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LAMMA 2021

LAMMA 2021

Important win for Simmental at Suffolk

THE beef inter-breed championship at Suffolk Show went to the Simmental champion, the two-year-old bull, Heathbrow Important.


Heathbrow Important
Heathbrow Important

The bull, home-bred by David and Lesley Sapsed, Hitchin, and by Heathbrow Grand Slam out of Heathbrow Elegance, which was breed champion at the show two years ago, it was inter-breed champion at Hertfordshire County Show earlier in the month.


The judge, Pat Stanley, Coalville, said her champion was ‘the most tremendous bull, with great locomotion and very well balanced and had massive potential for the future.’


Reserve went to the any other continental breed champion, the two-year-old Charolais heifer, Balbithan Nancy, from Darren Knox, Colchester. By Davally Illusion and in-calf to Gretnahouse Juror, it was breed champion at Royal Norfolk last year.


Overbury Hall Angus, Hadleigh, claimed the native championship with the Aberdeen-Angus champion, the five-year-old cow, Overbury Hall Passiflora by Haymount Wiveiger.


In reserve was the Lincoln Red champion, Yarn Hill Hannah, a 16-month-old heifer by Beverley Regal from R.W. Mann, Woodbridge.

Balbithan Nancy
Balbithan Nancy
Onco Art Many dairy champion
Onco Art Many dairy champion



In the dairy ring supreme honours went to the Holstein champion, Onco Art Many, by Mr Audrey Observer Art, owned by Ronald Billings, Dartford, and show by Holly Dyer, wife of herd manager, Ben. Having calved its second seven weeks ago, it is currently giving 70kg daily.


Standing reserve overall was the reserve Holstein champion, Wigboro Altarush Durose, a fifth calver by Altarush, exhibited by Smith Farms, Clacton. Currently producing 55kg daily, it was inter-breed champion at Royal Norfolk last year and will head there again next month.


The judge, James Hudson, Corwen, said his champion had an incredible mammary system and was carrying a large volume of milk, but it was a close call with the reserve champion which was exceptionally youthful for a fifth calver.

Wigboro Altarush Durose reserve dairy champion
Wigboro Altarush Durose reserve dairy champion
Whatmore Candy Floss sheep inter-breed champion
Whatmore Candy Floss sheep inter-breed champion



In the sheep lines it was a second inter-breed championship in as many outings for the Blue Texel champion, Whatmore Candyfloss, from Laura and Chris Beck, Halesworth. The shearling ewe, a daughter of Whatmore Siren out of Whatmore Rose, was bought privately from breeders, Steve and Sarah Gibbons, and took top honours at Nottinghamshire County Show and will next go to Royal Norfolk.


The Suffolk champion, a home-bred ram lamb by Burnview Moodygit from M.J. and J.A. Pinney’s Alloaks flock, Northampton, which was on its first outing, took the reserve supreme.


Judge, Clare Jakeman, Chester, said standard in the championship was extremely high but the Blue Texel was absolutely stunning and claimed the title on the way it moved, although the reserve was a very correct sheep which will grow into a great shearling.


Reserve sheep inter-breed champion a Suffolk ram lamb from  M J and J A Pinney
Reserve sheep inter-breed champion a Suffolk ram lamb from M J and J A Pinney
Pig champion - Millfields Champion Turk 48
Pig champion - Millfields Champion Turk 48



It was a second pig inter-breed title at the show for Teresa Cook, Snape, who took the supreme rosette with her home-bred Large White boar, Millfields Champion Turk 48. September 2018-born and by Calcaria Champion Turk out of Portbredy Dainty Lady, it was being shown for the first time and will now head to the Great Yorkshire Show.


The reserve title went to the Glockley family, with a September 2017-born Berkshire sow, Tentrees Suzanne, by Tentrees Ambassador, from their Eyke Pig herd, Woodbridge, which also took the breed championship last year.



