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Clean sweep for the Ridings Southdown flock at Suffolk Show

SOUTHDOWNS dominated the sheep championships at the Suffolk Show taking the individual, pairs and group of three inter-breed titles.


Angela   Calvert

Angela   Calvert

All were from Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer’s Ridings flock from Lewes, East Sussex. The supreme spot went to Ridings Isabelle 8, a shearling ewe by a Brynglass ram which was making its show ring debut. It went on to win the inter-breed pairs championship with the breed’s male and reserve overall champion, an ET bred shearling ram by Benoit, whose ET sister, another shearling ewe, joined them to take the team of three award.


The reserve inter-breed championship went to Chris Sander, with his three-year-old home-bred Leicester Longwool ram, Ascote Fritz, which has been a big winner in the show ring but was having its first outing this year.

Mr Sander runs 50 white and 50 black Leicester Longwools, which are the UK’s second rarest breed, in Northamptonshire.

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British Blue's lead the way at Aberystwyth and Ceredigion Show British Blue's lead the way at Aberystwyth and Ceredigion Show


Burnbank Jenny, a January 2014-born Limousin heifer from Barwood and Padfield, Great Yarmouth, claimed the beef inter-breed title. By Wilodge Fastrac, it was bought from breeders, Dougie and Lynda Graham, Blairdrummond, at the Red Ladies sale at Carlisle in 2014. In-calf to the French bull, Ulm, it has already been reserve inter-breed champion at South Suffolk this season and will next go to Lincoln and Norfolk county shows.

Jenny was also one of the winning inter-breed pairs with the Limousin male champion, Park Hill John Boy, by Ironstone Full Monty, from Mike Dickens and family, Milton Keynes.


Burnbank Jenny

Reserve Inter-breed

Standing reserve was the Any Other Breed champion, the home-bred Charolais heifer, Wissington Jocasta from John and Jenny Rix, Colchester, Essex. March 2014-born and in-calf to Blelack Digger, it has been supreme at South Suffolk and Hadleigh shows this year.


The native championship went to Shadwell Jury Erica R790, a January 2015-born daughter of Netherallan Peter Pan. It was exhibited by the Shadwell Estate Company, Thetford, Norfolk, who also claimed the Hereford championship with the Badlingham Blossom 138, a 2006-born cow by Yarram Pompeii.



In the dairy rings it was a triumph for the Holstein champion, Easthaugh Audrey 70. Designer Holsteins, Ingatestone, Essex, bought half share in the Wyndford Amazement sired third calver two months ago from breeder, Eddie Brigham. Having calved in February it is currently giving 60kg a day.


Inter-breed judge, Duncan Hunter, Hertford, said of his champion: “It has power, strength and width and a near perfect mammary system and is the type of modern dairy cow everyone is looking for.”


Harry’s Ristourn Rosy 2, a 2012-born Ayrshire by Lagace Ristourn, from 15-year-old Harry Bolderston, Norwich, which was any other breed champion took the reserve inter-breed award. Harry’s father, Andrew is herdsman to Jimmy Mills, who trades as Read and Sons, and Harry is allowed to run his Ayrshires alongside their 200 black and whites.


The pig inter-breed championship went to Teresa Cook, Snape, Suffolk, with her home-bred July 2015-born Gloucester Old Spot gilt, Millfields Princess 144 by Littleowls Sambo which has been breed champion at South Suffolk and Nottinghamshire County earlier in the year.


Withersfield Champion Turk 8, a July 2015-born Large White boar from M.J. Kiddy and Son, Sandy, Bedfordshire stood reserve.




Inter-breed (D. Hunter, Hertford) Supreme, Designer Holsteins and E. Brigham, Easthaugh Audrey 70 (Holstein); reserve, Harry’s Ayrshire’s, Harry’s Ristourn Rosy 2.

Holstein (E. Thomas, Kidwelly) Sup., Designer Holsteins and E. Brigham, Easthaugh Audrey 70; res., Designer Holsteins, Richaven Shottle Adrienne.

