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Glittered lifts supreme in rain at Westmorland

THERE was a strong turnout of livestock at a very wet Westmorland County Show where the supreme beef championship went to the Limousin champion, Whinfellpark Glittered.

Angela   Calvert

Angela   Calvert
The five-year-old cow Whinfellpark Glittered takes the supreme beef championship
The five-year-old cow Whinfellpark Glittered takes the supreme beef championship
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Full report and results from Westmorland County show #showseason #champions

The five-year-old cow by Wilodge Cerberus, homebred by Messrs Jenkinson, Penrith, was female champion at the Limousin National Show in July and was also champion of champions at Penrith and Carlisle shows earlier in the year.


Judge, Andy Ryder, Ainstable, said his champion was a tremendous cow with great statue and udder and nursing a very good calf.


Standing reserve was the Aberdeen-Angus champion, Rawburn Ebony, a three-year-old cow by Oakchurch Fieldmaster from John Walsh, Bury, Lancashire, which had been bought in-calf at Stirling last October.

The Holstein champion, Lordsplain Ross Ruby, gave Bob Lawrence, Grange over Sands, his first Westmorland supreme dairy title. The fourth calver by Plain-O Durham Ross which is currently giving 55kg daily was a winner at UK Dairy Expo in 201


The Jersey second calver, Aireburn Governor Cash, took the reserve ticket for Butterfield and Burton, Bentham. Bought in April from Brian Moorhouse, Gargrave, it is giving 40kg having calved in January.


In the sheep rings the lowland terminal sheep championship went to Peter Woof, Stainton, with a shearling ewe by Anglezarke Uno out of a Sportsmans Tremendous dam which was being shown for the first time.

Whinstone, a four-shear Zwartbles ewe, which has been champion at its last five shows and has twice been a winner at the Royal Highland, claimed the lowland non-terminal sire championship for John Thorburn, Annan.


Taking the upland sheep championship was a home-bred two-shear Herdwick ram which was being shown for the first time from B. Dickinson and Co’s Brockstones flock, Kentmere, Cumbria.


Stoneymoor Melody 43, a six-year-old homebred Tamworth sow which is due with its 10th litter in October claimed the pig inter-breed championship for Bill and Shirley Howes, Kenilworth



Inter-breed (A. Fleming, Downpatrick) B. Lawrence, Lordsplain Ross Ruby (Holstein); res., Butterfield and Burton, Aireburn Governor Cash (Jersey).

Dairy Shorthorn (E. Crank, Chester) Sup., Messrs Robinson, Strickley Fillpail 12; Messrs Robinson, Strickley Barrington Dot21.

Holstein (D. Gray, East Kilbride) Sup., B. Lawrence, Lordsplain Ross Ruby; W.A. and A. Booth, Feizor Gold Chip S Lana.

Ayrshire (J. Adamson, Lanark) Sup., D. and C. Sanderson, Sanderson Burdette Buntie; D. and C. Sanderson, Sanderson Break Ester 493.

Jersey (M. Logan, Clandeboye) Sup., Butterfield and Burton, Aireburn Governor Cash; res., G.M. and D.J. Pye, Bayview Branson Parade 17.


Inter-breed (A. Ryder, Ainstable) Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfellpark Glittered (Limousin); res., J. Walsh, Rawburn Ebony (Aberdeen-Angus).

British Blonde (D. Davies, Lampeter) Sup., (T. Atkinson, Felltop Joyce. (no reserve)

British Blue (J. Hall, Dalston) D. and L. Watret, Criffel View Gracious; res., R. and E. Pattinson, Topside Jake.

Simmental (J. Goldie, Annan) Sup., A.R. Carter, Gerrand Belinda 49; res., J.D. Loftus, Blackpool Greta.

Aberdeen-Angus (A. Clark, Cumnock) Sup., J. Walsh, Rawburn Ebony; res., M.D. Storey, Borderline Gentle Julie.

Limousin (S. Illingworth, Eaglesfield) Sup., Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfellpark Glittered; res., Messrs Jenkinson, Whinfellpark Lavender.

Charolais (A. Lawson, Hallington) Sup., D.A. and S.M. Miller, Crookdale Levi. (no reserve)

Highland (W.A.N. Thomson, Barrhead) Sup., R.A. Phillip, Sara of Hellifield; res., S. and E. Haley, Milis 2 of Earn.

Red Poll (D. Jenkins, Thetford) Sup., S.E.W. Temple, Bowland Yolande; res., J.R. Williams, Pinguis Caroline 12.

Hereford (S. Harvey, Balfron) Sup., G. and M.C. Shepherd, Moorside 1 Jane 3; res., C.S. Fletcher, Barwise 1 Amazing Grace M858.

Longhorn (J.W. Brigg, Warwick) Sup., N. Luckett, Wellhead Octavia; res., S.D. Horrocks, Lowoaks Kimba.

Beef Shorthorn (J. Rowell, Cumnock) Sup., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croftends Harry; res., J.E. Bellas and Son, Croftends Hollie.

