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Lamma 2016: Tractor launches

When it comes to new tractors on display, Lamma is certainly not shy and represents a coming together of all the major manufacturers for you to compare.

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Video: Top 10 tractor launches in 10 minutes from Lamma 2016


Fendt 1000 Vario

Fendt 1000 Vario

Certainly one of the biggest crowd pullers at the show, the development of the 1000 Vario series follows the Fendt’s identification of a gap in the market between standard tractors, which currently have a tendency to top out at about 400hp, and where 17 tonne plus tracked and articulated machines take over.


Four models make up the new series; the 380hp 1038, 420hp 1042, 460hp 1046 and the range-topping 500hp 1050.


Taking a leaf out of the truck industry, Fendt has adopted a low revving, high torque development approach to the power unit of the 1000 series. Using MAN engines, developed to Fendt’s specifications, the 12.4-litre motors used have been redesigned to become a structural part of the tractor.


Rated engine speed is a lowly 1,700rpm, but more astonishing is the 2,400Nm of torque which is available between 1,100rpm and 1,500rpm.

Case IH Optum

Case IH Optum

Reacting to an emerging need in the market for a high power to weight ratio tractor in the 250-300hp segment, Case IH has produced a brand new tractor series.


Fitting in between its Puma and Magnum ranges, the new, two-model Optum series will include the 270 CVX and the 300 CVX, rated to 271hp and 300hp respectively. Both models will be equipped with the firm’s own continuously variable transmission.


Under the bonnet, the Optum shares the same basic 6.7-litre, FPT block as the Puma. However, to give the Optum increased strength, it uses a new sump design which sees the majority of loads and stresses transmitted through the sump and very little through the ‘block,’ with the ‘block’ effectively just sitting in the sump.


As the backbone of the tractor, the new sump design allows for a maximum gross vehicle weight of 16 tonnes and because it avoids the use of any additional chassis or side rails, turning radius is also maximised.


Available now, a standard spec 270 CVX retails at about £194,000.

New Holland T7HD

New Holland T7HD

Making its Lamma debut was New Holland’s T7HD range of tractors, extending its current range of T7 tractors with two new models; the T7.290 and the T7.315, topping out at 313hp.


Designed in response to customer feedback, the manufacturer says the tractors have been developed from the outset to be versatile machines, particularly for European conditions, able to carry out high power pto and transport requirements, but also with the ability to be ballasted up for draft applications.


In doing so, the new models address a gap in the firm’s range which the heavier, more load lugging type tractors of the T8 range could not fulfill.


More than just an engine tweak, the firm says the T7HDs are completely new tractors with many specially designed components. In particular, the engine incorporates a load-bearing sump which carries much of the tractor’s stresses and strains.


At the rear is an up-rated version of the firm’s AutoCommand continuously variable transmission, standard on both models. Also standard is a four speed pto.

Claas Axion 870

Claas Axion 870

Currently offering tractors from 200hp to 264hp in its Axion 800 series, Claas has extended the range which sees a 295hp tractor added to the series.


In doing so, this fills a gap between its Axion 800 and 900 series, and also satisfies a need for an increasing trend towards high power to weight ratio tractors.


Now topping out at 295hp, the new Axion 870 is 31hp more powerful than the current largest Axion 850, despite having the same operational weight.


For all intents and purposes, the 870 is the same tractor as the 850, apart from being more powerful. This new found power is courtesy of engine power management which makes 295hp available when the tractor travels above 14kph and/or when the pto is engaged, providing 15hp extra on top of the 870’s rated 280hp.


Unlike the rest of the firm’s tractors which have full power available all the time, Claas has taken the power management approach to this model so it can still utilise the same ZF Terramatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) as used in the current 800s.


Available now, the 870 retails at £179,440.

Versatile conventional tractors

Versatile conventional tractors

Following on from its introduction of the Versatile Delta Track tracked tractor range into the UK, importer JPM Agriculture is now doing the same with the Versatile range of conventional tractors.


Three models are currently being offered; the 260, 290 and 310, with power ratings relating to model number. The firm also has plans to bring in two larger models; the 340 and 360.


Like their tracked brethren, the conventional tractors use Cummins motors, in this case a nine litre unit. This is married to a 16 speed full powershift transmission, capable of 40kph.


Also similar to the Delta Track is the operating logic and cab frame.


The new tractors are available now to order, with a rough on farm price for the 260 of about £80,000.

Branson Tractors

Branson Tractors

Compact tractor specialist, the Compact Tractor Company (CTC), has become the sole UK importer of Branson Tractors.


Produced by South Korean company Kukje, the tractors are already well established in North America, with about 200 dealers, and more recently have set up shop in Western Europe with importers in several countries including Germany where about 600 units are sold each year.


No stranger to servicing and providing backup, CTC has been operating since 2011, originally as a distributor and ‘one-stop-shop’ for New Holland compact tractors, but now wants to go its own way by importing tractors.


CTC first showed its line-up of Branson tractors, ranging from 21hp to 74hp, at the grounds care specialist show, Saltex, in November. At Lamma, it hopes its larger K Series tractors from 65-74hp will appeal to farmers. September will also see the company introduce larger machines up to 110hp.


Available to order now, the K series retails from £25,194.

John Deere 9RX

John Deere 9RX

Adding to its line-up of high horsepower 9R series wheeled and 9RT series twin-track tractors, John Deere showed off its new four-track tractor.


