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Charolais takes supreme beef at Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire kicked off the 2016 summer show season with a strong display of livestock. Angela Calvert and Laura Bowyer report.

Laura   Bowyer

Laura   Bowyer
Maerdy Flambeau, overall champion in the beef ring at Nottinghamshire Show
Maerdy Flambeau, overall champion in the beef ring at Nottinghamshire Show

Although cattle forward were lower than first expected as the show did not have the time to adapt to the recently changed TB regulations, quality was still high.

In the beef ring, Maerdy Flambeau, a Charolais bull from Peter Donger, Towcester, was chosen as overall champion by judge Ian Wildgoose, Chesterfield.

Only ever shown before at Stirling bull sales, where it won its class at 15 months old, it has been running with cows for the past four years, without being handled.

Mr Wildgoose described the six-year-old bull as a good example of the breed, saying it walked well and had great shape.

The bull weighing 1,650kg will now go on to be shown at the Three Counties Show.

Reserve champion was Ridge Dean Jaeger, a two-year-old British blue heifer by Kilowatt D’ochain and out of Ridge Dean Della. Shown by Beckside Blues, Normington-on-Trent, it was bought at the Ridge Dean dispersal sale at Newark in 2014 for 4,000gns.

Junior champion, overall Limousin champion and reserve female was Ironstone Lavender from Smiths of Bloxham, Banbury. Born in February last year, the maiden heifer is by Wilodge Vantastic and out of Bailea Umelia.

Nottingham Trent University took both the native champion and reserve titles with their Lincoln Reds, bull Brackenhurst Trojan and heifer Brackenhurst Molly respectively.

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Controversy in the sheep ring at Devon County Show Controversy in the sheep ring at Devon County Show

Champion sheep, a yearling ewe, Sulwood Proper Job from Carol and Geoff Watson



Females swept the board in the sheep, with no male winning a breed championship.


A Charolais yearling ewe, Sulwood Proper Job, was inter-breed champion from Carol and Geoff Watson, Sulwood flock, Kettering.


At its first show of the year, the yearling was by Elmwick McGregor and out of Sulwood Kinky Kitten. It had eight firsts last year at county shows as a ewe lamb and its next stop is the Royal Bath and West.

Proper Job was part of the winning group of three, along with twin sister Sulwood Prim and yearling ram, Sulwood Pharoe, with the same breeder winning the class last year.

Judge Phillip Weaver, Newark, said he favoured the Charolais as it was a super, powerful animal, being well fleshed throughout and having good locomotion.

Reserve was a home-bred Texel yearling ewe from the Wellingly flock of Peter Longdin, Doncaster, which was also breed champion at the show last year. By Hilltop Viceroy it is out of a home-bred ewe and will be seen at Lincoln Show and the Great Yorkshire this summer.


In the dairy section, Judge Paul Harrison, Northumberland, tapped out the jointly owned Holstein Cramar Affirmed A Cutes cow from Dianne and Roger Steeples, Kettering, and Blaise Thomlinson, of Sandyford Ayrshires as champion. Having had her fifth calf in February, it gave nearly 14,000kg last year, at 4.2 per cent fat and 3.1 per cent protein.

Its natural daughter Cramar Brasilia Cutes, was named reserve Holstein.

By B K B Affirmed and out of Cramar Aeroline Cutie, the champion is fourth generation classified EX95 and was sold at the Cramar herd dispersal sale last year with the Steeples retaining a half share.

The champion will next be shown at the Livestock Event, where it was second in 2014 as a fourth calver.

Reserve was the Jersey Barnowl Action Vicki, which calved in November with her third calf. From Andrew Reader, Brackley, it has given 25,000kg over its lifetime.

Sired by Forest Glen Avery Action and out of Barnowl Remote Vicki, the cow has not been shown for 18 months, but came reserve in Surrey in 2014, and gained honourable mention at Nottinghamshire County Show in 2014.

cramar pic

Champion in the dairy section was Cramar Affirmed A Cutes, a fifth-calver from Dianne and Roger Steeples, jointly owned with Blaise Thomlinson.


