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Burnbank Jenny continues success at South of England

Limousin cow Burnbank Jenny continued her successful season by lifting the inter-breed beef championship at the South of England.

Angela   Calvert

Angela   Calvert
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Burnbank Jenny continues success at South of England #BeefGB

Exhibited by Paul Barwood and Anita Padfield, Great Yarmouth, the three-year-old Wilodge Fastrac daughter was bought from the Graham family, Stirling, at the 2014 Red Ladies Day sale at Carlisle in 2014. Being shown with its heifer calf by Ulm and back in-calf to the same sire, it already has inter-breed wins at Suffolk and South Suffolk shows to its name this year.


Standing reserve, as it had at Suffolk Show, was the reserve overall female and Charolais champion, Drumshane Mademoiselle, a 14-month-old home-bred heifer by Mortimers Invincible from Darren and Donna Knox, Wissington.


Judge Richard Bartle, Hereford, said his champion was a superb clean cow with muscle in all the right places and sucking a very good calf and back in-calf again showing it could do a good job. He was also impressed with the reserve, which he said would only get better with age and in 12 months’ time the result could well be reversed.


The male championship went to LEP Farms, Hampshire, with the home-bred three-year-old Beef Shorthorn bull Meonhill Hells Angel by Glenisla Zetor.

In the dairy rings it was a repeat of last year, with the supreme award going to the Holstein champion, Easthaugh Audrey 70, from Eddie Brigham and Designer Holsteins, Instonegate, Essex, which maintained its unbeaten record.


Judge John Henning, Co Armagh, described it as a tremendous dairy cow with a superb mammary system which moved well on parade.


However, it said it was a close call with the reserve champion, Brinsbury Millicent 9, a Dairy Shorthorn fourth calver from Chichester College, West Sussex. The April-Day Wisconsin Red daughter was shown by the college’s herdsperson Amy Aylwin.


For the third year in succession the inter-breed sheep championship went to Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Lewes. This time its winner was Ridings Downsman, a home-bred two-shear ram by Benoit which has already been supreme at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival earlier in the year. The same partnership also claimed the inter-breed group of three title.

A home-bred Hampshire Down shearing ewe from Linda Krypczyk and Richard Davis, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, took the any other down/shortwool and reserve inter-breed title.

It was another triumph in the pig lines for Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer when its home-bred Welsh gilt, Offham Theresa by Offham Ted 4 took the supreme award shown by Alex Moss. It has already been the inter-breed winner at Surrey County this year and next goes to the Great Yorkshire Show.

In reserve was Bakers Harmony 40, a home-bred British Lop from Mark Edgar, Hertfordshire.


Inter-breed pig champion, Offham Theresa from Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer.


Reserve dairy inter-breed was Brinsbury Millicent 9 from Chichester College.


Reserve beef inter-breed Drumshane Mademoiselle from Darren and Donna Knox.


Reserve sheep inter-breed a Hampshire Down shearling ewe from Richard Davies and Linda Krypczyk.


Commerical champion Honey G from Paul Barwood and Anita Padfield.


Male champion Meonhill Hells Angel from LEP Farms.




Inter-breed (Judge, R. Bartle, Hereford) Supreme and female, Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Jenny (Limousin); reserve and res. female, D. Knox, Drumshane Mademoiselle (Charolais); male, LEP Farms, Meonhill Hells Angel (Beef Shorthorn); res. male, M.K.D. Hind, Ravensdale Harrier.

Aberdeen-Angus (J. Henning, Co Armagh) Sup., A.E. and C.R. Bishop, Warrenho Edwin; res., A.C. and C.R. Bishop, Warrenho Erica.

Sussex (A. Cronje, Viljoenskroon) Sup., J. Howard, Coopers Snowdrop 14; res., C.E. and W.S. Millson, Trottenden Poll Prebble 6.

Hereford (M. Clark, Tetbury) Sup., R.J. Hutchings, Fisher 1 Midas M415; res., R.J. Hutchings, Fisher 1 Cheerful H316.

Charolais (M. Milne, Elgin) Sup., D. Knox, Drumshane Mademoiselle; res., Mortimers Farm, Mortimers Lambada.

Simmental (M. Barlow, Leyland) Sup. and fem., N. Osgood, Heathbrow Sarah’s Holly; res. and res. fem., C.H. Carter, Beeches Gladys; male, M.K.D. Hind, Ravensdale Harrier.

Limousin (M. Barlow) Sup. and fem., Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Jenny; res. and res. male, B. Maskell and S. Lisney, Wealden Lobelia; male, Barwood and Padfield, Trisant Loose Cannon.

Beef Shorthorn (F. Moffat, Petersfield) LEP Farms, Meonhill Hells Angel; res., R.G. Isted and H. Richardson, Trunley Timber.

Highland (D. Maughan, Blandford Forum) Sup., Hardham Highlands, Gem 2 of Hardham; res., J. Whitehouse, Fleur of Jane’s Fold.

