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CropTec 2016: All you need to know....

Abby   Kellett

Abby   Kellett
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CropTec...have you registered your place? #clubhectare #futureoffarming

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CropTec Show 2016 tickets

CropTec Show 2016

Arable Farming is proud to support CropTec, the essential technical and business event for the arable sector.


Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th, November at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.


Tickets are FREE providing they are booked in advance. Visit




Essential Info

  • WHEN: November 29 and 30
  • WHERE: East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2 6XE
  • OPENING TIMES: 08.30am-5pm both days
  • TICKETS: CropTec is free to attend, provided tickets are booked in advance. Entry on the day costs £15. Tickets include free car parking and a show guide

This year’s CropTec takes place against a backdrop of change and uncertainty as the UK starts to prepare for life outside the European Union.


What is certain, however, is more than ever before UK farmers will have to ensure they remain competitive – in markets at home and abroad.

More info

Individual businesses will seek to meet this challenge in different ways and CropTec 2016 will be packed with innovation designed to help growers become more profitable in the post-Brexit era. Importantly, the show will provide visitors with the chance to discuss developments with exhibitors and speakers.


More than 140 leading suppliers of the latest technology, products and services will be on hand to showcase developments across the arable sector.

Four seminar streams will provide essential updates on crop establishment, protection, nutrition and breeding.


The common message running though each session is how science, research, new technology and knowledge exchange can help the UK crop production industry be profitable in the increasingly dynamic, uncertain and competitive world of global crop production.


Seminar programme

9.30am-10.40am: Crop establishment

Image result for alliance agricultural tyres logo Image result for horsch logo


Session chair: Andrew Watts, Hertfordshire farmer


  • Soil organic matter – the root to profitability

Why attention to soil organic matter holds the key to consistent and higher yields. Andy Whitmore, Rothamsted Research


  • Controlled traffic farming

Find out whether the longer term benefits of controlled traffic farming are for you and your farming business. Tom Hawthorne, Lincolnshire farmer


  • Taking the risk out of oilseed rape

With the high front-end costs of growing oilseed rape, you cannot afford to risk poor establishment. Andrew Blazey, Prime Agriculture







11.30am-12.40am: Crop nutrition

Image result for yara logo

Session chair: Mark Tucker, head of agronomy and marketing, Yara UK


  • ADAS, RB209: What to expect in the new edition?

The long-established guide for crop nutrition is being revised. Day one, Sarah Clarke, ADAS; day two, Susie Roques, ADAS


  • Nutrient issues – learnings from a ‘big dataset’

Nitrogen is the number one nutrient for achieving average yields, but consistent high yields are the consequence of understanding and reacting to other seasonal limitations – some we can manage, some we cannot. Jonathan Telfer, Yara Analytical Services


  • Nutrient Management – measuring to manage and apply

The individual with the hardest task is the farmer who has to collate and develop a practical nutrient strategy. Ian Rudge, Bedfordia Farms


1.30pm-2.50pm: Crop protection

Image result for belchim logo



  • Crop protection – forces for change:

With plans up in the air following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, times are changing rapidly in the area of crop protection. So what does the future hold for UK growers who need to compete on the global market?


Our panel of experts consider key issues, offer hopes and solutions for the future and answer your questions in the debate which follows.


  • Your crop protection think tank panel:

Bill Clark, technical director, NIAB TAG and cereal disease specialist


Jon Knight, AHDB cereals and oilseeds scientist and crop protection specialist


Simon Leak, development and marketing manager, Belchim Crop Protection


Prof Rob Edwards, The Black-grass Research Initiative, Newcastle University


Catherine Tetard-Jones, research and knowledge exchange, Newcastle University


Guy Gagen, head of arable, NFU



3.30pm-4.40pm: Crop breeding

Image result for bayer logo Image result for ahdb logo


Session chair: Susannah Bolton, director of knowledge exchange, AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds


  • Risk proofing the rotation

Planning the following year’s rotation to take into account not just variety selection based on yield and disease resistance, but also the impact on cashflow and longer term implications for black-grass control and other management constraints. Will Gemmill, head of farming, Strutt and Parker


  • High hopes for hybrid wheat

A comprehensive background to why hybrid wheat might provide the answer to more profitable times for UK growers including how it could fit into the rotation, possible sowing date patterns and some potential pit falls to be avoided. Bill Angus, independent wheat consultant


  • Hopes for the future – new breeding technologies

How investing in new breeding technologies already at our fingertips, such as gene editing, could make a big contribution towards improving growers’ competitiveness and profitability. Professor Helen Sang, Roslin Institute

Additionally, 4 HUBS will bring together speakers, practical demonstrations and the latest news and information relating to black-grass control, spray technology, marketing and storage and business.

black grass pic and text

This year’s event will further underline CropTec’s reputation as a key provider of knowledge exchange, says development director Stephen Howe.


“CropTec has increased its technical offering each year and 2016 promises even more innovative features and content, reflecting the event’s four main technical themes – crop protection, establishment, nutrition and breeding.”

CDP points

CropTec provides the perfect platform to get up-to-date with the latest legislation and encourages knowledge exchange through professional development.


