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'An absolute disgrace' - farmers react as halal abattoir investigated for animal cruelty


FARMERS across the country have condemned scenes from undercover footage showing animal cruelty at a halal abattoir in Lancashire.

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CCTV: A still from the footage captured in Dunnockshaw, Burnley (courtesy of Animal Aid)
CCTV: A still from the footage captured in Dunnockshaw, Burnley (courtesy of Animal Aid)

Malik Food Group in Lancashire is under investigation from the Food Standards Authority (FSA) after animal rights campaigners filmed the undercover footage.


Slaughtermen at the halal abattoir in Dunnockshaw, Burnley were filmed throwing sheep and having their throats cut repeatedly by Animal Aid.

Social media reaction

Henarar: "Non pre-stun slaughter should be banned - but halal can be pre-stun.
I have not seen it but a friend has seen pre-stun halal and he said that there was nothing wrong with it.
Animals shouldn't be mistreated at an abattoir, for the sake of the animal, and because it won't do the meat any good. (thefarmingforum.co.uk)


dstudent: "Could this be the case of just one bad abattoir? I'm sure guidelines have been created to prevent undue sufferings." (thefarmingforum.co.uk)


Henarar: "Enforce pre-stunning for halal - put cameras in or whatever it takes." (thefarmingforum.co.uk)


SJH: "I agree with CCTV. I don't know enough about it to say we should enforce stunning. I'm sure a lot are killed in a better way than conventional slaughter." (thefarmingforum.co.uk)


Kiwi Pom: "Easy to throw everyone else under the bus but what about the farmers that supply these people with stock. Should we name and shame those too? I think it's easy for livestock farmers to distance themselves from the end product as they can load stock into a trailer and ignore what happens to them next." (thefarmingforum.co.uk)


NorthEastFarmer: "In this day and age of automation, animals should barely need to be touched in an abattoir until post slaughter. I watched a video once on a very large pig abattoir. The pigs were unloaded at one end and no human contact was made on the pigs until the point of bleeding. Compressed gas gates and a gassing pen meant no human intervention at all - it worked a treat." (thefarmingforum.co.uk)


A spokesman for Malik Food Group said animal welfare was ‘paramount’ to their business.


“The Group has invested extensively in training and machinery to improve the welfare of animals under its care and control.”


It confirmed the footage was being reviewed by the company and FSA.


“Malik Group will work closely with the FSA to ensure that any findings or recommendations made by the FSA are addressed, and where required, implemented immediately.


“Malik Group has always worked closely with FSA and welcomes the review from the regulatory body.”


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