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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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IN PICTURES: A nostalgic look at farming through the years

Here we take a look back at the people and the families that have made up the timeline of British farming, the heart of rural communities and the changing farming practices that have taken place over the years.

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Farming through the century #History

Below are photographs sent in from the farming community. It is overwhelming to see how farming has been passed on through generations and to look at where the industry is heading.


Please see the comments underneath the photographs for the information.

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Ben Briggs photo

From Farmers Guardian editor, Ben Briggs


"A scene from the Bury family farm at Guide, near Blackburn, Lancashire, in the late 1800's. In the years since, the town has crept closer to the farm and the M65 motorway now disects much of the land."

Sandy stalker

From Sandy Stalker

"This is George Harrison, aged 6. He farms at Clifton farm Penrith."

roans dairy

From The Roan family


"The Roan Family have always milked cows and back in 1946 Great Grandpa Roan used to deliver milk by horse and cart to the local community in Kippford. Now Roan’s Dairy has started this tradition back up with a modern twist."

keith motram

From Annie Kerr


"This is my late grandfather, Keith Mottram from Lincoln Lane Farm, Lincolnshire. An absolute gentleman, passionate farmer and we miss his cheeky smile! We think it was taken in the mid 70’s!


"He started dairy farming in Harmston in the 1950’s, building the herd up to 200 commercial Friesans, he continued taking an active role in the Farm until he was 80."

"In the early 1900s more than 1 million people were employed as farm labourers in the UK, compared to about 200,000 today. Most farms had a mixture of cattle, pigs and poultry. Interestingly, orchards covered more than 100,00 hectares of Great Britain. Today, they cover less than 20,000 hectares."

Emma Heseltine
Emma Heseltine

From Emma Armstrong


Sent in by Emma Armstrong, these are pictures of her Grandparents who were milkmen. The images are from the 1950's.

Janine m heathy

From Janine Heath


"This is a rare photo of my Grandad John (who turned 80 in May) in the bean rows at his family farm near Leek in North Staffordshire.


"They farmed a mixed system with a lot of poultry.


"Following a dairy tenancy with my grandma, he later turned to stone masonry, building traditional farm houses, dry stone walls and installing milking parlours.

"He still reads all of the farming magazines, despite an impending heart bypass operation.​"

"Perhaps one of the biggest developments in terms of farming efficiency was the three-point hitch system, developed in the 1930's by Irish farmer Harry Ferguson. Before this, tractors were little more than mechanized horses, with all implements harnessed to them."

james rhodes
james rhodes
Jon Stanley
Jon Stanley
Jon stanley
Jon Stanley

From Jon Stanley, a Farmers Guardian In Your Field columnist:


"All taken at Hooton Pagnell South Yorkshire. G Stanley & Sons - my parents and grandparents farm in Dorset."


From Farmers Guardian picture editor, Theresa Eveson

Theresa's Grandpa, Herbert Binch, with son Jack at Goosedale Farm, Nottingham circa 1940.

Andrew Cowell
Andrew Cowell harvest
ndrew cowell old pic

Andrew Cowell, 80, St Lawrence, Essex. He has three children and five grandchildren


"Andrew’s Dad died suddenly when he was only sixteen-years-old.


Just as suddenly, as an only child, Andrew had to run the family farm: 130 acres and 40 cows. He knew the farm well of course, having spent all the hours outside of school watching and learning from his own Father. Running it alone at sixteen was however a very different proposition altogether.


Andrew turned eighty recently. The farm has changed - it is now arable and around 700 acres as well as farming several hundred acres for other people. Although Neil (Andrew’s son) now runs the farm, Andrew still works on it every day for what many people would see as a full-time job. He however, views 40 hours per week as part time! Last year was his 64th harvest since his Father died. He still does most of the combining."


The future

Advances in technology are being made constantly and the farming industry is no stranger to using new and improved systems in order to increase efficiency.


The use of drones has become extremely popular, especially within the arable world with many farmers using their new eyes in the sky to take a closer look at their crops.


The machinery world is also marching on.


The CNH group are currently testing autonomous tractors for a wide range of applications.


Engineers from Harper Adams also started a hugely ambitious project, Hands Free Hectare, where they planned to harvest and farm crops without ever stepping foot in to the field.

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