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LAMMA 2021

LAMMA 2021

Cove Nigella named supreme beef champion at Bath and West

Clinching the beef inter-breed trophy in a toughly-fought line-up at the Royal Bath and West Show, Shepton Mallet, was Clare Clapp, Tiverton with her Charolais champion.

Inter-breed beef champion, Cove Nigella from Clare Clapp, Tiverton.
Inter-breed beef champion, Cove Nigella from Clare Clapp, Tiverton.
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Cove Nigella takes supreme beef championship at Bath and West

This was home-bred heifer, Cove Nigella, a January 2017-born daughter of Davally Illusion. It also took the reserve female champion title at Devon Show. As well as taking the Charolais championship, Ms Clapp took the reserve spot too with Balbithan Neopolitan which stood second in the heifer class to the champion.

Reserve beef champion, Clannaborough Favre from M. and D. Cowell, Ashreigney.
Reserve beef champion, Clannaborough Favre from M. and D. Cowell, Ashreigney.

Taking the reserve inter-breed title was M. and D. Cowell, Ashreigney, with their five-year-old Devon bull, Clannaborough Favre. The Cowell’s bought a half share of the bull by Thorndale Assirati earlier this year and it was placed second in its class at Devon Show. It will go on to show at North Devon Show and Mid Berkshire Show.


Also pulled forward into the shortlist was the Limousin champion, Willodge Larimar, from Nick and Lisa Hill, Cheddar. The cow by Powerful Irish was bought privately from Paul and Christine Tippetts’ Willodge herd in February 2018. It was shown as an in-calf heifer and won the inter-breed at Dorset, Mid-Somerset and North Somerset shows.


The British Blue champion was also picked as a finalist by the judge, this was Stoneleigh Nemesis, a 16-month-old heifer from E.C. Haste’s Stoneleigh herd of 80 pedigree cows based in Shebbear. The home-bred heifer, by Cromwell Gunner is out of Freespirit and was reserve female champion at Devon Show this year.


The Longhorn champion was the final breed in the shortlist, this was Carreg Rye Grass, from Bernard and Margaret Llewellyn, Llandeilo. The home-bred, March 2017-born heifer by Fishwick Macavity is out of Carreg Flora.

The Dexter national show is also held at Bath and West and saw a gathering of over 60 Dexter cattle of all ages. The championship went to the female champion, Tooloos Freesia from Abbie, Les and Tom Digweed, Chipping Campden. The home-bred cow by Wise Harris Hawk calved with its third calf five weeks ago and was shown with the heifer, Mayflower at foot. Freesia is one of 20 Dexters in the Tooloos herd and has been named as the best milking cow in the UK twice.

Supreme sheep champion, Sheldon Rosie, from Gerald Burrough, Honiton.
Supreme sheep champion, Sheldon Rosie, from Gerald Burrough, Honiton.

In the sheep rings, Gerald Burrough, Honiton claimed the inter-breed with his Charollais shearling ewe, Sheldon Rosie, which was also the inter-breed continental shortwool champion. The home-bred ewe was also reserve breed champion at Devon County show and will sell at Worcester later in the year.


The reserve spot went to the reserve continental shortwool champion, the Texel from David Bradley-Farmer who travelled all the way from Dumfries to compete at the show. The shearling ewe by the 32,000gns Mullan Amigo was bought privately as a ewe lamb from Robert Cockburn, Lanark.


Also standing in the inter-breed line up was the native shortwool champion, the Hampshire Down, a home-bred shearling ewe from Adrian Rundle’s Newquay-based Treworthal flock. Treworthal Chrissie is by Merrybanks Masterchef and out of a Yarcombe ewe.


The winner of the native longwool or mountain inter-breed was Wrotham Cadence, a Clun Forest from Claire and Chloe Burrough’s, Burroway flock, Axminster. The shearling ewe was bought from the Wrotham flock of Del Knowles, Yorkshire and is by his well-known stock ram, Ritchie.

The reserve sheep inter-breed champion, a Texel shearling from David Bradley-Farmer, Dumfries.
dairy champ and pic
Supreme dairy champion, Kedar Princess Cleopatra from Victoria Dimond, Mark.

The Brown Swiss, champion of the any other dairy breed class took the supreme dairy title, this was Kedar Princess Cleopatra from Victoria Dimond, Mark, Somerset. The third-calved cow was bought as a foundation cow from Jonny Lochhead, Dumfries. It calved in February and is giving 45kg daily as part of Ms Dimond’s 100-strong herd of Brown Swiss, Jersey and British Friesian cows. By Prince, the cow was breed champion at North Somerset show earlier in the season.

res dairy and pic
Reserve inter-breed dairy champion, Olympic response Belladonna from Lynn Robertson, Chipping Sodbury.