Inter-breed (J. Hudson, Corwen) Supreme, R. Billings, Onco Art Mandy (Holstein); reserve, Smiths Farms, Wigboro Altarush Durose (Holstein).


Holstein (J. Arrell, Wem) Sup., R. Billings, Onco Art Mandy; res., Smiths Farms, Wigboro Altarush Durose (Holstein).


Any other breed (M. Pye, Carnforth) Sup., Smiths Farms, Wigboro Wick Evolution Peggy (Ayrshire); res., Bolderston and Partners, Marshview Vindication Buttercup 2 (Jersey).




Inter-breed (P. Stanley, Coalville) Sup., D.A. and L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Important (Simmental); res., D. Knox, Balbithan Nancy (Charolais).


Dexter (R. Hartshorn, Telford) Sup. and male, A. Towler, Moomin Sunstar; res. and fem., R. Creighton, Langley End Narcissi 3; res. male, K. and L. James, Titan; res. fem., A. Towler, Borc April 3.


Red Poll (T. Mancey, Stoke-on-Trent) Sup. and fem., V. Getty, Lavenham Brook Kirstie; res. and male, G.P. and S.J. Barnes, Hopeham Fauzie; res. and res. fem., J. and A. Hunt, Watergate Joanna; res. male, J. Broughton, Nobody’s King Midas.


Aberdeen-Angus (A. Elliott, Clovenfords) Sup. and fem. and sup. native, Overbury Hall Angus, Overbury Hall Passiflora; res. and male, Shadwell Estate, Shadwell Evolution T003; res. fem., Overbury Hall Angus, Overbury Hall Patricia; res. male, Meadowbrook Aberdeen-Angus, Meadowbrook Forest.


Hereford (M. Jenkins, Berkeley) Sup. and male, GW Farms, Admirals 1 Emanuel Carmen; res. and fem., C. Bidmead, Rockland Tiara; res. male, Speirs Farms, Pepperstock 1 Renowned; res. fem., R.G. Manning, Chesney Plum.


Lincoln Red (C. Page, Brough) Sup. and fem. and res. native, R.W. Mann, Yarn Hill Hannah; res. and male, R.W. Mann, Yarn Hill Xchequer; res. fem., R.W. Mann, Yarn Hill Polly; res. male, J. and S. Loveday, Woodland View X Factor.


Longhorn (R. Hartshorn) Sup. and fem., S.E. Coleman, Chalkney Xpression; res. and male, Y. Ferguson, Riverlands Paddington; res. fem., S.E. Coleman, Chalkney Quirky; res. male, Y. Ferguson, Maudlin Satnsfield.


South Devon (A. Tully, Brixham) Sup. and male, M.E. and T.E. Broome, Welland Valley Dynamic 11; res. and fem., Bures Farm Partnership, Upper Norton Starling; res., and res. male, Hadley Farms, SAS Eyton Leo 1; res. fem., M.E. and T.E. Broome, Welland Valley Downey 18.


British Limousin (D. Davies, Milford Haven) Sup. and male, Bishop and Ketley, Brockhurst Nosferaty; res. and fem., Barwood and Padfield, Withersdale Jasmine; res. male, Barwood and Padfield, Brambles One in a Million; res. fem., T.A. and L.C. Lyon, Garnedd Nutella.


British Simmental (R. Wright, Doncaster) Sup. and male, D.A. and L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Important; res. and fem., S. Cade, Cade Irresistible; res. male, S. Cade, Cade Justice; res. fem., D.A. and L.A. Sapsed, Heathbrow Jasmine.


Any other breed (P. Stanley) Sup. and fem., D. Knox, Balbithan Nancy (Charolais); res. TBC


Commercial beef (R. Steer, Newton Abbot) Sup. T.A. and L.C. Lyon, Ebony; res. T.A. and L.C. Lyon, Natalie.




