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A Beginners Guide to Twitter

Want to take part in 24 hours in farming but not sure how? The best way is to either follow Farmers Guardian on Facebook (and on the day simply post on our wall) or to use Twitter. If you find the mere mention of Twitter daunting here’s our simple guide to getting started.

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What is Twitter?

A microblogging platform which allows users to communicate using 140 character long messages. Pictures and links to other websites or videos can also be posted.

How do you get started?

1) Go to www.twitter.com and sign up for your free profile

Create a username and add profile picture (otherwise you will automatically have an egg as a picture). Adding a photo makes you seem more trustworthy to other users, as spammers commonly do not use photos.

Write a profile description (this is very important as it will help identify you to other users with similar interests) e.g. Dairy farmer from West Wales trying to embrace sustainable farming systems.

4) Start following people or groups who interest you. You can follow anyone you choose and many will follow you back. It is generally considered polite to follow your followers.


Here are a few suggestions to get UK farmers started:

You can enter searches for other organisations or individuals you wish to follow or for more inspiration you can look at the list of followers of people whose tweets interest you, or at the people they are following.

Watching and listening is probably the best thing to do to begin with. Then start to interact once you feel more confident

6) If by this point it still doesn’t make sense – find someone who knows how to use Twitter to show you. It’s sometimes easier to watch and learn!

Twitter terms explained:


@ = Your Twitter username: You can find and message people by using their Twitter username.


Favourite: You can favourite tweets you like, or want to refer back to later for future reference


RT = Retweet: You can choose to ‘retweet’ someone else’s tweet if you would like to share it with your followers.




# = Hashtag: Hashtags enable you to search content of a related matter on Twitter easily. If you search #farm24, you will find all the tweets which have included that hashtag, even if you do not follow those who posted them.

DM = Direct Message: You can send a private message to someone who you follow if they also follow you. This will appear in their messages folder and will not be visible to anyone else. It is m commonly used if you want to give someone your phone number or private email address.

Twitter Facebook
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