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24 Hours in Farming: A guide to taking part

Find out everything you need to know to join in with 24 Hours in Farming on August 18, 2016, and what to include in your posts.

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Your essential guide to taking part in 24 Hours in Farming

FROM 5am on Thursday, August 18 to 5am, August 19 we want to tell the world about everything UK farming does in a day.


We are encouraging farmers and anyone involved in agriculture to take to social media throughout the day to send us posts, pictures and short video clips about the work and social activities they are involved in.


Farmers Guardian staff, along with our partners NFU Mutual, will be trawling through all of the platforms we are using, gathering your posts and curating them in to one continuous stream on FGinsight.com to build up as rounded a picture as possible of the industry’s activity. We will then be promoting this stream to the wider general public.



  • We would like as many people as possible to tell us what they are doing throughout the day - you can post once or as many times as you like, it is completely up to you
  • It is crucial to use the hashtag #farm24 in your posts so we can find them
  • We will be checking: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr
  • In addition, you can e-mail us at: farm24@fginsight.com
  • Or even call us on: 01772 799411


  • We want to hear about anything you are doing from everyday farm work, to farm walks, meetings, trips, social gatherings, YFC meetings, even ending at the pub if you like.
  • Please ensure you feature in photos and video clips wherever appropriate – this is about the people in farming as much as the output.
  • As there is an educational element to this project for the general public, we would welcome links out to background information about what you are doing.
  • Try to keep video clips to a maximum of two minutes and filmed landscape (rather than portrait). Please email video clips directly to farm24@fginsight.com to ensure we can use them.
  • You may wish to provide us with a short biography about you and what you, or your organisation, does ahead of the day. We will upload these in preparation and when we use your posts we can link to the background information you have provided. Please send them to farm24@fginsight.com


If you find any of the Twitter content or images using #farm24 disturbing, or in violation of Twitter spam rules: Click the ‘More’ icon (three dots) below the tweet in question, then choose the ‘Report’ option and follow the steps to report and block the tweets from appearing on your timeline.


For more information on 24 Hours in Farming click here. Please address any queries you may have to: farm24@fginsight.com

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