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Local shows: Round-up 2019

With the 2019 show season well-underway, Farmers Guardian rounds up some of the results from local shows around the UK.

Kirriemuir inter-breed beef and Simmental champion.
Kirriemuir inter-breed beef and Simmental champion.

Kirriemuir, Angus



Inter-breed Sup., G. and M. Smith

Aberdeen-Angus (M. Clarke, Montrose) Sup., D. Rankin c/o Rettie; Kilmaluag Lady Iris; res., F J Fraser, Idvies Eugin

Commercial (J. McKay, Kirkmichael) Sup., W. Peters; res., G. Cameron

Limousin (S. Dick, Stirling) Sup., W. Lawson; res., W. McLaren

Charolais (S. Dick) Sup. and res., Balthayock Farms

Simmental (S. Dick) Sup., G. and M. Smith; res., H. Duff

Highland (A. Garton, Kirkcaldy) Sup., B. and S. Wilson, Peallachag Beag 4 of Dams; res., W. Lawson, Phiobaidh 3rd Cloan

Kirriemuir Inter-breed sheep and Texel champion.
Kirriemuir Inter-breed sheep and Texel champion.


Suffolk (S. Lorimer, Kingswells) Sup., G. Mackie; res., J. Scott

South Blackface (D. Fleming, Biggar) Sup., Tay and Torridon Estate; res., A. Walker

Beltex (A. Munro, Fearn) Sup., G. and F. Burke; res., I. Reid

Any other breed (J. Farquharson, Errol) Sup., D. Soutar; res., A. Wylie

Commcerical (J. McCarven, Fettercairn) Sup., D. Black; res., G. Mathers

Hanbury, Worcestershire


Inter-breed (M. Davies) Sup., D., M.I. and A. Robinson, Mawley Massive Bequest Red (Holstein); res., D. Dawes, Park Place Apollo Baby Love (Jersey)

Pedigree (M. Davies, Tiverton) Sup., D., M.I. and A. Robinson, Mawley Massive Bequest Red (Holstein); res., D. Dawes, Auchsala Absolute Shakira Red (Holstein)

Non pedigree (M. Davies) Sup., D. Dawes, Park Place Apollo Baby Love (Jersey); res., D. Dawes, Dido



Inter-breed (J. N. Hoskins, Gloucester) Sup., – P. R. Dawes, Dinmore Dinmore Madonna (Limousin) res., K. V. and M. A. Plain, Foxhole Clover (South Devon)

Dexter (C. Bickerton, Cheshire) Sup., Tooloos Dexters, Tooloos Freesia; res., Tooloos Dexters, Tooloos Harebell

British Simmental (S. Key, Norfolk) Sup., W.R. Eales and Son, Peatling Isobel; res., C. H. Evans and Son, Wroxall J Lo Mon-Cherie

British Blue (E. Thompson, Towcester) Sup., P. R. Dawes, Dinmore Nightowl; res., P. R. Dawes, Dinmore Nightjar

Gloucester (S. Jennings, Chichester) Sup., C. A. Phillips, Buryfields Gladiator; res., C. Freeman, Noent Bourton

South Devon (P. Laity, Cornwall) Sup., K. V. and M. A. Plain, Foxhole Clover; res., C. Page, Coton Inquisitor

Hereford (I. A. Braithwaite, Shropshire) Sup., N. and L, Holdsworth, Pebworth Paloma; res., M. Shaw, Thornysure 1 Oregan

Longhorn (B. Wragg, Cheshire) Sup., D. Howden, Pointer Dreamer; res., D. Howden, Pointer Eat You Alive

Highland (D. Rowbottom, Grantham) Sup., R. Thomas, Marina of Borland; res., M. J. and V. M. Monk, Ailsa 7 of Chadwich

Any Other Native (I. A. Braithwaite, Shropshire) Sup., P. R. Dawes, Dinmore Zoe Katrina (Be Any Other Continental (S. Key) Sup., P. R. Dawes, Dinmore Madonna (Limousin); res., P. R. Dawes, Dinmore Noueuse (Limousin)