Jersey (J. Waller, Kirkby Lonsdale) Sup., Bolderston and Partners, Marshview Juno Buttercup; res. C. Smith, Cramar Luck Gypsy.

Any Other Breed (D. Hunter, Hertford) Sup., Harry’s Ayrshires, Harry’s Ristourn Rosy 2 (Ayrshire); res., J. Smith, Twemlow Peggy 2 (Ayrshire).



Inter-breed (R. Rettie, Clackmannanshire) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Jenny (Limousin); res., Wissington Charolais, Wissington Jocasta (Charolais).

Dexter (S. Darnbrook, Newcastleton) Sup. and fem., R. Creighton, Langley End Narcissi; res. and male, K.B.J. James, Sedgefen Black Prince; res. fem., J. Angel, Galehill Filo; res. male, R. Creighton, Endway Little Stuart.

Red Poll (P. Ryder-Davies, Woodbridge) Sup. and male, V. Getty, Lavenham Sir Caradoc; res. and fem., Oak House Farm, Oak House Whoops Daisy; res. male, G. and S. Barnes, Hopeham Fauzie; res. fem., V. Getty, Lavenham Rhiannon.

Aberdeen-Angus (N. Dallas, Woodstock) Sup. and fem., Shadwell Estate Company, Shadwell Jury Erica R790; res. and male, Shadwell Estate Company, Shadwell Lord Horatio R802; res. fem., N. Reid, Overbury Hall Passiflora; res. male, Hawstead Lodge Herd, Hawstead Lodge Papa.

Hereford (K. Stevenson, Alfreton) Sup. and fem., Shadwell Estate Company, Badlington Blossom 138; res. and res, fem., C. Bidmead, Rockland Tiara M3; male, D.R.A. Fabb, Fabb 1 Macbeth; res. male, C. Bidmead, RTC 1 Mountain Man J20.

Highland (A. McArthur, Lochgilpead) Sup. and fem., G.J.H. Rainey, Elizabeth 22 of April; res. and res. fem., M.A. Brunt, Corrina of Kecksys; male, M.A. Brunt, Calum Seoladair Dubh 6 of Killochries; res. male, Chedley Fold, Tomintoul 1 of Chedley.

Lincoln Red (A.J. Hargreaves, Spalding) Sup. and male, N. Mann, Yarn Hill Ulric; res. and fem., N. Mann, Yarn Hill Hazel U407; res. male, N. Mann, Yarn Hill Uther; res. fem., J. and S. Loveday, Hope.

Longhorn (G. Towers, Welford) Sup. and male, S.E. Coleman, Carreg Legend; res. and fem., T. and S. Farms, Southfield Innocent; res. male, Clark and Sons, Newton Yorkie; res. fem., S.E. Coleman, Chalkney Uppity.

South Devon (W.H.D. Scott, Moreton in Marsh) Sup. and male, M.E. Broome and O. Brewin, Welland Valley Pioneer 5; res. and fem., M.E. Broome and O. Brewin, Welland Valley Claudia 12; res. male, I. Kendle, Grove Claudius 100; res. fem., A. and C. Farms, Langham’s Aster 12.

Limousin (J. Cooper, Harrogate) Sup. and fem. Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Jenny; res. and male, M. Dickens and family, Park Hill John Boy; res. fem., M. Dickens and family, Hannem Jingle Bell; res. male, D.C. Wharton, Withersdale Levi.

Simmental (B. Borlase, Hertford) Sup. and fem., P. Gunther, Fircovert Fantasy; res. and res. fem., P. Gunther, Fircovert Cecilia; male, William Clarke Livestock, Williams Fletcher; res. male, P. Gunther, Fircovert Gladiator.

Any Other Beef Breed (R.W. Thomson, Inverness-shire) Sup. and fem., Wissington Charolais, Wissington Jocasta (Charolais); res. and res. fem., R. Partridge and Son, Kersey Jet (British Blue); male, J. and W. Laight, Witham Bank Javelin (British Blue); res. male, Wissington Charolais, Wissington Liberal (Charolais).

