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Eggs should be considered a ‘super food’, says new research

The dairy product has made a comeback from its widely promoted bad health reputation after a new study said they should be branded ‘nature’s multivitamin’. 

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Eggs should be considered a ‘super food’, says new research #mythbuster

Dr Carrie Ruxton, Scotland-based author of the new report, said an egg’s ‘high quality protein’ and ‘essential vitamins and minerals’ successfully linked it to weight management, muscle function and vascular health.


She said nutritionists should be promoting its consumption.

What are eggs good at?

  • Improving cognitive performance
  • Boosting the protein content of diets with risk of sarcopenia (muscle wastage)
  • Having a positive impact on people with type-2 diabetes

“The evidence is pointing to a specific role for eggs in health, as nature’s very own multivitamin,” Dr Ruxton said.


“As recent government data show, eggs are a veritable natural pharmacy of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein, putting them on a par with most of today’s superfoods.


“Yet eggs are much more affordable and versatile.”


The study - set to be published in the June edition of Complete Nutrition - could be a major comeback for eggs after years of mis-belief they were ‘cholesterol bombs’.


Dr Ruxton said eggs actually topped the nutrient leader board with high levels of vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, iodine and choline – nutrients many population groups are currently deficient in.


She also proved eggs had a higher hunger satisfaction rate and were better at suppressing appetite.

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