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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the site? Find the answers here...


Here are our answers to some of the questions we’re asked most often. If you’d like help or advice regarding any aspect of FG Insights, or your subscription, please contact us at membership@fginsight.com or call us on 01772 799 480


Registration & Login


Why am I being asked to log in?

To gain complete access to all NEWS content on FGInsight.com, you’ll need to join us by registering or subscribing. It is a quick and easy process and will give you all NEWS access within seconds. For the next few weeks, all new Users will be given full access to the site, including VIP and VIP Plus areas.


Do I have to register again if I registered on farmersguardian.com?
All email addresses of registered users of farmersguardian.com have been transferred into FGInsight.com. You will need to request a password for FGInsight.com and can do so by clicking here. Simply add in your email address, click send and a new password will be sent out to you.


Can I find historic articles?
We’re looking at making a complete archive of historic news content in the near future. For now though, we’ve transferred a handful of select articles over to FGInsight.com. This does mean that, for the moment, some of our old articles are unavailable.


Can I still use farmersguardian.com?
No. If you search for farmersguardian.com in a search engine, or type the address into your url bar, you will be redirected to FGInsight.com.


What are filters?
If you need to search for something specific, you can filter the content that appears on your screen. For example, if you’re looking for arable advice, click on the ‘arable’ tab at the top of the screen.  The filter count will then increase to ‘1’.  Next, click ‘advice’.  The filter count will now increase to ‘2’.  The stories that now appear on your screen will be stories containing relevant arable advice.


If you want to go back to the home page, click ‘clear filters’ and our main content page will appear.




What are VIP Memberships?

It’s a new and exclusive service for our most loyal readers, offering a generous discount off the cover price, plus a host of added benefits.

In addition to receiving a copy of Farmers Guardian to your door via first class post each and every week, you will receive:

  • An advance copy of the Classified section via email on the Thursday evening, prior to Friday publication
  • Full access to the VIP Member area of FGInsight.com
  • Option to receive all our newsletters and to tailor your news content to your farm type
  • Complimentary digital edition of Farmers Guardian for Apple and Android users
  • Priority treatment at all Farmers Guardian events and free refreshments
  • Additional benefits throughout the year including discounts off products, agriculture society discounts and events


How can I become a Member?
Join us as a VIP Member, and you’ll have unlimited access to all news and technical articles across FG Insights. For more details, please click here or call 01635 879 320 for our subscriptions department.


I’m already a Farmers Guardian subscriber – what about me?
Your subscription will not change. To start accessing many of the additional benefits, including receiving the VIP Member email, you will need to authenticate your account. You can do this by going to the registration page and entering your Membership ID and Postcode details.


Authenticating your account will also ensure you have full access to the VIP Member area of FGInsight. You can also select which of the many farming email newsletters you can select to tailor to your needs.

Click here to claim your account and select the newsletter relevant to your farm business.


VIDEO: Show me what to do


How do I change my Membership contact details?
It’s really important that we have all your details. To change your address or provide new contact details, please contact the Farmers Guardian Membership team on 01635 879 320 or via subs@farmers-guardian.com


I joined the Membership scheme but have not heard anything from you?
Upon becoming a VIP Member you will receive a confirmation email and access to all online content. A VIP Membership pack will be sent in the post within 8 weeks. This will contain your Membership card and information regarding other benefits available to you as an FG Member.


When will I receive my Membership pack?

We aim for you to receive your Membership pack within 8 weeks of subscribing. If this isn’t the case, please email membership@fginsight.com with a request for a replacement pack. Please include your name, address and membership number within the email.

When will I receive my Membership card?
Your Membership card will be sent out in the post to you as part of your Membership welcome pack. You should receive this no later than 8 weeks after signing up. If your card has not arrived after this time, please contact the Membership team on 01635 879 320 or via email at membership@fginsight.com.


What is my Membership card for?

The main purpose of your Membership card is to identify you as a Farmers Guardian VIP Member. If you present this to us at any of the shows, sales, or local marts that we attend, we’ll have a free goodie bag for you to take away, plus some complimentary refreshments.


I’ve received my Membership card but there’s an error. Can I get a new one?
Yes. Please email membership@fginsight.com with your name, address, membership number and details of the error.
We aim to replace all Membership cards within one month, but it may sometimes take longer than this. You can still use your old card in the meantime, as this will contain your unique Membership ID.


What should I do if I lose my card?

Don’t worry, it’s only £1* for a replacement card and this can be replaced by contacting our Membership team on 01635 879 320 with your Membership details.


How do I find out when my Membership is up for renewal?
Contact the Membership team on 01635 879 320 or email us at subs@farmers-guardian.com and we will happily discuss your details with you.


What date will my Membership start from?
Your Membership will start from the day that you register and you will be able to access the NEWS and VIP Member areas of the site. If you’ve provided us with a valid email address, you’ll begin to receive your Membership email every Thursday. Your first printed copy of Farmers Guardian should arrive 2-3 after you subscribe.

You can also choose the start date to receive your copies of the printed Farmers Guardian, if this is something that is beneficial to you, by contacting our Membership team on 01635 879 320.


What if I can’t access a computer, the internet or don’t want to give my details online?
You can become a Farmers Guardian VIP Member by contacting us on 01635 879 320. Our Membership team will take all your details and process your Membership for you.


How do I cancel my Membership?
We hope that you will be happy with your Membership, however, if for any reason you are dissatisfied or wish to cancel your Membership, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team on 01635 879 320 or email us at membership@fginsight.com and we will be happy to help you. Please refer to our terms and conditions.


Farmers Guardian APP


Am I entitled to free App access?
Yes – if you are a Farmers Guardian VIP Member.  If you don’t subscribe to Farmers Guardian, you can purchase the App directly via iTunes. The prices are as follows;

Individual issues - £2.49
1 month subscription - £9.99
3 month subscription - £25.99
12 month subscription - £99.99


How can I access the Farmers Guardian App?
You should be able to pair your subscription by using the following instructions.  If these login details don’t work first time, please delete the app from your Newsstand and then fully restart your device.  You can then re-download the app and enter the details again. 

  • Install the app onto your device
  • Once you've installed the app, open it from your Newsstand folder (the one that looks like a bookshelf)
  • Click on the “Download” button under the latest issue
  • A pop-up will appear with prices. Underneath the prices you’ll see 2 boxes awaiting log-in details
  • In the first box, enter your surname and the last 4 digits of your subscription number – i.e. Smith1234
  • In the second box, enter these numbers again as your password – 1234
  • Press "Login”

Please ensure that, when going through this process, you have a good, stable connection to the internet.  Ideally, connect your device to a home broadband, wireless connection.  If the connection is unstable, this could cause the pairing to fail.


If you do experience any technical problems, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at supportdesk@pagesuite.com or on 01233 721030.


Where can I find my subscription number?
If you have your Membership card, you’ll find your subscription number above your name.  Alternatively, when your paper copy of Farmers Guardian is delivered, you’ll find your subscription number above your name on the address slip i.e. 49881234.


Help – I’m having technical difficulties with the App.
Please send details of your problem to our support team at supportdesk@pagesuite.com or on 01233 721030.


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