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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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Brockhurst Heavenly supreme in Great Yorkshire’s beef ring

Limousins led the way in the beef inter-breed championships at the year’s Great Yorkshire Show. 

Inter-breed beef and Limousin champion, a heifer, from D. and L. Graham, Stirling.
Inter-breed beef and Limousin champion, a heifer, from D. and L. Graham, Stirling.

Inter-breed beef champion was the three-year-old Limousin second-calver Brockhurst Heavenly, from Doug Mash’s Brockhurst herd, Buckinghamshire.

A Wilodge Vantastic daughter, the home-bred cow is out of Brockhurst Bolshoi, also inter-breed champion twice at the same show. Although class winner at the Yorkshire and Royal Highland before, this is its best show result to date.

Shown by Dougie McBeath, it is going on to the National Limousin Show at Carlisle in late July.

Judge John Dykes, West Linton, Peebleshire, said it was a ‘very good example of the breed and full of beef’.

Brockhurst Heavenly was also involved in the winning group of four, along with the Limousin reserve female Poolehall Iris, and male champion Woodroad James, from McBeath and Jessop.

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Junior beef champion, Sevengun Jellee, from A.H. Booth, Aston, South Yorkshire.

Making up the quartet was the inter-breed junior champion, Sevengun Jellee, from A.H. Booth, Sheffield. This home-bred 18- month-old Limousin heifer, out of Hartlow Erotica and by Millgate Fame, was champion Limousin at last year’s English Winter Fair in its only other time shown. Next stop for the heifer is the National Limousin Show, Carlisle.


Judge Willie Seels, Doncaster, favoured the Limousin for its head and legs, saying ‘for an animal of its age it was well developed and true to its breed’.


For the second year running, reserve inter-breed went to the four-year-old Lincoln Red bull, St Fort Rolex, out of St Fort Hannah and by Norton Beau, from Chris Page, Howden, West Yorkshire.



Reserve inter-breed and Lincoln Red champion, St Fort Rolex, from C.S. Page, Howden, West Yorkshire.

Bought aged 16 months from breeder Andrew Mylius, Newport-on-Tay, Fife, for 6,500gns at Newark in 2014, Mr Mylius has just bought the bull back for 3,000gns and will take it home after the show. Mr Dykes said the bull was ‘extremely well-fleshed’ and ‘going very well for its age’.

Reserve junior champion was Tweeddale Jazzylady, a 22-month-old Charolais heifer owned and bred by Redhead and Watson, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Sired by Blelack Digger and out of Traffwalden Fffion, it was Charolais champion at Stirling Stars of the Future Calf Show last October, Charolais champion at last year’s English Winter Fair and inter-breed champion at Northumberland Show.

Mr Seels described the home-bred animal as ‘well developed for its age’ with ‘good legs body and balance’.

The show also hosted the National Aberdeen-Angus Show, with the championship going to Donald Rankin from the Isle of Skye with the three-year-old cow, Retties Lady Ruth.

Shown by its breeder Richard Rettie, with its first calf at foot it was bought privately at seven months old.

It was junior champion at the Great Yorkshire in 2014 reserve female champion and breed champion at this year’s Royal Highland Show. From here, it will go to Black Isle, Perth and Granton shows.

In the Beef Shorthorns, which also held their national show at the Great Yorkshire, in-calf home-bred heifer Ury Maid X963 of Upsall took the breed championship. Out of Ury Maid 490 and by Dingo of Upsall, its dam has bred bulls which have sold to 6,500gns. It was second in its yearling class at the Great Yorkshire last year and breed champion at North Yorkshire Show earlier this year.

Commerical champion, Coco, from the Lyon family, Bourne, Lincolnshire.

The Lyon family, Bourne, Lincolnshire, took the commercial championship with British Blue cross Limousin heifer Coco. Led by Jonathan Lyon, it is by a British Blue bull and out of a pedigree Limousin cow.

The 17-month-old heifer was commercial champion at the Royal Norfolk, Suffolk, Hertfordshire County and Rutland County Show, heifer champion at this year’s Lincolnshire Show and baby beef champion at last year’s Royal Welsh.


Beef Shorthorn champion, Ury Maid X963 of Upsall, from G.C. Turton, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Reserve was a home-bred British Blue Limousin heifer from Messrs Lawson and Wilkinson, Leyburn.

Simmental champion was Midhope Bright Light, a five-year-old cow from John and Craig Hollingsworth, Sheffield. The national Simmental champion, having been breed champion at the Royal Three Counties earlier this year, it was also reserve breed champion at the Great Yorkshire last year.


