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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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EIMA 2016: Major machinery launches

With so many major machinery manufactures based in Italy, the country’s international EIMA machinery show never fails to disappoint. Steven Vale reports from Bologna.

New 'full liner' Holland

At the last EIMA show two years ago, New Holland brand president Carlo Lambro announced plans to expand the product portfolio and become a full liner.


True to his word, the company’s stand at this year’s edition of the popular Italian show contained numerous grass and arable machines following the recent acquisition of Kongskilde Agriculture.


It is still early days yet, but make no mistake about it, New Holland is at the start of a long journey which long-term could ultimately provide farmers with a one-stop shop.

Mascar round balers

Mascar says it will make 50 black edition versions of its Monster 770 round baler to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.


Elsewhere on the stand the company was also showing the Diavel 630 MultiWrap, a compact fixed chamber baler wrapper combi, which produces 1.3m-diameter by 1.2m-wide bales.


The company is seeking a UK importer for these and other products.

Alpego drill hoppers

Alpego’s ASmaX front hopper enjoyed plenty of attention, and could appeal to farmers in Northern England and Scotland drilling spring cereals and fertiliser at the same time.


For drills up to a working width of 6m the 2,800 litre hopper can hold both seed and fertiliser. The ratios are altered via a moveable baffle plate, and seed and fertiliser are administered using a twin metering system. Stainless steel coulters prevent corrosion.


With wider drills from 6-8m, the hopper is used purely for seed

Arbos Tractors

Lovol Arbos previewed three new ranges of tractors at Agritechnica 12 months ago; the 5000 (100-130hp), 6000 (140-200hp) and 7000 (220-260hp).


The 5000 Series is the first to go into production with the first deliveries expected from March next year. Three models, the 5100 (100hp), 5115 (115hp) and 5130 (130hp), are all fitted with four-cylinder Kohler Stage 4 engines, and transmission options include a two- and three-stage powershift.


More news on the availability of the 6000 and 7000 Series is expected next year.

Bargam launches round balers

Italian-firm Bargam launched its first in-house made fixed and variable chamber round balers.


The plan is to expand the ranges, but for now the two fixed chamber models are the CRX-120 (1.2m diameter bales) and CRX-155 (1.55m diameter bales). The variable chamber VRX-170 is available in two configurations; Competitor and Professional. The latter is a chopper baler for working in silage.

The company says an integrated bale wrapper is in the pipeline, and the long-term goal is to develop a full range of grassland machines, including mowers, rakes and tedders.

Ali weight shifter

Italian-firm Ali received a nomination in the show’s technical innovation awards for a novel system which hydraulically moves the front weight of a tractor forward by a maximum of one metre.


Operated from the tractor cab, and suitable for fitting to tractors with or without a front linkage, the system handles front weights up to a maximum of two tonnes.


Benefits include improved weight distribution when working with rear-mounted kit, increased traction, reduced wheel slip, and the company claims fuel savings in the order of 8-10 per cent.

Deutz clean up 5 series

Deutz Fahr launched Stage 4 versions of its popular 5 and 5G Series tractors, both of which use selective catalytic to meet emissions regulations.


Other updates include a new cab suspension system and the hydraulic flow has been increased from 60 to 90 liters per minute. New auxiliary spool valve controls are also included with shorter levers which are closer to hand.


Production starts in January and the new tractors will be at Lamma.

Solis tractors meet Stage 4 engine emissions

Powered by a Solis-made engine, the 90hp 90 NX is the first Stage 4 tractor from the Indian manufacturer.


Using a combination of selective catalytic reduction and a diesel reduction filter to meet emissions regulations, the tractor also gets a fresh look.


This ‘modern’ styling and new engine will also migrate to the 110hp tractor in the future.


In the meantime, British importer JJ Cook Farm Machinery hopes to bring the Solis 90 NX to Lamma in January.

MF 200hp four-cylinder

Launched at InnovAgri in France earlier this year, EIMA was the first international show outing for MF’s 6718 S, the world’s first 200hp four-cylinder tractor.


The launch is 30 years since MF introduced the 3000 Series, when the most powerful four-cylinder model was 93hp.


Already in production, today’s ultra-modern and Stage 4 version of the 3000 Series tractor, which replaces the 6600, will make its UK debut at Lamma.

Case IH Farmall C

Case IH’s Farmall C 85/95/105/115 will benefit from a number of upgrades for next year, including a version of the Multicontroller for easy operation of the transmission and hydraulics.


An optional additional ram increases the hydraulic lift capacity to 4,400kg, and it is now possible to specify a three-speed PTO. The new models travel at a 40kph ECO speed at a reduced engine rpm of 2,000, and all four are all available loader ready from the factory.


Expect to see the new-spec Farmall C’s at Lamma.

Bigger is better for New Holland baler

New Holland says the new BigBaler 1290 Plus is the highest capacity large square baler the company has ever made. The 80cm longer baler chamber delivers up to 10 per cent higher density bales.


Other features include an increased packer shaft diameter, bigger drive chain, reinforced slip clutch and a revised knotting system and bale ejection.

During a two-day test behind a T7.315 in France last harvest, the baler covered 115ha (284 acres) and pushed out 1,254 bales (average weight 434kg) in 17 hours.

Arbos launches into arable

It was anticipated that Lovol Arbos would bring a combine harvester to EIMA.


Unfortunately, we still have to wait a little longer to see one, but the rapidly-evolving company did bring the first of what will soon be an extensive range of arable kit.


