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I’m no fan of Cummings, but farmers should worry about his departure from No 10

I’m no fan of Dominic Cummings, but it seems he may well have been fighting some battles on behalf of farmers, says Hywel Davies, who is a partner at Cyfreithwyr Llys Cennen Solicitors and helps his parents run the Aman flock of pedigree Texel sheep, the 2018 Champion Flock of Wales.

Regular readers of my contributions to this column (hello Mam) will have seen references to two men, Dominic Cummings and George Eustice, appear in most.


They may also be surprised that this piece is largely sympathetic to Cummings.




Well, as early as July 2019 in the Tory leadership election, Boris Johnson was talking about banning live export of animals.


It jarred the ears, it didn’t fit in.




The philosophical thrust of the Johnson version of Brexit was libertarianism, de-regulation, laissez-faire free market economics.


So why this narrow reference to something we could now ban that we couldn’t have while in the EU?


Carrie Symonds, the Prime Minister’s current partner and mother of his latest child, is a ‘Conservationist’, according to her Twitter bio.


Her finger prints could be seen on these pronouncements.




I have to admit that while I had concerns at this relationship potentially affecting policy, I hadn’t appreciated the extent until Cummings left.


When he and Lee ‘Hurst’ Cain left the services of the Government over their disparaging of ‘Princess Nut-Nuts’ Symonds, the protection from her influence was removed.


Farmers didn’t necessarily know it, but it seems Cummings was fighting some battle on our behalf, and he lost.

And we’re in trouble as a result.




With the time for negotiations rapidly disappearing, the whole (and only) tactic of relying on a Trump second term and trade deal out of the window, a no deal looming; we get hit with re-wilding, Golden Get Losts, tree planting on prime land, slashing livestock numbers and our industry being sacrificed for fishing.


Before any fisherman gloats, the second word on Symonds Twitter bio? ‘Oceans’.


Once we’ve left the CFP, quotas will be the least of your worries, she’ll be after the establishment of no fishing zones.


And what of our Champion Eustice?




He is openly prepared to confirm sheep farming will be the sacrificial goat in the event of a no deal.


Let them farm beef.


I hate being right sometimes, but I did warn you when he was given the job.


And here’s the irony (if we weren’t suffering enough), the only 0 per cent tariff on lambs in a no-deal Brexit would be, you guessed it, on live exports.




Eustice couldn’t possibly fight for that and keep his job now could he. He’s become the Minister for Spinning Literally Anything.


Symonds must be some operator to shift Cummings where Barnard Castle had failed, all the while keeping her moves clandestine.


I would suggest you should be absolutely livid at the consequences.


Hywel can be found tweeting at @DefaidTexel

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