Any other pedigree breed (I. Archer, Wolston) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Brambles New Moon (Lincoln Red); res., S. Harrow, Waterfield Yankee (Murray Grey).

Commercial (J. Wareham, Heathfield) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Honey G; res., Thorndean Farms, Mamma Mia.




Inter-breed (J. Henning) Sup., Designer Holsteins and E. Brigham, Easthaugh Audrey 70; res., Chichester College, Brinsbury Millicent 9 (Dairy Shorthorn).

Ayrshire (H. Jones, Shrewsbury) Sup., M. Howie, Ridley Hill Stealth Elain; res., D.R. and J. Heasman, Pylon Brazil Joy.

Holstein (E. Griffiths, Sheffield) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Easthaugh Audrey 70; res., Oncoland, Onco Richman Alison.

Jersey (B. Etteridge, Beccles) Sup., S. Warren, Hennikers Tequila Milkie; res., S. Warren, Hennikers Tequila Milkie.

Dexter (S. Adcock, Ipstones) Sup., P.W. Hunt, Saltaire Pomme; res., Beechwood Dexters, Beechwood Gwen.

Any other dairy breed (J. Westaway, Cullompton) Sup., Chichester College, Brinsbury Millicent 9 (Dairy Shorthorn); res., Chichester College, Brinsbury Molly 5 (Dairy Shorthorn).




Inter-breed (D. Bevan, Carmarthen) Sup., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer (Southdown); res., L. Krypczyk and R. Davis (Hampshire Down).

Southdown (S. Smith, Powys) Sup. and res., Wakeham Dawson and Harmer.

Suffolk (P. Fletcher, Kidderminster) Sup. and res., T. Blunt.

Texel (G. Hill, Budleigh Salterton) Sup., T. Blunt; res., Poppinghole Farm.

Any other continental breed (R. Clifford, Driffield) Sup., Tuckers Pedigree Charollais (Charollais); res., Liverton and Carter (Blue Texel).

Any other British Longwool (A. Fisher, Harrogate) Sup. Poppinghole Farm (Border Leicester); res., A. Griffiths (Wensleydale).

Any other heath/hill breed (C. Horton, Cirencester) Sup. and res., D. Masters (North Country Cheviot).

Any other shortwool/down breed (G. Coleman, Horsham) Sup. and res., L. Krypczyk and R. Davis (Hampshire Down).

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset (C. Horton) Sup. and res., Lovejoy Farm Partnership.

Lleyn (R. Bowen, Pebworth) Sup., M.H. Miller; res., D. Bond.

Butcher’s lambs (D. Fenner, Eastbourne) Sup. S.W. Curran; res., Goodwood Estate Co.




Inter-breed (B. Upchurch, Royston) Sup., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Theresa (Welsh); res., M. Edgar, Bakers Harmony 40 (British Lop).

Berkshire (A. Warriner, York) Sup. and male, C. Bull, Blackops Ambassador 8; res. and fem., Chichester College, Brinsbury Royal Lustre; res. male, C. Bull, Morebread Nama Abel 2; res. fem., C. Bull, Morebread Louise 64.

Saddleback (B. Mulkeen, Wigan) Sup. and fem., M. Giles, Tedfold Molly 1; res. and res. fem., C. Wilson, Rother Dinah 352; male, M. Giles, Tedfold Grand Duke 8.

British Lop (A. Warriner) Sup. and fem., M. Edgar, Bakers Harmony 40; res. and male, H. Lake, Guist Cornishman 2; res. fem., M. Edgar, Bakers Queen 3; res. male, M. Edgar, Bakers Ben 9.

Large Black (A. Warriner) Sup. and fem., D. Dallaway, Trewint Black Lady; res. and male, S. Westron, Westerly Majestic Eagle 32; res. fem., S. Westron, Westerly Nocturne 36; res. male, S. Westron, Choller Majestic Eagle 3.

Oxford and Sandy Black (B. Mulkeen) Sup. and male, C. Royle, Langleybottom Alexander 116; res. and fem., R. Crosdil, Sandywood Alison 14; res. male, D. Crosdil Barnsnap Alexander 3; res. fem., D. Aldous, Tan Alison 11.

Gloucester Old Spot (B. Mulkeen) Sup. and fem., C. Wilson, Rother Dolly 324; res. fem., D. Dallaway, Trewint Princess.

Any other modern breed (A. Warriner) Sup. and fem., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Theresa (Welsh); res. and male, C. Wilson, Rother Candidus 358 (Landrace); res. fem., D. Dallaway, Deva Hover 1015 (Duroc).

Any other traditional breed (B. Mulkeen) Sup. and male, M. Giles, Tedfold Captain 87 (Middle White); res. and fem., M. Giles, Alsa Fair Lady 1531; res. male, R. and S. Georgetti, Isemonger Captain (Middle White); res. fem., R. and S. Georgetti, Isemonger Yootha 2.

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