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Cereals Event Preview 2016: Latest kit heads to Cereals Event

Showcasing a large variety of arable machinery from spray nozzles to combines, we check out some of the latest machines which will be on show at the 2016 Cereals Event. Jane Carley reports.


Fendt VarioGuide guidence

Fendt will show its next-generation VarioGuide guidance system on its Vario tractor range.


Using two new receivers from NovAtel and Trimble, the system is said to offer more flexible guidance solutions with the ability to receive more types of correction signal.


The new NovAtel receiver is compatible with with the Egnos satellite system and can be upgraded to RTK. For the latter, frequencies for different base stations can be adjusted through the screen.


In addidtion, Trimble’s entry-level receiver also offers Egnos guidance, as well as RangePoint RTX correction, which can also be equipped with RTK accuracy and additional correction services. A further advantage of the Trimble receiver is that it uses the firm’s xFill technology for ‘fill-in time’ of up to 20 minutes in the event of RTK signal drop-out, says Fendt.


Fendt has also expanded its Variotronic operating concept with new functions including Variable Rate Control.

ArmaTrac tractors

ArmaTrac will show its latest 504e and 1104 Lux tractors.


The 50hp 504e is equipped with a Stage 3a-compliant Perkins engine and Carraro transmission giving 12 by 12 gears with creeper option, and features a 540/750rpm synchronised pto.


Delivering 113hp, the 1104 Lux is powered by a Stage 3b Perkins engine driving through a 16 by 16 ZF transmission.


The hydraulic system offers 60 litres/min and includes a four-speed independent pto.

Tractors Galore

Other leading manufacturers will be showing their latest tractor developments including Massey Ferguson’s new Global Series MF6700 and New Holland’s updated T5 and T6 ranges.


Visitors can also assess and compare other recently launched machines such as John Deere’s tracked 9RX and the high horsepower Case IH Optum.


Amazone Cayron plough

Amazone will show a host of new machinery, spearheaded by a hydraulic auto-reset version of the Cayron plough which was introduced at Cereals 2014.


It features a 240hp headstock, 100cm point to point and 83cm underbeam and is available in five and six furrow models.


Auto-reset is based on a hydraulic system which enables the central release force to be adjusted from the tractor cab, thus operating at the lowest possible release force for the conditions for maximum structural protection.


Autoreset offers up to a lift height of up to 45cm of the plough body and 20cm lateral deflection.


Amazone will also show two new plough bodies for the Cayron.

Kverneland 2500 Series plough

Kverneland will show the new five and six-furrow KV 2500 Series plough, which includes an IsoBus controlled model at the top of the range, called the i-Plough.


i-Plough variants enable in-cab adjustment of plough settings from an IsoBus screen, with teh ability to set left and right-hand turnover angle, straighten furrows to suit an A-B line, set the plough for marking out, and swap from transport to work modes - all at the touch of a button.


In addition, a folding headstock design and a cross-shaft which can be unlocked for steering, offers improved road travel, says the manufacturer.

TRP Carre Panterra cultivator

TRP is to introduce the new Carre Penterra tined cultivator. With generous under beam clearance, it is designed for use in trashy conditions, and its 80 by 12 by 650mm tines can be specified in a five row, staggered configuration, with a choice of tine spacing.


Depth control is via a soil on soil packer roller. There is also a choice of levelling boards, harrows and in-cab electric control.


The machine can work at depths of between 2-3cm to create stale seedbeds, at speeds of 12 km/h. Working widths are 3-4m rigid and 4-7m folding, with trailed chassis kits available.

Brock Doublelock roller

Working machinery always draws the crowds and a demonstration of Brock’s Doublelock Roller 2450 is likely to be popular.


The machine is fully contouring over its 24.5m width and features 60cm diameter Cambridge ring rollers.


Brock says the size of the roller makes it ideal for CTF systems and it offers compact transport dimensions and a low centre of gravity.