Commercial (E. Thompson, Towcester) Sup., F. Page, Bloody Mary; res., J. May, Special Delivery



Inter-breed (R. Vincent, Carmarthenshire) Sup., D. Stanhope (Cotswold); res., J. Long (Southdown)

Jacob (J. Price, Powys) Sup. and male, L. Hendey; res. and fem., L. Partridge; res. male, T. Barker; res. fem. , K. Carpenter

Lleyn (D. Stacey, Somerset) Sup. and fem., male, P. and C. Andrews; res. and res. fem, res. male, R. Allies

Southdown (C. Brown, Devon) Sup., J. Long; res., A. Halcrow

Wiltshire Horn (S. Cowle, Buckinghamshire) Sup., J. Jeyes; res., N. Williams

Texel (W. Price, Birmingham) Sup. and res., A. Dorrell

Zwartbles (J. Kimber, Devon) Sup., E. Burton; res., K. Hopkins

Cotswold (C. Cunningham, Wiltshire) Sup. and res., D. Stanhope

Any other continental (W. Price) Sup., J. Curtis; res., S. Howell

Any other pure native (R. Price, Powys) Sup., D. Grinnall; res., A. Halcrow

Cross bred (A. Shaw, Worcestershire) Sup. and res., R. Edwards


Goosnargh and Longridge, Lancashire


Inter-breed (M, Cornthwaite) Sup., W. A. and M. Eccles and Son, Sudells Goodwhone Agatha (Holstein); res., T. and O. Gorst, Saltoke Spring Eva 24 (Holstein)



Inter-breed (B. Rimmer and S. Priestly) Sup., Taymar Livestock, Barbern 1 Foxglove (Hereford); res., R. Whitfield and Son, Black Magic (Commercial)



Inter-breed (J. Scott, Chipping) Sup., R. Seed (Beltex); res., B. and E. Tennant (Blue Texel)

Suffolk (C. H. Doyle, Alston Lane) Sup. and res., M. Tett

Texel (I. Lancaster, Wiswell) Sup., J. Barton; res., D. Pawson

Beltex (I. Lancaster) Sup. and res., R. Seed

Blue Texel (G. Riley, Bolton-le-Sands) Sup. and res., B. and E. Tennant

Primitive and rare native (M. Parkin, Preston) Sup. and res., R. Weston

Non-primitive and rare native (M. Parkin) Sup., S. Brown; res., R. Weston


Kent County, Kent


Supreme (Judge: D, Smith, Devon) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Natalie (Limousin) res., S. M. Tedbury, Dosan Bheag 1 of Hardham (Highland)

Interbreed (C. Roads, Worcestershire) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, (Limousin); res., Bishop and Ketley, (Limousin)

Hereford (C. Edwards, Tewkesbury) Sup., K. and S. A. Hasemore, Millenium Hellcat; S. A. Cobden, Chidham 1 Vera

Highland (C. Edwards) Sup., S. M. Tedbury, Dosan Bheag 1 of Hardham; res., Pollehill Fold, White Star of Pollehill

Limousin (R. M. Birch, Stafford) Sup., Barwood and Padfield, Burnbank Natalie; res., M. J. Dickens and Family, Park Hill Orchard

Sussex (W. Hurley, Kent) Sup., Chandler and Dunn, Goldstone Poll Duke 11; res., Chandler and Dunn, Goldstone Poll Snowdrop 194



Supreme (D. Smith, Devon) Sup., C .Moody, Latifa Princess Leia (Guernsey) res., Garratt and Mannerings, Attwoods Sunlight 2 (Dairy Shorthorn)

Inter-breed Heifer (D. Smith) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Designer Brady Pledge (Holstein); res., Designer Holsteins, Designer Doorman Audrey (Holstein)

Ayrshire (I. Thomas, Swansea) Sup., M. Howie, Ridley Hill Orchoro Prickle; res., M. Howie, Ridley Hill Macilane

