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Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

Word ‘milk’ banned for use in branding of plant-based products

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LAMMA 2017: Spreaders and sprayers

Whether it be trailed, mounted or self-propelled, all the latest sprayers and fertiliser spreaders were on display.


Forward control Fastrac conversion

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And with Knight Farm Machinery laying down the foundations for a Fastrac 4220 forward conversion last year, JCB dealer AM Phillip has now joined the fray.


Its interpretation of a Fastrac 4220 forward control conversion has been carried out for contractor Douglas Stephen of Crop Services (Scotland). When completed, Mr Stephen’s new rig will carry a specially developed Landquip demount sprayer offering a 4,500 litre tank capacity and the ability to wear aluminium booms up to 44m.


To extend its functionality, the self-propelled chassis is being engineered to accommodate a demount spreader body, enabling Crop Services (Scotland) to switch between spraying and spreading.

Househam Spirit sprayer

Featuring lower fuel consumption, reduced noise levels, improved ride quality and enhanced stability, Househam introduced an updated version of its Spirit self-propelled sprayer model.

Now fitted with a 150hp, four-cylinder MTU engine, the engines allow the sprayer to be run at low rpm, offering reduction of fuel use of 5 per cent over its predecessor.

A temperature controlled hydraulic cooling fan further enhances fuel economy and reduces noise by regulating the fan speed according to coolant, Intercooler and hydraulic oil temperature, operating only when necessary.

In addition the Spirit S3-24 now features load compensated, self-levelling independent suspension. Using a fast reacting levelling valve for each of the Spirit’s four airbags, the suspension ride height is automatically adjusted for the terrain, whether the spray tank is full or empty.

Amazone Pantera self-propelled sprayer

Amazone continues to refine its Pantera self-propelled sprayer, now featuring cleaner engines along with a host of updates.

Powered by a 218hp Deutz engine, the latest Stage 4 emissions regulations are met via the use of exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction. As a result, a 20 litre diesel exhaust fluid tank has been fitted, which the manufacturer says needs filling once per three or four fuel tank fills.

Suction capacity has also been increased by 20 per cent, up to a maximum of 600l/min. to aid headland filling, the suction port has been relocated into the storage compartment under the cab, and comes as standard now with auto-fill stop.

For better climbing ability, the machine can be ordered as a Pantera+ version with 25 per cent greater climbing ability.

Househam Merlin MkII self-propelled sprayer

Househam Sprayers has updated its Merlin M4 self-propelled sprayer series to include an all-new cab design which meets stage four cab filtration levels.


Called the Merlin MkII, it provides operators with a high-backed seat, tinted rear window glass to cut down on control screen reflections, and dual element mirrors which offer a wide angle of view to improve increased visibility to the sprayer’s front wheels.


Now adopting the larger M6 series’ monocoque chassis design, Househam has changed the design of its 4,000-litre spray tank to include a sump – this affords better emptying of the spray tank on sloping ground.


Boom yaw is now managed by solid rubber buffers on the back frame which replace linkages, and the spray pump compartment has been redesigned to allow the spray pump to be slid out for servicing.


Stage 3b Merlin MkII models will continue with Cat power producing 170hp, ahead of the move to a 230hp MTU power unit to achieve Stage 4 emissions regulations.

FarmGem shines with Diamond

FarmGem has subtly updated its Diamond trailed sprayer based on operator feedback.


Up front, its steering drawbar system gets a greater range of movement to cope with tighter turning circles when in its ‘road mode’.


The parking stand folds flat against the underside of the drawbar, increasing ground clearance; the induction hopper controls are now more conveniently placed; a greater element of machine functions can be accessed from the left-hand side; and the clean water tanks can now be remotely-filled using a hose connection.


The FarmGem Diamond is priced at £29,995.

Knight Xplorer trailed sprayer

Sitting in its range just below the Trail Blazer, Knight Farm Machinery has introduced a lower-spec trailed sprayer, for customers who do not quite need all the bells and whistles.

The new Xplorer, available with 3,300 or 4,400 litre tank capacities, shares several features with the Trail Blazer including steered axle, air suspension, parallelogram boom linkage and air shut-off system, but with a lot less of the electronic frippery. If customers wish, higher-spec options such as GPS section and individual nozzle control can be specified.

Available with 24m steel booms, the Xplorer starts from £51,000.

Kuhn Deltis sprayer

Kuhn has redesigned its Deltis tractor mounted sprayer range, streamlining its offering to a single tank size of 1300 litres, and with booms from 14-24m.

Key to the new design is a narrow, tall spray tank which shifts weight closer to the tractor, along with a stronger and lighter main frame, says the maker.

Deltis also uses a collapsible, 41-litre capacity induction hopper, made from butyl rubber. It is a development that enables the hopper to be folded flat against the side of the sprayer, to prevent it from being showered in dirt and debris while spraying.

A 24m Deltis 1302 is priced from £30,600.

Hardi Delta Force booms

Hardi is now offering its Delta Force boom in 24m widths for the Navigator trailed sprayer.


Offering ‘stack-fold’ of booms to 2.5m for transport, but with a heavy duty anti-yaw frame, options include a ground compensation system which reacts to chassis movements rather than just relying on sensors.


Delta Force booms can also be specified with Auto Select nozzle switching which gives the choice of or combination of nozzles from two spray lines, with benefits including greater control of droplets for work close to headlands.


Delta Force booms add £2,500 to the price of a Navigator sprayer plus £2,900 for Auto Select.

Kuhn Axent 100.1 trailed spreader

Kuhn has reinforced its position in the big league when it comes to fertilizer spreading, with the introduction of the Axent 100.1.

This trailed, seven-tonne capacity fertiliser spreader uses interchangeable spreading packs, secured by quick release lift arm ends, allowing the Axent to be easily reconfigured between fertiliser or lime applications. Both units are hydraulically driven, and fed by an 800mm wide, belt conveyor in the middle of the spreader body.

In fertiliser mode, the machine uses the Axis Power Pack, offering EMC (electronic mass control) to spread from 18-50m. In Lime mode, larger 700mm diameter spreading discs are used, and are said to be suitable for spreading material to a width of 15 metres.

Supplied with both spreading packs and a steering axle, the Kuhn Axent 100.1 costs £130,000.

Sulky X series fertilizer spreaders

Sulky has added a new hydraulic rollover cover for its X series fertiliser spreaders, which can be activated from the cab.


These models also get a new border deflector for the Tribord border spreading device designed to allow spreading up to the edge of the field, with the flow shutter closed on the border side.


ISOBUS controlled spreaders now have improved compatibility, to include universal terminals from Case IH, New Holland Agriculture and Trimble, giving section control and rate adjustment functions via most existing terminals.

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