In reserve was the Jersey champion, Olympic Response Belladonna, from Lynn Robertson, Chipping Sodbury, which was also the inter-breed exhibitor-bred champion. By Arethusa Verbatim Response, the heifer calved in October and is giving 28kg a day. The heifer, which is classified VG87, was Mrs Robertson’s first home-bred Jersey.


The inter-breed exhibitor-bred reserve champion was also pulled forwards into the shortlist, this was the Guernsey champion, Latifa Princess Leia, from Caroline Moody, Ringwood. Shown one-month fresh with its fourth calf, the home-bred cow is currently giving 45kg daily following a third lactation yield of 12,650kg.

Supreme pig champion, Berkswell Ruby 22 from Caroline Wheatley-Hubbard, Warminster.

The pig inter-breed honours went to Caroline Wheatley Hubbard’s Tamworth gilt, Berkswell Ruby 22. Based in Warminster the home-bred, July 2018-born gilt is by home-bred boar, Berkswell Jasper and out of Berkswell Ruby.


In reserve was the overall and female Large Black champion, Sock Doreen 231 from P.G. Snell and Sons, Yeovil. The home-bred, August 2018-born gilt is by Hwlefford Defender 123.



Inter-breed (Judge, R. Dorrell, Shawley) Supreme, C. Clapp, Cove Nigella (Charolais); reserve, M. and D. Cowell, Clannaborough Favre (Devon).

Junior inter-breed (S. Edwards, Leicester) Sup., A.E. Nesbitt Farms, Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49 (Hereford); res., D. Knight, Doncombe Over the Moon (British Blonde).


Belted Galloway (J. Jordan, Newton Abbott) Sup. and fem., M. Airbib, Howemill Mustang Sally; res. and male, Meadowhill Karlos; res. male, D. and J. Galloway, Marstone Monach; res. fem., A. Bunning, Howe Mill Wedding Bell.


British Blonde (J. Weightman, Peterlee) Sup. and fem., A.L. Westcott; Exmoor Nara; res. and res. fem., D. Knight, Doncombe Over the Moon; male, D. Knight, Doncombe Ozark; res. male, Whistley Herd, Whistley Olly P.


British Blue (R. Bartle, Hereford) Sup. and fem., E.C. Haste, Stoneleigh Nemesis; res. and male, Newpole Livestock, Newpole Lomu; res. male, E.C. Haste, Stoneleigh Nero; res. fem., IZ Blues, IZ Nia.


British Charolais (A. Smith, Newark) Sup. and fem., C. Clapp, Cove Nigella; res. and res. fem., C. Clapp, Balbithan Neopolitan; male, L.M. French, Newdirection Olivertwist; res. male, R. Darch, Chard Octavia.


British Limousin (C. Scoutter, Ashby de la Zouch) Sup. and fem., N. and L. Hill, Wilodge Larimar; res. and res. fem., A.K. and J.K. Smith, Dinmore Nefertiti; male, N. and L. Hill, Keenaught Moose; res. male, A.K. and J.K. Smith, Smithy Optimist.


British Simmental (A. Davies, Cardigan) Sup. and male, R.J. and B.E. Kimber, Beanhill Highness; res. and fem., R.J. and B.E. Kimber, Beanhill Ellie; res. male, J. Lewis, Biddlesden Jack Daniels 18; res. fem., J. Lewis, Biddlesden Irresistible Fleur.


Commercial (J. Wareham, Heathfield) Sup., L. Hill, Bootylicious (British Blue cross); res., R.B. and D.F. Cox, Little Miss Lucky ((Limousin cross).

Devon (M. Allen, Huntingdon) Sup. and male, M. and D. Cowell, Clannaborough Favre; res. and fem., Poad and Slee, Exmoor Flirt 1; res. male, J. May, Boskenna Donal.


Hereford (P.R.J. Vincent, Diss) Sup. and male, S.C. and G.L. Hartwright, res. and fem., W. Awan, Coley 1 Clara; res. male, R.A. and V.A. Mitchell, Lanscombe 1 Wizard; res. fem., A.E. Nesbitt Farms, Cleland 1 Oyster Gem 49.