On the stand was one each of a drill, planter and sprayer all made by MaterMacc, which belongs to the Chinese company. Finished in the same emerald-green and pearl-white as the Arbos tractors, fertiliser spreaders are on the way. So too are ploughs and cultivators, and all products will also be available in MaterMacc’s red and yellow colours.

Maschio's monster harrow

The increasing popularity of 500-600hp tractors in many regions of Europe is behind the launch of the HD version of Maschio’s eight metre-wide Jumbo power harrow.


Main updates include a new 550hp rated gearbox, heavier duty bearings, welded supports for the blades and the use of 16mm-thick tines.

SIP launch tedders and rakes

Slovakian grassland equipment manufacturer SIP reckons to make about 3,000 mowers, tedders and rakes a year.


It used EIMA to add a 9m Spider eight-rotor tedder to support the 11m version previewed at the last Agritechnica.


The company is seeking a UK importer to sell the two machines and a new range of twin-rotor Star rakes, which in addition to existing 7.2, 8.5 and 10m versions, also includes a new 5.9-6.5m model (pictured).

Higher power for Farmtrac

Polish tractor maker Farmtrac previewed its most powerful tractor to date, the 113hp 9120 DTN.


Featuring new exterior styling, the Perkins four-cylinder powered Stage 3b tractor is one of six models in the range, the smallest of which is 50hp.


The 24 by 24 mechanical transmission comes from Carraro, fuel tank capacity is 160 litres, and at the rear the 9120 lifts 4,500kg.


Prices start from about £31,900.

Joint sowing venture for Nardi and Valentini

Nardi and fellow Italian company Valentini have joined forces to develop the Combi Smart 3000, a 3m grain/fertiliser drill.


The result combines a 24-row Nardi Regina Plus mechanical drill with a Valentini power harrow finished in Nardi colours. The 501 litre hopper can be used for seed only, or split between seed (284 litres) and fertiliser (249 litres).


Suitable for 120-180hp tractors, a smaller 2.5m model is coming, as is a wider 4m version.

Bondi shows stubble roller-chopper

The RollerCut is designed as a one-pass machine to cut up maize, OSR and even sunflower stubbles at speeds of up to 25kph. For the best results, the RollerCut needs a light surface to allow the blades to chop and mix the material.


Manufacturer Bondi offers the machine in working widths of 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m. The manufacturer had the 6m RT600 on show, weighing 4.6 tonnes, water ballast can be added to increase the weight to 6.4 tonnes for better penetration.


Requiring a minimum of 160hp, the RT600 model on display costs about £23,250.

Merlo's hybrid prototype

Combining a standard diesel engine with a battery, Merlo first previewed its TF 38.10 hybrid telehandler at the 2015 Agritechnica show.


Following a year of prototype testing a machine was on the company’s EIMA stand.


We understand a handful of pre-production units will be out with selected customers next year, and there is a faint hint the technology could soon be available as an option on both the TF38.10 and TF 42.7 models.

Alfaspeed grass and hay equipment

Gallignani used EIMA to launch the new Alfaspeed grass and hay equipment brand, which currently comprises four single and two twin rotor rakes with working widths from 3.2 to 7.8m, along with four tedders from 3-6.5m.


The current dozen-strong portfolio of machines are all finished in a two-tone livery of the same grey as the Sigma 4 tractor loaders and the familiar Gallignani orange.


The plan is to add more working widths in the future, and other products including mowers, all of which will be designed and made in-house.

Striker self-propelled sprayers

There were scores of Stage 4 compliant self-propelled sprayers on show in Bologna. This is the largest of three Striker models from Caffini.

Called the Striker X.44 (4,000 litres), the 175hp engine (220hp optional) comes from Volvo Penta. Fitted with 27m booms and a 400 litre clean water tank, the machine has an underbelly clearance of 1.7m.


Two other models include the Striker X34S and X34, both of which have a 3,000 litre tank.

Mixer wagon magnets

Sharp metal objects often find their way into the tub of a mixer wagon, resulting in dairy cow health problems.


Although there was nothing to see at EIMA, Italian-firm Caeb International has developed a system which not only detects these unwanted objects but also removes them.


Called Ironless, the system uses three powerful rotating magnets, which are strong enough to attract and secure metal objects as the contents of the tub are emptied.


These can be removed by hand and the company is adapting the system to fit a wide range of mixer wagons.

Ploughing in the deep

There are no welds on Italian-firm Moro Aratri’s on-land in-furrow Raptor plough. Instead, all sections are bolted together.


Finished in a striking black livery for the show, the company has applied for patents for the steerable headstock and articulating top link.


Designed for 320-380hp tractors, the model on display has an interbody clearance of 1.2m, a working width from 1.2-2.8m, and works to depths of 35-50cm.

Zero grazer meets alternative crops

The Italian-family owned firm Bonino is well known for its zero grazers. It is less well known that the company has just launched a machine capable of harvesting a wide range of aromatic crops, including lavender.


The maximum cutting width is 1m, and crop cut by two rotating discs is relayed to a 14cu.m trailer. As well as lavender, the cutting discs can also be angled to tackle a wide range of other crops, including mint, basil and spinach.


Providing all goes to plan the company hopes to bring a model to the UK next year, initially to cut spinach. Prices start from about £28,400.

Self-propelled tomato lifter

Italian farmers not only need self-propelled machines to lift familiar crops such as potatoes and sugar beet, but also versions to harvest tomatoes for the processing sector.


Corima is one of a handful of manufacturers which makes just such a machine. Powered by a six-cylinder 254hp Stage 4 John Deere engine, price of a mid-spec two-row machine, which is capable of lifting 65-70 tonnes per hour, starts from about £215,000.

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