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FAQs on the new Farmers Guardian

Here you'll find your questions answered about the new Farmers Guardian.

Q) What’s happening?

You might have seen us teasing a change to Farmers Guardian over the past few weeks. From Friday 1 July we will be relaunching in an A4, stapled format and having a bit of a redesign throughout the publication.


Q) Why are you making these changes?

Now is the right moment because times are changing, both for farming and publishing.
In an era in which the internet and social media offer up scores of agricultural news stories and opinion on a daily basis, including at FGinsight.com, it is vital for Farmers Guardian print content to remain ahead of the curve and ask what decisions and events really mean for UK farmers.


Q) Will the look and feel change?

Yes, it will. We’re changing our format from a tabloid to A4 size. This new compact and concise version will still retain a news front page which will set it apart, keeping readers informed about what really matters will be at the heart of what Farmers Guardian does. Stapled for better portability the new publication will have a cleaner, crisp look whilst still being recognisably your Farmers Guardian.


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Q) What’s in it?

Leading sections such as news, business, arable, livestock, sales, farm feature and machinery will all still be there and we will build on what makes them great.

New sections will also be added to the mix such as Global Ag View, Politics and Red Tape, Beyond the Farm Gate and a revitalised comment and opinion section. There will also be a greater focus on diversification and how farmers can add value at a tough time for the industry. Giving a truly national overview of UK agriculture, every sector and part of the country will be served by the re-energised Farmers Guardian, all in a handy size.

Q) Does it still come out on a Friday?

Farmers Guardian will still be available every Friday whether you’re a VIP Member or you buy us from your local newsagent.


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Q) How can I receive Farmers Guardian?

You can sign up to become a VIP Member and receive your Farmers Guardian through the post each week HERE.

Q) Will my membership be affected?

No, there will be no changes to your Farmers Guardian VIP Membership and the additional FREE benefits you receive with it.

Q) Will I still be able to buy it from my local shop?

Yes, it will. In fact, you should see Farmers Guardian popping up in more places than you’ve seen us in before.


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Q) Will the cover price / membership price increase?

Yes, the new price of £3.25 reflects the investment we’ve made in the title in terms of increased staffing levels, the change in format and improved paper stock. If you’re a current VIP Member subscribing to Farmers Guardian, then charges will be unaffected in accordance with your contract.

Q) Will my favourite columnists still be writing for Farmers Guardian?

We’re all still here bringing you the latest news and analysis in agriculture.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 799480.


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