Longhorn (W. Finucane, Whitland) Sup. and fem., Bernard and Margaret Llewellyn, Carreg Rye Grass; res. and male, B. Facon, Gentons Ramses; res. male, D. Howden, Pointer Eat You Alive; res. fem., B. Facon, Gentons Sara.


Any other native breed (M. Cormack, Hereford) Sup. and fem., C.J. and J.M.L. Hutchings and Sons, Barlaes Nancy 163 (Galloway); res. and male, Trehudreth Farm, Auchmacoy Victor (Lincoln Red); res. male, Trehudreth Farms, Trehudreth Xactly (Lincoln Red); res. fem., Trehudreth Farm, Trehudreth Flavour W363 (Lincoln Red).



Inter-breed (P. Waring, Yorkshire) Sup., L. Robertson, Olympic Response Belladonna (Jersey); res., V. Dimond, Kedar Princess Cleopatra.


Ayrshire (A. Walters, Callington) Sup., Rockett and Marshall, Greenway Blue Moon; res., Rockett and Marshall, Greenway Diamond Jubilee.


Guernsey (A. Thomas, Lutterworth) Sup., C. Moody, Latifa Princess Leia; res., N.K. and L. Sales, Avalon Fernando Linda.


Holstein (B. Yates, Shepton Mallet) Sup., D.B. and H. Miles, Withamhall Brash Kitkat 2; res., R. Norman, Excellence Bradnick Clarisa.


Jersey (H. Wilson, Cardigan) Sup., L. Robertson, Olympic Response Belladonna; res., Barnowl Jerseys, Barnowl Invictus Bouquet.


Any other dairy breed (A. Walters, Callington) Sup., V. Dimond, Kedar Princess Cleopatra (Brown Swiss); res., Rockett and Marshall, Greenway Solo Billie Jo (British Friesian).


Dexter Sup. and fem., L. Digweed, Tooloos Freesia; res. and male, C. King Avalon Dexters, Northbrook Thor; res. male, J. Nuttall, Brenin Llewwllyn; res. fem., G.J. and J.B. Hamlett and family, Northbrook Cassee.



Inter-breed (S. Goldie, Thirsk) Supreme, G. F. Burrough (Charollais); reserve, D. Bradley Farmer (Texel).


Continental shortwool (G. Goldie) Sup., G.F. Burrough (Charollais); res., D. Bradley Farmer (Texel).


Longwool and mountain sheep (G. Goldie) Sup., C. Burrough (Clun Forest); res., J. and D. Jordan (North Country Cheviot).


Native shortwool (G. Goldie) Sup., R. A. Rundle (Hampshire Down); res., J. Long (Southdown).


Any other continental breed (S. Wright, Axminster) Sup. and male, res. male, A. Carter; res. and fem., res. fem., S. Norman.


Any other native hill and upland breed (T. Ward, Mongomery) Sup. and fem., res. fem., C. Burrough (Clun Forest); res. and male, J. and K. Muirhead (Cheviot); res. male, T. Blackmore.


Any other native longwool (D.J. Watkins, Hereford) Sup. and male, T. Wall (xxxx); res. and fem., C.R. Stacey (Teeswater); res. male and res. fem., M. Hunt (Bluefaced Leicester).


Any other native shortwool breed (M. Weaver, Bristol) Sup. and male, res. male, W. Dunnings (Oxford Down); res. and fem, res. fem., E. Russell (Shropshire).


Beltex (K. Armitage, Skipton) Sup. and fem., male, P. and C. Tippetts; res., res. male and res. fem., M.A. and G.J. Heard and Garland.


Black Welsh Mountain (G. Hughes, Pwllheli) Sup. and res., E.O. Williams.


Blue Texel (S. Andrews, Stroud) Sup., T. Prew; res., G. Hardman.


Charollais (A. Thomas, Whitland) Sup. and res., G.F. Burrough.


Coloured Ryland (S. Unwin, Shrewsbury) Sup. and res., D. Smillie-Gray and S. Gray.


Devon and Cornwall Longwool (J. Lukehurst, Stockbury) Sup., M. and S. Darke; res., J.A. Darke.


Dorset Down (R. Holloway, Yeovil) Sup., A. Gibbs; res., H. Stamp.


Exmoor Horn (D. Vellacott, Dulverton) Sup., M. Buckingham; res., C. and G. Snell.


Greyface Dartmoor (M. Thompson, Sherborne) Sup. and res., S. Champion.


Hampshire Down (G. Galbraith, Kendal) Sup. and res., R.A. Rundle.