Four models make up the new 9RX series, ranging from 470 to 620hp. Features include integrated AutoTrac guidance, a full powershift 18-speed transmission and specifically developed high capacity hydraulics.


Power for the 9RX series comes from either a John Deere PowerTech PSS 13.5-litre engine (9470RX and 9520RX models) or a 15-litre Cummins QSX15 engine (9570RX and 9620RX models).


To keep up engine response and maximise torque curves, the Deere motor uses series turbos, one of which is a variable geometry turbo (VGT). The Cummins engine has a similar approach, but just makes do with a VGT. Other benefits of VGTs include increased low rpm torque, quicker response to load, increased peak torque and improved fuel economy, says Deere.


Its transmission can be controlled in one of three modes; manual, custom or automatic. In the latter two modes the tractor’s Efficiency Manager system allows automatic control of the engine and transmission.


Available now, the 9620RX base price is £388,688.

Massey Ferguson 4700 Global Tractor

Massey Ferguson 4700 Global Tractor

Not content with re-developing current models in its line-up to meet market demands, Massey Ferguson has developed from the ground up a completely new range of utility tractors from 60-130hp.


Designed to meet a wide variety of needs in multiple markets, the new Global Series is much more than just a range gap filler, it says, and compliments many models in the MF range offering a lower specification alternative.


Transmission choice includes eight or 12 speeds in two ranges, with or without synchromesh, and both get a synchromesh shuttle.


Gears are straight cut using a sliding collar design. Unlike helical gears, they do not require thrust bearings to support the side loads, which make them more durable and easier to service, says the manufacturer.


For the hydraulics, the series employs an open centre system using a gear pump to supply the main services including rear linkage and spools valves, while another pump provides lower pressure for the auxiliary hydraulic circuits such as steering and 4WD, differential lock and pto engagement.

Valtra N4

Valtra N4

Following on from the launch of its brand new T series tractor last year, Valtra is back in a similar vein, this time with the fourth generation N series.


N series is made up of six main, four-cylinder models ranging from 105hp rated (115hp boosted) to 165hp rated (185hp boosted). Two models, the N114e and N154e, also get the firms Eco system which when activated reduces engine speed by 10 to 20 per cent, maintaining maximum torque and saving fuel, says the manufacturer.


As before, the series is available in four specifications beginning with the entry level Hi-Tech version with 30 by 30 powershift transmission and basic controls, through to the Active and Versu derivatives, up to the top spec Direct model with continuously variable transmission and predominantly electronic control of tractor functions.


At the rear, several changes have been implemented to make life easier, such as moving all spools towards the left hand side of the tractor, making them easier to get at. Linkage geometry has been tweaked to offer a straighter lift.


N series is available now starting from £66,000 for the N104.

Zetor Crystal

Zetor Crystal

Representing more than just a return to six-cylinder tractor production, Zetor hopes the reintroduction of the Crystal will open the manufacturer up to new markets.


Based on the transmission and rear end of its Forterra HD, with the cab of a Forterra HSX, two models make up the Crystal range; the 144hp 150 and the 163hp 160.


It is upfront where the majority of new developments can be found for the Crystal. Most notably, it is the use of Deutz AG engines which grabs your attention – the same 6.1-litre motors as used in Fendt’s 700 series and Deutz-Fahr’s 6 series.


While the Deutz AG power unit is engineered to be a structural part of the tractor, Zetor has kept with its traditional use of braces which run down either side of the engine back to the clutch housing. While it seems a bit excessive, the manufacturer says you do get increased torque resistance and it keeps up strength when equipping the tractor with front linkage or a loader.


The Crystal is available now retailing from £80,260.

Arma Trac

Arma Trac

Pleased to announce a new distributor agreement with AS Tractors for UK and Ireland, Turkish tractor maker, Arma Trac was out in full force at the show.


Showing off what could be in store for potential customers, the firm had on its stand the latest 50hp 504e and 113hp 1104 Lux models, both equipped with Perkins engines.


Spec for the 504e includes a 12 by 12 Carraro transmission, pickup hitch and a three-speed pto.


The more powerful 1104 Lux gets a 16 by 16 ZF transmission, 60l/min hydraulic system, four-speed pto and external controls for linkage and pto.

Scaip STX200 Warrior

Scaip STX200 Warrior

Boston-based Robert Crawford and Son continues to extend the Scaip Warrior steel tracked crawler range, and the latest version is this STX200 model.


Packing 200hp from a 6.7-litre, six cylinder engine, it joins the larger STX350 launched at last year’s Lamma show.


Like its larger stablemate, the Italian-built STX200 uses a twin-range hydrostatic transmission offering 0-7kph and 0-12kph working speeds.


Weighing 10,900kg, the STX200 gets a 1,000rpm pto and a category four, three-point linkage offering an 8.5 tonne lift capacity.


Deutz Fahr 6130.4 C Shift

Deutz Fahr 6130.4 C Shift

Deutz Fahr has extended its C Shift robotised transmission system down the 6-series Agrotron four cylinder tractor range.


Previously available on 150hp and 160hp models, C Shift has now been made available on the four cylinder, 127hp 6130.4.


C Shift, it will be recalled, is an automated range change function for the firm’s 24 by 24 transmission, comprising four speeds in six ranges.


The Agrotron 6130.4 C Shift is priced from £75,900.

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