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Limousin wins beef supreme at Monmouthshire

After bringing its show date forward and switching to a Saturday, Monmouthshire Show saw a Limousin bull take the beef championship.

 Champion beef animal was a home-bred Limousin bull from Adrian, and daughter-in-law, Anna.
Champion beef animal was a home-bred Limousin bull from Adrian, and daughter-in-law, Anna.

It was a case of following in the family footsteps in the inter-breed beef ring at Monmouthshire Show.

Last year the Herefordshire-based Sherry Limousin herd of Terry and Sheila Jones took the limelight.

They were back again this time around but in the breed classes had to give way to a home-bred bull from their son, Adrian, and daughter-in-law, Anna.

Reserve in the beef was a black Limousin cross steer (right) from Gilbert Brooke, Alfrick, Worcestershire.

Victory in the breed placings was later followed by a four-point margin from the judging panel for their 12-month-old Mojo Mint, on what was the couple’s first ever competitive appearance since establishing what is now a three-cow herd four years ago at Llangybi, Usk.

In reserve was the commercial champion, a black Limousin cross steer from Gilbert Brooke, Alfrick, Worcestershire, and third was the Hereford breed leader, Bromley 1 Klusner, from M. and M. Roberts, Hereford.

Home-bred Limousins from T.W. Roberts and Son, Cardiff, led the inter-breed pairs parade.


Heading the overall and reserve championships in the dairy section were Holstein yearling heifers from Sophie Powell, Hengoed, Caerphilly.

Jonathan Long, Herefordshire, judged the sheep inter-breed and as male champion chose a two-year-old Moortown-bred North Country Cheviot from Monmouthshire Livestock Centre auctioneer Phil Jones and his wife, Amy, who live at Raglan.

Taking the reserve male rosette was a yearling Texel from the Millend flock of Russell and Gill Watkins, Hereford.

Reserve inter-breed sheep and heading the females was a home-bred yearling ewe from Rhys Cooke and his Nantyderri Blue Texel flock, Llantilio Crossenny, with a yearling Beltex from Andrew Bishop, Gloucester, in reserve.

champ sheep

Champion sheep was a two-year-old North Country Cheviot ram from Phil and Amy Jones, Raglan.

blue texel pic

Reserve inter-breed sheep was a home-bred yearling Blue Texel ewe from Rhys Cooke, Llantilio Crossenny.

dairy pic

Supreme dairy was a Holstein yearling heifer from Sophie Powell, Hengoed, Caerphilly.


Inter-breed beef (Judge, breed panel) Supreme and male, A. and A. Jones, Mojo Mint (Limousin); reserve sup., G. Brooke, Angus (Limousin cross commercial steer).
Inter-breed beef pairs (M. Jerman, Caersws) Sup., T.W. Roberts and Son, Malthouse Madmax and Malthouse Malt whiskey (Limousin); res., G. Brooke (Limousin cross commercial steers).
Inter-breed dairy (W. Jones, Kidwelly) Sup., S. Powell, Tyrywen Drummer Colleen 3 (Holstein); res., S. Powell, Tyrywen Drummer Colleen (Holstein).
Hereford (O. Brooke, Hereford) Sup. and male, M. and M. Roberts, Bromley 1 Klusner; res. and fem., L. and L. Bowen, Dendor 1 Holly.
Longhorn (P. Guest, Hereford) Sup. and fem., B. and M. Llewellyn, Carreg Primrose; res. and res. fem., M. Wheeler, Carreg Quack.
Limousin (M. Jerman, Caersws) Sup. and male, A. and A. Jones, Mojo Mint; res. and fem., T. and S. Jones, Sherry Little Gem.
Aberdeen-Angus (B. Derrick, Shepton Mallet) Sup. and fem., T.G. and E.M. Hart and Son, Elmview Rosie Lee; res. and res. fem., T.G. and E.M. Hart and Son, Elmview Evora.
Any other continental breed (R.M. Birch, Stafford) Sup. and male, S. Hookway, Waldencourt Minty (Charolais); res. and fem., A. Hale, Kemeys Rosie (Limousin crossbred).
Commercial beef (E. Morgan, Llandovery) Sup., G. Brooke, Angus; res., D. Cheacker, Prim and Proper.
Dexter (M. Howie, Kent) Sup. and fem., P. Weaver, Mercer Sunflower; res. and res. fem., P. Weaver, Migh Buttercup.
Open dairy breeds (W. Jones, Kidwelly) Sup. S. Powell, Tyrywen Drummer Colleen 3 (Holstein); res., S. Powell, Tyrywen Drummer Colleen (Holstein).

