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Cummings is alone in thinking a no-deal Brexit during a pandemic is a good idea

Dominic Cummings is the only man who believes a no-deal Brexit in the middle of a pandemic is a good idea, says Hywel Davies, who is a partner at Cyfreithwyr Llys Cennen Solicitors and helps his parents run the Aman flock of pedigree Texel sheep, the 2018 Champion Flock of Wales.

Why didn’t they just ask for an extension?


I mean, here we are, in the midst of this century’s pandemic. Tens of thousands have died from Covid-19, tens of thousands more indirectly.


Nothing is as it was this time last year.


We are curtailed, restrained, hampered and largely accepting of these facts.


People are moaning, but they always do.


The biggest act of socialism since the creation of the welfare state was initiated by Rishi Sunak – the small, thin, polite puppet Tory from the election debates – not Jeremy Corbyn.




George Eustice is the only apparent dissenter in the Cabinet over agricultural standards – although not rebellious enough to vote against the Government, be sacked or resign, you understand.


Bizarrely, the Brexit battle lines no longer have much to do with actual Brexit.


Now views on masks, lockdowns and quarantining are what splits the field in the culture war.


The Union is no longer an issue in Northern Ireland and Scotland alone. Support for Welsh independence is rising.


We’ve had devolution for twenty years in Wales and most remained ignorant to the practical implications.




I don’t agree with Mark Drakeford’s politics, but I’m a lot happier with his handling of matters in Wales than the chaos in Westminster.


But whether you are or not, you now know the Senedd is no mere talking shop.


The rump of BNP, UKIP and Brexit Party voters are now coalescing (only slightly metaphorically) around a new standard, the Abolish the Assembly Party.


Never mind that it’s now the Senedd so there’s no Assembly to abolish, they want to abolish it anyway.


I welcome this development.




It always pays to know who your enemy is and what they’re up to.


Abstract constitutional debates that have taken place around the barbecue in Caravan Club rallies, Eisteddfodau and the Royal Welsh are now the real politics in Wales, and it’s about time.


In addition, the notion of English Independence, as distinct from British, is taking hold in the ranks of leave voters.


Who saw all that coming?


So as we firefight this awful disease, as we watch the impending economic car crash that follows it approaching in slow motion, as the Prime Minister recovers from his own battle with Covid-19, who apart from Government adviser Dominic Cummings thinks having no trade deal with the EU is the answer?




Breeding sheep trade in the virtual sales seems buoyant. As ever, the headlines don’t reveal the whole story.


Some Facebook statuses saying ‘still for sale due to time wasters’ pop up in the following week.


The fall of the hammer being on delivery brings its own issues.


We’ve entered our lambs for the various Society Sales.



I just hope they go ahead now, in whatever amended format. The accommodation has been booked on a flexible basis, just in case.


If the Premier Inn will give us our money back if we cancel, even on the day, was it really too much just to ask for an extension to the trade negotiations?


They should have ditched Cummings when they had the chance.


Hywel can be found tweeting at @DefaidTexel

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