The supreme pig championship went to Finnington Matilda 462, a March 2015-born Large Black gilt by Finnington Majestic, from Jack Holdroyd, Preston. Bought from breeders, Steve and Janice Richards, along with its sister in January, it was making its show ring debut.


In reserve was Athenenochua Havnbjerg 19, a Duroc gilt from Neil Giles and Sally-Anne Pawson, Kirton Lindsey, which was also having its first outing.



Inter-breed (I. Wildgoose, Chesterfield) Supreme and male, P. Donger, Maerdy Flambeau (Charolais); res. and fem., Ridge Dean Jaeger (British Blue); res. male, David Donnelly, Ranfurly Forwuga! (Simmental) res. fem, Smiths of Bloxham Farms, Ironstone Lavender (Limousin)
Junior (I. Wildgoose) Sup. and fem., Smiths of Bloxham Farms, Ironstone Lavender (Limousin); res. and male, Gascoine Group, Gascoines Loughton (Limousin)
Native (I. Wildgoose) Sup., Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Molly (Lincoln Red); res., Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Diana (Lincoln Red)

Commercial (B. Woolley, Sheffield) Sup. and fem., W. Hardy and Sons, Bacardi; res. and res. fem., R.H. Naylor, Liza; male, P. and B. Hodgson and Sons; res. male, R.H. Naylor, Smokey.
Aberdeen-Angus (J.H. Swires, Harrogate) Sup. and fem., O. Tunney, Haughton Lola R151; res. and res. fem., O. Tunney, Morpheus Kristy R025.
Lincoln Red (G. Bolton, Market Rasen) Sup. and male, Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Trojan; res. and res. male, J. Evans, Springwood Uproar; fem., J. Evans, Springwood Treasure; res. fem., Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Molly.
Charolais (R. Wyllie, Banbury) Sup. and male, P. Donger, Maerdy Flambeau; res. and fem., J. Webb Drumshane Hotstuff; res. male, Rushfield Icarus; res. fem., Rushfield Jessie.
British Simmental (D. Burkhill, Driffield) Sup. and male, D. Donnelly, Atlow Gareth; res. and res. male, R. Smith, Storersmith Gatecrasher; fem., D. Donnelly, Atlow Bella Rose; res. fem., P. Thurston, Ferrylane Gondole Grace.
British Limousin (I. Turner, Bakewell) Sup. and fem., Smiths of Bloxham, Ironstone Lavender; res. and res. fem., Gascoine Group, Gascoines Lyla; male, Gascoine Group, Gascoine Loughton; res. male, Gascoine Group, Gascoine Lumberjack.
British Blue (J. Laight, Boston) Sup. and fem., Beckside Blues, Ridge Dean Jaeger; res. and res. fem., Beckside Blues, Chardaney Kazza; male, Mr and Mrs Roworth,, Glewstone Jasper; res. male, K. Allen, Almeley Kerry.
Hereford (S. Cook, Over) Sup. and fem., Newtoncroft Farms, Newtoncroft 1 Garland; res. and res. fem., Walnut Farm, Fabb Mad Hatter; male, Newtoncroft Farms, Newtoncroft 1 Mr Macka; res. male, P. English, Cel Itr Rsd Plum 7941.
South Devon (S. Harper, Holsworthy) Sup. and fem., A. and C. Farms, Langham’s Cornflake; res. and male, A. and C. Farms, Langham’s Kubla 10; res. fem., A. and C. Farms, Langham’s Aster 13; res. male, A. and C. Farms, Langham’s Kubla 28.
Salers (J. Watson, Doncaster) Sup. and male, P. Donger, Seawell Johnson; res. and fem., P. Donger, Seawell Jenette; res. male, Bidwell Salers, Bidwell Knight; res. fem., P. Donger, Seawell Kameko.