Inter-breed (J. Long, Herefordshire) Sup. and male, A. and P. Jones (North Country Cheviot); res. and fem., R. Cooke (Blue Texel); res. fem., A. Bishop (Beltex); res. male, R.M. and G.L. Watkins (Texel).
Longwool champion (L. Smith, Somerset) Sup. and male, S. James (Greyfaced Dartmoor).
Badgerface Welsh Mountain – Torddu (B. Pritchard, Abergavenny) Sup. and fem., V. Crew; res. and male, N. Dillon.
Badgerface Welsh Mountain – Torwen (S. Pugh, Llandrindod Wells) Sup. and fem., A. Groucott; res. and male, G. Griffiths.
Black Welsh Mountain (R. Wise, Bracknell) Sup. and male, E.O. Williams; res. and fem., E.O. Williams.
Beltex (A. Groucott, Crumlin) Sup. and male, A. Bishop; res. and fem., A. Bishop.
Blue Texel (G. Arrowsmith, Hereford) Sup. and male, R. Cooke; res. and fem., R. Cooke.
Border Leicester (S.D. Martin, Launceston) Sup. and male, A. Lyons; res. and fem., A. Lyons.
British Berrichon (M. Yeo, Barnstaple) Sup. and fem., R. Williams; res. and res. fem., D.J. Gwynne Partnership.
Greyface Dartmoor (C. Nugent, Wiltshire) Sup. and male, S. James; res. and fem., S. James.
Dorset Down (D. Rowberry, Bromyard) Sup. and male, J. Hepburn; res. and fem., C. Burton.
Hill Radnor (K. Hovers, Trecastle) Sup. and fem., C. Rogers; res. and res. fem., D.C.L. and C.J. Williams.
Jacob (G.A. Jones, Stocksbridge) Sup. and male, A, Leonard; res. and fem., A. Leonard.
Kerry Hill (J. Terry, Nuneaton) Sup. and male, H. Jones; res. and fem., T. Webb and J. Rowe.
Llanwenog (E. Morgan, Lampeter) Sup. and male, E. Evans; res. and res. male, A. True.
Ryeland (I. Lloyd, Swansea) Sup. and male,
A. Ryder; res. and fem., K. James.
Coloured Ryeland (W.R.T. Lewis, Narberth) Sup and fem., A. Ryder; res. and male, S. McVicar.
Shropshire (P. Derryman, Honiton) Sup. and male, A. Clay; res. and fem., G. Clay.
Suffolk (C. Holmes, Worcestershire) Sup. and fem., Gofarm; res. and male, Gofarm.
Texel (F. Rushton, Matlock) Sup. and fem., C. Ball; res. and male, R.M. and G.L. Watkins.
Any other continental (D. Eglin, Warwickshire) Sup. and fem., M. Hart (Charollais); res. and res. fem., A. Carter (Roussin).
Any other native upland (R. Lewis, Cardiff) Sup. and fem., A.T. and P.R. Jones (North Country Cheviot); res. and male, A.T. and P.R. Jones (North Country Cheviot).
Any other native lowland (L. Smith, Somerset) Sup. and fem., G.G. and H.E. Sevenoaks (Lleyn); res. and male, S. Higgins (Lincoln Longwool).
Butcher’s lambs (M. Probert, Monmouth) Sup. J. Teague.
Commercial ewes (D. Stephens, Newport) Native cross pair: J. Teague.
Commercial rams (M. Probert, Monmouth) Continental cross: J. Teague; res. sup., J. Teague.

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