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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Arable machinery to strut its stuff at Cereals 2017

With its dedicated demo areas and extensive exhibition areas, the Cereals Event is to showcase a large line-up of arable machinery and technology. Jane Carley reports.

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Tractors, transport and technology

JD 8400R

John Deere’s new 8400R tractor will be shown at Cereals for the first time.

Powered by a new John Deere nine-litre Stage 4-compliant engine and featuring a 23-speed full powershift transmission, the 8400R delivers up to 450hp with JD’s Intelligent Power Management.

This tractor is also fitted as standard with the firm’s JDLink telematics, which includes remote display access and wireless data transfer, linked to the website portal.

Joskin Cargo-Lift

Designed to meet UK legislation, Joskin is to introduce the Cargo-Lift hook-lift trailer system.

The range includes CL models from 8-22 tonnes and CLX models from 20-30 tonnes, both featuring a tubular chassis for strength.

Specification includes hydraulic container locking, hydro-pneumatic suspension and silent block mounting, while Joskin offers a range of bodies from tankers to silage trailers.

Grimme CleanLoader

Grimme will showcase its new CleanLoader, based on the RH24-60 self-emptying receiving hopper.


Designed to reduce trash content while still in the field, the CleanLoader is fully road legal and powered by an on-board 65hp four-cylinder diesel engine.


Output is up to 120 tonnes/hour, depending on soil type, crop and working conditions, and the CleanLoader can load a 30t potato bulker in 15 minutes.

Bridgestone VT-Combine tyre

Bridgestone is to launch the VT-Combine tyre. The Improved Flexion VT-Combine offers 20 per cent more load compared with conventional tyres, says the manufacturer.

It can also be run at 15kph during harvesting, instead of 10kph for conventional tyres, increasing output at a time of peak workload.

Nokian CT tyre

Nordic Tyres will introduce the Nokian CT tyre, the third generation of radial flotation tyres produced by the specialist Finnish tyre manufacturer.

Nokian is said to be the first manufacturer to introduce three steel belts in the CT tyre’s construction, allowing higher pressure and load capacity.

The construction has been enhanced to create a tougher carcase and 20 per cent more tread depth than its predecessor, the Country King.

Topcon X35

LH Agro will be debuting Topcon Agriculture’s next generation X35 touchscreen.


The 12.1-inch X35 console uses Topcon’s latest Horizon software to provide icon-based and user-definable views for a variety of farming operations.


Topcon’s Horizon Xtend option allows users to extend any X35 application window and operate it on their phone or tablet. Technical support is enhanced with the Horizon software remote support tool, which allows technicians to diagnose and fix issues remotely.


Househam Predator 5000

Househam Sprayers is to launch the Predator 5000 self-propelled sprayer, which features a high specification as standard, including individual nozzle control.

The Predator is powered by a Mercedes-MTU 230hp, four-cylinder engine and uses Househam’s own cab with category-four filtration, which is fully rollover protection tested and approved.

Berthoud Vantage

Berthoud will show its new high specification Vantage trailed sprayer, which replaces the Tenor range.

The range features five models from 2,800 to 6,700 litres, which can be specified with five boom types, ranging from 24- to 44-metre working widths. Features include the firm’s Actiflex II axle suspension, a new look and colour scheme and the option of IsoBus control via the Berthoud VT Tronic touchscreen terminal or via the virtual screen of a tractor’s terminal.

Another introduction is the Hermes mid-range mounted sprayer, featuring a more compact design, with tanks from 800 to 1,200 litres, and a new range of ALSR rear-folding booms of 15m, 16m or 18m.

Knight Xplorer

Knight Farm Machinery will demonstrate the new Xplorer entry level trailed sprayer, available with either 3,000- or 4,000-litre spray tanks, along with 12-28m self-levelling hydraulic booms.

Spray tanks are made of moulded polyethylene and equipped with a 300- or 400-litre clean water rinse tank, complete with a Rota Flush tank rinse nozzle system and a 40-litre chemical induction hopper fitted with Arag control valves. Control is via an Arag Delta 80 control terminal, with an 8in colour screen, which enables the operator to work with a range of systems.

The machine has self-levelling suspension with anti-yaw system. It is also fitted with a heavy duty axle (fitted with 340/85 R48 wheels), with combined leaf spring and air suspension, and an AXLE-Trak auto steering axle system with a slope/tilt sensor.

Kuhn Deltis 2

Kuhn’s new Deltis 2 sprayer has been designed for mixed farming enterprises and small-scale arable operations.

The new machine features a number of upgrades including a more robust but lightweight chassis and new 1,300 litre tank with a deep sump for improved performance on sloping terrain, and easier emptying and rinsing. Manual or electronic controls can be specified and the Deltis 2 is available with steel or aluminium booms from 15 to 24m.

Its Optifiller filling system features an induction bowl capable of holding up to 42 litres, operated via foot controls.


Ovlac ploughs

Ovlac importer Halse of Honiton will be showing an extended range of ploughs it offers, with the addition of semi-mounted models.