Jacob (C. Slee, Bideford) Sup., J. Leonard and family.


Kerry Hill (A. Brimble, Bristol) Sup., K. Scott; res., K. Esler.


Lleyn (J. Dougdale, Settle) Sup. and res., R. and G. Jones.


North Country Cheviot (D. Allen, Alnwick) Sup. and res., J. and D. Jordan.


Portland, Primitive and Shetland (J. Crump, Stonehouse) Sup., S. Poulton (Portland); res., Messrs Malcombe and H. Bulmer and Williams (North Ronaldsay).


Ryeland (J. Mills, Ashreighney) Sup. and male, res. male, R. Wear; res. and fem., S. Lake; res. fem., R. Hawnt.


Scotch Blackface (B. Lavis, Okehampton) Sup. and res., Messrs John and D. Jordan.


Southdown (S. Smith, Welshpool) Sup., J. Long; res., Wakeham, Dawson and Harmer.


Suffolk (J. Griffiths, Carmarthen) Sup. B. Roth; res., P. Brooks.


Texel (S. Richardson, Barnsley) Sup. and fem., D. Bradley Farmer; res. and res. fem., P. and C. Tippetts; male, R. McLean; res. male, G. Helyer.


Zwartbles (J. Stevenson, Saltburn by the Sea) Sup., S. Inns; res., J. Case.



Inter-breed (A. Uglow, Tavistock) Supreme, Boyton Farms Co., Berkswell Ruby 22 (Tamworth); res., P.G. Snell, Sock Doreen231 (Large Black).


Inter-breed coloured pigs (A. Uglow) Sup., Boyton Farms Co, Berkswell Ruby 22 (Tamworth); res., P.G. Snell and Sons, Sock Doreen 231 (Large Black).


Inter-breed white pigs (A. Uglow) Sup., M. Brown, Whitecress Model 14 (Large White); res., B. Wills, Laird Actress (British Lop).


British Saddleback (J.R. Wreakes, Doncaster) Sup. and male, S. Samuels, Shenlow Viscount 19; res. and fem., S. and D. Groves, Watchingwell Hilda 118A; res. male, A.P. and P.C. Rose, Prestcombe Golden Arrow 19; res. fem., S. and D. Groves, Watchingwell Silver Wings 155.


Gloucester Old Spot (M. Hick, Coventry) Sup. and fem., A.C. and B.M. Wills, Chilthorne Star 398; res. and male, D. Stevens, Kinecroft Gerald; res. male, M. and D. Dallawa, Trewint Sambo 4; res. fem., A.C. and B.M. Wills, Chilthorne Muriel 327.


Kune Kune (A. Rose, Chard) Sup., D. Stevens, Kinecroft Tutaki 10.


Large Black (J. Sage, Bristol) Sup. and fem., P.G. Snell and Sons, Sock Doreen 231; res. and res. fem., P.G. Snell and Sons, Sock Doreen 208; male, P.G. Snell and Sons, Sock Defender 10; res. male, P.G. Snell and Sons, Sock Defender 9.


Large White (R. Overend, Magherafelt) Sup. and fem., M. Brown, Whitecross Beautiful 23; res. and res. fem., M. Franks, Liberator Maple 3; male, M. Brown, Whitecross Hover 2.


Oxford and Sandy Black (J. Sage) Sup. and fem., A. and M. Case, Longash Clarissa 37; res. and res. fem., A. and M. Case, Longash Lady 81; male, C. Usher-Masters, Poplar Easton Jack.


Tamworth (P. Horsley) Sup. and fem., Boyton Farms Co, Berkswell Ruby 22; res. and res. fem., S., A. and S. Nicholas, Fairybank Roseleaf 2; male, S. Nicholas, Fairybank Ranger 8; res. male, S. Nicholas, Fairybank Ranger 7.


Any other modern breed (R. Overend) Sup. and fem., M. Brown, Whitecross Model 14 (Welsh); res. and male, A.P. and P.C. Rose, Maddaford Thunder 4 (Duroc); res. male, P. and H. Brooks, Lyatts Kola (Landrace); res. fem., A. Dallaway, Azacca Hover 2 (Duroc).


Any other traditional breed (M. Hick) Sup. and fem., B. Wills, Laird Actress (British Lop); res. and res. fem., H.K. Rose-Franks, Buckland Royal Lustre 3 (Berkshire); male, H.K. Rose-Franks, Buckland Namatjira (Berkshire).


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