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Brexit is back in view and heading straight for us – time to buckle up

Brexit has been out of the headlines since Covid hit, but now it’s well and truly back in view and heading straight for us. It’s time to buckle up, says Cumbria livestock farmer Will Case.

For quite a few months now, Brexit hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind.


It’s hardly been on the radar.


Like most people, my attention has been on my family, my work and all things Covid-related.


But slowly the B-word has started appearing on my horizon again, and none of the news sounds positive.


A trade deal looks further away than ever and the way we do business is under threat. What was the point of Brexit again?!


Our Government seems to be determined to drive the UK towards a no-deal situation, blinded by ideology, desperately searching for a Brexit that is ‘pure enough’.




In this respect, I’m baffled by their actions – we have left the EU, we will never be part of a European super state, the Brexiteers have won.


They have got 95 per cent of everything they ever wanted, surely they should be happy?


But unfortunately, Brexit has become more about a never ending culture war than about redefining our relationship with our nearest neighbours.


I struggle with Brexit. Ideology is not for me.


I’m a practical person, and whichever way you look at it, Brexit isn’t very practical.




Falling out with your nearest neighbours so you can look for trade in distant lands never tends to end well.


I understand the patriotic feelings around Brexit, I’m over the result, let’s all move on and make it a success.

For that to happen we need more practicality and less ideology.


I voted remain, but I would have accepted Teresa May’s deal (the trading certainty of the backstop always sounded like a good thing to me).




As it stands, though, we need less culture war and more understanding in our politics.


Our politicians seem to view everything through the prism of Brexit.


Many intelligent, moderate people have been driven out of public service because they were not ‘Brexit’ enough.


It seems that nobody should question, they should just double down and believe.


It’s crazy.


The extreme Remainers are just as bad – no compromise and no acceptance of the vote. A belief that anyone who doesn’t share their view is evil.




It’s toxic, it’s unhealthy and it’s still with us.


It feels like our Government is taking us to a dangerous place.


They want to abandon a free trade deal with the EU so they can fund tech companies to build a bold new future – I missed that part of the manifesto.


That’s like leaving a good job and putting the redundancy money on the 3:30 at Kempton. It’s a punt, they’re playing games with our future.




The PM can’t even be trusted to stand by a deal that he signed.


They endanger the Union in blind pursuit of a perfect Brexit to prove the Remainers wrong. The culture war continues.


How did it come to this?


It was ok when we could ignore Brexit, but now it looks like its back in our view and heading straight for us… Fasten your seatbelts!


Will can be found tweeting at @will_case

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