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Limousins reign in Staffordshire’s beef championships

The sunshine drew crowds at Staffordshire County Show, woth the Limousin breed taking the beef inter-breed title, along with the continental group. Laura Bowyer reports. 

Laura   Bowyer

Laura   Bowyer
Beef inter-breed champion, Simsie Lonny from Eddie Sims.
Beef inter-breed champion, Simsie Lonny from Eddie Sims.

Simsie Lonny, a 15 month bull from Eddie Sims, Stoke-on-Trent took the supreme beef title at Staffordshire County Show. It was the home-bred animal’s first show and was led by Jock Wylley.


Weighing 750kg, the bull is by Anside Flint and out of Sims Ebony and will be sold this year.


Judge Willy Seels, Burghwallis, said the young, powerful Limousin was very well balanced and stood out to him in the ring.


It will be shown again at Cheshire show, followed by the Royal Welsh and several local shows.


Other Limousins from Mr Lonny’s herd were involved in the winning group of three; the breed’s female champion Harrison Florence and reserve female Simsie Jessy along with Specs Jojo, a two-year-old heifer from Joseph Nichols.


A five-year-old Simmental cow, Popes Whispers Coco, with her third calf at foot, took the reserve inter-breed beef title. From Anthony and Sarah Heath, Eaton Simmentals, it was bought as a yearling in 2012 at the Leading Lady Sale in Carlisle. The cow was bred by J. and V. Wood and it is out of Blackford Tonka and by Swallowhill Whisper. It Inter-breed champion at last year’s Staffordshire, Shropshire and Ashbourne shows.


Fresh third calver Dairy Shorthorn, Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16 was tapped out as champion by judge Ashley Fleming, Downpatrick.


From Rob Kite, Milwich the home-bred cow was reserve breed champion at Staffordshire in 2015 and reserve breed champion at Shropshire’s Newport Show last year. Out of Cotonhall Duchess Ann and by Drisgol Watdon, it is giving 40kg/day at 4.4 per cent butterfat and 3.4 per cent protein.


Mr Kite said they keep to mainly local shows but the cow will be making appearances at the National Shorthorn Show and UK Dairy Day.


Mr Fleming favoured the Shorthorn as it was 'the most balanced and complete dairy animal on show', and it had 'tremendous movement and a great set of feet'. He also complimented its mammary system and said it had the advantage with its 'snugness of fore-udder'.


Reserve went to Fourcrosses D.J.H.B. May Pine, a third-calver Jersey cow from Mary and Andrew Wright, Tixall. Shown in-milk, the cow is giving 34kg/day at 7 per cent butterfat and 4 per cent protein. It is home-bred and by D.J. May. It was also reserve interbreed champion at Shropshire Show.


Mr Fleming described it as a 'feminine dairy cow with a nice, wide rear-udder'.


Blue Texel shearling ewe, Hackney Yvonne, from Gaynor McDowell and son Cameron Cormac was named interbreed sheep champions by judge Richard Lawrence, Market Bosworth.

It is a Hackney-bred female and was bought in December as a ewe lamb from Carlisle and is by a Whatmore sire.

It had a successful show at Nottinghamshire, getting female champion and overall champion in any other continental.

From here, it will go to Rutland, the Three Counties, the Great Yorkshire and the Royal Welsh.

Mr Lawrence described the Blue Texel as having 'excellent giggots' while being 'so correct throughout', including its 'superb fleshing across the back and loin'.

A two-shear Charollais ewe from Dave Roberts, Much Wenlock took reserve, which was also in the winning inter-breed group of three sheep.

Mr Roberts bought the sheep last June from M. and M. Rushbrooke, Shatterford at the society sale in Worecester.

The ewe, O’Katie, is in its first showing season and also won the interbreed championship at Shropshire.


In the pig ring, Finnington Matilda, a large black gilt from Jack Holroyd, Preston took supreme, after taking the interbreed championship at Nottinghamshire last month. Bred by S.J. Richardson and J.A. Wood, it is out of Finnington Majestic and by Constable Matilda, the 10 month gilt was bought in a private sale for £125 in January. Next stop for the pig is the Three Counties, Cheshire and Berkshire.