Visitors to CropTec 2016 will be able to collect BASIS and NRoSO points on both days.


  • A maximum of 6 BASIS points per day will be on offer
  • A maximum of 6 NRoSO points per day will be on offer
  • A stamp card system will be in place for collecting BASIS and NRoSO points
  • FACTS CPD points are also available for attending CropTec 2016

What to see...

With close to 150 exhibitors, there will be plenty to see, discuss and, in some cases, try out at CropTec. Here we pick out just some of what is on offer.


1. Spray technology

1. Spray technology

Spraying Technology Hub sponsor MagGrow will be introducing its spray drift reduction concept at CropTec.


The patented magnetic spraying technology system is said to improve spray coverage as well as reduce spray drift by up to 80%.


Knight Farm Machinery is introducing a new individual nozzle switching system said to virtually eliminate the risk of over-application or misses when applying crop protection products and liquid fertiliser


Billericay Farm Services will be demonstrating its FlowCheck nozzle flow measuring device.


Horsch will have the 5,000-litre Leeb 5 LT sprayer on display. Specified with the optional steering axle, it uses its own gyroscope removing the need for cable or mechanical connection to the tractor.


Chafer Machinery will be showing its new self-propelled sprayer. The Interceptor model, designed for medium- to large-scale arable farms, will be on display.

2. Black-grass control

2. Black-grass control

Bayer is sponsoring the Black-grass Hub and will highlight the need to combine cultural control techniques and chemical options to win the battle against this pernicious weed.


Agrii will be bringing more than 15 seasons’ experience of applied research from its Stow Longa Black-grass Technology Centre to CropTec in a special management clinic on its stand.

3. Crop nutrition

3. Crop nutrition

Yara will be discussing how soil and crop data can help business decisions, drawing on more than 40 years’ soil and plant sample data analysed by Yara Analytical Services.


New trial results highlighting the importance of key nutrient application timing will feature on the CF Fertilisers stand.


4. Precision farming

4. Precision farming

IPF will be offering all visitors the chance to receive a free autumn satellite image for one of their fields, processed within one hour. IPF staff will be on-hand to explain what the image is showing and discuss how any variation could be managed.


Crop Angel is launching its own range of bespoke, aerial-approved products developed for use with its fleet of agricultural UAVs (drones).


Latest drone developments, including software which allows growers to use their own drones to map fields, will be on show on Agrovista’s stand.


5. Varieties and seeds

5. Varieties and seeds

With 2017/18 Recommended Lists launched online the day before CropTec, the event provides a timely opportunity to discuss the latest varietal developments with AHDB experts.


Cope Seeds will be showcasing its range of combinable crop varieties and will also be launching its Excel seed brand, which it guarantees to be free of black-grass.


Elsoms will be showcasing its wheat varieties, including AHDB candidates, Bennington, Moulton, Freiston and Dunston, as well as oilseed rape, winter and spring oats and barley, hybrid wheats, vining peas and energy crops.

6. Crop protection

6. Crop protection

Dow AgroSciences will be inviting visitors to learn more about its new herbicide products based on the active ingredient Arylex Active, including the first product, Pixxaro (Arylex + fluroxypyr), launched earlier this year.

7. Stewardship

CropTec’s headline sponsor Adama will be demonstrating an enhanced version of the WaterAware app.


The Crop Protection Association will be demonstrating the recently-launched BeeConnected website designed to help farmers inform beekeepers of their intention to spray an insecticide.


The OSR Herbicides? Think Water campaign aimed at supporting farmers to continue responsible use of oilseed rape herbicides is being highlighted by the Voluntary Initiative in the Spraying Technology Hub.



8. Machinery

8. Machinery

Tractair will be showing its CTIS system, which allows tyre pressures to be pressures from inside the tractor cab at the touch of a button.


Great Plains, will be showcasing the new mounted X-Press VX short disc harrow and ST toolbar, with an emphasis on solutions designed to maintain good soil structure.


Opico will be at CropTec to give advice on the Sky MaxiDrill and EasyDrill seeders for growers considering how to move forward with no-till, min-till, cover cropping or companion crops.


Claydon will be showing its three-metre mounted seed and fertiliser combination drill.


John Deere’s new-generation StarFire 6000 satellite makes its UK show debut at CropTec. Successor to the 3000 model, it features an improved antenna and the latest in global navigation satellite system signal processing technology.


Schulte is introducing a stubble crusher with fixed-knife technology to the UK, designed to help in direct drilling and strip tillage seeding situations.

9. Grain drying and storage

Allmet will be showing how drying costs can be reduced and drying capacity increased with its Intelligent Dryer Control System, which optimises the drying process using intelligent software.


A new control system designed to provide reliable drying of grain and other combinable crops with minimal manual intervention will be launched by Kentra.


The Dryer Master DM510 control unit and software can be retrofitted to most continuous flow crop dryers or embedded into the control panel of a new Kentra dryer.


Both installations use a pair of moisture sensors – one at the intake, one at the discharge point – to calculate and automatically adjust how long grain needs to spend passing through the dryer to achieve the target moisture level set by the operator.

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