Vaderstad SeedEye

Designed to allow easy setting of the number of seeds per square metre without needing to perform calibration tests, Vaderstad will show its new SeedEye seed system, suitable for its Rapid A 400-800S and Rapid A 600-800C drills.


The system uses sensors located in the seed hoses which register when a seed breaks a ray of light.


To work, the operator sets the desired seed volume per square metre on an iPad without needing to perform a conventional calibration test. The seed drill’s radar measures drill speed and the E-Control system continuously calculates how well the ‘set point’ for the desired volume of seeds per square metre agrees with the actual feed value as attained via SeedEye.


The feed, which is electrically powered, is constantly regulated to produce the desired seed volume.

Dale Drills Eco-M

Dale Drills will be offering a range of new options for its drills. Improvements include a new following harrow to help with crop emergence, a link arm drawbar to improve manoeuvrability and a deeper tine setting to assist drainage.


Its mid-range 5m Eco-M drill will be fitted with a new following harrow which can be equipped with two rows of tines, designed to create a more level surface after the drill has passed, ensuring a more even emergence of crops and, if rolled after drilling, more consistent firming, says the manufacturer.


Use of the following harrow also improves distribution of crop residues, preventing ‘lumps’ from inhibiting plant growth and harbouring slugs, adds the manufacturer.

Mzuri Pro-Til Select

Mzuri will show an updated six metre version of its Pro-Til Select strip-till drill, which allows users to seed in 353mm or 706mm strips.


The model on display will be fitted with the latest design of spring-loaded pivoting discs for improved straw clearance and a fertiliser placement option behind the leading tine.


Units will also feature the new electro-hydraulic drill management system which offers full IsoBus compatibility and variable seed rate integration and monitoring.

Great Plains Saxon direct drill

Great Plains is to add a new six metre model to its existing line-up of three and four metre Saxon minimal disturbance drills, and will show the grain-only variant - a grain and fertiliser option will also available.


Equipped with the Great Plains‘ Turbo Coulter discs, the Saxon is designed to meet the need for minimal disturbance and, if required, for cutting through and drilling into high volumes of residue. This, says the manufacturer, makes the drill ideal for use in cover crop rotations where the crop has been sprayed off and minimal soil disturbance is necessary to help prevent the emergence of grass weed seeds.


The company will also show a four metre grain and fertiliser version of its Centurion cultivator drill which is now available in grain-only or grain and fertiliser variants in three, four, and six metre working widths.

Weaving Machinery GD zero-till Drill

Weaving Machinery will exhibit an updated and improved version of its GD zero-till Drill. The refreshed design sees the seed hopper capacity increasing to 2.85 tonnes, with a new easy access hopper cover.


The company has fitted as standard the new generation Mitas Agriterra 02 tyres to the trailed GD models to help alleviate compaction and wheelings. A new streamlined variable front weight block allows operators to match the balance of the machine to the tractor and also incorporates an integral toolbox and hopper access steps.


Refinements to the GD Coulter include a new operator- friendly seed tube, which can be easliy detached from the disc coulter in the event of a blockage to reduce down time.

Sprays and Sprayers

Kuhn Lexis 3000 trailed sprayer

Kuhn is to add a 3,000 litre entry-level trailed machine to its range. The Lexis 3000 has been designed as a lowe cost, simple machine with a polyethylene tank, and is available with aluminium booms ranging from 18 to 24 metres.


It features the firm’s Manuset valve system which uses two ‘steering wheel’ type valves to control the machine’s main spraying and flushing circuits.


A centralised maintenance area provides easy access, says Kuhn, to key filling, suction and bowl filters as well as the spraying pump for quicker machine maintenance.


The Lexis can be controlled via the firm’s RPB or REB3 control boxes and can also be used with its Visioreb terminal which provides full set-up control and enables automatic, GPS controlled section cut-offs to be programmed.

Horsch Leeb LT trailed sprayer

The new trailed Leeb LT range from Horsch features 4,000 and 5,000 litre capacities with plastic tanks.


The range includes three specification levels which starts with the entry-level ECO model equipped with a piston diaphragm pump with manual operated valves for suction and pressure side.