Birchfield Bluebell 402, a home-bred sow, from Sarah Whitley, Harrogate was reserve. The three year old is out of Birchfield Bluebell 231 and by Birchfield Rufus 216.



Inter-breed (W. Seels, Burghwallis) Sup., E. Sims, Simsie Lonny (Limousin); res., A.J. and S.D. Heath, Popes Whispers Coco (Simmental).

Native (W. Seels) Sup., Messers Spooner, Dieulacresse Mortimer (Hereford); res., E. Trueman, Tamhorn Fireworks (Beef Shorthorn).

Hereford (M. Chandler, Leominster) Sup. and male, Messers Spooner, Dieulacresse Mortimer; res. and res. male, R.I. Shaw, RTC 1 Midwest Tradition; fem., S. Winson, Gomer Diadem J16; res. fem., H. Wilson, Anna Mary.

Charolais (G. Roberts, Welshpool) Sup. and fem., J.D. Leavesley, Newroddige Jody; res. and res. fem., A.J. Mould, Moulais Jamelig; male, I.N. and A. Hillinshead, Allostock Lenny; res. male, J.R. and V.A. Webb, Rushfield Icarus.

Simmental (B. Taylor, Myddle) Sup. and fem., A.J. and S.D. Heath, Popes Whispers Coco; res and male, D.M. Donnelle, Ranfurly Formula; res. male, R. and L. Storer-Smith, Storersmith Gatecrasher; res. fem., D.M. Donnelley, Atlow Bella Rose.

Limousin (C. Pennie, Montgomery) Sup. and male, E. Sims, Simsie Lonny, res and fem., E. Sims, Harrison Florence, res. fem., E. Sims, Simsie Jessy.

British Blue (J. Bellas, Appleby-in-Westmorland) Sup. and fem., M. and J. Madders and S.W. Johnson, Ingestre Keira; res. and res. fem., M. and J. Madders and S.W. Johnson, Boomer Jadakiss; male, W. Jones, Tanat Kinsman; res. male, W. Jones, Tanat Jonty.

Highland (R. Phillip, Skipton) Sup. and fem., G.R. Mumford, Beana 1 of Walton; res. and male, R. Wain, Conon of Yscirfawr; res. male, P. Edwards and S. Varnam, Nero of Knockendon; res. fem., L. Trees, Shene 5 of Grafton.

Longhorn (R. Hartshorn, Telford) Sup., E.M. Hallifield, Dunstall Peony; res., E.M. Hallifield, Dunstall Prophet.

Dexter (H. Bickerton, Middlewich) Sup., P. Weaver, Migh Leanda; res., L. and J. Horton, Withybrook Admiral.

Any other breed (M. Chandler, Leominster) Sup., E. Trueman, Tamhorn Fireworks (Beef Shorthorn) res., R. Hartshorn, Z Cilgwrrwg Sas Zoom (South Devon).

Rare and minority breed (C. Ball, Prestwood) P. Edwards and S. Varney, (Belted Galloway); res., M. Paddock, Chorlton Lane Albert (Red Poll).

Commercial (S. Lloyd, Luston) Sup., J.A. Nicholls, Dolphy; res., R.H. Naylor, Liza.



Inter-breed (A. Fleming, Downpatrick) Sup., R. Kite, Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16; res., M.E. and A.W. Wright, Fourcrosses D.J.H.B. May Pine.

Holstein (H. Neilson, Strathaven) Sup., Holdcroft and Sons, Dovetrent Jordan Queenie; res., J. Lomax and Son, Chorlton Generate Fran.

Dairy Shorthorn (M. Hayward, Tuxford) Sup., R. Kite, Cotonhall Duchess Ann 16; res., R. Kite, Cotonhall Lady Barrington 2.

Jersey (R. Saxby, Clitheroe) Sup., M.E. and A.W. Wright, Fourcrosses D.J.H.B. May Pine; res., M.E. and A.W. Wright, Fourcrosses Governor Dream 798193.