Inter-breed (P. Harrison, Northumberland) Sup. and fem., J.R.A. Steeples, Cramar Affirmed A Cutes (Holstein); res., Barnowl Jersey Stud, Barnowl Action Vicki (Jersey).
Dexter (A. Hamlett, Somerset) Sup. and male, Buryhill Dexters, Buryhill Little Jack; res. and fem., Buryhill Dexters, Honeycombe Daisy; res. male, L. and J. Horton, Withybrook Admiral; res. fem., Buryhill Melissa.
Holstein (E. Griffiths, Sheffield) Sup., J.R.A. Steeples, Cramar Affirmed A Cutes; res. J.R.A. Steeples, Cramar Brasilia Cutes.
Jersey (M. Smith, Lubbesthorpe) Sup., Barnowl Jersey Stud, Barnowl Action Vicki; res. Christian Shepherd, Lexington Ambassadore Iben.



Inter-breed (P. Weaver, Newark) Supreme, C. and G. Watson (Charollais); reserve, P. Longdin (Texel).
Hampshire Down (G. Galbraith, Kendal) Sup. and fem., T.I. and J. Hunter; res. and male and res. fem., H. Elsden; res. male, P. Rooke.
Texel (M. Furness, Buxton) Sup. and fem., P. Longdin; res. and male and res. male, H. Ashley; res. fem., F. Rushton.
British Charollais (K. Foster, Leyburn) Sup. and fem, male and res. male and res. fem., C. and G. Watson; res. fem., T. Mawer.
Beltex (D. Findlay, Leyburn) Sup. and fem., C. Beck; res. and male, R. Shaw; res. fem., R. and R. Sharp; res. male, E. Jones.
Lincoln Longwool (J. Toolan, Boston) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem. and res. male, L. Fairburn.
Southdown (G. Sprake, Halesworth) Sup. and fem., S. Arlott; res. and male, res. fem. and res. male, A. Readhead-Higgins.
Jacob (R. Chapman, Belper) Sup. and fem., A. and J. Smith; res. and male, B. Cranfield; res. fem., R. Kernohan; res. male, J. Woodbridge.
Kerry Hill (N. Barrett, King’s Lynn) Sup. and fem., Wrotham flock; res. and male and res. male, S. Hill; res. fem., D. Whybrow.
Any other native breed (J. Newborough, Market Rasen) Sup. and fem., Wrotham flock (Clun Forest); res. and male and res. fem, Holly Croft Farm(Oxford Down); res. male, P. Simpson (Kerry Hill).
Any other continental breed (J. Newborough, Market Rasen) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem. and res. male, C. Cormack and G. McDowell (Blue Texel).



Inter-breed (P. Horsley, York) J. Holdroyd, Finnington Matilda 462 (Large Black); res; N. Giles and S.A. Pawson, Athenenochua Havnbjerg 19 (Duroc).
Modern Breeds (S.J. Booth, Lymm)
Duroc – Sup., N. Giles and S.A. Pawson, Athenenochua Havnbjerg 19; res., Knaggs Farrier Services, Littleowls Hulk 15.
Hampshire – Sup., S. Roberts, Raisinhall Anna 4; res. S. Roberts, Raisinhall Anna 3.
Landrace – Sup., S. Ashcroft, Dennett Bessie; res., K. and B. Arden, Finnington Vega 4.
Large White – Sup., G. Pawson, Rosealba Queen Mary 5; res., M. Lockett, Bartington King David.
Pietrain – Sup., D. and S. Pawson, Castlehills Pauline 4; Castlehills Jepi 2.
Welsh – Sup., E. Paddock, Lewin Marigold 11; res., E. Paddock, Lewin Marigold 7.
Traditional Breeds (J. Cloke, Solihull)
Berkshire – Sup., Maerose Pedigree Berkshire Pigs, Barlings Excelsa 1462; res., S. Ashcroft, Barlings Excelsa.
British Lop – Sup., K. and B. Arden, Goosetree Harmony.
Gloucestershire Old Spot – Sup., T. Cook, Millfields Princess 145.
Large Black – Sup., J. Holdroyd, Finnington Matilda 462; res. J. Holdroyd, Finnington Matilda 463.
Middle White – Sup., B. Merry, Pinehurst Alma Rose 11; res., M. Paddock and S. Marsden, Eaves Yootha.
Saddleback – Sup., S.J. Booth, Chapel Colleen.
Tamworth – Sup., S. Roberts, Raisinhall Melody 37; res., S. Roberts, Raisinhall Melody 36.

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