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Jacob dominates sheep rings for first time at Cheshire Show

There were two glorious days of sunshine at Cheshire Show, which saw hot competition in the beef, sheep, dairy and pigs rings. Louise Hartley reports. 

Louise   Hartley

Louise   Hartley

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Dinmore Glorious takes the crown at Royal Three Counties show Dinmore Glorious takes the crown at Royal Three Counties show
Royal Highland receives record attendance figures Royal Highland receives record attendance figures
Videos from the Royal Highland show Videos from the Royal Highland show

In what is believed to be a first for Cheshire Show, the Jacob tup Moorhouse Busy was tapped out as inter-breed champion by judge, Neale McQuistin, Dumfries and Galloway. 
From Geoff Wood and Sheila Dickinson, Ulverston, the January-2013 born tup, is out of a Dunmore ewe and by a home-bred tup.
As a shearling, it was second in its class at last year’s Great Yorkshire Show and will be competing once again in a few weeks time.
Part of a seven-strong show team today, which won three first prize rosettes, it makes up a flock of 120 Jacobs and 20 Mule gimmers.



In reserve was Anne Harvey with her Shropshire shearling ram.

The National Southdown Show, held at Cheshire this year saw Goodwood Estate, West Sussex lead the breed with a ewe lamb and J.C. and S. Long, Kent, take reserve with an aged ram.

Beef champion

Beef champion
In the beef ring, Paul Dawes, Herefordshire, secured his seventh inter-breed beef championship at Cheshire, this time with the calved heifer, Dinmore Glorious, shown with its December-bornbull calf at foot.
Home-bred, out of Aghadowey Alix and by Wilodge Vantastic, it was inter-breed champion at the recent Three Counties Show. The Dimnore show team, brought out by Richard Bartle and Mary Cormack, also made up the inter-breed pair and team winners.
Yesterday's win brought their inter-breed titles up to nine consecutive wins from five different Dinmore animals.
At home the Dawes family run 400 beef animals, including over 200 pedigree Limousins and recipients.
Reserve beef
Inter-breed judge, Alasdair Houston, Greta Green, tapped out Boomer Birch’s Hereford heifer, Dendor 1 Jennifer 15 as overall 
Bought last summer from Aled Jones, Newtown, to join the Staffordshire-based Skyhigh herd, jointly owned with Graham Brindley, Shropshire, it was female championship at Staffordshire Show and reserve female at Shropshire and Royal Three Counties shows.
It will be going to the Great Yorkshire and Royal Welsh shows next month. 

Junior beef champion

Junior beef champion

Owned and exhibited by vet, Owen Tunney, Northwich the Aberdeen Angus heifer, Morpheus Lady Luck took the top spot in the junior beef section.


The 15-month old heifer, by Rawburn Double Oseven and out of Lockerley Laura was reserve breed and reserve junior inter-breed at Newark Show this year.


It will be competing once again at Border Union Show at the end of July.

Reserve junior went to the 14-month old Simmental bull, Denzies Fitz from John Barlow, Lancashire.


The Auroch Ace son, out of Denzies Tonia was second in it's class at the recent Royal Highland Show, second at the England National Show at Three Counties and will be selling at Stirling bull sale in October.


Mr Barlow also had champion Simmental with Auroch Eve, which was champion at the Royal Highland last week.


Securing the Longhorn’s National Show championship was Bernard Llewellyn, Carmarthenshire, with the 17-month-old bull Carreg Oak.

Dairy champion

Dairy champion

Woodhey Dairies, Nantwich, reigned supreme in the dairy section with its third calver, Woodhey Bolton Jennifer EX93. Calving in October, it is a Sandyvally Bolton daughter, out of Woodhey Shottle Jennifer and was reserve champion at the Western Holstein Club’s Spring Show.


Shown by son Mark Robinson, the family, which milks 600 cows, also had the reserve Red and White champion, Woodhey Destry Jazz.

Reserve dairy

The Red and White champion caught the eye of inter-breed judge, Edward Morgan, Carmarthen, to take reserve.


From Andrew Ollier, Knutsford, the seven-weeks calved heifer, which was also inter-breed junior champion, is by Hylite Barbwire-Red and out of Hollymere Kite Linnet. It was shown by Stephanie Beresford.

Dairy Shorthorn

Dairy Shorthorn

The National Dairy Shorthorn Show, sponsored by Farmers Guardian, saw Mary, Ian and Wendy Collins, West Yorkshire, take top spot with the twice calved Chruchroyd Peggy 19.


Breed champion at Cheshire and South West Dairy shows last year and reserve inter-breed heifer champion at the Great Yorkshire, it will be competing at the Great Yorkshire again in a few weeks. 


A 2011-born British Saddleback sow from Brian Mulkeen, Wigan, stood top in the pig ring. Garsfield Rosette 73 which is due in August with its sixth litter, clinched the family’s second inter-breed title at Cheshire and was shown by grand-daughter, Emily Mulkeen-Parker.
Reserve was three-time inter-breed winners, Steve Richardson and Janice Wood, Sale’s Ladrace sow, Finnington Vega. 


