier Session 3 (25 ran) 1, K. Evans, Preseli Ci, 7; 2, R. Games (Talgarth) Roy, 9; 3, D. Howells, Jaimie, 10; 4, R. Ellis, Spot, 12; 5, S. Holt, Hybeck Blake, 13; 6, C. Gordon, Glen, 16. Open Brace, 1, C. Gordon, Glen & Maid, 22 OLF; 2, B. McConnell, Jan & Mel, 22; 3, K. Evans, Greg and Jimmy, 54. Double Gather Final, 1, K. Evans, Kemi Ross, 17; 2, K. Evans, Preseli Ci, 19; 3, R. Ellis, Sweep, 20; 4, K. Evans, Bet, 27; 5, V. Morris, Bob, 28; 6, S. Holt, Hybeck Blake, 32.

TALYBONT (Nursery) Heat two, 1, G. L. Jones, Bob, 7 OLF; 2, M. McNaught, Sam, 7 OLF; 3, M. Evans, Tec, 7; 4, I. Thomas, Gari, 8; 5, J. Whitely, Whisp, 9.

Welsh diary

August 26 CEIRIOG VALLEY, LL20 7AB, Class two and local class, pre-booked, contact K. Harold, tel: 07904 304 336. LLANGWM, Corwen, Local and farmers class, enter on field, contact G. Ifan, tel: 01490 420 427. PENYBONT FAWR, Oswestry, SY10 0PB, Local class, enter on field, start 4pm, contact A. Jones, tel: 01691 860 546. HUNDRED HOUSE, Craig yr Onon Farm, LD1 5SB, Open and novice South Wales, enter on field, start 12pm, contact John, tel: 07799 276 056/ James, tel: 07972 908 586. LLANSADWRN, Novice national, novice South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 7am, contact M. Davies, tel: 01558 650 356. GLADESTRY, Court of Gladestry, HR5 3NS, Open and novice South Wales, enter on field, start 12pm, contact G. Powell, tel: 01554 370 390/ 07932 885 067.

August 27 CEIRIOG VALLEY, LL20 7AB, Open national, catering. LLANGWM, Corwen, Open national, class two, enter on field, catering. PENYBONT FAWR, Oswestry, SY10 0PB, Open national, class two, catering, enter on field. LLANDERFEL, Bala, LL23 7RD, Open national, class two, catering, enter on field, start 8am, contact M. Jones, tel: 01678 530 235. DINAS MAWDDWY, Brigand’s Inn, SY20 9HJ, Open class, class two, class three, catering, enter on field, contact D. Davies, tel: 01650 511 417. HUNDRED HOUSE, Craig yr Onon Farm, LD1 5SB, Open national, catering, enter on field, start 7.30am. LLANSADWRN, Open national, open South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 7am. GLADESTRY, Court of Gladestry, HR5 3NS, Open and novice national, enter on field, start 9am, RHANDIRMWYN, Open and novice national. Open and novice South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 7am, contact P. Jones, tel: 07789 371 115. LIBANUS, Cefn Cantref Farm, LD3 8LT, Open and novice national, catering, enter on field, contact D. Evans, tel: 01874 625 582/ 07814 139 347.

August 29 LLANWDDYN, Alltforgan Fields, SY10 0NE, Open national, class two, catering, enter on field, contact C. Roberts, 01691 870 654/ 07790 179 064. LLANGYNOG, Tai Llan, SY10 0EX, Open national, class two, enter on field, start 8am, contact E. Ellis, tel: 01691 860 151. LLANSILIN, Cae Dentir, SY10 7QB, Open national, class two, class three, catering, enter on field, start 8am, contact H. Jones, tel: 01691 600 674. LLANLLWNI, Abercwn Fields, Open and novice national, open and novice South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 8am, contact N. Thomas, tel: 07967 206 689. MOELYNIADD FIELD TRIAL, Mere House, LD1 6SY, Open and novice national, enter on field, start 8am, contact G. Owen, tel: 01597 851 302/ 07799 724 570, S. Nicholls, tel: 07790 018 855. CIL Y CWM, Erryd Fields, Open national, open South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 8.30am, contact O. Bennett, tel: 01550 721 831.

August 30 LLANWDDYN, Alltforgan Fields, SY10 0NE, Local classes. LLANARTHNE, Wernbongam Farm, SA32 8HN, catering, pre-entry, contact M. Owen, tel: 01267 290 282/ 07779 600 112.

August 31 LLANGYNOG, Tai Llan, SY10 0EX, Local classes, start 4pm. SOUTH WALES ASSOCIATION NOVICE, Penderi Farm, Blackwood, NP12 0JA, Novice, Young handler class, pre-booked, contact C. Ridge, tel: 01437 563 228/ 07773 192 283.

September 2 LLANARMON DYFFRYN CEIRIOG, Llanarmon DC, LL20 7LD, Local and district classes, enter on field, start 2pm, contact E. Jones, tel: 01691 600 699. PENYBONT, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5TY, Open South Wales, enter on field, start 12pm, contact B. Owen, tel; 01597 851 302/ 07887 125 555. CWMDAUDDWR, Tynpistyll, LD6 5HA, Open and Novice South Wales, Local class, enter on field, start 10am, contact P. Davies, tel: 01597 810 169. ST HARMON, Tynewydd Farm, Saint Harmon, LD6 5NG, Open and novice South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 10am, contact T. Price, tel: 07813 111 491.

September 3 CWMDAUDDWR, Tynpistyll, LD6 5HA, Open and novice national, catering, enter on field, start 8am. LLANARMON DYFFRYN CEIRIOG, Llanarmon DC, LL20 7LD, Open national and class 2, catering, enter on field, start 8am. PENYBONT, Llandrindod Wells, LD1 5TY, Open national, pre-entry, start 8am.

SAINT HARMON, Tynewydd Farm, Saint Harmon, LD6 5NG, Open and novice national, young handler, catering, enter on field, start 8am.

PANDY, Pant Farm, Llanvetherine, NP7 8AH, Open and novice national, Open and novice South Wales, catering, enter on field, start 8am, contact A. Williams, tel: 01981 510 268.

September 4 WITCHES AND BITCHES, Ladies only trial, Ffos y Fran, Llanllawddog, SA32 7JG, catering, pre-entry, start 8am, contact A. Driscoll, tel: 07786 794 406. NORTH WALES NURSERY HEAT 3, Glanrafon, LL21 0PE, contact A. Owen, tel: 01490 460 225.