Inter-breed (Judge, J. Dykes, West Linton) Supreme, W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Heavenly (Limousin); reserve, C.S. Page, St Fort Rolex
(Lincoln Red).
Junior (W. Seels, Doncaster) Sup., A.H. Booth, Sevengun Jellee (Limousin); res., Redhead and Watson, Tweeddale Jazzylady (Charolais).
Beef Shorthorn (C. Cooms, Carnthwaite) Sup. and fem., G.C. Turton, Ury Maid X963 of Upsall; res. and male, S. and D. Wilkins, Beautry Excalibur; res. male, Stanford Park Partnership, Jester of Longfield; res. fem., L.E.P. Farms, Meonhill Skjacklin Pixie.
Lincoln Red (G. Parkinson, Louth) Sup. and male, C.S. Page, St Fort Rolex; res. and res. male, R. Mawe, Foulness Ultra; fem., E. Benge, Auchmacoy Grace; res. fem., T.H. Charlton, Vicker’s Field Una.
Aberdeen-Angus (G. Massie, Aboyne) Sup. and fem., D. Rankin, Retties Lady Ruth N228; res. and male, Glerinnes Farm, Logie Limitied Edition M280; res. male, Gordon Brook Estate; Fenland Myprize P001; res. fem., A. and J. Denning, Haughton Justine Erica.
Hereford (J. Kemp, Bishop Auckland) Sup. and male, Messrs Spooner, Dieulacresse Goodenough; res. and fem., J.R.B and Sons, Romany 1 Julia A84; res. male, R. Shaw, Hallwood 1 Knight; res. fem., G. Harvey, Harveybros 1 Crocus N1.
Galloway (G. Kyle, Brampton) Sup. and fem., M.J. Ross, Beauty 1437 of Romesbeoch; res. and male, Klondyke Farms, Coldplay of Fingland; res. male, M.J. Ross, Turbo Tam of Nether Cleugh; res. fem., M.J. Ross, Moira 1570 of Romesbeoch.
Belted Galloway (M. Stoker, Malmesbury) Sup. and fem., R.K.G. Farms, Auchengassel Made My Day; res. and male, A. Bell, Broadmeadows Jamie; res. male, W.H. Robinson, Southfield Sonny Boy; res. fem., A. Bell, Broadmeadowns May 30.
Highland (D.A. Maughan, Blandford Forum) Sup. and fem., M. Braines, Ezra of Earn; res. and res. fem., Blairlogan Highlanders, Solas Emma 4 of Benmore; male, M.A. Brunt, Calum Seoladair Dubh 6 of Killochries; res. male, Blairlogan Highlanders, Braveheart of Mortimers.
South Devon (R.A. Ford, Market Harborough) Sup. and fem., J.P. Harrison, Brafferton Dinah 7; res. and male, A. and C. Farms, Langham’s Kubla 10; res. male, J.P. Harrison, Brafferton Hadrian 25; res. fem., A. and C., Langham’s Cornflake.
Longhorn (L. Burditt, Newark) Sup and male, D. and A. Blockley, Southfield Octane; res. and fem., D. and A. Blockley, Southfield Opal; res. male, V.S. Hopkinson, Tetford Vaders Vortex; res. fem., E.M. Hallifiled; Dunstall Peony.
British White (D. Exton, Lancaster) Sup. and male, A.V. St Joseph, Nidderdale Digger; res. and fem., Delamore Farms, Bulby Jasmine; res. male, A.J. Fisher, Nidderdale Hyundi; res. fem., S.E. Cook, Alcroft Dancer.
Charolais (A. Lawson, Newcastle) Sup. and male, D. Thornley, Davally Igolo; res. and fem., F.J. and E.C. Andrews, Holstead Jocelyn; res. male, G.W. Turner, Brampton Legoman; res. fem., Redhead and Watson, Holstead Gabby.
Simmental (D. Donelly, Ashbourne) Sup. and fem., W.J. Hollingsworth, Midhope Bright Light; res. and male, J.H. and V.G. Wood, Popes Fearless 14; res. male, J. Goldie, Newbiemains Empire; res. fem., J.H. and V.G. Wood, Popes Princess Cleo.
Limousin (D. Griffiths, Carmarthenshire) Sup. and fem., W.J. and M. Mash, Brockhurst Heavenly; res. and res. fem., McBeath and Jessop, Poolhall Iris; male, McBeath and Jessop, Woodroad James; res. male, J.H. Tennant, Lissett Lorean.
British Blonde (A. Watt, Keith, Banffshire) Sup. and fem., J. Smith, Countryside Juniper Berry; res. and res. fem., Everingham Blondes, Everingham Judy; male, M. Donaldson, Donaldson Jupiter; res. male., K. McNeil, Katem Le Kracker.
British Blue (G. Ellis, St. Ives) Sup. and fem., C. and C.F. Beal, Tweeddale Hawkeye; res. and res. fem., M. Hartley, Pendle Knock Em Out; male, R. and E. Pattinson, Top Side Joey; res male, R. and E. Pattinson, Top Side Jake.
Salers (A. Sleigh, Ellon) Sup. and fem., R.N. Livesey, Cleuchhead Mhairi 10; res. and res. fem., R. and A. Crockett, Bacardi J-Lo; male, A. Gowthorpe, Approach Farm Kruger; res. male, R.N. Livesey, Cleuchhead Kudos.
Commercial (G. Ketley, Colchester) Sup. and fem., T.A. Lyon, Coco (British Blue cross Limousin); res. and res. fem., Lawson and Wilkinson (British Blue cross Limousin cross); male, R. Mudd and C.N. Bentley (Limousin cross Limousin cross); res. male, J. Hyslop (Limousin cross Limousin cross).

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