Dexter (R. Hartshorn, Shropshire) Sup., D. Smith, Moomin Magnolia; res., J. A. Hunt, Saltaire Aspirin

Dexter local (D. Stevens, Kent) Sup., M. E. Henderson, Cadmans Sunflower; res., D. Smith, Moomin Kyrie

Holstein (D. Lawrence, Devon) Sup., Designer Holsteins, Absolute Erle Grey; re., Designer Holsteins, Whinchat Artie Beaujolais Red 4

Channel Island (I. Thomas) Sup., C. Moody, Latifa Princess Leia; res., Rosette Jerseys, Pierrepont Colton Smartie



Inter-breed (T. Stayt, Chipping Norton) Sup., R. McMaster (Blue Texel); res., C. and C. Clark (Zwartbles)

Romney (A. Barr, Kent) Sup., A. Allen; res., C. Langrish

Southdown (H. Turner, Surrey) Sup., E. Sargent; res., Wakeham Dawson and Harmer

Jacob (J. Simmons, Stafford) Sup. and res., P. Gorringe

Texel (T. D. Butcher, Kent) Sup. and res., J. and G. Howieson

Blue Texel (J. Timms, West Yorkshire) Sup., R. McMaster; res., K. and S. A. Hasemore

British Down (D. Duggan, Herefordshire) Sup., C. and C. Clark; res., J. Stone

Hampshire Down (A. L. Brown, Somerset) Sup., Davies and Krypczyk; res., V. Miles

Charollais (A. Watts, Devon) Sup. and res., K. Tucker

Beltex (P. Hodges, Oxon) Sup., H. Hawkins and Partners; res., J. Jack

Zwartbles (A. Selway) Sup., C. and C. Clark; res., G. Shrubsall



Liskeard, Cornwall


Inter-breed (A. Brooks, Kingsbridge) Sup., A. B. Brookes (South Devon) res., S. J. Clamp (Devon)

Any Continental (H. Parker, Warminster,) Sup., M. Wellington; res., A. M. C. Eddy

Primestock (H. Parker) Sup., L. James; res., A. M. C. Eddy

Any Native Beef Breed (other than South Devon) (D. Pascoe, Helston) Sup., S. J. Clamp; res., A. Walke

South Devon (R. V. Hartshorn, Shropshire) Sup., A .B. Brooks; res., The Tully Partnership



Inter-breed (G. Ley, Holsworthy) Sup., D.W. and G.N. Renfree; res., A.C. and D.C. Walters and family

Ayrshire (D. Coryn, Newquay) Sup. and res., A.C. and D.C. Walters

Holstein (P. Bird, Axminster) Sup. and res., D.W. and G.N. Renfree

Jersey (D. Coryn) Sup. and res., D.W. and G.N. Renfree



Inter-breed (J. Coultrip, Faversham) Sup., T. Nancekivell (British Charolais)

Beltex (C. Roots, Warwickshire) Sup., M. A. Heard and G. J. Garland; res., L. and V. Gregory

Charollais (S. Johnson, Stafford) Sup., T. Nancekivell; res., A. and A. Pedrick

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset (P. Baker, Yeovil) Sup. and res., M. and A. Care

Hampshire Down (M. Adams, Gloucestershire) Sup. and res., R. A. Rundle

Ryeland (B. Wear, Blagdon) Sup., P. Wills; res., H. J. Mills

Shetland (L. Beazer, Shepton Mallet) Sup., V. Girardot; res., C. Fewings and J. Baker

Suffolk (J Heard, Okehampton) Sup., M. Waycott ; B. Roth

Texel (K. Hobbs, Gloucestershire) M. and S. Darke; res., M.G. and K.J. Coumbe

Commercial (C. Rowlands, North Petherwin)Sup., T. Nancekivell

Devon and Cornwall Longwool (J. Moon, Liskeard) Sup., G.W. and D. M. Tucker; res., M. and S. Darke

Zwartbles (A. Carmarthen) Sup. and res., J. Kestell

Roussin (G. Hutchings, Launceston) Sup., T. Nancekivell; res., S. D. Martyn

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