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Bakewell Show: Shorthorn heifer takes inter-breed beef crown

Joel Durkin and Laura Bowyer report from the third and final day of the Bakewell show.

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Sunshine and showers were the theme of Bakewell Show’s third and final day last Thursday (August 6), as judges concluded the dairy and beef stockjudging.


Emma Truman’s three-year-old home-bred beef Shorthorn heifer, Roundhill Saffron Rose, reigned supreme in the inter-breed beef category, following previous breed championships at Derby and Newport as well as winning the native breed championship at Staffordshire.


Shown with a three-month-old calf at foot, the heifer comes from the family’s farm near Buxton, which keeps about 20 pedigree beef Shorthorns as well as commercial cattle.


Judge Ian Turner said the animal was covered well in flesh and was impressed by the job it was doing following calving.


It was sired by Podehole Brigadier and out of Lynthorpe Saffron, which had previously taken the breed championship at Staffordshire Show.



In reserve was a 15-month-old home-bred British Blue bull, Boothlow Joey. Home-bred by Keith and Janet Belfield on their farm near Buxton, the bull is sired by Norbreck Genetics’ Dafydd D’Ochain.


This year is the animal’s first year of showing and it has taken the breed championship at Leek. It will continue this year’s showing circuit, including Ashbourne, before being sold as a two-year-old next spring.




In the next ring to the beef inter-breed, judge John Stubbs tapped out the dairy inter-breed championship.


Supreme champion was Alex Wilkes’ dairy Shorthorn sixth-calver Kidstones Lady Laura 8. Sired by Kidstones General Jack and out of Kidstones Lady Laura 7, the triumph follows wins at Bingley Show this year and reserve inter-breed at last year’s Bakewell Show.


Dairy res

In reserve was the Shepherd family’s home-bred six-year-old Meldamar Bullion Surprise. It is the first year on the show circuit for the cow, which has also taken reserve champion at both Newark and Nottinghamshire shows and supreme at Lincoln.


The animal, which has had three calves and is currently in its third lactation, will remain on this year’s show circuit and is set to be shown at Ashover next week.



With judges racing through sheep breed championships and inter-breed on Thursday, eight-year-old Harvey Heath’s two-year-old home-bred Blue Texel ewe took the supreme title.


The animal is from the family’s Woodlands herd in Muggington, Derbyshire. Having been shown in recent years, the animal has taken reserve champion in the tup lamb class at Great Yorkshire Show, as well as a number of other championships, including the reserve breed championship at Leek.


It will be shown again this year at shows including Ashover, Ashbourne and Hovington.


Sheep res

Reserve was Frank Rushton’s Texel ram lamb Freshfields Wavebreaker. The mid-February born animal was home-bred from Mr Rushton’s Freshfields flock of about 26 ewes in Pikehall, Derbyshire.


It has taken the reserve championship at Derbyshire Show and is sired by Freshfields undercover out of Tulgh Real Deal.




Inter-breed (Judge, J. Stubbs, Derbyshire) Supreme, A. and E. Wilkes, Kidstones Lady Laura 8 (Shorthorn); reserve, J.M. and D. Shepherd and Sons, Melmadar Bullion Surprise (Holstein).


Dairy Shorthorn (J. Robinson, Cumbria) Sup., A. and E. Wilkes, Kidstones Lady Laura 8; res., J. Hole and Sons, Amber Prince Anne 68.


Holstein (P. Waring, Yorkshire) Sup., J.M. and D. Shepherd and Sons, Melmadar Bullion Surprise; res., H. Crapper, Birchcross Curtis Empress.


Ayrshire (M. Partington, Manchester) Sup., D.W. Berresford, Heydale Alfie’s Glitter; res., D.W. Berresford, Heydale Serengeti.


Dexter (S. Creasey, Cambridgeshire) Sup., J. Foxton, Dottie and Calf; res., J. Foxton, Grace.




Inter-breed (I. Turner) Sup., E. Trueman, Roundhill Saffron Rose (Shorthorn); res., Messrs Bellfield, Boothlow Joey (British Blue).


Hereford (L. Vesty, Herefordshire) Sup. and female, D. Wilson, Dendor Anna Mary; res., Ms Trinder, Megan Islip 1 Natalia.


Charolais (T. Illingworth, Lockerbie) Sup., J.R. and V.A. Webb, Rushfield Icarus; res., J.R. and V.A. Webb, Rushfield Jessie.


Limousin (T. Illingworth) Sup., E. Sims, Simse Heather; res., A. and A. Clark, Mayfields Jubilee.


Any other native or continental pure breed (G. Young, York) Sup., E. Trueman, Roundhill Saffron Rose (Shorthorn); res., Renshaw and Brassington, Cairnview Figro (Simmental)


British Blue (G. Evans, Powys) Sup., Messrs Bellfield, Boothlow Joey; res., T.J. and E.A. Richardson, Sunny Side Heather.


Highland (E.C. Shaw, Ayrshire) Sup., R. Wain, Ruby of the Rose; res., R. Wain, Paris of the Rose.


Longhorns (G. Young, York) Sup., T. Mills, Wheatlands Olive; res., V. Hopkinson, Tetford Vaders Vortex.


Commercial (B. Woolley, South Yorkshire) Sup., B Beckitt, Channel (British Blue); res., K. Allen, Black Beauty (British Blue cross).




Inter-breed (R. Metcalfe, Derbyshire) Sup., H. Heath (Blue Texel); res., F. Rushton (Texel).


Jacob (G. Hawarth) Sup. and res., R. and P.A. Bramley.


Suffolk (P.M. Fletcher, Worcestershire) Sup. and res., M. Prince.


Texel (M. Hobbs, Gloucestershire) Sup., F Rushton; res M. Roe and R. Gill.


Beltex (M. Brown, North Yorkshire) Messrs Belfield; res., Cromwell Livestock.


Lleyn (G.A. Fort) Sup., T.P. Radford.


Any other pure native breed (G. Wainwright, Derbyshire) Sup. and res., A. Rushton (Cheviot).


Any other pure continental breed (D. Watkins, Stafford) Sup. and res., H. Heath (Blue Texel).


Fat lambs (M. Shaw, Derbyshire) Sup. Messrs Belfield; res., M.R. Proudley.

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