All Leeb LT models will feature BoomControl, designed to keep the boom stable even when driving at high speed on uneven terrain.


Boom widths are from 18m and 42m and options include a steering axle which uses its own gyroscope removing the need for cable or mechanical connection to the tractor.

Amazone Super-S2 boom

Amazone is to add the Super-S2 boom in a 30m width for its UF range mounted sprayers, with a transport width of 2.4m and transport height of 3.05m.


The boom is available in either steel or aluminium and can fold down to 24m, 18m and 13m widths.


With its large working width, the new Super-S2 boom is a good match for the capacity of the UF mounted sprayer in combination with the FT front tank which gives a nominal tank volume of 2,800 litres maximum.

Hardi Mega mounted sprayer

Also catering for the demand for higher capacity mounted units, Hardi’s new Mega features a 2,200 litre main tank, with suspension on the three-point linkage and a novel hitch which allows the tractor to drive in and simply hitching up of the sprayer without the need to get out of the cab. The Mega will be fitted with Hardi’s proven VPZ Pro boom in 20-28m widths.

Vicon iXter A mounted sprayer

Vicon will show its new iXter A mounted sprayer range, available with 800, 1,000 or 1,200 litre tank capacities in combination with two different boom types; the HOSA aluminium spray boom with Z-folding and a completely new generation of the HC steel boom range.


This is constructed of Domex steel for strength at a lower weight.

Berthoud Raptor self propelled sprayer

Berthoud will showcase a number of updates to its Raptor self-propelled sprayer.


The Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmission now has an Eco function as standard, allowing the operator to set a forward speed for the sprayer, which automatically adjusts its engine and hydrostatic rate according to engine load.


There are three speed ranges up to 40kph, achieved at an engine rate of 1,700-1,800rpm for reduced fuel consumption.


In addition, the new mid-cab range from Berthoud is fitted with a cab which meets Category 4 air filtration requirements.

John Deere R4050i self-propelled sprayer

Featuring a 5,000 litre tank and carbon fibre boom, John Deere’s new R4050i self-propelled sprayer will make its UK show debut.


Designed to spray at widths of 18 or 36m, the boom is lighter than steel or aluminium designs, but the carbon fibre material used in its construction is said to be about five times stronger than steel and is able to flex, which relieves the boom structure from the stress which can cause fractures in metal booms.


The boom’s low inertia also reduces roll and yaw movement often seen in wide spray booms.

Knight Farm Machinery 4D boom suspension

Knight Farm Machinery will introduce a new 4D boom suspension system, along with its latest boom leveling system, Distance Control II.


4D features additional isolation elements between the boom and the sprayer, while also enabling changes in boom geometry to be made swiftly and smoothly, both of which aid consistent boom height and spraying accuracy, says the manufacturer.


It also automatically controls the height of the boom wings independently of each other according to the ground conditions, and offers the facility to run the wings below the horizontal, a facility which is particularly important to maintain accurate boom height with wider spray booms in undulating fields.


Distance Control II adds extra sensing elements which ensures the boom maintains optimum height above the crop or the ground, so spraying accuracy is maintained and spray drift risk is minimised.


Massey Ferguson Delta combine

Massey Ferguson will showcase a tracked version of its MF Delta 9380 combine harvester for the first time in the UK.


The machine will be equipped with the firm’s 9.2m Powerflow cutting table along with Superflow auger, also being shown for the first time. It is powered by a seven cylinder, 9.8-litre, 496hp engine, equipped with the manufacturer’s third generation selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to meet the latest Stage 4 emission regulations.


The track unit is designed to spread weight over four individual support rollers, helping to reduce soil compaction and create a smoother ride for the operator. Overall width of machines fitted with tracks remains within 3.5m.

Case IH 140 Series combine

Case IH also promises a new tracked combine development, showing one of its latest 140 series on Zuidberg tracks.


In addition, the company is looking at new residue management systems and will have a model of a new chopper being developed by a partner manufacturer for discussion with customers.

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