Any other breed (J. Waterhouse, York) Sup., L.H. Batty, Willowfiels Winnie 2 (Ayrshire); res., Bar-M Jerseys, Bar-M Guapo Generous (Jersey).



Inter-breed (R. Lawrence, Market Bosworth) Sup., C. Cormac and G. A. McDowell (Blue Texel); res., D.B. Roberts (Charollais).

Inter-breed group (R. Lawrence, Market Bosworth) Sup., D.B. Roberts (Charollais); res., P. Taite.

Suffolk (J.A. Pinny, Holcot) Sup., K. Thomas; res., H. Turner.

Texel (P. Barlow, Shelford) Sup., P. Johnson; res., L.A. and M.A. Holton.

Charollais (A. Thomas, Whitland) Sup., D.B. Roberts; res., R.S. and J.A. Gregory.

Shropshire (S. Farquhar, Ledbury) Sup. and res., R. and J. Hares.

Beltex (J. Wilkinson, Richmond) Sup., J. Cork; res., R.J. Shaw.

Border Leicester (S. Watson, Crieff) Sup., L.A. Turner; res., E.A. Price.

Any other pure bred continental (P. Barlow, Shelford) Sup., C. Cormac and G.A. McDowell (Blue Texel); res., P. Tait (British Rouge).

Rare and minority native breeds (N. Turner, Market Rasen) Sup., C.L. Winson (Portland); res., M.R. Thomas and D.P. Bevan (Hill Radnor).

Rare and minority breeds – primitive (K. Heeley, West Houghton) Sup., H. Brewis (Shetland); res., C. Wainwright.

Hebridean (K. Heeley, West Houghton) Sup. and res., V.C.K. Mason.

Jacob (S. Harrison, Grange over Sands) Sup. and res., R. Edwards.

Ryeland (J. Wright, Tenbury Wells) Sup., P. Gray; res., S. and Z. Unwin.

Coloured Ryeland (L. Howell, Gower) Sup., A. Burton; res., B. Summerfield.

Southdown (N. Page) Sup., R.O. Cox; res. C. Rhead.

Kerry Hill (H. Owens, Leominster) Sup. and res., R.F. Price.

Butchers lambs (R. Davenport, Sandbach) Sup., M. Greenfield; res., T.B. and S. Cartmail.



Inter-breed (H. Loveless, Bridport) Sup., J. Holroyd, Finnington Matilda; res., S. Whiteley, Birchfield Bluebell 402.

Any pure bred modern (J. Barber, Crewkerne) Sup., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Anna 3 (Hampshire); res., J. Sutcliffe, Coal Yeat Peterilt (Hampshire).

Landrace (J. Barber) Sup., K. and B. Arden, Sunrise Vega 3492; res., T. and G. Bretherton, Hedgerow Guri 30.

Welsh (J. Barber) Sup., S. Ashcroft, Barlings Theresa; res., A. and P. Schofield, Owersby Dainty Girl.

Any other pure bred traditional (J. Barber) Sup., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Melody 37 (Tamworth); res., S. Roberts and J. Fairclough, Raisinhall Golden Ball 4 (Tamworth).

Berkshire (J. Barber) Sup., S. Ashcroft, Barlings Freight Train; res., S. Ashcroft, Barlings Excelsa.

Saddleback (J. Barber) Sup., J. Sutcliffe, Coal Yeat Rosette; res., I. Sutcliffe, Coal Yeat Rosette.

Large Black (J. Barber) Sup., J. Holroyd, Finnington Matilda; res., G.G. Wickstead, Glyn Aeron Julia 36.

Middle White (J. Barber) Sup., T. and G. Bretherton, Gracebank Woodland Lady 34; res., M. Paddock, Eaves Yootha 15.

Oxford Sandy and Black (J. Barber) Sup., I. Lawrence, Oldlands Jack 3; res., J. Matthews, Hopecottage Dandy 428.

Gloucester Old Spot (J. Barber) Sup., S. Whiteley, Birchfield Bluebell 402; res., S. Whiteley, Birchfield Muriel 874.

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