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Keeping the union together is vital for the prosperity of farmers across the UK

The union is the cornerstone of the UK’s prosperity and influence, and keeping it together will be vital for the future prosperity of our farmers, says Robert Largan, MP for High Peak.

The Union is the cornerstone of our prosperity and influence.


It represents one of the most successful economic and political unions in the world, enrichening our four nations financially, culturally and diplomatically.


An integral part of the institutional glue that holds the Union together is the UK’s internal market.


It has kept our communities together for centuries through free and open exchange, and will be more relevant than ever as the UK renews its global role.


The Government has published its plans for the continued smooth movement of goods and services between all four nations in the Union.




There will be a consultation and several roundtables, engaging experts and representatives from across the UK.


Maintaining this economic settlement will be crucial to supporting jobs and growth after the pandemic.


In Parliament, I recently highlighted how the internal market benefits the hill farmers in my constituency of High Peak.


It allows them to sell their lamb to every corner of the UK, including Scotland. In return, Scottish distilleries can sell their finest whiskies to people in High Peak.


It is a mutually beneficial relationship that should continue.




By avoiding unnecessary costs and burdens for businesses and consumers, the Union is critical to maintaining certainty for people living and working in the UK.


It also boosts confidence among our major trading partners and overseas investors.


This means we have to guarantee the mutual recognition of regulations and non-discrimination across the UK.


Contrary to the claims of the SNP, the devolved administrations will be receiving a wide range of new powers at the end of the transition period.


All devolved powers will continue to be devolved. There will not be a bogus ‘power grab’ by Westminster.




The Scottish Government in Holyrood, and the other devolved administrations in Cardiff and Stormont, will be reclaiming powers from Brussels as well as gaining new powers over their nation’s affairs.


Over 70 policy areas will be affected, including aspects of employment law, land use, and air quality.


All critical for agricultural economies in the four nations.


The bitter irony is that if the SNP had its way, then the powers being handed to the Scottish Government would be surrendered back to Brussels.


Scotland, like much of the rest of the country, has immense natural resources that its representatives at the local, devolved and national levels are best placed to manage.




I believe that representatives in all four nations in the Union can make the most of the opportunities presented by the end of the transition period, and deliver real change for the UK.


This could not happen if we are permanently stuck in limbo with Brussels.


It is so important that there is also collaboration between the four nations to go alongside these new powers.


By coming together, the Union can ensure a strong recovery from the coronavirus crisis.


Robert can be found tweeting at @robertlargan

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