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LAMMA 2021

LAMMA 2021

Charolais heifer heads South of England beef line up

HEIFERS took the top two spots in the beef inter-breed championship at the South of England Show.


Mortimers Novelty
Mortimers Novelty

Supreme honours went to the female champion, Mortimers Novelty, a two-year-old Charolais heifer from Mortimers Farms, Hampshire, shown by stockman, Charlie Maclean. By Mortimers Hurricane out of Mortimers Glitzy, the heifer which is in-calf to Thrunton Fairfax, was having its first outing of the season and will next head the Great Yorkshire Show.


Standing reserve overall, having taken the reserve female championship for the second year running was Swallowhill Isabelle, a two-year-old Simmental heifer by Glenturk Dynamic out of Swallowhill Bluebelle. It is owned and bred by Tony and Ann Jukes, Kent, who are retiring from showing and breeding and the heifer will be going to its new home in Lancashire with breed society president, Michael Barlow, after Royal Norfolk Show.


The male championship went to Thuxton Onamission, a January 2018-born home-bred Limousin bull by Lodge Hamlet out of Thuxton Laydebird from Tom Liverton and Sally Carter, Norfolk, which had earlier taken the junior continental championship. Warrenho Jubilant Eric U727, a 15-month-old Aberdeen-Angus bull by Hallingon Wizard P445 claimed the reserve male title for breeders, Alan and Rob Bishop, Berkshire.

Whinchat Artie Beaujolais Red 4
Whinchat Artie Beaujolais Red 4
Choller Royal Lustre 4
Choller Royal Lustre 4

In the dairy rings the supreme championship went to the Holstein champion, Whinchat Artie Beaujolais Red 4 from Designer Holsteins, Essex. The second calver by Greenlea Artie Red, currently giving 45kg daily, was bought privately from breeder, Andrew Birkle, and will now go to Royal Norfolk.


For the second consecutive year, the any other dairy breed champion, Brinsbury Millicent 9, a Dairy Shorthorn sixth calver by April day Wisconsin Red, exhibited by Chichester College, Chichester, took the reserve inter-breed title. Having calved in April and currently giving 30kg, it has already been inter-breed champion at Surrey County this season.


The judge, Mark Logan, Bangor, said his champion was an outstanding young cow which was tremendously well balanced with a lot of style and presence which moved very well. The height and width of its rear udder just gave it the advantage over the reserve which was as good an example of a Dairy Shorthorn he had ever seen.

Suffolk shearling ewe from Allan King
Suffolk shearling ewe from Allan King

Chichester College were also triumphant in the pig section taking the inter-breed title with their Berkshire sow, July 2015-born, Choller Royal Lustre 4, shown by Level 3 agriculture student, Sophia Shirley. By Fairoaks Nama Abel 1 and bought from breeders, Suzi and Stuart Westron, at a year old and now in-pig with its sixth litter, it took the reserve championship at the show last year.


The Middle White champion, Tedfold Revival 195, a January 2019-born boar by Westerly Revival from Michaela Giles, West Sussex, was awarded the reserve championship rosette.

The journey from the Isle of Wight was made worthwhile for Allan King when he took the sheep supreme with a home-bred Suffolk shearling ewe by Cairness Great Expectations from his Alljohn flock. Along with two other breeders who share the transport costs Mr King competes at the show each year, but his was his most successful trip to date.


Judge, Charles Sercombe, Melton Mowbray, said his champion was very long, clean fleshed and very stylish.


In reserve was the any other breed continental champion, Thuxton Carnation, a Blue Texel shearling ewe from Liverton and Carter. By William Xanthos out of an imported ewe it was unbeaten as a ewe lamb and will now go to Royal Norfolk.






Interbreed (V. Smith, Crediton) Supreme and female., Mortimers Farm, Mortimers Novelty (Charolais); reserve and res. fem., A.W. and A. Jukes, Swallowhill Isabelle (Simmental); male, Liverton and Carter, Thuxton Onamission; res. male, A.E. and C.R. Bishop, Warrenho Jubilant Eric U727.


Aberdeen-Angus (M. Clarke, Forfar) P.C. Stovold and Son, Rosemead Jessica U012; res., A.E. and C.R. Bishop, Warrenho Jubilant Eric U727.


Sussex (J. Holdstock, Canterbury) Sup., J. Hickman, Lyes Poll Buccaneer 2; res., J. Howard, Coopers Poll Regent 3.


British Charolais (J. Muirhead, Angus) Sup., Mortimers Farm, Mortimers Novelty; res., D. Knox, Balbithan Nancy.


Hereford (J. McMillan, Hertfordshire) K. and S.A. Hasemore, Millennium Hellcat; res., H. Jackson, Hudley 1 Lucy.


British Simmental (J. McMillan) A.W. and A. Jukes, Swallowhill Isabelle; res., A.E. and C.R. Bishop, Lynfield Joseph.


British Blonde (J. Muirhead) Sup., H. Jones, Egerton Ivory; res., H. Jones, Ntamack.


British Limousin (C. Douglas, Penrith) Sup., Thorndean Farm, Thorndean Naughtygirl; res., Barwood and Padfield, Withersdale Oceana.


British White (E. Mills, Pilning) Sup., V. St Joseph, Tollesbury Peach; res., V. St Joseph, Tollesbury Moonstone.