Inter-breed (C. Jakeman, Chester) Sup., Beckbred Livestock (Blue Texel); res., M.J. and J.A. Pinney (Suffolk)


Suffolk (I. Barbour, Annan) Sup. and male, M.J. and J.A. Pinney; res. and fem., G. and E. Beddie; res. male, T. Stocking; res. fem., S. Cobbald.


Coloured Ryeland (J. Webb, Wells) Sup. Shadowland Coloured Ryelands; res., Hughes family.


Hampshire Down (H. Derryman, Honiton) Sup. H. Elsden and D. Middleditch; res., D. Middleditch and Son.


Jacob (J. Dixon, Leicester) Sup. and fem. res. and male and res. male, C.A. Coe and Son., res. fem. B.D. Coe.


Norfolk Horn (J.A. Wright, Leighton Buzzard) Sup. Catfield Hall; res., E. and S. Clover.


Southdown (J.R. Williams, Aberystwyth) Sup. and res., Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer.


Wensleydale (M.A. Elliott, Knaresborough) Sup. and fem., S. Holdich; res. T


Other longwool breeds (M.A. Elliott) Sup. and male, V. Sander (Leicester Longwool); res. and fem., A.E. Allen (Romney); res. male, C.A. Coe and Son (Whiteface Dartmoor; res. fem., B. Chapman (Greyface Dartmoor).


Other down breeds (N. Faulkner, Evesham) Sup. and fem. and res. fem., B. Beck (Poll Dorset); res. and male, T. Pratt (Poll Dorset); res. male, B. Lugsden (Dorset Down).


Other native breeds (N. Faulkner) Sup. and male and res. fem., Whitehead Sisters (Lleyn); res. and fem., B. Lugsden (Border Leicester; res. male, M.F. and G. Sprake (Devon Closewool).


Charollais (R. Towers, Carnforth) Sup., G.C. and C.J. Watson; res. Cavick Charollais.


Texel (T. Evans, Carmarthen) Sup., S. Cobbald; res., A. Lockhart.


Blue Texel (J. Timms, Hambleton) Sup. and res., Beckbred Livestock.


Any other continental breed (R. Towers) Sup., Bures Farm Partnership (Millennium Bleu); res., R. Sharp (Beltex).


Butchers Lambs (R. Steer) Sup., S.J. Theobalds (Beltex); res., T. and J. Martin (Texel cross Charollais).



Inter-breed (K. Matthews, Scarborough) Sup., T. Cook, Millfields Champion Turk 4 (Large White); res., Glockley family, Tentrees Suzanne (Berkshire).


Commercial Pigs (J. Coleman, Colchester) Sup., P.D. and G.S. Mortimer (Metfield crossbred); res., M.J. Kiddy and Son., Large White.


Breed classes (J.J. Newth, Castle Cary)


Large White – Sup., T. Cook, Millfields Champion Turk 4; res., T. Cook, Millfields Maple Leaf 63.


Berkshire – Sup., Glockley family, Tentrees Suzanne; res., M. Keymer, Tentrees Peter Lad 340.


Gloucester Old Spot – Sup., Glockley family, Millfields Josephine 255; res., T. Cook, Millfields Rufus 296.


Hampshire – Sup., M.J. Kiddy and Son., Balsham Anna 31.


Large Black – Sup., M. Naylor, Framfield Diana; res., P.E. Churchyard and Son., Breckles Jewel 134.


Duroc – Sup., J. Knaggs, Littleowls Haunberg 100; res., J. Knaggs, Littleowls Rawdeal.


Welsh – Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Theresa 32; res. Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer, Offham Ted 5.


Lop – Sup., H. Lake, Bezurrell Actress 317; res., H. Lake, Guist Harmony 8.


Middle White – Sup., M.J. Kiddy and Son, Solitaire Woodlands Lady 12.


Oxford and Sandy Black – Sup., Barley Fen Crafts, Tan Alison 19; res., Barley Fen Crafts, Tan Mary 4.



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