Available as on-land and in-furrow versions, the new range features mono wheel reversible semi-mounted ploughs up to nine bodies with point-to-point clearance of 1,050mm, and the choice of 720, 780 and 900mm underbeam clearance.

A range of shallow semi-mounted ploughs is available to plough at 100-150mm, going up to 13 furrows and a five-metre working width, designed to offer high work rates from low horsepower.

Amazone Catros disc harrow

Amazone will show new additions to its Catros compact disc harrows at both ends of the size spectrum.

Smaller 2.5m, 3m and 4m rigid Catros Special compact disc harrows are aimed at the smaller grower and are available in either a 460mm smooth disc option, for shallow stubble chitting work, or with a 510mm serrated disc for areas of heavier organic matter levels.

Catros+ 7003, 8003 and 9003-2TX trailed harrows in 7m, 8m and 9m working widths fill the gap between the Catros 6002-2 and the 12m Catros+ 12003-2TS.

The TX designation signifies centralised running gear for high-speed road transport and a short overall length for maximum manoeuvrability.

Vaderstad soil packer

Vaderstad will show the new Double SteelRunner soil packer for its range of Carrier L and XL disc cultivators, complementing the existing Double SoilRunner and SteelRunner packer options.

The firm says the Double SteelRunner helps cultivated soil dry faster and the open design of the packer minimises bulldozing and reduces draft requirement.

He-Va Combi-Lift

He-Va will launch the Combi-Lift pre-cultivator, which allows soil loosening at the same time as drilling or cultivating.

Designed to subsoil down to 350mm deep, alleviating compaction and improving drainage, the linkage-mounted Combi-Lift incorporates a heavy-duty rear linkage which can pull another implement behind.

It can be fitted with standard subsoiling legs and points or ‘low disturbance’ legs. The Combi-Lift is available in 3m, 4m and 6m versions.

Kuhn Prolander

Designed for minimum tillage cultivation operations from second pass seedbed preparation to shallow stubble cultivation, Kuhn will launch the Prolander multi-purpose seed bed cultivator.

It features five rows of vibrating S-tines mounted on a high clearance frame, and is available in six and 7.5m working widths - Prolander models fold to 2.83m for transport.


Mzuri precision seeding

Mzuri will launch a precision seeder option for its Pro-Til range of strip-till drills.

Seed is precision placed behind Mzuri’s latest design low disturbance coulter, which is followed by a second reconsolidation wheel. Each Pro-Til seeding unit has its own individual height and depth control and the system uses adjustable pressure vacuum metering to accurately space crops, regardless of seed size, says the manufacturer.

A metering disc and a singulator for each unit to prevent skips or doubles is driven by an electric motor which maintains the same seeding distance at variable speeds. A bulk fill system continually replenishes the mini hoppers on each metering unit directly from the Pro-Til’s dual 3,400-litre tank.

The precision seeding kit will be available for the 2018 season as an option on new Pro-Til drills or for retrofitting to older models.

Bristows rape drill

Cultivator manufacturer Bristows will show a Concept Rape Drill.

The drill uses angled discs and coulters seeding opposite each other to retain the lifted soil and cover the seed, while a precision-scraped flat roll provides depth control, sealing in moisture. The seeding elements are preceded by discs, soil loosening legs and Bristows’ Multi Tooth Tiller Roll to cultivate and mix top soil.

The new concept is said to produce a one-pass seedbed with no need to roll.

Spaldings min-till coulters

Spaldings will show a new range of seed drill coulter assemblies for min-till and direct drilling, including a conversion kit for Horsch CO drills.

The Universal series coulter range from Canadian manufacturer Dutch Openers offers a choice of easily fitted low-draft points for single- and double-row seeding, band sowing and liquid or solid fertiliser placement. They can be installed on a number of tine drill makes and models used in the UK and Ireland, with replacement bodies or ‘frogs’ making it easy to convert to new points.

A leg conversion for Horsch CO and Sprinter tine drills enables any of the Dutch Universal coulter points to be fitted to these ploughed land or min-till tine drills for direct drilling into stubbles.

Sulky Xeos Pro Evo drill

Sulky Burel will launch several new products including the three-metre Xeos Pro Evo seed drill.

The Xeos Pro Evo is designed to be suitable for drilling in all conditions, says the manufacturer, with the ability to switch cultivating elements. It is 400kg lighter than its predecessor and fitted with a 1,000-litre hopper, which the firm says makes it suitable for use with tractors from 130hp.

When fitted with the manufacturer’s Cultiline XR cultivation discs, it can achieve working speeds of 12-14kph (7-9mph) in optimum conditions. In heavier soils, or after ploughing, the Cultiline HR rotary harrow can be used to prepare the seedbed.

A new Duo hopper is available on the Xeos HD, Pro and TF pneumatic seed drills, which allows precision placement of slug pellets, or an additional seed alongside the main seed.

Seed rates of 0.5-15kg/hectare (0.2-6kg/acre) are possible via Sulky’s Vision Duo in-cab console, which independently manages the main metering device and the Duo hopper.

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