Beef Shorthorn (A. Robinson, Towcester) Sup., H. Horrell, Podehole Madeline Glamour; res., H. Richardson, Legsheath Lumberjack.


Highland (C. Douglas) Sup., Hardham Highlands, Dodan Bheag 1 of Hardham; res., Hardham Highlands, Lilias 2 of Hardham.


Any other pedigree breed (M. Clarke) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Hassingham Polly (Lincoln Red); res., H. Baldwin, Waterfield Sabrina 5 (Murray Grey).


Commercial (C. Beck, Halesworth) Barwood and Padfield, For Your Eyes Only; res., S. March, Luna.




Inter-breed (M. Logan, Bangor) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Whinchat Artie Beaujolais Red 4 (Holstein); res., Chichester College, Brinsbury Millicent 9.


Ayrshire (L. Window-Walker, Hunnington) Chichester College, Brinsbury Imp 9; res., M. Deakins, Seakin Eiffel Rene.


Holstein (J. Arrell, Northwood) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Whinchat Artie Beaujolais Red 4; res., Absolute Erle Grey.


Jersey (T. Garry, Bridport) Sup., A. Fagg, Pierrepont Colton Smartie; res; A. Fagg, Futuredreams Exciting Veronica.


Dexter (C. Bickerton, Middlewich) Sup., C.L. King, Northbrook Thor; res., Beechwood Dexters, Beechwood Gorgeous.


Any other dairy breed (R.J. Felton, Horsted Keynes) Sup., Chichester College, Brinsbury Millicent 9 (Dairy Shorthorn); res., F. Mannings, Attwoods Sunlight 2 (Dairy Shorthorn).




Inter-breed (C. Sercombe, Melton Mowbray) A. King (Suffolk); res. Liverton and Carter (Blue Texel).


Southdown (J.M.A. Long, Worcester) Sup., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer; res., Goodwood Estates.


Suffolk (M. Harding, Nuneaton) Sup., A. King; res., D. Lindon.


Texel (J. Leadbeater, Daventry) Sup., T. Blunt and T. Smith; res., M. Liverton.


Any pure continental breed (G. Watson, Northamptonshire) Sup. and res., Liverton and Carter (Blue Texel).


Any other longwool breed (G. Tucker, Launceston) Sup., Poppinghole Farm (Border Leicester); res., J. Shippam (Teeswater).


Any other heath/hill breed (K. Cartwright, Chipping Camden) Sup., E. Spice (Clun Forest); res., D. and J. Masters (North Country Cheviot).


Any other shortwool/down breed (R. Vincent, Carmarthen) Sup., L. Krypczyk (Hampshire Down); res., Wolfhanger flock (Oxford Down).

Charollais (G. Watson, Kettering) Sup. and res., Tuckers Pedigree Charollais.


Lleyn (A. Selway, Stalbridge) Sup., A. West; res., M.H. Miller.


Zwartbles (A. Potter, Shrewsbury) Sup. and res., C. Clark.


Butchers Lambs (J. Hutchings, Hailsham) Sup., J. Bull (Texel cross); res., Goodwood Estates (Southdown cross).




Inter-breed (C. Impey, Mid Glamorgan) Sup., Chichester College, Choller Royal Lustre 4 (Berkshire); res., M. Giles, Tedfold Revival 195 (Middle White).


Berkshire (D. Hobbs, Wimborne) Chichester College, Choller Royal Lustre 4; res., J. Murphy, Castlemast Suzanne 49.


British Saddleback (R. Fieldshouse, Tadcaster) Sup. and fem., Oaklands Pigs, Rother Biddy 308; res. and res. fem., M. Wilson, Smarden Duchess 25; male, Oaklands Dominator 31.


Large Black (R. Fieldhouse) Sup., and fem., M. Naylor, Framfield Golden Harvest 230; res. and male, M. Naylor, Framfield Attempt 224; res. fem., M. Naylor, Framfield Blackie 211; res. male, J. Bell-Tye, Suggenhall Majestic 40.


Oxford and Sandy Black (D. Hobbs) Sup. and fem., D. Aldous, Tan Alison 19; res. and male, D. Aldous, Tan Alexander 4; res., fem., D. Aldous, Tan Alison 11; res. male, D.A.P. and C.P. Crosdil, Barnsnap Jack 21.


Gloucestershire Old Spot (R. Fieldhouse) Sup. and fem., T. Cook, Millfields Josephine 303; res. and male, Messrs Dallaway, Trewint Sambo 4; res. fem., J. Bell-Tye, Millfields Dolly 286; res. male, T. Cook, Millfields Rufus 296.


Middle White (D. Hobbs) Sup. and male, M. Giles, Tedfold Revival 195; res. and fem., M. Giles, Tedfold Fair Lady 191; res. male, M. Giles, Tedfold Revival 190; res. fem., R. and S. Georgett, Isemonger Fair Lady 6.


Any other modern breed (D. Finch, Benfleet) Sup. and fem., K. and B. Arden, Goosetree Vega 9 (Landrace); res. and male, Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Ted 5 (Welsh); res. fem., G. Kiddy, Withersfield Royal Catalina 82 (Large White); res. male, T. Cook, Millfields Champion Boy 58 (Large White).


Duroc (D. Finch) Sup. and fem., A. Dallaway, Azacca Hover 2; res. and male, M. Giles, Tedfold Top Drawer 20; res. fem., P. Bennett, Wigben Lena; res. male, P. Bennett, Wigben Jerry.





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