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A Brexit resolution is the only way to end this Winter of Discontent

People might not want to go to the polls in the cold and dark, but getting a resolution to the Brexit question is the only way to end this Winter of Discontent, says David Herbert, a South Welsh smallholder producing eggs and poultry.

Senescence is defined as the condition or process of deterioration with age.


We most commonly associate senescence with autumn and winter.


Our lush, verdant land changes hue, the days shorten and the leaves fall in abundance to litter the ground with their brown and spent forms, as the trees stretch their skeletal branches to the skies in supplication for rebirth and an opportunity to bloom anew once the darkness begins to recede.


This is now the fourth autumn since ‘The Question’ was asked of the British electorate, and, like the leaves and the trees, the people now undergo their own form of senescence as they tire of the whole process of Brexit.


Too many times, the goalposts have been pulled up and moved by a cadre of naysayers and doom-mongers.




Too many times, the champagne has had to be removed from the ice and placed back into darkness to await the moment of celebration so desired by the majority of the United Kingdom.


It appears we are tearing ourselves apart time and time again.


We bicker, argue, lie, manipulate and lose all semblance of self as we each stand fast to our own beliefs and ideas. And I’m talking about both sides here.


But with Brexit once again postponed, we turn to the polls to find out if anyone truly has a mandate to proceed.


Sadly, this General Election will largely be fought on one policy only.


The voters will ignore the myriad of other promises and fine words declared in manifestos and will head out into the cold December morning to have their say, once again, on the most divisive issue in our history.


Or will they?




The senescence of British politics continues, and our lack of appetite to engage with a now tainted Commons prevails.


All the while remain parties collude, connive and continue to form tactical alliances to deny the say of the electorate.


Yet, at the same time, those in favour of pursuing Brexit are failing to put their egos to one side and work together to deliver the referendum result at long last.


To many, a vote on December 12 would be nothing short of a complete waste of time.


Politics in this country simply cannot proceed until Brexit is delivered and a great deal of work has been done to restore faith and trust in the system.




I’m not interested in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn giving me a two-day week and a package of someone else’s land.


I have no desire to help the Greens achieve a ban on driving on Sundays and bank holidays.

Neither do I want an independent Wales where mud-bloods are exiled.


I care not for a Tory promise of faster trains to Birmingham or a lowering of inheritance tax rates.


At this point in time, I honestly and genuinely don’t give a fig for anyone’s stance on TV licences for over 75s or how they intend to fund a beleaguered NHS.


All that matters is Brexit and getting over the line.




We could have resolved this through cooperation years ago and already be in a position to attend to the daily matters of life had we just got on with it.


However, my big fear is this General Election will result in yet more stalemate and even more years of wrangling and prevarication, while the grand total of bugger all gets done.


So, while you still have the right to, let’s all go ahead and vote.


I know you’re bored of it all, I know you’ll have to put on those long-johns and take your ID to the polling station, I know it’ll be dark, miserable and feel completely and utterly pointless, but go and do it.


Vote for a final Brexit outcome, whatever side of the fence you’re on, and let’s get this put to bed before the senescence of our lives is complete.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel the warmth of progress and development at least once more before the last brown and dying leaves of our hopes fall to the ground this discontented winter?


David can be found tweeting at @hermitcrabeggs

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