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The remain cabal in Westminster is leading us into dangerous territory

The remain cabal in Westminster is leading the UK into dangerous territory, seeking to block Brexit and undermine democracy, says Andrew RT Davies, Conservative Shadow Rural Affairs Minister in Wales.

I don’t say this lightly, but I can’t help feel we’re entering very dangerous territory.


Parliament only returned from its summer recess on Tuesday, but it has already wreaked havoc with the UK Government’s wish to secure a Brexit deal with the EU.


Let’s be clear – we all want to see a deal, particularly those of us involved with the agricultural community.


However, the best way of achieving a deal is by not tying the hands of the Prime Minister in his ongoing negotiations with our friends and partners across the channel.


Regrettably, a large remain cabal of Westminster continue to do all they can to block Brexit, and by doing so are disrespecting the 17.4 million people who voted in the biggest act of democracy this country has ever seen.




Parliament is on the brink of scuppering any deal we might be able to strike with Brussels due to Jeremy Corbyn and his little helpers in the Lib Dems, SNP and Plaid Cymru – meaning Brexit cancelled, years of uncertainty and more delay.


As Conservatives, we want to get Brexit done and lead this country forward. The Government wants to bring forward a new, bold domestic agenda which improves public services, fights crime, invests in infrastructure and cuts the cost of living.


But first we have to break the Brexit deadlock.


We recognise a failure to deliver on the referendum could result in disastrous consequences for democracy in this country as we currently know it.


Let’s pull no punches, the Bill which has been put forward by opposition parties would be an act of surrender and would hand control of Brexit negotiations to the EU.


Who in their right mind would support such a move?




I deeply regret seeing some excellent colleagues leave the parliamentary party, but they’ve been used by opposition forces who want no deal so they can use it as an excuse to stop Brexit completely.


Under their proposals, we would be forced ‘immediately’ to accept any extension made by the EU, meaning more dither, more delay and more confusion.


This is unacceptable to anyone who believes in the sovereignty of a nation and I am sure this would be rejected by people the length and breadth of Britain.


And that’s why I now believe this only leads us down one road.


Back in March, I said we’d have to go back to the country and regrettably, due to the actions of Parliament, that appears the only way forward.




The country will have to decide who will negotiate for Wales and the UK, and the choice is clear.


Jeremy Corbyn who will go to Brussels and beg for an extension – accepting whatever Brussels demands, meaning a bad deal for Britain, more uncertainty and more delay.


Or Boris, who will go to Brussels and negotiate a new deal, but ultimately get Brexit done by 31 October – no ifs or buts.


The Prime Minister has been clear an election is the last thing we want, but if MPs are so determined to hand over all control to Brussels, a General Election will be the only way to resolve Brexit.


Jeremy Corbyn has been calling for an election for years, but it seems he and his Labour colleagues are now running chicken because he knows how toxic his bid is to cancel the referendum.




And in Wales, the shenanigans at Westminster have completely overshadowed today’s recall of the Assembly.


Only Labour and Plaid Cymru could spike their moment in the sun and this afternoon’s charade has been rendered obsolete, irrelevant and pointless due to events in London.


Today’s talking shop with speeches we’ve heard on repeat from the First Minister and Plaid Cymru will do nothing to carve a way forward.


There’s now only one solution to the current impasse and that’s an election.


Andrew can be found tweeting at @AndrewRTDavies

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