Inter-breed (Judge, A. Houston, Dumfrieshire) Supreme, P.R. Dawes, Dinmore Glorious (Limousin); reserve, S. and B. Birch, Dendor 1 Jennefer 15 (Hereford).
Inter-breed rare (E. Mills, Bristol) Sup., L. Foxwell, Rhyddid Sgethrog (Welsh Black); res., H. Langley Hopeham Bobstar (Red Poll).
Junior (A. Houston, Dumfrieshire) Sup., O. Tunney, Morpheus Lady Luck (Aberdeen Angus); res., Barlow Brothers. Denzies Fizt (Hereford).
Hereford (G. Blandford, Herefordshire) Sup., S. and B. Birch, Dendor 1 Jennefer 15; A. and P. Massey, Hollyvale 1 Leyla.
Limousin (K. Harriman, Cumbria) Sup., P.R. Dawes, Dinmore Glorious; res., E. Sims, Simse Heather.
Simmental (C. Martindale, Shropshire) Sup., Barlow Brothers, Auroch Eve; res., Avonfinch, Popes Whispers Coco.
British Charolais (N. Brown, Northants) Sup., Messrs Nicholas and Heath, Maerdy Huntly; res., J. Webb, Rushfield Icarus.  
British Blue (A. Wilkinson, Lancashire) Sup., W. Jones, Tanat Jemma; res., T. Okell, Birdswood Glamour.
Aberdeen-Angus (J. Price, Herefordshire) Sup., O. Tunney, Morpheus Lady Luck; res., Messrs Nicholas and Heath, Maverick Lord P598.
British Blonde (S. Brown, Northants) Sup., T. Owen, Romer Faberge; res., J. Ball, Alijon Isie.
Longhorn (C. Roads, Worcestershire) Sup., B. Llewellyn, Carreg Oak; res., B. Llewellyn, Carreg Martha.
South Devon (S. Ward, Cornwall) Sup., J. Ward, Mells Park Brandy; res., J. Ward, Mells Park Foxtrot.
Commercial (K. Harriman, Cumbria) Sup., G. Edwards, Un Bach; res., G. Edwards, Sooty.
Any other breed (A. Wilkinson, Lancashire) Sup., A. Fisher, Rhyddid Ruby (Welsh Black); res., A. Fisher, Nidderdale Ryan (British White).
Red Poll (R. Philipson-Stow, Worcestershire) Sup., T. Mancey, Moreton Lady Blythe; res., H. Langley, Hopeham Bobstar.
Dexter (J. Lee, Dorset) Sup., C. King, Needles Hall Agapantus; res., C. King, Beechleigh JR.
Any other dual purpose breed (D. Bradley, West Yorkshire) Sup., A. Fisher, Nidderdale Athena; res., A. Fisher, Nidderdale Ryan (British White).
Inter-breed (E. Morgan, Carmarthenshire) Sup., Woodhey Dairies, Woodhey Bolton Jennifer (Holstein); res., A. Ollier, Hollymere Barbwire Linnet Red (Red and White).
Junior (E. Morgan, Carmarthenshire) Sup., A. Ollier, Hollymere Barbwire Linnet Red (Red and White); res., Farrick Farms, Farrick Jongleur Belinda.
Dairy Shorthorn (D. Baynes, Northumberland) Sup., I. Collins, Churchroyd Peggy 19; res., E. Crank, Avondale Ada 4.
Ayrshire (H. Jones, Shrewsbury) Sup., A. Rimmer, Haresfoot Napier Bella; res., S.N. Bailey and Partners, Beeline Star Laura.
Holstein (J. Gribbon, Lancashire) Sup., Woodhey Dairies, Woodhey Bolton Jennifer; res., Joseph Heeler Farms, Helton Baltimor Lisette.
Jersey (R. Bailey, Derbyshire) Sup., Bar-M-Jerseys, Bar-M Vindication Isla; res., J.D. and J.S. Jones, Bluestone Jilly Louise.
Brown Swiss (O. Smith, Cheshire) Sup., Farrick Farms, Farrick Jongleur Belinda; res., E. Bruce and R. Darlington, Moon River Etvei Jemma.
Red and White (J. Lomax, Staffordshire) Sup., A. Ollier, Hollymere Barbwire Linnet Red; Woodhey Dairies, Woodhey Destry Jazz.
Inter-breed (N. McQuistin, Dumfries and Galloway) Messrs Wood and Dickinson (Jacob); res., A. Harvey (Shropshire).
Inter-breed rare (J. Thorley, Worcestershire) Sup., A. Tattersall (Longwool); res., Y. Brown (Hill and Heath).
Charollais (N. Oughton, Powys) Sup., D. and J. Lewis; res., A. and J. Walton, Rainbow Passions Pride.
Jacob (H. Walsh, Lancashire) Sup., Messrs Wood and Dickinson; res., A. Urwin.
Suffolk (D. Williams, Ceredigion) Sup., J. Richmond; res., G. Biddulph.
Texel (J. Barlow, Flintshire) Sup., F. Rushton; F.A. Nairey.
Shropshire (R. Brookes, Lincolnshire) Sup., A. Harvey; res., P.J. and A.I. Schofield.
Beltex (J. Howieson, Somerset) Sup., J. Barlow; res., J. Bevan.
Any other continental breed (N.A. Waller, Derbyshire) Sup., J.C. and S. Long (Blue Texel); res., A. Robinson, Wolfcliffe Attitude (Zwartbles).
Any other native breed (J. Dumbleton, Cheshire) Sup., L.W. Walton; res., M. Corwood.
Butchers (J. Dumbleton, Cheshire) Sup., H. Taylor and Partners; res., J. Barlow.
Inter-breed (N. Overend, Co. Antrim) Sup., S. Richardson and J. Wood, Finnington Vega (Modern); res., B. and M. Mulkeen, Garsfield Rosette 73 (Traditional).
Modern (N. Overend) Sup., S. Richardson and J. Wood, Finnington Vega (Landrace); res., D. Pawson Yellowhill Grosage Paperasse 513 (Pietrain).
Traditional  (N. Overend) Sup., B. and M. Mulkeen, Garsfield Rosette 73 (Saddleback); res., M. Paddock and S. Marsden, Eaves Captain 5 (Middle White).
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