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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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10 reasons why you should definitely join your local YFC

To celebrate #NationalYoungFarmersWeek, NFYFC’s Cheryl Liddle tells us why joining your local YFC is the correct choice.

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10 reasons why you should definitely join your local YFC

1. Meet new people


Whether you’re home from uni or have moved to a new area, YFCs are a great way to meet new people.


YFC can put you in contact with a bunch of young people in your local area – giving you an instant social life.


You’re also part of an even bigger network of YFC members across England and Wales.


2. Something to do


YFCs meet weekly and have a dynamic programme of activities and talks created by members and for members so there’s always something going on to keep you busy.

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3. Have a go


Whether it’s getting stuck into a load of fun competitions with your County – such as quizzes and skittles – or taking part in the national competitions programme, there are plenty of ways to compete in YFC.


NFYFC’s national competitions programme gives everyone the chance to achieve success at club, county, regional and national levels.


NFYFC’s 33 competitions help to develop skills and confidence through a wide range of activities from Performing Arts and Public Speaking to more agri-focused activities such as stockjudging, fence erecting or farm safety.


4. Learn new things


Practising for competitions or taking part in more formal training through YFC, gives you the chance to learn professional and transferable skills.


From in-house club training, through NFYFC’s The Curve modules, to the chance to become a trainer with NFYFC’s internationally recognised course, mean there are loads of opportunities for members to develop.


NFYFC’s work with industry and associated organisations offers YFC members a variety of external training, events and opportunities too.


5. Get involved


Playing an active role in your community has massive benefits for everyone – giving you a sense of wellbeing and pride.


YFCs love supporting their rural locations and raising funds for charity and they have a lot of fun working together to raise an estimated £1.2m a year for good causes.


You could be taking part in your club’s sponsored cycle ride or supporting your community with a litter pick.

6. Travel abroad


NFYFC’s Travel programme gives young people opportunities to explore rural life in a different part of the world and boost career opportunities without it costing the earth!


Stay with host families in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA, enjoy team travel on a Rural Youth Europe adventure or work on a beautiful beef and sheep farm in New Zealand for three months! There’s also an annual YFC Ski trip for those who love the slopes.


7. Talk farming


Whether it’s informal chats about farming with your club mates or developing networks on a wider scale – YFC can satisfy your farming interests.


If it’s industry connections you need to develop your career then NFYFC can provide the opportunities for you.


As well as scholarships, industry training and a chance to represent young farmers’ views as one of the Federation’s AGRI Reps, you could also be attending events with NFYFC’s sponsors and partners. Through YFC your connections could reach across the UK, Europe and the world.

8. Be a leader


Being part of a YFC means you could take on a trustee role and lead your own charity. Having an active role in helping to run your club.


Whether it’s planning the club’s programme, organising the AGM or being the chairman – everyone gets the chance to develop their YFC – learning valuable skills along the way.


If you love the responsibility and want to do more – you can also take on roles at a county, Area or national level too!


9. Save money


Through NFYFC’s connections, your YFC membership card gives you access to discounts on a range of activities, events and goods.


10. Having a voice


If making sure key decision makers listen to rural young people’s views is a big issue for you then you’ll be pleased to know NFYFC works hard to make this happen.


The Federation highlights rural young people’s concerns through the British Youth Council and rural and agricultural industry bodies and campaigns on specific issues such as rural mental health, rural transport and farm safety.


Being a YFC member opens up opportunities for you to represent the next generation through research, by sitting on committees or attending events where you can share your views too. NFYFC has solid links with the agricultural industry and feeds into Government and industry developments.

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