Any other breed (J.W. Brigg, Warwick) Sup., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Leo of Balgray (Galloway); D. and R. Cornthwaite, Ballavair Blackmagic (Galloway).

Commercial (H. Morris, Holyhead) Sup., Barker and Johnston, Fizzy Lizzy; res., N. Chappelhow and M. Morley, Gold Rush.


Inter-breeds (all breed judges)

Lowland terminal sheep – P. Woof (Texel); res., D. and J. Norman (Charollais).

Lowland non-terminal sheep – A.J. Thorburn (Zwartbles); res., S. and J.E. Fisher and M.J. Hoggarth (Coloured Ryeland)

Upland sheep – Sup., B. Dickinson and Co (Herdwick); res., T.L.B. and J. Knowles (Rough Fell).

Beltex (G. Burke, Brechin) Sup., H. Jewitt; res., M. and E. Jennings.

Blue Texel (A. Bailey, Leyburn) Sup., M.S.H. Benson; res., R.J. Heigh.

Charollais (S. Hodgson, Bedale) Sup., D. and J. Norman; res., A.J. Thorburn.

Hampshire Down (L.M. Chasney, Great Hammerton) Sup., H. Hindmarch; res., A. Chapman.

Suffolk (S. Eggleston, Walton-on-the-Wold) Sup., G. Hiddleston; res., J. Airey.

Texel (C. Boden, Stockport) P. Woof; res., A.C. and J. Butcher.

Bluefaced Leicester (J. Townson, Whalley) Sup. and res., P.L. and J. Dawson.

Lleyn (J. Kingan, Troqueer) Sup., H. and M. Dugdale and Son; res., D. Knowles.

Masham (A.B. Woodhouse, Clapham) Sup. and res., M.J. Croft.

Mule (G. Shields, Ravenstonedale) Sup., J. Wilson and J. Dunning; res., P.J. Elliott.

Ryeland (J. Arthur, Lanark) Sup., A. Robinson; res., P. Gray.

Teeswater (D. Pilkington, Clitheroe) Sup., J.K. Gorst and Sons; res., D. Stanhope.

Zwartbles (O. Hughes-Owen, Anglesey) Sup., A.J. Thorburn, R. and J. Lambert.

Badger Face Torduu (T.W. Gethin, Builth Wells) Sup. and res. J. Grisedale.

Blackface (D. Walton, Alston) Sup., N.I. Allonby; res., Birkbeck Brothers.

Dalesbred (A. Haygarth, Wigglesworth) Sup., J.T. and J. Kelsall; res., J.M. and J.J. Dawson.

Derbyshire Gritstone (C.R. Mitchell, Holmebridge) Sup., K. and S. Kempson; res., M. Needham.

Hebridean (G. Johnston, Biggar) Sup., G. Purcell; res., D. Harrison.

Herdwick (J. Wilson, Dockray) Sup., B. Dickinson and Co; res. A. Hartley.

Jacob (R. Locker, Greenlaw) Sup. and res., G. Wood and S. Dickinson.

Kerry Hill (J. Owens, Leominster) Sup., Y. Brown; res., J. Graham.

Lonk (S. Pickthall, Ullock) Sup., E. Howard; res., G. Brown.

North County Cheviot (G. Braid, Johnstonebridge) Sup., T. and K. Bell; res., C.L. Guy.

Rough Fell (N.C. Dodd, Tebay) Sup., T.L.B. and J. Knowles; res., M.P. Capstick.

Shetland (L. Bell, Chulmleigh) Sup., B. and J. Watson; res., R. Mason.

Swaledale (M.E. Oxley, Bishop Auckland) Sup. and res., A. Lancaster.

Rare breeds – primitive (J. Burn, Duns) Sup. and res., Sumner family (Manx Loaghtan).

Rare breeds – non-primitive (T.K. Gorst, Sedbergh) Sup., S. and J.E. Fisher and M.J. Hoggarth (Coloured Ryeland); res., D. Coupland (Oxford Down).

Any other breed (J. Thorley, Malvern) Sup., A. L’Anson; res., A. Grant and T. Wright (Border Leicester).

Pigs (S. Westron, Walberton)

Inter-breed Sup. and sup. traditional, C.G. and S.J. Howes, Stoneymoor Melody 43 (Tamworth); res. and sup. modern, A. and J. Walton, Deva Hover 1150 (Duroc); res. traditional, J. Holroyd, Finnington Matilda 2 (Large Black); res. modern, Deva Hover 1100 (Duroc).

Tamworth – Sup., C.G. and S.J. Howes, Stoneymoor Melody.

Saddleback – Sup., J.R. Sutcliffe, Golden Arrow 118.

British Lop – Sup., C. Barr, Liskeard Lulu 24.

Large Black – Sup., J. Holroyd, Finnington Matilda 2.

Middle White – B. Merry, Pinehurst Alma Rose 11.

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