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How and when can you get involved with #FarmingCAN?

Get involved with our new, industry-backed, public-facing campaign which will showcase the real truth of farming to build the relationship between the public and farmers.

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How and when can you get involved with #FarmingCAN?

Today (April 30) marks the launch of Farmers Guardian’s #FarmingCAN campaign to showcase what farming delivers for the nation and how it can be a key block as the country rebuilds from the pandemic. The campaign is a collaboration between key farming publications, events, businesses and organisations which will;

  • Show farmers are at the heart of the nation
  • Demonstrate how agriculture can tackle climate change
  • Dispel myths around food production
  • Share information to raise awareness of the steps the farming industry is taking
  • Bring the public and farmers closer together

Learn more about the campaign here.

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#FarmingCAN - New FG campaign drives home farming's social and economic value#FarmingCAN - New FG campaign drives home farming's social and economic value
Producing food is just the beginning of what #FarmingCAN doProducing food is just the beginning of what #FarmingCAN do
'Farming can provide solutions to our biggest challenges''Farming can provide solutions to our biggest challenges'
'Farming is like no other industry in its scope and importance''Farming is like no other industry in its scope and importance'

What will #FarmingCAN do?


Over the next 12 months, #FarmingCAN will distill real-life farming stories, initiatives, case studies and strategies into informative, bitesize messages for the public.


We will be sharing this information using our social media channels @FarmingCAN to provide farming facts; asking and answering questions, dispelling myths and putting the real truth out there to demonstrate how farming is adapting, explain what is being done and bring the public and farmers closer together.


This positive campaign will showcase the people, organisations and efforts of the whole farming industry to the public through FGinsight and the dedicated public-facing social media accounts @FarmingCAN on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Why is #FarmingCAN important?


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, public support for British farmers has never been higher. A YouGov international poll of 22,000 people showed Britons value farmers more than any other country. No other country in the survey showed a higher degree of respect for farmers than the UK.


The farming community is so appreciative of this support.


Farming prides itself on learning from its rich heritage to power the future, so won’t stop there. Using the #FarmingCAN campaign, the industry will collaborate and share, to build long-lasting positive relationship between the public and farmers.


  • #FarmingCAN be transparent
  • #FarmingCAN be trusted
  • #FarmingCAN help the country to rebuild

What will #FarmingCAN cover?


  • APRIL 30: #FarmingCAN communicate its story
  • MAY: #FarmingCAN deliver rewarding careers
  • JUNE: #FarmingCAN feed and protect the world
  • JULY: #FarmingCAN provide recreation and improve health and wellbeing
  • AUGUST: #FarmingCAN care for the countryside
  • SEPTEMBER: #FarmingCAN deliver for the economy
  • OCTOBER: #FarmingCAN tackle climate change
  • NOVEMBER: #FarmingCAN be a leader in agri-science and technology
  • DECEMBER: #FarmingCAN continue to be a pillar for rural life
  • JANUARY: #FarmingCAN deliver for rural communities
  • FEBRUARY: #FarmingCAN keep rural skills alive
  • MARCH: #FarmingCAN manage landscapes


How can you get involved with #FarmingCAN?

  • Visit and share this with your friends and followers
  • Follow the campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @FarmingCAN
  • Show or tell us how farming is in your life by using hashtag #FarmingCAN – this could be a countryside walk, the food you eat, or a farm you visit with your children!
  • Tell us why you think #FarmingCAN and a positive public/farmer relationship is important?
  • Add the #FarmingCAN twibbon to your profile picture!
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