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Livestock Event champion takes supreme at Dumfries

With a superb show of stock out at Dumfries, Laura Bowyer was there to catch who picked up the silverware.

Laura   Bowyer

Laura   Bowyer
Dairy champion, Horseclose Joanna from James and Daniel McGarva, Annan.
Dairy champion, Horseclose Joanna from James and Daniel McGarva, Annan.

This year’s dairy champion at Dumfries Show was the inter-breed champion from the Livestock Event, fifth-calver red and white Horseclose Joanna from James and Daniel McGarva, Annan, Dumfriesshire.

By Holstein Kain and out of Ayrshire dam Muirston Joanna 16, it calved last in January and is giving 36kg/day.

Judge James Lawrie said it was in tremendous quality for its age and favoured its overall show quality.

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Brian, Sheila and Michael Yates, Castle Douglas took reserve with last year’s show champion Logan Sid Edie, a Pinetree Sid daughter which was honourable mention Holstein at the Royal Highland. The EX91 cow last calved with its third calf in February and is giving 40kg/day.

Staging the Galloway Cattle Society’s national show, Dumfries Show was awash with fine quality beef cattle and fittingly a Galloway bull took the top spot.

Blackcraig Sid, the bull in question, was from the Finlay family from Corsock, led by Iain Finlay. The home-bred animal also took champion Galloway at the Royal Highland Show and was admired by judge Bert Taylor for its power, length and locomotion.

By Arnydie Peregrine, it is out of Australian cow Arnydie Nellia, which was three times Galloway champion at the Royal Highland Show herself.

In reserve was British Blue heifer, Backstane J’Adore from couple Kelly Blackwood and Duncan Davidson, Abington.

Breed champion at Dumfries last year, the home-bred female was also placed in her class at this year’s Royal Highland.

The pair will be taking their only pedigree animal to Peebles and Moffatt shows from here.

Quality was high in the sheep rings, and after much deliberation from Judge John Page, a two-shear Charollais ewe from Alan Kennedy, Parkgate on its first time being shown although its mother was twice breed champion at the Royal Highlands.

The home-bred ewe runs in a 30-head pedigree Charollais flock, which Mr Kennedy keeps alongside his main Texel-cross commercial flock.


A North Country Cheviot gimmer, Linburn Anna, took reserve form Martin Taylor, Peebles, shown by sister Jennifer Cowan. By Ericstane The Real McCoy, it is out of a home-bred ewe.

Breed champion at last month’s Dalkeith Show, it was also second in her class at the Royal Highlands.


Inter-breed (B. Taylor, Northmuir) Sup., J. and A. Finlay, Blackcraig Sid (Galloway); res., K. Blackwood and D. Davidson, Blackstane J’Adore.
Galloways (G. McMillan, Castle Douglas) Sup., J. and A. Finlay, Blackcraig Sid; res., D. and R. Cornthwaite, Lady Silverbell 11.
Belted Galloways (I. Park, Thirsk) Sup., M. Stroker, Whitepool Moondust.
White Galloways
Riggit Galloways
Aberdeen Angus (A. Lawson, Hallington) Sup., Rachel Smith, Arnydie Nettle; res., M.D. Story, Border Lyne Gentle Julia R132.
Highland cattle (W. Mclean, Barcaldine)
Beef shorthorn (R. Grierson, Castle Douglas) Sup., B. and J. Landers and Son, Cairnsmore Jellybean Eloise; res., David and Rosemary Dickie, Knockenjig Duchess D1809.
British Blue (N. Armstrong, Wigton) Sup., K. Blackwood and D. Davidson, Blackstane J’Adore; res., D. and L. Watret; Criffelview Gracious.
Charolais (B. Kirk, Hurlford) Sup., Messrs A.K. Brooke, Ellrick Herbal; res., Richard McCornick, Rilnick Leonidas.
Simmentals (B. Kirk) Sup., Jim and Patricia Goldie, Newbiemains Eclypse; res., Jim and Patricia Goldie, Newbiemainds Fion McCuil.
Limousins (B. Kirk) Sup., James Forsyth, Midbishopton Ironmaiden; res., Andrew Ewing, Fairywater Len.
Any other breed (A. Lawson, Hallington) Sup., David Irving (South Devon); res., Ewan Burgess, Criffel La Kelly. breed
Prime cattle (S. Priestley, Brampton) Sup., A. Ewing, Irish Lady; res., Jennifer Hyslop, Black Beauty.
Inter-breed (H. Cornthwaite, Garstang and J. Lawrie, Milnathort) Sup., J. McGarva, Horseclose Joanna (Red and white); res., B. Yates, Logan Sid Edie (Holstein).
Ayrshire (J. Lawrie, Kinross) Sup., J. McGarva, Horseclose Lorna 116; res., D.M. Lindsay, Harperfield Peach 50.
Holstein (H. Cornthwaite, Garstang) Sup., B. Yates, Logan Sid Edie; res., B. Yates, Logan Goldsun Pamela.
Jersey (J. Lawrie) Sup., N. Heuchan, Bar-M Tequila Generous; res. N. Heuchan, Bluestone Jilly Louise.
Any other breed (J. Lawrie) Sup., J. McGarva (red and white).
Cheviot (A. Warden, Hawick) Sup., W.N. Douglas; res., James Common and Son.
Blackface (W. Bennie, Gartocharn) Sup., W. Ramsay and Sons; res., M. Rorison.
Suffolk (G. Mackie, Forfar) Sup. and res., G. Hiddleston.
North Country Cheviot (I. Davidson, Avonbridge) Sup., M. Taylor; res., C.R. Graham and Sons.
Blueface Leicester (A. Wight Jnr, Crawford) Sup. and res., James Thomson.
Texel (R. Campbell, Cockermouth) Sup. and res., Douganhill Farms.
Scotch mule (J. Vickers, Rennington) Sup., W. Lockhart and Co.; res., John Guild.
Charollais (D. Norman, Cockermouth) Sup., F.H. Kennedy and Son; res., J.D. Clanchan.
Beltex (R. Paterson Jnr, Dunblane) Sup., Alastair Jacksonp; res., J.L. McMillan.
Lleyn (D. Allison, Dunsyre) Sup., John Kingan; res., Farmstock Genetics.
Ryeland (L. Turner, Luddendenfoot) Sup. and res., Susan Bryden.
Coloured ryeland (J. Turner, Luddendenfoot) Sup., C. and R. Smyth; res., S. Whitaker Parry.
Zwartbles (F. Brown, Bowes) Sup., A.J. Thorburn; res., C. and H. Duffy.
Berrichon (Mr Curry, Morpeth) Sup., Ewan Burgess; res., Cockbain and Sons.
Any other continental (D. Norman, Cockermouth) Sup., Kerrie McDermid; res., K. Watret.
Any other native (I. Davidson, Avonbridge) Sup., Finlay and Gregor Bell; res., C.R. Graham and Sons.
Prime lambs (R. Paterson Jnr, Dunblane) Sup., Gelston Castle Farms; res., J.M. Wharton and Son.

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