Commercial (J. Blanchard, Quainton) Sup., T.A. and L.C. Lyon, Coco; res., Barwood and Padfield, Blue Diamond.



Inter-breed (K.P. McCarthy, Co Down) Sup., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer (Southdown); res., C. Sander (Leicester Longwool).

Suffolk (R. Irwin, Umberleigh) Sup. and fem., and res. and male, G. and E. Beddie; res. fem., Millside Suffolks; res. male, D. and J. Inman.

Hampshire Down (R. Vincent, Gelliwen) Sup. H. Elsden; res., D. Middleditch.

Jacob (J. Newborough, Market Rasen) Sup. and fem., res. and male, res. fem. and res. male, A.R. and J. Smith.

Norfolk Horn (A. Lacy, York) Sup. and male, N. Beaton and Son; res. and fem., Collison and Associates; res. male, Catfield Hall; res. fem., E. and S. Clover.

Southdown (A. Draper, Crediton) Sup. and fem., male and res. fem., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer; res. male, H. Lutkin.

Wensleydale (S. Leech, Mayfield) Sup. and fem., res fem. and res. male, S. Holdich; res. and male, C.A. Coe and Son.

Other Longwool breeds (F. Richardson, Driffield) Sup. and male, C. Sander (Leicester Longwool); res. and fem., F. Byatt (Teeswater); res. male, C.A. Coe and Son (Whiteface Dartmoor); res. fem., Oaklands College Farm (Teeswater).

Other Down breeds (L. French, Launceston) Sup. and male and res. male, T. Pratt (Poll Dorset); res. and fem. and res. fem., B. Lugsden, Dorset Down.

Other native breeds (L. French, Launceston) Sup. and fem., D. Knowles and D. Brown (Kerry Hill); res. and male, M.F. and G. Sprake (Devon Closewool); res. fem. and res. male, M. Whitehead (Lleyn).

Charollais (B. Davies, Brecon) Sup. and res., M.J. and J.A. Pinney.

Texel (T. Blythe, Boston) Sup. T. and J. Prentice; res., A. Pinny.

Any Other Continental breed (B. Davies, Brecon) Sup., E.D. Jones (Beltex); res., Beckbred Livestock (Beltex).

Butchers Lambs (J. Blanchard, Quainton) Sup. and res., S. Amoss (Beltex cross Texel).



Inter-breed (N. Overend, Co Antrim) Sup., T. Cook, Millfields Princess 144 (Gloucester Old Spot); res., M.J. Kiddy and Sons, Withersfield Champion Turk 8 (Large White).

Sup. coloured (C.A. Uglow, Tavistock) (C.A. Uglow, Tavistock) M. Keymer, Tentrees Peter Lad 233 (Berkshire); res., T. Cook, Millfields Princess 144.

Berkshire, sup., M. Keymer, Tentrees Peter Lad; res., M. Keymer, Riverhayes Suzanne 4.

Gloucester Old Spot, sup., T. Cook, Millfields Princess 114; res., T. Cook, Millfields Sambo 142.

Hampshire, sup., M.J. Kiddy and son, Balsham Golden Eagle 9.

Large Black, sup., P.E. Churchyard and Son, Breckles Jewel 128; res., P.E. Churchyard and Son, Breckles Jewel 129.

Oxford and Sandy Black, sup., Barley Fen Crafts, Tan Alison 7; res., Barley Fen Crafts, Tan Elsie.

Tamworth, sup., M. and E. Edgar, Bakers Melody 70; res., M. and E. Edgar, Bakers Golden Rose 46.

Sup. white and sup., British Lop M. and E. Edgar, Bakers Actress 35; res. and res. British Lop, H. Lake, Guist Harmony 33.

Large White, sup., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Withersfield Champion Turk 8; res., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Withersfield Royal Catalina 70.





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