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Labour does not give a hoot about Brexit, farmers or food security

The Labour Party does not give a hoot about farmers or food security – it would be happy to sell our rural community down the river, says Welsh Conservative Shadow Rural Affairs Minister, Andrew RT Davies.


Farmers Guardian is not supporting any political party in the December election.


We have run an article by Liberal Democrat Tim Farron on the Brexit hub alongside this piece from Andrew RT Davies.


Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be carrying articles from Labour, Green, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Brexit Party candidates or members.

It’s been a long time coming, but this dysfunctional Parliament has finally decided on a path to settle Brexit.


After months of wrangling, indecision and delay, the people of this great country will now have their say on December 12 about who they believe is best placed to take Britain forward – Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn.


As a Brexiteer, I’d hoped the tenor of this article would be one of celebration as we marked our departure from the European Union.


Regrettably, the appalling antics in the House of Commons, led by Mr Corbyn and a cabal of anti-democrats, have blocked our exit.


This was done despite our Prime Minister securing a new deal, and by doing so, going above and beyond what opponents on all sides had predicted.


An election really wasn’t our priority, but sadly this Parliament is refusing to deliver Brexit and is damaging and holding back the country.




There is no way to sort out this mess other than going back to the true bosses of the UK – you, the electorate.


It’s clear that without an election, this zombie Parliament would waste the majority of 2020 on yet more can-kicking, meaning the Government would be unable to focus and deliver for our rural communities.


An election is the only way to move the dial and end this deadlock, because Parliament and Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn are intent on blocking anything and everything.


The Conservatives’ top priority going into this election remains, as it always has been, to get Brexit done.


From analysis of the 2016 EU referendum, we know a majority of the farming community voted to leave, despite diktats from above.


Why? Because Brexit provides us with a much-needed platform and opportunity to do things differently in our industry, and for the first time in over forty years, prioritise the needs of British farming.




Farmers on the ground have seen first-hand the detrimental impact the Common Agricultural Policy has had on our industry, with diminishing levels of food security.


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the United Kingdom was 75 per cent self-sufficient, but worryingly this figure now stands at just under 60 per cent.


And inexplicably, the average age of farmers in this country is now just over 60.


Bluntly, that is no way to build a sustainable industry which can thrive for decades to come.


In fact, it’s one that’s on life support.


This is why we need to leave the EU political project, and why it’s vital we make the most of the opportunity Brexit provides to reinvigorate our farming community and produce the food our nation’s larder needs.




We know this will be a tough election, and as 2017 showed, we will take nothing for granted.


We will take our positive vision to the country – about what is possible for Britain, agriculture and our environment once Brexit is done and dusted, and we leave with our new deal.


At the heart of our pitch will be the need for a functioning majority Government which breaks the Brexit deadlock, and moves past the confusion, indecision and arguments which have plagued the last three years.


Only the Conservatives are in a position to offer that, with the alternative a frightening prospect.


Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn propped up by the Scottish Nationalists, with the potential for two more referenda in 2020.




On Brexit, all Corbyn has to offer is more dither and pointless delay.


At the last election, Labour stood on a promise to deliver Brexit – but they have spent the last three years frustrating the process at every step.


That’s why they’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into this election, because they are afraid of taking their record to the electorate.


But in politics, you can’t choose which votes you respect.


On agriculture and the environment, their plans of billions and billions worth of borrowing and their bonkers proposal to deliver a carbon neutral economy by 2030 will devastate our economy and the farming sector.




Rest assured, they do not give a hoot about farmers and food security and will sell our community down the river.


A vote for Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the nationalists or the Brexit Party will deliver the same outcome: more confusion, more delay, more indecision and more referenda.


It’s high time we got Brexit done and left with a deal which protects vital industries such as agriculture, but also paves the way for our country to exploit the new opportunities that leaving the European Union will offer.


So let’s back Boris, let’s get Brexit done and move forward to a brighter future for our industry and our country.


Andrew can be found tweeting at @AndrewRTDavies

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